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Drivers with 1 violation since 2003 41134
Drivers with 2 violations since 2003 5628
Drivers with 3+ violations since 2003 819
Drivers with 1 violation since 1983 115794
Drivers with 2 violations since 1983 27856
Drivers with 3 violations since 1983 9338
Drivers with 4 violations since 1983 3399
Drivers with 5 violations since 1983 1268
Drivers with 6+ violations since 1983 724

Drunken driving offenses in Maine

For the purposes of prosecuting repeat offenders, Maine law gives drivers a clean slate 10 years after a violation. 158,379 drivers have violated Maine's drunken driving laws in the past 30 years — over a quarter of whom have been repeat offenders. Of that total, 47,581 drivers (the inner circle of the pie chart below) have offended in the past 10 years.


one offense

two offenses

three offenses

four offenses

five offenses

six or more offenses


individual drivers have had more than one drunken driving violation in the past 30 years.


people have at least one Maine drunken driving offense in the past 30 years,

and of those,


have had offenses within the past 10 years.

724 individuals have had six or more drunken driving offenses in the past 30 years.

SOURCE: Maine Office of the Secretary of State
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