After reading several articles in recent news pertaining to SAD 75’s controversial policy ACAAA (about transgender and gender expansive students), I’d like to take this opportunity to address the overwhelming virtue signaling from some Maine local news publications. Shame on those journalists working overtime to disparage me and misrepresent the true nature of the petition I created.

By printing such inaccurate and biased information, they consequently refuse to acknowledge one simple truth: This petition was only created to protect students’ First Amendment rights. I find it quite ironic that journalists (a group of people who cherish their freedom of press) are seeking to dismiss this fact in an effort to villainize me and frankly the 300-plus citizens, including educators, who signed the petition.

Furthermore, this petition in no way is promoting harassment or bullying. It is simply a vessel to illustrate to the board that Section D in Part 3 of policy ACAAA blatantly violates a student’s First Amendment. One can only be led to ask, why is the district unsympathetic about protecting this right?

I’m afraid for many students who are finding themselves trapped by the chilling effect. I’m disappointed in the school district, which uses skewed and non-transparent data to promote an ideology and their personal agendas.

There is hard work to be done in our schools. Our students are suffering both emotionally and academically. I can only hope that SAD 75 board members begin addressing the more critical issues facing our students, rather than continue using them as pawns in a vile display of gaslighting.

Rebecca Brooks

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