Please put the abortion rights amendment on the ballot and let the majority of Maine decide. The First Amendment to the Constitution includes not only freedom of speech but freedom to practice different religions, including those with secular convictions. The “establishment clause” and the “free exercise clause” specifically prohibit the government from creating an official religion. (Trump’s championing evangelicals for money and presidential votes comes to mind.) Those clauses also prohibit favoring religions or non-religions over one another. This was to prevent government from imposing personal (religious) and politically motivated beliefs and practices onto We the People.

It also allows Maine folks of various religious and secular affiliations to practice deeply held beliefs in private and public freely, without persecution or forced compliance from government or political leaders. Remembering American history, we left Europe to separate the church (both believers and non-believers) from the government (state). During that time, government imposed strict religious and political policy onto everyone ruthlessly. Executions were carried out on people who did not agree, or whom the government and church considered a heretic. I hardly believe this was God’s plan.

Abortion is being politicized for votes. And some religious groups are imposing their belief’s onto others. Let us all speak and let We the People vote for Maine law on women’s choice and reproductive rights and let the majority speak at the polls. That’s freedom. That’s making America great and building back better.

Tammy Lane

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