On Memorial Day, I reflected on the thousands of kids who gave their lives to ensure our way of life. Kids who never knew true love, never had a legal drink, never had the chance to fulfill their full potential, all gave their lives for us.

I think of the families who lost these sons and daughters, and how they would feel if we were to allow what they died for to perish. Could they have ever believed, that we would one day have a presidential candidate who would erase everything they gave their lives for, a guy who berates prisoners of war and calls people who served “suckers.” This guy, who openly admits his disdain for our democracy, our Constitution and our civil liberties, has millions of followers; people who would gamble our freedoms on his lies.

Everything he and his enablers represent, everything they preach and their actions, are all protected by the Constitution and the government they hate. Voters have expressed concern that when his term ends he won’t leave office, and the candidate has himself said that he would indict his political challengers.

For those who need a definition, he would be an autocrat, a dictator.

We do have a solution, it’s called our vote. If people choose the lies they’ll hear on the Foxes or News Maxes of the world and give this guy their vote in November, I wonder if there will be a Memorial Day next year.

Doug Davis

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