Ben and Whitney Waxman of American Roots, Rachel and moderator Carol Coultas talked about how their small company survived trade deals, economic policies, corporate greed and a pandemic to prove a business can flourish and treat its workers well.

Making It In America

Featuring Best-Selling Author Rachel Slade &
Ben and Whitney Waxman of American Roots

Nine years ago, Ben and Whitney Waxman began an experiment: Could an American company manufacture high quality apparel using only domestic materials and union labor? It was a concept bucking decades of offshoring.

The improbable answer is yes. American Roots, based in Westbrook, employs seventy-five people and is on track to surpass $20 million in sales over the past nine years.

The Waxmans’ journey is chronicled in the compelling, newly released “Making it in America,” by Rachel Slade, a best-selling author in Rockport.






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