Immigration is fast becoming one of the most contentious issues in the present election cycle. Many are blaming the Biden Administration for the lack of control over our borders. While we do have many people coming through the borders, this is not the fault of the present administration but is attributable to years of failed policies on both sides of the aisle by the U.S. government.

If it were not for U.S. support of corrupt regimes in Central America (does anyone remember Iran-Contra?), or using Angola as a country to hold a proxy war with the Soviet Union, perhaps these places might have had a chance at stability by now.

It is clear that the countries in Africa have taken a back seat in forming American policy and we are now seeing a reflection of those failed policies. So, looking at what we as a country have wrought by bad decisions (WMD’s?) it should come as no surprise that we are dealing with a border situation now.

Jake Hawkins

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