Front-end supervisor Jason Trivigno walks the checkout isles of the new Market Basket a few days before opening day. Paul Bagnall/The Times Record

After nearly a year of construction, Market Basket opened much anticipated 80,000-square-foot grocery store in Topsham on Friday morning.

The new Market Basket in Topsham is the 90th location for the grocery store chain, with 52 locations in Massachusetts, 33 in New Hampshire, two in Rhode Island, and now three in Maine, according to Valerie Polito, store operations supervisor and advertisement director for Market Basket.

“You have all those little communities that can accept having a nice grocery store in their vicinity, so I think Topsham was a great location for that reason,” Polito said.

Dairy manager Brady Kaler (left) and full-time dairy clerk Timothy Moulton (right) stock the dairy shelves at the new Market Basket on June 11, a few days in advance of opening day on June 14. Paul Bagnall/The Times Record

The store has hired around 275 employees since it started advertising positions and taking applications in March. After opening, Market Basket plans to hire 50 more workers. The new hires are associates, store and department managers, with the store Director Keith Pusey, who moved into the area with his family from Hudson, New Hampshire.

Market Basket hopes to draw residents from Topsham and surrounding communities, despite Brunswick already being home to two Hannafords, a Shaw’s and a Walmart Supercenter.

“There is not one self-checkout at any Market Basket,” Polito said, adding that the store ensures all of its checkout stations are staffed.


When shoppers walk into the store, they’ll find a cafe with seating for up to 40 people. Around the corner from the cafe, customers can pick up grab-and-go fresh sushi. Farther inside the store is the bakery, where sub sandwiches and pizzas and baked goods are made.

Once Market Basket gets its agency liquor license, a selection of alcohol will be available in the store.

At the back of the store is the butcher’s block. The seafood selection comes in from Boston and shipped to Tewksbury, Massachusetts, for inspection. Then, it goes out to the stores afterward, although Market Basket does source its lobsters from Maine.

The Market Basket cheese case has around 300 different domestic and imported dairy products.

Even before opening its doors Friday, people wandered into the store as early as Tuesday, while employees were getting everything set up, thinking it was already open.


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