Guzzetti for Senate

Maine needs a nerd with a big heart! On June 11, I will cast my vote for Jean Guzzetti for State Senate.

Jean is caring, energetic and fiercely dedicated and committed to deliver for the people she serves. As the mother of two girls in high school and a part-time student herself, Jean lives every day the urgency of the many issues confronting us today: the lack of affordable housing, the inadequate health care system, the escalating energy costs, and the threats from global warming. She also knows that these issues cannot be tackled without a sound understanding of what is at stake.

Compassionate leadership requires the ability to listen, to “look at it” through someone else’s eyes: thoughtful leadership needs you to also look at the bigger picture, as well as the details, to craft sound policies. Jean isn’t afraid to roll-up her sleeves, to dig in, and go beyond the obvious.

When my wife and I were trying to bring high-speed access to rural Bath, Jean sat with us for hours and listened to what we were trying to accomplish. She asked questions: who were the players, what was proposed, our asks, our frustrations. Then she cleared her schedule and spent an entire day with us at a broadband symposium, learning about the issues at the state level, meeting stakeholders and regulators. Being an effective legislator requires the skills needed for both the 30,000 foot view and still keeping an eye on the details.

From a pre-med, biology science college degree to a master of science in natural resources management, to now pursuing a law degree in energy, environment and natural resources, Jean has been working on honing her skills to be the best legislator she can be. She is one of only three Maine STEM candidates to be endorsed by Action 3.14 — an organization whose mission is to promote the election of Democrats with science backgrounds.

Maine needs legislators with big hearts and an insatiable curiosity to understand and tackle the challenges ahead. That’s why I support Jean Guzzetti for State Senate on June 11.


Christian Leger,

Affordable housing delays hurt Maine people

As a teacher in the area and resident of Brunswick, I am deeply concerned about the challenges faced by our community’s access to affordable housing.

We purchased our home a decade ago when interest rates were low and housing prices were significantly lower. My husband and I, along with our children, could not afford to live, work, and contribute to our community in today’s market. As a teacher I see the struggles that families face today when trying to become homeowners and maintain stable housing. The current housing market has made it nearly impossible for many to gain a foothold on the equity-creating discipline of homeownership. Encouraging affordable housing in our town is vital to the stability and longevity of our community.

It is disheartening to see the delays caused by the appeal process against Wilbur’s Woods. These setbacks, which have lasted for months, are not only detrimental to the potential buyers of homes at Wilbur’s Woods but also create a disincentive for other developers to build affordably in our town. Furthermore, it is particularly concerning that the primary appellant against Wilbur’s Woods campaigned for City Council, in part, based on affordable housing for his children and grandchildren in Brunswick. The campaign video with this statement is available after a quick web search. This contradiction between words and actions is troubling.

The prolonged delays send a message that Brunswick is against affordable housing initiatives, which is not who I believe us to be. It is crucial that we recognize the urgent need for affordable housing and support projects like Wilbur’s Woods. While due process and the right to appeal are important, we must also consider the consequences of these delays on the lives of our neighbors and the future of our town.

I urge the Zoning Board of Appeals to prioritize the development of affordable housing in Brunswick. Let us work together to find solutions address the housing crisis head-on. By supporting projects like Wilbur’s Woods, we can ensure that Brunswick remains a welcoming and thriving community for generations to come.


Abigail Baker,

Tepler for Senate

I support Denise Tepler for State Senate representing Sagadahoc County and Dresden. Denise met with neighbors recently, and I was pleased to be reminded of her care for each of us and her dedication to serving us. Having worked full terms in the State House, Denise is familiar with how the Legislature works and will be able to work at once. I have known Denise Tepler over 20 years and truly appreciate her commitment to fair and transparent government. I respect and trust her! That’s Denise Tepler for State Senator! I encourage your Vote on June 11.

Ron Kurtz,

Lemelin’s constituents deserve better

Last week, Maine Rep. Michael Lemelin (R-Chelsea) claimed that a mass shooting in Lewiston in October that left 18 people dead and wounded 13 others and storms that devastated many of Maine’s coastal and riverfront communities earlier this year were God’s revenge for L.D. 1619, a bill passed last year that expanded abortion rights.

“Meditate on this, Madam Speaker: When 1619 passed and went into law on Oct. 25, you told God, ‘Life doesn’t matter,’” Lemelin said in a speech on the House floor. “Keep in mind that the law came into effect on Oct. 25. God heard you, and the horrible events on Oct. 25 happened.”

His cruel and heartless comments were immediately condemned by legislators on both sides of the aisle. On Thursday, the Maine House voted unanimously to censure Rep. Lemelin and Rep. Shelley Rudnicki (R-Fairfield), who had announced from the House floor that she agreed with Rep. Lemelin’s remarks.


We know our legislators will not always vote as we want. But we expect them, at the very least, to represent us with respect, compassion and good judgment. Sadly, Rep. Lemelin has failed in that regard time and time again.

Rep. Lemelin’s constituents in Chelsea, Dresden, Pittston and Randolph deserve a representative who will serve them with honor and dignity. They deserve better than this. We all do.

Kelli Whitlock Burton, chair, Lincoln County Democratic Committee
Joanne Mason, chair, Kennebec County Democratic Committee
Delia Cunningham, chair, Dresden Democratic Committee
Jane Beckwith, chair, Randolph Democratic Committee

Abortion rights

The Maine Legislature will not allow Maine voters to decide this November whether women have the constitutional right to direct their own health care, including the right to have an abortion.

Republicans’ opposition to allowing a referendum on a constitutional amendment to protect a woman’s right to have an abortion is extraordinarily hypocritical. While they generally support allocating Maine’s electoral college votes for president by congressional district to ensure that every voice is heard, they are denying voters the right to choose whether women have the constitutional right to control their own health care.

Even Arizona and Florida — yes, Arizona! — are heading toward putting abortion on the ballot this November. But not Maine. I am ashamed, appalled, and angry.

Alison Harris,

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