Winters are changing. Early March saw local ponds here in Freeport free of ice more than a month before normal. February saw nearly no snowfall. January saw epic wind and rain storms, not snowstorms.

What can an individual do to combat climate change? My choice is to raise awareness about the money that is still being invested in new fossil fuel projects — at the biggest banks that fund those projects, as well as at companies that use those banks.

Back in September, I began protesting outside the L.L.Bean retail store and their corporate offices here in Freeport. Soon I was joined by others from Third Act Maine, a group of elders working for a better climate future. We were asking L.L.Bean to sever ties with Citibank, who services their credit card.

In October, the L.L.Bean CEO Stephen Smith came out and told me that we are really on the same side, as he looked up at my large banner that says “PROTECT MOTHER EARTH.”

Each weekday morning that I have stood out there, a carpool load of children on their way to school passes me by. The children wave and give me enthusiastic smiles and hold out signs written in crayon that say PROTECT MOTHER EARTH.
L.L.Bean could still sever ties with Citibank and be on the right side for the children of Freeport and of the world.

Time is running short for us to keep our Earth livable.

William Rixon

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