The Yarmouth Town Council has created the Yarmouth Climate Action Board, which will incorporate the Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability and the Recycling Committee and act as one entity dedicated to implementing local solutions to climate change.

“They’re encouraged by the opportunity to work together,” Town Manager Scott LaFlamme said.

YCAB will function without regular input from the Town Council. Staff liaisons will be in charge of making sure the committee runs smoothly.

“We want to give them the flexibility not to have to come back to us every time they figure out a better way forward,” Councilor Karin Orenstein said.

The committee will also have two student members because of the importance of youth views on climate change, Orenstein said.

Last month, the Town Council voted in support of the Yarmouth Climate Action Plan, which details important focus areas in reducing climate change in Yarmouth, such as reducing emissions and facilitating the use of electric vehicles.


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