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Maine organizations exempt from federal income tax

The database shows all tax-exempt organizations in Maine that report assets or income over $0.00.

SOURCE: Internal Revenue Service Data updated as of 12/10/12
NameCityTax Period (YYYYMM)Asset AmountIncome Amount
10th Mountain Ski Club Fort Kent 20120441,146.001,143,707.00
17 Lincoln Street Brunswick 201206421,784.0073,159.00
2000 Roth Mimcrut 061400 Bath 201112725,817.000.00
2009 Anne Randolph Henry Crut Portland 2011122,376,472.000.00
211 Maine Inc Portland 201106609,124.001,436,669.00
30 Mile River Watershed Association Mount Vernon 20111248,099.0085,595.00
317 Main St Community Music Center Inc Yarmouth 201106139,192.00754,498.00
4-H Clubs & Affiliated 4-H Organizations Orono 2011122,922,314.00164,548.00
60-62 Pleasant Street Corporation Saco 201206370,625.0051,706.00
82 High Street Inc Farmington 201112178,570.00148,960.00
A Caring Community Kittery 20111255,957.00493,473.00
A Company of Girls Portland 2011066,102.00196,377.00
A Paw In The Door Inc Bath 20111280,970.0055,470.00
Aaron A and Maria H Putnam Family Charitable Trust Houlton 201112277,075.00288,051.00
Abba A Womens Resource Center Portland 201112362,326.00177,011.00
Abbe Museum Bar Harbor 2011094,572,358.001,118,824.00
Abenakee Club Biddeford 2011121,189,488.00576,373.00
Abg Anesthesia Safety Research Institute South Portland 20111261,085.0064,900.00
Abraham S & Fannie B Levey Hebrew Day School Portland 20110669,261.00230,968.00
Abri Pregnancy Consultation Center Rockland 201112128,934.0062,651.00
Acadia Choral Society Ellsworth 2011084,009.0029,677.00
Acadia Community Association Bar Harbor 2011096,636,429.001,137,544.00
Acadia Family Center Southwest Hbr 2011121,571,448.00816,620.00
Acadia Foundation Northeast Harbor 20111211,936.0019,008.00
Acadia Senior College Mount Desert 201106196,034.0076,702.00
Acadia Skating Association Ellsworth 201112290,862.002,301.00
Acadia Wild Life Foundation Mount Desert 201112228,993.00349,674.00
Access Health Inc Bar Mills 20110635,991.0079,297.00
Acorn Productions Westbrook 2011089,295.00128,591.00
Acton-Shapleigh Youth Conservation Corps Springvale 20111214,847.0070,050.00
Adams Charitable Remainder Unitrust Topsham 201112463,487.000.00
Adams Class Veterans Association S Thomaston 201112900,350.0010,850.00
Adcare Educational Institute of Maine Inc Augusta 201106386,726.001,854,585.00
Addison Point Specialized Services Inc Addison 201106392,456.002,253,591.00
Administrators In Medicine Inc Augusta 201106362,134.00249,582.00
Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine Inc Old Town 201109100,205.00493,046.00
Advertising Club of Greater Portland Falmouth 20110615,897.0015,598.00
Advocacy Initiative Network of Maine Bangor 20110630,040.00256,611.00
Advocates For Children Lewiston 201206567,126.00888,151.00
Aerie East Environmental Foundation Farmington 2011071.001.00
Affinity New Gloucestr 201206319,873.001,899,928.00
Afscme Maine Membership Benefit Fund Portland 201112195,341.00433,485.00
After-School Childrens Enrichment Inc Warren 201109127,076.00149,508.00
Agamenticus Yacht Club of York York Harbor 201112245,949.00113,154.00
Agape Extension Portland 20101217,433.0075,143.00
Agape Inc Portland 2011125,059.0017,100.00
Agawam Council Falmouth 2011093,538,907.002,194,960.00
Agricultural Bargaining Council Presque Isle 201106115,236.00111,063.00
Ahavas Achim-Society of Brotherly Love Bangor 201109727,145.000.00
Aicher Family Foundation Inc Falmouth 2011127,454,080.007,784,544.00
Aid For Kids Houlton 201112324,365.00791,198.00
Aids Lodging House Portland 201109137,864.0071.00
Aili A Benson & Nancy Mckellick Trust Lewiston 20111214,774.000.00
Alan A Bird Trust For The Congregational Church of Rockland Portland 201112733,341.00207,486.00
Albert Young Irrevocable Scholarship Trust Bangor 201112769,509.00285,776.00
Albion Associates Albion 201112807,348.00195,204.00
Alcoholics Annonymous Central Service Office Portland 2009129,760.00131,196.00
Alcuin Academy Lewiston 2011063,800.0042,517.00
Aldermere Foundation Portland 2011124,714,890.005,207,501.00
Alex Tanous Foundation For Scientific Research Portland 201206400,792.0053,379.00
Alfond Scholarship Foundation Portland 20111235,447.003,083,827.00
Alfond Youth Center Waterville 20120320,512,393.001,718,867.00
Alfred and Dorothy Suzi Osher Foundation Portland 201012493,001.0012,353.00
Alice B & Beatrice K Reynolds Charitable Remainder Tr Waterville 201112299,181.000.00
Alice E White Charitable Remainder Unitrust 07012002 Falmouth 201112367,697.000.00
Alice G Gadd Charitable Foundation Belfast 201112307,791.00111,197.00
Alice James Poetry Cooperative Inc Farmington 201103358,076.00276,077.00
Alice M Savage Charitable Remainder Tr Windsor 201112126,878.000.00
Alison P Smith Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ua 12-27-91 Kennebunk 201112390,717.000.00
All About Prevention Brunswick 20101223,676.00171,473.00
Allagash Development Corporation Fort Kent 201112481,811.00130,535.00
Allan C Scott Charitable Remainder Unitrust 06-17-96 Waterville 20101269,279.000.00
Allen L Miller Charitable Remainder Unitrust Arrowsic 201112479,581.000.00
Allies Inc Bangor 201109610,273.002,166,305.00
Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Winthrop 201108372,152.00147,980.00
Alpha One Services Inc South Portland 201106107,214.00730,995.00
Alpha Phi International Fraternity Orono 20110620,954.0041,508.00
Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center Sanford 201112222,097.00121,903.00
Alpha-One South Portland 201106973,165.003,445,069.00
Alstrom Syndrome International Mount Desert 20111253,757.00106,153.00
Alternate Advantage Lewiston 20120379,247.001,177,568.00
Alternative Health Services of St Joseph Inc Bangor 201112737,089.001,583,944.00
Alternative Services Northeast Inc Lewiston 2011065,075,924.009,882,164.00
Altrusa International Foundation Inc Portland 20110513,260.0053,317.00
Amalgamated Transit Union Gorham 2011125,629.0065,002.00
Amateur Atheltic Union of the United States Hermon 20091223,500.000.00
Amateur Athletic Union of the United States Portland 2011121,924.0072,183.00
Ambulance Service Inc Fort Kent 201112612,080.00800,653.00
Amelia Payson Macleod Crt Ua 11041998 Portland 201112144,708.000.00
American Academy of Family Physicians Hartland 201112198,740.00115,121.00
American Academy of Pediatrics Maine Chapter Inc Blue Hill 20120664,319.0084,346.00
American Civil Liberties Union of Maine Portland 20110372,588.00136,291.00
American Civil Liberties Union of Maine Foundation Portland 2011031,365,773.00529,413.00
American College of Emergency Physicians Manchester 20111265,400.0046,006.00
American College of Physicians Manchester 20120663,782.0032,339.00
American Council of The Blind of Maine Portland 201112134,785.0036,496.00
American Federation of Government Employees Augusta 20120673,025.0040,804.00
American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Orgs Augusta 20111217,856.00195,320.00
American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Orgs Brewer 20111232,704.0030,161.00
American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Orgs Augusta 201012428,209.001,237,385.00
American Federation of Teachers Lincoln 20081248,135.0042,366.00
American Foundation For Relief and Reconciliation In The Middle East Somerville 201112101,162.0067,016.00
American Legion Waldoboro 2011125,523.0077,987.00
American Legion Boothbay Harbor 20110611,155.0012,063.00
American Legion Oxford 20111214,056.00128,490.00
American Legion Trenton 20120527,988.00131,320.00
American Legion Lubec 20120639,095.00216,131.00
American Legion Auburn 20111241,001.00162,347.00
American Legion Greenville 20111254,892.0084,993.00
American Legion Old Town 20111287,992.0069,539.00
American Legion Milo 201204138,916.0087,337.00
American Legion Millinocket 201112165,340.00460,798.00
American Legion Madison 201112165,739.00376,168.00
American Legion Gardiner 201206189,128.00149,873.00
American Legion Scarborough 201112206,632.00458,418.00
American Legion Winthrop 201204217,670.00738,857.00
American Legion Corinna 201112319,566.00138,512.00
American Legion Trenton 201206330,840.00371,100.00
American Legion Richmond 201105577,435.00914,839.00
American Legion Orono 201112717,179.00251,537.00
American Legion Waterville 201204907,977.00726,910.00
American Legion Rockland 2011121,131,963.00432,978.00
American Legion York 2010122,041,924.00585,751.00
American Legion 16 Peters-Shortier Skowhegan 201106232,788.0078,675.00
American Legion 205 Veterans Memorial Augusta 201112320,605.00173,489.00
American Legion Auxiliary Warren 201205209,053.00236,960.00
American Legion Chester L Briggs Post 47 Houlton 201012315,236.0077,652.00
American Legion Grover Hinckley Fairfield 201112125,719.00206,902.00
American Legion Post Norway 20110555,736.0098,809.00
American Legion Post 0002 Fitzgerald-Cummings Augusta 201104147,869.00401,236.00
American Legion Post 0005 Bourque Lanigan Waterville 201012727,325.00911,935.00
American Legion Post 0008 Narraguagus Cherryfield 20111256,230.00134,228.00
American Legion Post 0009 Ephriam H Johnson Machias 20111252,648.00269,288.00
American Legion Post 0013 Feeney Groves E Millinocket 2009121,462.001,608.00
American Legion Post 0015 Henry B Pratt Caribou 20111263,584.00226,578.00
American Legion Post 0028 Roderick Crosby Post Farmington 200912227,943.0041,209.00
American Legion Post 0029 Chadbourne Merrill Dovr Foxcroft 201112124,978.00138,381.00
American Legion Post 0037 Williams -Brazier Thomaston 201112121,765.009,697.00
American Legion Post 0049 Levasseur -Farrell Post Van Buren 20120582,954.00154,986.00
American Legion Post 0053 Poulliot Seavey Dexter 201205120,629.0078,785.00
American Legion Post 0057 C Fayette Staples Old Orchd Bch 2011121.00777,435.00
American Legion Post 0061 Norton Wuori Kingfield 2012046,317.0033,487.00
American Legion Post 0068 Jackson Silver Post Greenwood 201112190,558.00337,803.00
American Legion Post 0147 Thos O Cyr Madawaska 201205623,839.00760,595.00
American Legion Post 0158 Coombs Mountfort Lisbon 201112367,654.00593,750.00
American Legion Post 0192 Bush Batcher Athens 20111221,104.0029,527.00
American Legion Post 0197 Westbrook Memorial Westbrook 201206249,675.00218,493.00
American Legion Post 150 Mechanic Fls 201105190,030.00400,670.00
American Legion Post 202 Topsham 20110473,322.00661,997.00
American Legion Post 31 Alden Gayton Auburn 201112376,529.0035,755.00
American Lighthouse Foundation Rockland 2011122,194,371.00641,485.00
American Music Stage Inc Gorham 2008120.0053,298.00
American Musicological Society Inc Brunswick 2011064,917,469.00859,725.00
American Nurses Association-Maine Windham 20111287,378.0038,775.00
American Postal Workers Accident Benefit Association Bangor 20111255,716.0042,891.00
American Postal Workers Union Augusta 20110345,360.0037,490.00
American Postal Workers Union Scarborough 20120373,298.00143,124.00
American Rsdhope Harrison 20111287,943.0014,666.00
American Sheep and Goat Center Rockland 2011126,046,406.009,041.00
American Society For Clinical Laboratory Science Stetson 20111226,470.00108,980.00
American Society of Medical Association Counsel Manchester 20111283,341.0063,896.00
American University In Kosovo Foundation Whitefield 2011121,005,813.00124,607.00
Amicus Bangor 2012062,157,677.005,632,346.00
Amigos Hospitalito Atitlan Jonesport 20110628,694.00374,055.00
Amistad Portland 201106247,323.001,105,126.00
Ams Title Company Brunswick 2011121,838,724.00374,648.00
Amvets New Gloucestr 20120335,023.00117,005.00
Amvets Jay 20091265,899.0036,137.00
Amvets Durham 201203143,324.0014,478.00
Amvets Portland 201112160,219.00720,596.00
Amvets Biddeford 201012199,265.00215,056.00
Amvets Yarmouth 201106229,107.00655,957.00
Amvets Sanford 201106238,377.00242,682.00
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry Sidney 2011041,164,348.00236,016.00
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry NMJ Bangor 201107437,502.00237,950.00
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry NMJ Bowdoinham 2011071,975,331.00232,691.00
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry NMJ Bowdoinham 2011072,782,069.00237,585.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine N Monmouth 2012034,176.002,915.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Brewer 201110152,763.0029,821.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine York 201203307,494.0083,141.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Rockland 201112322,677.007,816.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Wilton 201110380,946.0043,735.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Palmyra 201112619,699.0017,917.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Portland 201111623,389.0083,310.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Portland 201201705,353.0088,585.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Portland 201105944,087.00264,095.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Fairfield 201111958,970.00302,557.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Kennebunkport 2011121,156,702.0085,259.00
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Maine Grand Lodge Portland 2011031,080,503.00389,243.00
Andover Educational Fund Inc Andover 201206316,835.0015,880.00
Andre P & Nancy M Marcotte Charitable Remainder Tr 072893 Kennenbunkport 201112320,241.000.00
Andrew C Marsh Meml Fund Portland 20111224,227.0038,388.00
Andrew P Barowsky Charitable Foundation Auburn 20101299,690.001,616.00
Androscoggin Asset Group Auburn 201106376,287.0046,233.00
Androscoggin Banks Mainstreet Foundation Lewiston 201112823,996.00173,657.00
Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce Lewiston 201112817,360.00599,037.00
Androscoggin County Fish & Game Association Lewiston 201203130,102.0064,280.00
Androscoggin Head Start & Child Care Lewiston 2011091,522,174.004,001,990.00
Androscoggin Historical Society Lewiston 200905330,440.0078,788.00
Androscoggin Home Health Services Inc Lewiston 20111227,213,111.0027,555,909.00
Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corp Wayne 20111225,668.005,207.00
Androscoggin Land Trust Inc Lewiston 2010121,779,992.00201,777.00
Androscoggin River Watershedcouncil Auburn 20110924,284.0081,449.00
Androscoggin Valley Board of Realtors Augusta 20111233,999.0046,379.00
Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments Auburn 2011096,270,049.002,672,268.00
Animal Orphanage Orono 201112123,936.0077,322.00
Animal Refuge League Westbrook 2011125,334,985.001,579,046.00
Animal Welfare Society Inc Kennebunk 2011033,131,807.001,761,144.00
Anita C Montgomery Trust Portland 201112326,413.00108,536.00
Anita Card Montgomery Foundation Camden 20111257,764.0018,931.00
Anita G Herrick Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111278,663.000.00
Anita L Ramsdell Charitable Remainder Tr Winthrop 20111262,069.000.00
Ann True Ladd Charitable Remainder Trust Ua 11-25-98 Rangeley 201112233,946.000.00
Ann W Williamson Crut 1 Portland 201112252,317.000.00
Ann W Williamson Crut II Portland 201112251,290.000.00
Ann W Williamson Crut III Portland 201112253,343.000.00
Anna M Severin Trust Bath 201112226,903.0054,715.00
Anne F Collins Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112308,077.000.00
Anne H Russell Charitable Lead Annunity Tr Ua 05312002 15017802 Portland 201112309,543.000.00
Anne O Jackson Chatable Remander Unit Tr Yarmouth 201112326,219.000.00
Anne Whiteman Richardson Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112108,554.000.00
Anne Whiteman Richardson Residuary Charitable Tr Portland 2011121,439,930.00712,041.00
Annette J Marin Family Charitable Remainder Trust S China 201112219,711.000.00
Anonimo Foundation Rockland 2011123,918,342.002,825,053.00
Another Chance Animal Rescue North Berwick 20111241,687.0086,616.00
Anson Academy Association North Anson 201112350,382.00169,901.00
Anson Madison Ambulance Service Inc Main St Anson Me Madison 201106386,091.001,020,239.00
Apogee Arts Brooksville 2011127,461.0075,815.00
Appraisal Institute Portland 20111257,583.0065,717.00
Araxine Wilkins Sawyer Foundation Greene 2011101,162,156.00209,644.00
Architalx Portland 20110874,656.0041,239.00
Area Interfaith Outreach Rockland 201109251,054.00275,655.00
Area Iv Mental Health Services Coalition Lewiston 2011061,195,868.001,543,644.00
Area Youth Sports Inc Jay 20111287,745.0065,597.00
Areopagus Ii America Inc Monson 201109221,543.00179,633.00
Arlene M Bevilacqua Charitable Remainder Unitrust 07172002 Kennebunk 201112100,681.000.00
Arnold Memorial Medical Building Society Jonesport 201107488,849.0056,272.00
Aroostock River Snowmobile Club Inc Presque Isle 20111239,960.0030,878.00
Aroostook Area Agency On Aging Inc Presque Isle 2011091,516,619.003,258,081.00
Aroostook Arts and Education Center Presque Isle 20111297,016.0085,697.00
Aroostook Beef Producers Mars Hill 20110616,104.00144,620.00
Aroostook Council To Prevent Child Abuse Houlton 201109147,760.00480,461.00
Aroostook County Action Program Inc Presque Isle 2011095,213,709.0015,205,288.00
Aroostook Dental Clinic Presque Isle 20111238,966.0058,600.00
Aroostook Family Investment Center Inc Caribou 20111238,924.0080,382.00
Aroostook Home Care Foundation Caribou 201109750.000.00
Aroostook Home Health Services Caribou 201109655,325.003,550,388.00
Aroostook Mental Health Services Inc Caribou 2011093,953,049.0017,571,101.00
Aroostook Region Emergency Medical Services Council Inc Caribou 201106144,876.0077,982.00
Aroostook Regional Transportation System Inc Presque Isle 2011092,396,491.003,935,784.00
Aroostook Title Company Caribou 201109838,575.00100,517.00
Aroostook Valley Health Center Inc Ashland 201203471,010.0054,848.00
Art Association York York 201109403,624.0053,306.00
Art Play Inc Portland 20120535,604.00111,667.00
Arthur E Howell Wildlife Conservation Center Amity 201112235,126.0041,054.00
Arthur F Tuttle Jr Irrv Charitabe Remainder Unitrust Scarborough 20111219,918.000.00
Arthur George Goodrich Scholarship Tr Ellsworth 20111289,754.0027,311.00
Arthur M Hussey Ii 1998 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bowdoinham 20111262,949.000.00
Arts & Recreation Center Vinalhaven 20101254,194.00112,294.00
Arts Are Elementary Brunswick 20110629,842.0049,580.00
Arundel Cemetery Corporation Kennebunkport 201112601,188.0069,787.00
Arundel Historical Society Arundel 201112133,116.00102,837.00
Arundel Yacht Club Kennebunkport 201108282,417.00157,330.00
Asf Charitable Remainder Trust Skowhegan 201112137,436.000.00
Ashland Care Givers Association Ashland 201109443,059.00238,196.00
Ashland Housing Corporation Caribou 201112677,299.00228,906.00
Ashwood Waldorf School Rockport 2011061,696,893.00949,499.00
Assisting Tribal Saints Union 20111225,474.0044,782.00
Associated Builders and Contractors Inc Augusta 20101248,929.00430,984.00
Associated Faculties of The University of Maine Bangor 201003155,687.00108,624.00
Associated Fisheries of Maine South Berwick 20111276,066.00115,074.00
Associated General Contractors of Maine Augusta 201012471,410.00742,702.00
Associated General Contractors of Maine Education Foundation Augusta 201012480,174.0038,240.00
Associates of The Osher Map Library Portland 201109937,700.00147,860.00
Association Culturelle Et Historique Du Mont Carmel Lille 201112103,020.0064,756.00
Association For Supervision and Curriculum Development Brunswick 20120650,768.0050,476.00
Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine Moody 201106326,113.001,296,638.00
Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies Blue Hill 2011122,607.0054,702.00
Association of Homeschoolers of Maine Camden 20111217,367.0055,004.00
Association of Personal Historians Inc Kennebunk 20111219,186.00227,149.00
Association of State Wetland Managers Inc Windham 201112227,801.00363,671.00
Association of Teachers of Mathematics In Maine Bangor 20111215,595.007,903.00
Association of Teachers of Mathematics In New England Harrison 201205114,634.0027,740.00
Association of U S Delegates To The Gulf of Maine Council On The MarinFalmouth 201106146,031.00631,378.00
Association of Womens Business Centers Camden 20111211,781.0075,005.00
Atkins Charitable Trust Waterville 20111213,581.0021,497.00
Atlantic Challenge Foundation Inc Rockland 2011121,917,216.001,449,771.00
Atlantic Firemans Education Association Cape Porpoise 201112131,860.0034,192.00
Atlantic Residential Resource New Harbor 201112752,746.00162,925.00
Atlantic Salmon Federation Inc Calais 20110912,169,960.008,113,211.00
Atlantic Salmon For Northern Maine Inc Presque Isle 20111281,952.0078,453.00
Atlantic States Rural Water & Wastewater Association Richmond 201106199,006.001,183,507.00
Atlantic Volunteer Engine Co Inc Cape Porpoise 201112221,677.0090,027.00
Attendant Services Inc South Portland 2011062,960,131.0011,005,869.00
Auber Memorial Educational Tr Portland 201112130,358.0017,630.00
Auburn Business Development Corp Lewiston 2011062,323,809.00123,573.00
Auburn Housing Development Corporation Auburn 201203347,837.00129,660.00
Auburn Masonic Assn Auburn 2011122,535,718.0070,961.00
Auburn Public Library Auburn 2012064,505,049.001,232,243.00
Auburn Residential Development Corporation Auburn 2011033,792,329.001,619,754.00
Auburn Youth Hockey Association Inc Auburn 2011038,840.00128,839.00
Audrey B Post Charitable Remainder Unitrust Camden 2011123,970.000.00
Audrey P Connor Charitable Foundation Damariscotta 201112197,401.004,079.00
Augusta Area Military Association Augusta 2011126,288.0038,019.00
Augusta Board of Trade Augusta 201112882,528.0082,426.00
Augusta Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Fund Fairfield 20111278,288.00223,997.00
Augusta Food Bank Augusta 20101261,355.0064,928.00
Augusta Regional Church Housing Corp Beta Augusta 2011121,626,416.001,065,331.00
Augusta Trails Augusta 201112231,190.00128,843.00
Autism Society of America Winthrop 20111255,797.00310,351.00
Automobile License Plate Collectors Association Saco 200812140,341.00172,755.00
Avesta Housing Development Corporation Portland 20111226,837,196.0017,099,562.00
Avian Haven Freedom 201112573,158.00147,566.00
Awesome Bear Society Manchester 20100661,248.0059,774.00
B C and T Local 334 Retiree Health Plan Insurance Trust Nissen Div Portland 2011052,343,329.002,276,131.00
B M Clark Foundation Union 20101252,217.003,575.00
Baby Carrier Industry Alliance Berwick 20110613,968.0064,738.00
Back Bay Lacrosse Inc Portland 2010127,542.0018,400.00
Bagaduce Ambulance Corp Inc Castine 201112243,018.0042,018.00
Bagaduce Chorale S Brooksville 20090644,416.0027,071.00
Bagaduce Music Lending Library Blue Hill 2010122,064,422.00238,598.00
Bailey Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 20111247,995.000.00
Bakery Confectionery Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Intl Uni Portland 201112166,424.00221,119.00
Balat Senter Winthrop 201112140,219.0051,514.00
Bangor Airport Civic Development Corporation Banair Bangor 2011061,023,886.00456,742.00
Bangor Area Childrens Choir Bangor 20110613,676.0018,746.00
Bangor Area Homeless Shelter Bangor 2011061,226,889.00604,664.00
Bangor Area Recovery Network Inc Bangor 20111091,057.0036,503.00
Bangor Area Storm Water Group Inc Veazie 2010065,395.0050,317.00
Bangor Center Management Corp Bangor 20110615,481.0078,124.00
Bangor Childrens Home Bangor 2011082,179,270.002,387,857.00
Bangor Christian Schools Foundation Bangor 201106202,597.0059,636.00
Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau Bangor 20110644,787.00199,781.00
Bangor Firmens Relief Association Bangor 201112632,820.00169,450.00
Bangor Folk Festival Bangor 20111230,246.00920,741.00
Bangor Fuel Society Bangor 201110698,649.00186,918.00
Bangor Half-Way House Inc Bangor 201206579,976.0089,403.00
Bangor Historical Society Bangor 2011122,913,807.00447,695.00
Bangor Housing Development Corporation Bangor 2011065,774,772.001,250,205.00
Bangor Humane Society Bangor 2012042,733,882.00861,082.00
Bangor Hydro-Electric Company Voluntary Employee Benefit Bangor 2010121,023,069.00317.00
Bangor Kiwanis Charities Inc Bangor 201109142,703.0035,167.00
Bangor Land Trust Bangor 201112753,996.00482,066.00
Bangor Maine Chapter Inc Hermon 20111226,797.006,023.00
Bangor Masonic Foundation Bangor 2011122,564,217.00192,650.00
Bangor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Bangor 2011063,797,971.009,174,247.00
Bangor Police Relief Association Bangor 201110761,148.0023,930.00
Bangor Public Library Trustees Bangor 20110619,457,449.0015,533,248.00
Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Bangor 201112111,528.00550,201.00
Bangor Region Community Council Bangor 20111267,213.00162,663.00
Bangor Region Development Alliance Bangor 20110646,421.0063,950.00
Bangor Rescue Mission Inc Bangor 2012031,872.0052,763.00
Bangor Rotary Charities Trust Bangor 20110628,535.0050,131.00
Bangor Singles Club Inc Bangor 20101213,738.0069,515.00
Bangor Symphony Orchestra Bangor 2011061,436,812.00651,420.00
Bangor Target Area Development Corporation Bangor 20111214,348,521.003,765,053.00
Bangor Theological Seminary Bangor 20110615,806,170.002,622,462.00
Bangor Travel Soccer Club Bangor 201106130,729.0088,039.00
Bangor Ymca Foundation Bangor 201109987,898.00407,931.00
Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce Bar Harbor 201206918,472.00886,281.00
Bar Harbor Food Pantry Bar Harbor 201112171,334.00142,982.00
Bar Harbor Historical Society Inc Bar Harber 201112760,097.0067,172.00
Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association Bar Harbor 201107597,596.0041,640.00
Baran Place Inc Eliot 2011121,975,393.00348,104.00
Barbara & Donald Kurtz Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112118,062.000.00
Barbara and Arthur Prentiss Charitable Remainder Unitrust Hollis Center 201112250,374.000.00
Barbara C Schwartz 2000 Charitable Remainder Unitrust 30510454000 Scarborough 201112164,042.000.00
Barbara Cassidy Foundation Biddeford 2011122,256,048.00499,070.00
Barbara Cowley Bush Charitable Remainder Tr Newcastle 201112477,197.000.00
Barbara E Joy Tr Mount Desert 2011121,361,345.001,075,703.00
Barbara I Strout Charitable Remainder Tr Ellsworth 201112106,462.000.00
Barbara J Brewer Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bar Harbor 201112105,674.000.00
Barbara M Giddings Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 20091268,035.000.00
Barbara P Wood 2001 Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Falmouth 20111237,762.000.00
Barmore Fund Harpswell 201112671,270.0026,668.00
Barrett Charitable Remainder Unitrust Kittery Point 201112616,003.000.00
Bartlett Woods Inc Rockland 2011123,308,820.001,386,784.00
Bates Morse Mountain Conservation Area Corporation Lewiston 20110649,006.003.00
Bath Area Family Ymca Bath 2010126,137,825.002,660,372.00
Bath Area Food Bank Bath 20111250,885.0070,455.00
Bath Area Seniors Activity Center Inc Bath 2011121,082,984.00143,397.00
Bath Housing Development Corporation Bath 2011121,310,254.00409,612.00
Bath Meeting House and Skatepark Center Bath 20110687,542.00109,521.00
Baxter Academies of Maine Portland 20120620,041.0080,925.00
Bay Chamber Concerts Rockport 2011092,367,107.001,068,287.00
Bay School Blue Hill 2011062,162,016.001,174,473.00
Beacon Charitable Corporation Alfred 20120414,755.006,547.00
Beacon Project Islesboro 201109952,625.00420,316.00
Beatrix Farrand Society Mount Desert 201106928,679.00152,572.00
Becker Charitable Remainder Tr Ua 121294 Lamoine 201112497,078.000.00
Beehive Design Collective Machias 201112551,037.00220,626.00
Begin Charitable Lead Tr Carabaset Vly 2011123,007,932.000.00
Belfast Area Child Care Services Inc Waldo 201109875,624.001,496,538.00
Belfast Chamber of Commerce Belfast 20111232,462.00200,093.00
Belfast Curling Club Inc Belfast 201103197,204.0090,857.00
Belfast Free Library Belfast 2011061,068,114.00573,642.00
Belfast Friends of Scouting Inc Belfast 20111290,980.0020,637.00
Belfast Institute of Lifelong Learning Inc Belfast 2011122,304.009,176.00
Belfast Maskers Belfast 20111214,757.0060,670.00
Belfast Museum Inc Belfast 201206410,803.0038,349.00
Belfast Public Health Nursing Association Inc Belfast 20110930,264.0056,483.00
Belfast Soup Kitchen Belfast 20111234,294.00111,467.00
Belforti Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112129,503.000.00
Belgrade Lakes Association Belgrade Lks 201112246,400.00159,884.00
Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance Inc Belgrade Lks 2011121,765,630.00684,936.00
Belgrade Regional Health Center Inc Belgrade Lks 2011061,176,070.00176,898.00
Bellview Corporate Charitable Remainder Trust Ellsworth 201112156,824.000.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Wells 2012034,904.0027,597.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Pittsfield 20120387,318.00170,665.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Gardiner 201203101,528.0086,336.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Bath 201203232,981.00386,795.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Brunswick 201203261,405.00799,561.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Houlton 201203291,511.00279,987.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA York 201105326,345.00390,055.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Rumford 201203375,161.00161,597.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Portland 201203467,097.001,224,629.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Millinocket 201203471,184.00532,610.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Presque Isle 201203483,214.00771,854.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Ellsworth 201103577,185.00845,326.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Old Town 201203629,817.00626,006.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Lewiston 201203648,840.00550,048.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Saco 201203663,200.00631,826.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA York 201203685,885.00187,903.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Augusta 201203785,323.001,819,313.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Skowhegan 201203921,176.00402,617.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Sanford 201203960,571.00636,113.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Bangor 201203984,742.001,523,973.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Rockland 2012031,084,402.001,705,434.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA Waterville 2012031,183,592.001,732,906.00
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of The USA 2430 of Farmington W Farmington 201203189,329.00355,380.00
Benjamin Fuller & Harriet Williams Memorial Tr 10 10 123 0023940 Augusta 20110868,704.0048,215.00
Benjamin J & Carolyn D Woznick Char Remainder Flip Unitrust 1999 Waterville 20111293,997.000.00
Benjamin Russell Charitable Remainder Unitrust Falmouth 20111293,110.000.00
Benson & Patricia Ford Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 20111298,769.000.00
Benson Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Limerick 201112136,321.000.00
Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Portland 201112530,549.00141,903.00
Bert & Coral Clifford Char Rmdr Ann Tr Robert L Lamontagne Life Ten South China 201112327,964.000.00
Bert and Coral Clifford Char Rmdr Ann Tr Belfast 2011121,213,623.000.00
Bertha Bornstein Residue Trust Vinalhaven 20111255,176.00335.00
Berwick Academy Trustees S Berwick 20110641,233,898.0035,774,132.00
Berwick Library Association Berwick 201006440,061.0099,322.00
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Orono 20100614,902.00204,095.00
Beth C Wright Cancer Resource Center Ellsworth 201012108,674.00104,792.00
Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce Bethel 20111275,442.00320,809.00
Bethel Historical Society Bethel 2011121,029,807.00240,637.00
Bethel Library Association Bethel 201106818,794.0087,845.00
Betty J Okeefe Charitable Remainder Unitrust 09241998 06-0228 Portland 20111253,916.000.00
Beverly Davis and Richard Litchfield Charitable Remainder Un Kennebunkport 201112550,000.000.00
Bhyc Junior Program Foundation W Boothby Hbr 201112134,190.00116,495.00
Bible Society of Maine Portland 201012273,003.0048,208.00
Bicycle Coalition of Maine Augusta 201112232,767.00612,204.00
Biddeford Athletic Association Biddeford 2011127,771.0045,734.00
Biddeford Free Clinic Biddeford 201112308,474.00165,531.00
Biddeford Pool Community Club Biddeford Pl 201206255,494.0037,265.00
Biddeford Pool Improvement Association Biddeford Pl 20110637,493.0010,565.00
Biddeford Pool Yacht Club Inc Biddeford Pl 201112692,224.00352,149.00
Biddeford Saco Area Economic Development Corporation Saco 2011064,053,538.00290,084.00
Biddeford Saco Chamber of Commerce Inc Saco 201112152,987.00221,893.00
Biddeford Youth Hockey Association Biddeford 20120348,327.00152,166.00
Biddleford Pool Land Tr Biddeford Pl 201106901,000.007,526.00
Bidu Sayao Memorial Childrens Tr Camden 201112382,272.00115,418.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bath Brunswick Brunswick 20111237,668.00169,715.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kennebec Valley Augusta 20101252,780.00197,418.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine Portland 201109616,863.00708,265.00
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Midcoast Maine Rockland 20110978,386.00300,158.00
Big Tree Boating Association Islesboro 20111295,372.0063,187.00
Bigelow Laboratory For Ocean Sciences East Boothbay 20110620,622,508.0014,124,200.00
Bigelow Laboratory For Ocean Sciences Foundation W Boothby Hbr 2011121.0046,930.00
Billy Weiss Memorial Foundation Rockland 201112310,905.00100,111.00
Billy Williams Foundation Camden 20111253,033.004,399.00
Bingham Area Health Council Inc Bingham 201112791,427.0088,701.00
Biodiversity Gorham 2011041,299,816.009,542,566.00
Biomass Power Association Portland 201112219,086.00651,500.00
Bio-Medical Institute Skowhegan 20111277,401.005,609.00
Biomedical Sciences Exchange Program Inc Ellsworth 20111210,968.0019,702.00
Bioregional Conservacy & Reclamation Tr Unity 20110659,050.0080,323.00
Birch Bay Retirement Village Bar Harbor 20110410,619,933.003,704,491.00
Birch Rock Camp S Portland 2011121,350,449.00623,991.00
Birth Roots Inc Portland 20111218,580.0069,661.00
Biscay Road Corporation Saco 201206440,158.0037,464.00
Black Mountain of Maine Rumford 20120457,980.00709,031.00
Block House Preschool Gray 20091213,471.0044,081.00
Blue Hill Country Club Inc Blue Hill 2011122,209,821.00432,889.00
Blue Hill Fire Company Blue Hill 201103823,361.00273,007.00
Blue Hill Heritage Trust Inc Blue Hill 2011125,268,397.00522,220.00
Blue Hill Memorial Hospital Inc Blue Hill 20110930,312,071.0052,025,583.00
Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Blue Hill 20101234,311.0063,097.00
Blue Hill Public Library Inc Blue Hill 2011125,738,614.00453,376.00
Blue Hill Society For Aid To Children Inc Blue Hill 201112517,139.00298,032.00
Blue Knights International Headquarters Association Bangor 201012255,045.0034,333.00
Bluehill Rifle & Pistol Club Blue Hill 201112199,750.0021,283.00
Blum Charitable Remainder Unitrust Cushing 201112157,077.000.00
Bon Apetit-Community Meal Program Biddeford 20111230,350.0042,827.00
Bonnell Cove Foundation Camden 201112840,721.00567,803.00
Bonney Woods Corp Farmington 201205109,054.0018,538.00
Bonny Eagle Football Boosters Inc Standish 20111244,323.00119,025.00
Bonny Eagle Project Graduation Standish 20111223,645.0049,993.00
Boothbay Charities Classic Boothbay 2011123,399.0069,031.00
Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library Association Boothbay Hbr 2012061,920,051.00752,255.00
Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce Boothbay Hbr 201110723,956.00429,684.00
Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club W Boothbay Ha 2011111,963,237.00653,494.00
Boothbay Railway Village Boothbay 2011122,255,470.00732,155.00
Boothbay Region Art Foundation Inc Boothbay Harbor 20110935,789.00108,159.00
Boothbay Region District Nursing Assoc Inc Boothbay 201206127,870.00102,820.00
Boothbay Region Food Pantry E Boothbay 20111227,948.0063,517.00
Boothbay Region Garden Club Inc Boothbay 20120568,709.0042,073.00
Boothbay Region Historical Society Boothbay Harbor 201204249,188.0070,475.00
Boothbay Region Land Trust Inc Boothbay Hbr 2011125,254,782.001,546,696.00
Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund Inc Boothbay Hbr 2012052,942,754.001,675,641.00
Boothby Institute Bath 201112535.00101,534.00
Bopp Fam Charitable Tr Falmouth 201202161,763.006,301.00
Borman Family Foundation Oakland 2011075,246,257.002,061,190.00
Borneo Research Council Phillips 20111286,717.0016,413.00
Bossov Ballet Theatre Pittsfield 20111268,092.00228,385.00
Boulos Family Charitable Foundation Portland 201112169,025.00142,830.00
Bourgeault Fam Tr Saco 201112265,970.000.00
Bow Street Theatre Trust York 201103721,018.0080,003.00
Bowdoin College Brunswick 2011061,294,173,000.00535,751,000.00
Bowdoin College Pooled Income Fund A Brunswick 2011121,022,376.000.00
Bowdoin College Pooled Income Fund B Nect Brunswick 2011127,632,224.000.00
Bowdoin College Pooled Income Fund C Brunswick 2011123,121,863.000.00
Bowdoin Summer Music Festival Inc Brunswick 2011101,714,620.002,750,811.00
Bowery Beach School Building Maintenance Trust Cape Eliz 20111215,247.0033.00
Boxberry School Norway 20110631,937.00139,886.00
Boy Scouts of America Bangor 2011121,067,519.001,507,785.00
Boy Scouts of America Portland 2011125,983,847.003,610,648.00
Boy Singers of Maine Portland 2011066,159.0073,688.00
Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine Portland 20110614,343,532.004,248,314.00
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Gardiner Gardiner 201106684,157.001,246,006.00
Bozich Charitable Rem Unitr Lamoine 20111228,224.000.00
Brackett Charitable Remainder Unitr South Portland 201112143,734.000.00
Bracy Memorial Trust Fund Augusta 201112611,008.0091,117.00
Bradford Housing Corporation Bangor 201112870,366.00177,779.00
Bradley Family Foundation Freeport 201112442,428.00100,060.00
Bradley Foundation of Maine Gorham 201110254.0016,702.00
Brain Injury Association of Maine Inc Waterville 20081264,692.00260,590.00
Brave Hearts Island Falls 201112135,867.0050,244.00
Bread of Life Ministries Inc Augusta 2011124,074,731.001,228,889.00
Breaking Ground Portland 20111214,972.0081,661.00
Breakwater School Portland 2011063,711,998.002,373,719.00
Bremen Library Association Bremen 201107253,657.0047,303.00
Bremen Volunteer Fire Company Inc Bremen 20111230,055.0028,393.00
Brewer Christian Food Cupboard Brewer 20111223,319.0052,998.00
Brewer Economic Development Corporation Brewer 201112928,247.0021,274.00
Brewer Family Crut Bar Harbor 201112924,081.000.00
Brewer Youth Hockey Association Brewer 20110647,152.0075,546.00
Brian K Dallaire 1999 Charitable Remainder Unitr Biddeford 2011121,103,829.000.00
Brick Store Museum Kennebunk 2011122,027,866.00828,144.00
Bride Charitable Foundation Westbrook 20111219,870.0010,602.00
Bridgham College Trust Fund 100-002 Nect Ellsworth 20111212,404.0013,693.00
Bridgton & Waterford School Age Child Care Association Inc N Bridgton 20110652,607.0074,327.00
Bridgton Academy Bridgton 20110612,681,805.008,127,388.00
Bridgton Academy Pooled Income Fund Portland 20111237,538.000.00
Bridgton Community Center Bridgton 20110642,398.00110,538.00
Bridgton High School Scholarship Foundation Bridgton 201112539,757.0064,228.00
Bridgton Historical Society Bridgton 201109416,846.0030,854.00
Bridgton Hospital Bridgton 20110646,363,338.0050,035,070.00
Bridgton Hospital Guild Bridgton 201109190,375.0098,733.00
Bridgton Hospital Physicians Group Bridgton 2011061.001.00
Bridgton Ice Arena Inc N Bridgton 201106831,814.00194,058.00
Bridgton Public Library Bridgton 2011061,376,830.00305,901.00
Bridgton Recreational Advancement Group Inc Bridgton 20111273,594.00233,931.00
Bristol Area Library Association New Harbor 201112624,708.00151,359.00
Brixham Montessori Friends School York 2011061,494,373.00765,334.00
Broadreach Family & Community Services Belfast 2011091,506,251.003,424,919.00
Broadway Housing Bangor 201109648,168.00732,998.00
Brook Family Foundation Norway 2012031,624,752.00818,682.00
Brooklin Volunteer Fire Company Brooklin 201112109,224.0035,259.00
Brooks Preservation Society Brooks 201112212,488.0075,745.00
Brookside Cemetery Association Inc Mount Desert 201109634,485.00161,586.00
Brooksville Free Public Library Inc Brooksville 201112214,680.0040,069.00
Brooksville Volunteer Fire Department Association Brooksville 20111284,087.0048,094.00
Brownville Housing Corporation Brownvlle Jct 201112522,191.00167,748.00
Bruce & Ruthanne Hamlin Charitable Remainder Tr Falmouth 201112291,439.000.00
Bruce Allain Charitable Trust Athens 201106156,576.0072,610.00
Bruce Mcdonald Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 2011121.000.00
Bruce Roberts Santa Claus Portland 201002359,395.00265,382.00
Brunswick Area Arts & Cultural Alliance Brunswick 2011064,965.0065,481.00
Brunswick Area Respite Program Brunswick 201106118,467.00118,256.00
Brunswick Area Student Aid Fund Brunswick 2011061,586,508.00429,219.00
Brunswick Area Youth Football Leaugue Inc Brunswick 201112177,528.00100,338.00
Brunswick Community Center For Senior Citizens Brunswick 20110640,867.00293,935.00
Brunswick Downtown Association Brunswick 201012120,585.00192,840.00
Brunswick Public Library Association Brunswick 2011061,631,288.001,455,425.00
Brunswick Rotary Community Fund Freeport 20110671,928.0041,464.00
Brunswick Waldorf School Association Freeport 2011065,116,307.003,027,535.00
Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Inc Brunswick 2011062,511,700.00344,355.00
Bryant Pond Learning Center Bryant Pond 2010121,776,224.00878,624.00
Bsa Katahdin Council Inc Bangor 2011124,636,507.00715,080.00
Buck Memorial Library Bucksport 2011121,430,582.0069,077.00
Bucks Harbor Yacht Club Blue Hill 201112897,777.00228,145.00
Bucksport Area Child Care Center Inc Bucksport 20110995,082.00336,184.00
Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Bucksport 20120218,537.0062,860.00
Bucksport Community Concerns Inc Bucksport 201109102,799.0053,066.00
Bucksport Regional Health Center Bucksport 2012036,861,067.007,074,393.00
Burke Family Foundation Tr Portland 201112941,417.001,020,999.00
C and M Consulting Management Services Gardiner 20111279,270.00235,611.00
C G Jung Center For Studies In Analytical Psychology Brunswick 201106417,981.00165,604.00
C Irving & Katharine Meeker Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112290,513.000.00
C Wilkes Babb Tr Uw Key Bk of Southwrn Me Portland 201112462,369.00214,150.00
Cag Nongrantor Charitable Lead Unitrust Fbo Hw Irrv Tr Ellsworth 201112713,901.000.00
Cag Nongrantor Charitable Lead Unitrust Fbo Mk Irrv Tr Ellsworth 201112713,901.000.00
Calais Methodist Home Inc Calais 2011122,202,820.00803,694.00
Calais Regional Hospital Calais 20101228,925,376.0028,794,649.00
Cambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation Portland 201112483,220.00183,645.00
Camden Affordable Housing Organization Rockport 2011121,662,177.0050,002.00
Camden Area District Nursing Association Camden 201112237,860.00180,969.00
Camden Area Youth Seamanship Program Camden 201112143,584.00116,145.00
Camden Civic Theatre Camden 2009126,813.0014,737.00
Camden Conference Camden 201106137,863.00244,174.00
Camden Home For Senior Citizens Camden 2011051,230,967.00450,360.00
Camden Public Library Centennial Fund Camden 201112984,550.00434,148.00
Camden Public Library Maintenance Fund Camden 201112674,042.00385,800.00
Camden Rotary Club Foundation Camden 20110698,299.0083,118.00
Camden Student Trust Fund Camden 20111251,603.00153.00
Camden Yacht Club Camden 201112442,884.00449,162.00
Camille & Joyce Sarrouf Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 20111289,064.000.00
Camp Beech Cliff Mount Desert 2011092,085,541.00729,512.00
Camp Capella Inc Holden 201109604,509.00276,318.00
Camp Fire USA Scarborough 201012832,183.00846,234.00
Camp K V For Kids Augusta 201206524,617.00300,194.00
Camp Laughing Loon Saco 2011123,176.0087,460.00
Camp Neofa-Maine Princeton 201107370,171.0077,146.00
Camp O-At-Ka Inc Sebago 2011093,073,740.001,347,775.00
Camp Runoia Alumnae Organization Cape Eliz 201112501,003.0036,116.00
Camp Sunshine At Sebago Lake Inc Casco 20111017,596,512.007,444,553.00
Can Am Crown Ft Kent Mls 20120452,337.00100,805.00
Cancer Care Center of York County Portland 2011094,078,721.002,760,511.00
Cancer Community Center So Portland 201106959,933.00677,579.00
Cancer Support Center of Maine Bucksport 20111212,599.0051,377.00
Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation Cape Eliz 201012432,371.00172,607.00
Cape Elizabeth Home S Portland 2012031,966,321.00267,335.00
Cape Elizabeth Land Trust Inc Cape Elizabeth 2011091,331,422.00370,555.00
Cape Nordic Cape Eliz 20120428,666.0012,982.00
Capital Area Youth Softball Association Augusta 20110922,444.0033,473.00
Capitol Area Recreation Association Augusta 20111281,894.0060,570.00
Cardinal Mercier Home Corporation Dexter 20110834,244.0057,457.00
Caribou Congregate Housing Development Corporation Inc Presque Isle 201109679,178.00192,922.00
Caribou Country Club Caribou 201112116,704.00105,454.00
Caribou Economic Growth Council Caribou 2011121,741,621.00100,841.00
Caribou Historical Society Caribou 201206234,769.008,555.00
Caring Unlimited Corp Sanford 2011092,226,555.001,621,255.00
Carl and Helen Hagan Charitable Remainder Unitrust Houlton 201112634,313.000.00
Carl Benton Straub Charitable Tr Lewiston 2011121.001.00
Carl Merrill Childrens Foundation Portland 20111229,077.001.00
Carleton Project Island Falls 20100639,343.00198,954.00
Carlo Pittore Foundation For The Figurative Arts Brunswick 201012737,323.0053,001.00
Carol & David Hancock Charitable Tr Casco 201112572,003.00113,819.00
Carol A Nalli Irrv Intrvs Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112772,623.000.00
Carol and Robert Olson Foundation Kennebunk 201107349,887.0033,000.00
Carolyn H Hart Charitable Remainder Unitr Portland 201112119,653.000.00
Carolyn H Hart Charitable Remainder Unitrust 04262004 Portland 201112192,640.000.00
Carrabassett Valley Academy Carabaset Vly 2011067,642,889.004,146,852.00
Carroll Edward Charitable Remainder Unitrust 10-101230496940 Augusta 201112640,439.000.00
Carrotglo Tr Augusta 20111240,467.000.00
Cary K and Harriet L Bradford Charitable Remainder Tr Waterville 20111288,333.000.00
Casa Inc Westbrook 2011123,763,248.008,313,446.00
Cascade Foundation Rockport 20101220,790,976.001,119,151.00
Casco Bay Hockey Assn Portland 20110685,991.00450,542.00
Casco Bay Soccer Club Cape Eliz 20111218,245.0067,266.00
Casco Fire Association Casco 201112157,361.00115,229.00
Casco Library Association Casco 201112261,036.00126,355.00
Casco-Naples Before & After Care Center Naples 20111221,542.0061,890.00
Casinos No Advocacy Group Brunswick 2011122,353.0012,555.00
Castine Community Hospital Castine 2012041,629,403.00100,129.00
Castine Historical Society Inc Castine 2010125,954,322.00923,708.00
Castine Scientific Society Castine 20111214,403,991.005,931,919.00
Cat Action Treasury Inc Cape Neddick 20111290,273.0037,099.00
Catalyst Fund Portland 201112143,796.008,451.00
Catalyst Fund Portland 20101211,845,986.004,844,064.00
Cathance River Education Alliance Inc Brunswick 201012198,696.00189,001.00
Catherine H Fisher Charitable Remainder Unitrust 11-13-01 Portland 201112180,345.000.00
Catherine Morrill Day Nursery Portland 2011091,017,924.00868,075.00
Catholic Charities Maine Portland 20110914,499,612.0030,704,397.00
Catholic Foundation of Maine Portland 20110629,649,775.002,880,099.00
Cats Corner Incorporated Portland 2011127.003,416.00
Cbea Inc Yarmouth 20110615,547.0031.00
Cedars Foundation Inc Portland 2011041.000.00
Cedars Nursing Care Center Inc Portland 2012048,200,210.0011,697,422.00
Cei Housing Inc Wiscasset 2011097,139,224.002,065,110.00
Cei Investment Notes Inc Wiscasset 2011091,697,953.0021,139.00
Celebrate Me Scarborough 2011129,905.00194.00
Celebration Barn Theater South Paris 20111236,458.00118,965.00
Center For Autism and Related Disabilities New England York 20110630,309.0053,562.00
Center For Cetacean Research and Conservation Brunswick 201105179,969.0052,330.00
Center For Ecological Living and Learning Hope 201112175,584.00573,407.00
Center For Furniture Craftsmanship Rockport 2011126,235,134.001,278,074.00
Center For Gestalt Development Inc C O Joe Wysong Gouldsboro 20111215,721.0070,145.00
Center For Health Policy Development Portland 2011126,274,244.007,006,856.00
Center For Maine Contemporary Art Rockport 201103626,970.0017,742.00
Center For Preventing Hate Mount Desert 201106273,253.00734,194.00
Center For Research On The Orgins of Art and Religion Portland 2011121.00154.00
Center For Teaching and Learning Edgecomb 201206889,317.00812,122.00
Center For Wildlife Health Research Freeport 20111296,591.0054,090.00
Center For Wildlife Inc Cape Neddick 201106516,042.00596,330.00
Center Theatre Inc Dovr Foxcroft 2011121,725,932.00189,728.00
Centerboard Yacht Club S Portland 2011101,165,289.00178,777.00
Central African Vision 2000 Inc Portland 2011121,368.0046,806.00
Central Aroostook Arc Presque Isle 2012063,600,941.006,114,398.00
Central Aroostook Chamber of Commer Ce Presque Isle 201112124,944.00121,072.00
Central Aroostook Humane Society Presque Isle 201106175,653.00191,559.00
Central Lincoln County Ambulance Service Inc Damariscotta 2011121,208,673.001,030,241.00
Central Lincoln County Young Mens Christian Association Damariscotta 2011122,429,824.001,507,133.00
Central Maine Adaptive Sports Auburn 2011031.0033,990.00
Central Maine Apartment Owners Association Inc Waterville 20111244,965.0041,457.00
Central Maine Area Agency On Aging Augusta 2011095,948,350.006,136,521.00
Central Maine Bible Conference Brooks 201208318,159.00418,353.00
Central Maine Christian Academy Inc Lewiston 201112114,793.00168,207.00
Central Maine Community College Foundation Auburn 201206613,623.00140,164.00
Central Maine Community Health Corporation Lewiston 201106133,460.00580,230.00
Central Maine Growth Council Waterville 201206107,934.0099,892.00
Central Maine Healthcare Corporation Lewiston 201106147,168,141.0059,931,214.00
Central Maine Medical Center Lewiston 201106279,256,735.00309,728,455.00
Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing and Health Prof Lewiston 2011067,235,350.004,553,638.00
Central Maine Real Estate Management Corp Lewiston 2011061,843,646.0099,559.00
Central Maine Regional Flying Club Inc Norridgewock 20111239,231.0020,089.00
Central Maine United Soccer Club Waterville 20111226,299.0071,337.00
Central School Parent Teacher Organization South Berwick 2011064,603.0017,387.00
Cetos Research Organization Bar Harbor 20110656,587.00206,546.00
Cfo International Inc Shapleigh 20111240,551.0072,379.00
Chabad Lubavitch of Maine Inc Portland 201112402,292.00175,408.00
Chabot Charitable Remainder Tr Auburn 201112102,780.000.00
Challenger Learning Center of Maine Bangor 2011061,800,409.00303,636.00
Chamberlin Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Topsham 20111297,974.000.00
Chamberlin Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Uad 01112007 Topsham 20111235,556.000.00
Changing Tide Long Island 201112105,634.00103,143.00
Channing Chapel Preservation Society Winter Harbor 201112379,539.007,845.00
Chaplaincy Institute of Maine Portland 20101244,713.00101,274.00
Character Counts In Maine Saco 20111229,176.00403,953.00
Characterhealth Corporation Georgetown 20111217,807.0092,431.00
Charlene & Wendell Ray 2007 Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Oakland 201112287,394.000.00
Charlene & Wendell Ray 2007 Crat B Oakland 201112289,397.000.00
Charles & Sylvia Day Charitable Tr Lewiston 201106245,976.004,426.00
Charles A Gruber Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ua Dtd 08272007 Shapleigh 201112195,586.000.00
Charles and Judith Micoleau Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112109,609.000.00
Charles and Sylvia Asbury 2005 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Boothbay 201112214,032.000.00
Charles D & Lee Mccabe Whittier Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112345,676.000.00
Charles D Nelson Tr Ellsworth 2011063,655,093.001,198,406.00
Charles E Bassett Charitable Remainder Tr 090993 Ellsworth 201112387,578.000.00
Charles F Canning Sr Foundation Augusta 20110963,290.006.00
Charles Hazeltine Trust Key Trust Co of Me Trustee Belfast 201108139,520.00322,518.00
Charles J and Barbara M Osicka Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bristol 201112761,793.000.00
Charles J and Barbara M Osicka Foundation Inc Bristol 20111226,977.0015,301.00
Charles M Dupuy Charitable Remainder Uni Tr Manchester 201112414,670.000.00
Charles P Harriman Charitable Remainder Unitrust 012798 Portland 201112144,505.000.00
Charles Steedman Charitable Remainder Unitrust York Harbor 20111299,213.000.00
Charleston Seniors Housing Corporation Bangor 200912399,152.00163,052.00
Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library Lovell 2010121,146,895.00145,737.00
Charlotte White Center Dovr Foxcroft 2011067,564,801.0015,976,351.00
Charlton Charitable Remainder Tr Ua 121297 Pembroke 201112168,355.000.00
Chebeague Island Community Association Chebeaque Island 201112220,081.0047,921.00
Chebeague Island Council Chebeague Is 201202140,784.0045,180.00
Chebeague Island Historical Society Chebeague Is 201112698,745.0057,384.00
Chebeague Recreation Center Inc Chebeague Is 201206876,391.00248,450.00
Chewonki Foundation Inc Wiscasset 20110818,201,463.007,576,187.00
Chi Delta Phi House Corporation Kennebunk 201105238,327.00255,827.00
Chi Omega Fraternity Orono 2011127,527.0024,293.00
Child Abuse Prevention Council of York County Kennebunk 201109248,016.00197,887.00
Child and Family Opportunities Inc Ellsworth 2010113,621,690.004,880,456.00
Child Care Services of York County Sanford 201109605,643.001,625,063.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Sullivan 201108438.0019,516.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Livermore Fls 20110866,063.0095,719.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Mars Hill 20110867,335.0075,790.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Belfast 201108121,542.0032,123.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Gray 201108186,438.00193,513.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Livermore Fls 201108247,867.00213,835.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Morrill 201108425,700.00154,971.00
Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc Livermore Fls 201108893,228.00498,680.00
Child Health Center Oxford 201006477,148.002,209,355.00
Childlight Montessori School Inc Berwick 201112394,488.00197,973.00
Children Families and Communities Ellsworth 20111212,653.0033,508.00
Childrens Books Online The Rosetta Project Searsport 20111252,319.0016,428.00
Childrens Center Portland 201106454,991.00816,739.00
Childrens Center Early Intervention and Family Support Augusta 2011062,169,320.003,030,827.00
Childrens Co-Op Portland 20110910,801.00154,269.00
Childrens Discovery Museum Augusta 2011128,991.0098,882.00
Childrens Initiative Inc Portland 201106151,293.0079,465.00
Childrens Museum and Theatre of Maine Portland 2011061,825,428.001,167,470.00
Childrens Odyssey Falmouth 201108718,684.00923,983.00
Childrens Schoolhouse Bath 2011062,164.00108,413.00
China Library Association Inc China Village 201107295,679.0021,304.00
Chip Inc New Harbor 20111279,563.00120,899.00
Chisholm Ski Club Association Inc Rumford 20110623,079.00155,903.00
Chocolate Church Arts Center Bath 201106622,704.00213,395.00
Choices Corinth 201112191,075.00728,977.00
Choices Are For Everyone Inc Westbrook 201206851,543.003,112,433.00
Chop Point Inc Woolwich 2011083,151,176.001,303,276.00
Choral Art Society Portland 201206117,937.0087,828.00
Christian Civic League of Maine Inc Augusta 20111219,029.00126,614.00
Christian Fellowship Inc New Gloucestr 2011122,089,112.00259,993.00
Christmas Cove Improvement Assoc Damariscotta 2011121,230,719.00260,431.00
Christopher and Maria Grill Charitable Remainder Uni Tr Arrowsic 201112188,040.000.00
Christopher and Nancy Pierce Charitable Foundation Cumb Foreside 2011121,516,135.003,489,477.00
Christopher M & Elizabeth H Hunt Charitable Remainder Unitrust Cape Eliz 201112165,813.000.00
Christopher M Hunt Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Unitrust Cape Eliz 201112104,719.000.00
Church Community Outreach Services Inc Kennebunk 20120660,532.0086,830.00
Cianbro Charitable Foundation Pittsfield 2011121,325,228.001,595,783.00
Ciee Hs Foundation Portland 2011086,253,478.008,033,952.00
Ciee Inc Portland 2011085,414,771.003,840,325.00
Ciee International Portland 20110866,421,075.0091,490,098.00
Ciee Ping Foundation Portland 2011082,012,469.00286,531.00
Citizens Who Support Maines Public Schools Augusta 2011126,377.008,220.00
City Theater Associates Inc 205 Main St Biddeford 201106255,992.00198,507.00
Clarence A Tucker & Gladys C Tucker Cherryfield Childrens Tr 2001 Portland 20111273,285.0017,117.00
Clark Carter Charitable Remainder Annuity Waterville 201112113,487.000.00
Clark Carter Charitable Remainder Trust Colby College Trustee Waterville 20111275,414.000.00
Clec Association of Northern New England Bangor 20111218,964.00184,930.00
Cleo Fund The Portland 201012196,094.00204,140.00
Club Sebago Association Inc Casco 2011105,685,073.00463,490.00
Clubrowe Norway 20120673,575.00208,935.00
Clyde Russell Scholarship Fund Augusta 201108828,590.00101,612.00
Coastal Affordable Housing Rockport 2011121,423,869.00428,883.00
Coastal Christian School Inc Waldoboro 201107155,539.00314,920.00
Coastal Counties Workforce Inc Brunswick 201106327,246.005,743,550.00
Coastal Enterprises Inc Wiscasset 20110955,566,688.0013,566,824.00
Coastal Family Hospice Rockport 201112104,462.0065,291.00
Coastal Humane Society Inc Brunswick 2010121,994,244.001,805,591.00
Coastal Maine Aquatics Cape Eliz 201008573.00164,529.00
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Inc Boothbay 20111221,081,652.004,666,571.00
Coastal Medical Care Belfast 201109512,918.00258,544.00
Coastal Mountains Land Trust Camden 2012034,379,036.00897,772.00
Coastal Opportunities Camden 2011066,873,365.005,121,359.00
Coastal Recycling Corporation Hancock 201106339,357.00238,049.00
Coastal Studies For Girls Freeport 2012061,472,309.00506,094.00
Coastal Trans Inc Rockland 201109486,767.002,187,071.00
Cobscook Bay Resource Center Inc Eastport 201106214,017.00156,487.00
Cobscook Community Learning Center Trescott Twp 2011121,011,128.00907,122.00
Colby College Charitable Tr Waterville 2012069,374.005.00
Colby College Pooled Income Fund B Nect Waterville 2011121,062,955.000.00
Colin Baker & Elaine Cinciva Charitable Remainder Tr Freeport 201112470,067.000.00
College Guild Brunswick 2010123,601.0016,602.00
College of The Atlantic Bar Harbor 20110665,765,947.0026,870,685.00
College of The Atlantic Pooled Income Fund Ellsworth 20111261,550.000.00
Colossus of Boston H 9 Portland 2010121.00500.00
Colville Charitable Remainder Trust Ua 112895 Scarborough 201112175,331.000.00
Committee For The Administration of St Marys Home For The Aged Fund Chelsea 201112158,349.0012,553.00
Common Dreams Inc Portland 20111244,360.00577,312.00
Common Good Ventures Portland 201106374,639.00643,083.00
Commons Housing Corporation Alfred 201012673,514.00448,591.00
Commonsense Housing Inc Eddington 2011062,202,088.003,892,521.00
Communication Workers of America Winslow 20110942,650.0020,849.00
Communication Workers of America Portland 201109201,323.00152,104.00
Community Alcoholism Orientation House Inc Portland 20110632,114.0020,500.00
Community Bicycle Center Biddeford 201112199,815.00204,679.00
Community Care Bangor 2011063,229,320.007,164,755.00
Community Cemetery of Monroe N Y Inc Farmington 201205161,613.0054,334.00
Community Child Care Center Norway 20111270,367.00443,384.00
Community Clinical Services Inc Lewiston 2011122,507,210.009,274,315.00
Community Concepts Finance Corp South Paris 2011099,885,522.001,491,675.00
Community Concepts Incorporated South Paris 20110913,728,039.0026,640,870.00
Community Counseling Center S Portland 2011091,706,041.006,356,867.00
Community Dental Portland 2011122,006,552.005,973,482.00
Community Energy Fund of Lincoln County Bristol 201112384,504.00144,997.00
Community Financial Literacy Portland 20111256,358.0096,576.00
Community Health & Nursing Services Brunswick 20101211,302,443.0010,481,989.00
Community Health and Counseling Services Bangor 20110614,663,807.0034,403,420.00
Community Health Center Inc Mechanic Fls 201208234,014.0067,876.00
Community Health Charities of Maine Westbrook 201106212,609.00180,889.00
Community Housing of Maine Inc Portland 20110634,909,854.005,018,760.00
Community Library Lyman 201106201,399.0069,628.00
Community Little Theatre Corp Auburn 20110957,011.00137,706.00
Community Living Association Houlton 2011063,628,994.008,330,286.00
Community Partners Inc Biddeford 2011066,297,816.0015,221,546.00
Community Schools Inc Camden 201106885,215.001,201,937.00
Community Television Network Portland 201106186,286.00294,783.00
Company G Memorial Charitable Tr Winslow 2011120.008,117.00
Compasseed Foundation Portland 20111219.00801.00
Connections For Kids Westbrook 201106673,965.00752,193.00
Connie & Deedee Conover Crt Camden 20111227,879.000.00
Connie and Paul Ross Charitable Foundation Canaan 20101228,807.002,928.00
Conservation Trust of Brooksville Castine & Penobscot Castine 2011121,255,587.0034,048.00
Consumers For Affordable Health Care Augusta 2011127,151.000.00
Consumers For Affordable Health Care Foundation Augusta 201112934,546.001,051,289.00
Convention Visitors Bureau of Greater Portland Portland 201112155,231.001,144,594.00
Cony All Sports Boosters Club South China 20110738,125.0099,876.00
Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine Portland 201106211,639.00394,921.00
Corallie H Murray 1999 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Camden 201112290,740.000.00
Corinna Historical Society Pittsfield 201112319,864.0010,138.00
Corinna Housing Corporation Corinna 2011121,088,181.00211,959.00
Corinth Housing Corporation Stetson 201112528,395.00184,599.00
Cornelia H Baker Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Ii Standish 201112169,424.000.00
Cornelia H Baker Charitable Remainder Tr Standish 20111285,303.000.00
Cornelia Warren Community Assn Inc Falmouth 2011092,956,296.001,647,075.00
Cornerspring Montessori School Belfast 201108158,080.00435,744.00
Cornerstone Christian Academy Presque Isle 20110660,534.00246,264.00
Cornerstones of Science Brunswick 201206170,462.00104,796.00
Corporal Works Society of Saint Marys Church Bath 20111263,325.0024,116.00
Council For Disability Awareness Portland 201205465,629.00630,305.00
Counseling Services Inc Saco 20110910,898,697.005,310,023.00
Country Dance & Song Society Inc Cornish 2010124,045.0092,431.00
Country Kids Academy Inc Topsham 20101293,230.00200,441.00
Courtyard Affordable Housing Corp Augusta 2011092,265,221.00555,260.00
Coves Edge Inc Damariscotta 20110912,107,968.0015,801,774.00
Cport Credit Union Portland 201012127,150,370.007,121,598.00
Crabtree Neck Land Trust Hancock 201112712,343.0026,183.00
Cranberry Isles Realty Tr Islesford 201112286,303.0035,733.00
Crary Brownell Char Remainder Tr Waterville 201112392,394.000.00
Creative Housing Alternatives For Maine Sanford 2010031,757,282.00151,739.00
Creative Portland Corporation Portland 201106143,808.00105,155.00
Crisis and Counseling Centers Inc Augusta 2011062,957,331.008,594,134.00
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Central Maine Waterville 2011126,463.0053,807.00
Criterion Theatre and Arts Center Bar Harbor 201012427,960.00119,676.00
Crockett Foundation Gray 2011121,073,565.008,815.00
Crooker Foundation Brunswick 201112396,932.0020,939.00
Crossroads For Women Inc Portland 2011062,310,120.003,327,255.00
Crossroads Inc Raymond 2009123,925.0029,881.00
Crossroads Ministries Incorporated Old Town 20110688,914.00112,693.00
Cruising Club of America Inc Portland 2011101,075,906.00382,900.00
Cuckolds Fog Signals and Light Station Council Southport 2011121,688,311.00912,876.00
Cultivating Community Portland 20101264,354.00649,473.00
Cultural Resources Inc Rockport 20111217,391.0066,281.00
Cumberland Bar Association Portland 20111283,797.0044,769.00
Cumberland Cemetery Association Cumberland Ctr 201112238,590.0035,407.00
Cumberland Club Portland 2011041,396,280.001,148,969.00
Cumberland County Alumni Chapter Inc University of Maine Falmouth 20101212,521.0028,186.00
Cumberland County Ymca Portland 20110611,448,060.006,616,939.00
Cumberland Farmers Club Portland 201110933,591.001,013,194.00
Cumberland Farmers Market Cumberland 2011121,129.0010,840.00
Cumberland Football Boosters Inc Portland 20111292,759.0062,323.00
Cumberland Soccer Club Cumberland 20091266,517.0087,678.00
Cundys Harbor Volunteer Fire Department Inc Bailey Island 201112724,292.00106,693.00
Curran Homestead Orrington 201012178,370.0053,529.00
Curtain Up Enterprises Inc Skowhegan 201012363,024.00458,783.00
Cutler Scholars Fund Inc Cutler 20111223,310.0024,462.00
Cynthia E Lamberton 2003 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112302,415.000.00
Cynthia F Lamberton 2005 Crat Uad 12-27-05 Portland 201112113,161.000.00
Cynthia Percy Charitable Remainder Trust Phippsburg 201112293,608.000.00
Cyrus C Pinkham Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 2011121,272,709.000.00
Cyrus C Pinkham Unitr U W Para Para Sixth Portland 201112377,301.000.00
Cytometry Educational Association Inc Topsham 20111252,043.0016,558.00
D A Hurd Public Library Assoc North Berwick 201106473,595.00331,355.00
D E W Animal Kingdom & Sanctuary Mt Vernon 201112449.00108,205.00
Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association Jefferson 2011066,072,078.00144,602.00
Damariscotta Montessori School Ii Nobleboro 2011061,598,203.00660,978.00
Damariscotta Pumpkinfest Damariscotta 20111215,090.0042,355.00
Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce Damariscotta 20111259,211.00111,216.00
Damariscotta River Association Damariscotta 2011129,465,080.00584,163.00
Dana C Devoe Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111238,175.000.00
Dancingtrees Lodge Inc Oxford 20110616,787.0036,114.00
Danforth Habilitation Association Danforth 2011061,096,731.002,310,016.00
Daniel B & Harriet S Burke Crat Portland 2011123,445,576.000.00
Daniel B and Harriet S Burke 2008 Nongrantor Char Lead Annuity Tr Portland 2011123,526,667.000.00
Daniel Hanley Center For Health Leadership Portland 201112254,374.00434,765.00
Daniel J & Geraldine M Curlew Charitable Rmndr Unitr Ua 03-17-98 Scarborough 20111237,206.000.00
Daniel J Wellehan Jr and Lise Lott Wellehan Charitable Remainder Unit Portland 2011121,486,310.000.00
Darrow Foundation Hanover 201109205,768.00181,520.00
Davenport Trust Fund Bath 2011125,718,861.001,582,031.00
David & Kaye Flanagan Charitable Foundation Manchester 2011121.001.00
David G & R Leslie Stanley Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112217,342.000.00
David H & Ann S Montgomery Intrvs Charitable Remainder Unitrust Lincolnville 201112604,281.000.00
David M Marson Charitable Remainder Waterville 201112271,300.000.00
David Marshall Ohmart Memorial Fund Bangor 20111257,559.0010,954.00
David P Meeker & Susan Vatnik Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112290,518.000.00
David S Eskelund Charitable Rmdr Unitrust Char 10 101230621360 Augusta 20111283,761.000.00
David T & Kathleen A Flanagan Charitable Remainder Tr Manchester 201112257,939.000.00
David W Rand Charitable Remainder Trust Ua 04-25-96 Lewiston 20111279,333.000.00
Davis Conservation Foundation Yarmouth 20111216,340,335.002,985,254.00
Davis Educational Foundation Yarmouth 20111288,991,767.005,178,727.00
Davis Family Foundation Yarmouth 20111257,792,759.004,475,521.00
Day One South Portland 2011061,474,903.002,714,956.00
Dean K Webster Charitable Remainder Unitrust Kennebunkport 2011121.000.00
Dean Snell Cancer Foundation Brunswick 20110620,943.0042,788.00
Deborah Lincoln House Belfast 2012095,382,490.001,670,242.00
Debra L Coyman Charitable Remainder Tr Dtd 11-22-2010 Falmouth 201112366,193.000.00
Deck House School Inc Edgecomb 201106868,774.00662,201.00
Decker-Simmons Post 0051 American Legion Oakland 201112111,030.00128,023.00
Declare Gods Wonders Inc Bridgton 20111211,542.0094,860.00
Dee Boreth Memorial Fund Inc Kittery 20091227,422.0012,504.00
Deer Isle Stonington Chamber of Commerce Deer Isle 20101224,598.0023,961.00
Deer Isle Yacht Club Sunset 201112466,773.0043,067.00
Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society Inc Deer Isle 201107449,784.0087,569.00
Deering Memorial Post 6859 VFW Inc Portland 201012373,496.00926,702.00
Deertrees Foundation Limited Harrison 201112542,369.00152,304.00
Delta Ambulance Corp Waterville 20111210,123,095.007,822,210.00
Delta Kappa Gamma Society Augusta 201206253,002.0049,676.00
Demolay & Pinetree Youth Foundation East Boothbay 201108962,632.00213,355.00
Demolay International Saco 2011091,035.0052,506.00
Dennison Bancroft Charitable Unitrust Waterville 201112141,077.000.00
Dennysville Housing Machias 201206106,795.00185,836.00
Department of Maine Ladies Auxiliary To The VFW of The Us Passadumkeag 20120692,661.0069,764.00
Department of Maine Ladies Auxiliary To The VFW of The Us Norridgewock 201106129,189.005,026.00
Department of Maine Ladies Auxiliary To The VFW of The Us West Enfield 201106172,301.0059,633.00
Depot Street Arts Center Inc Denmark 201112559.005,986.00
Derby Athletic Assn Lewiston 2011121.0070,240.00
Destination Imagination Inc Hampden 2011106,920.0025,553.00
Dewitt Family Foundation Isle Au Haut 201112312,399.00154,233.00
Dexter Historical Society Inc Dexter 201012142,416.0015,384.00
Dexter Public Health Association Inc Dexter 20111285,295.0025,132.00
Dexter Regional Development Corporation Dexter 20101282,995.001,262.00
Dfd Russell Medical Center Inc Leeds 2012033,869,879.004,903,934.00
Dickey Charitable Remainder Unitrust Camden 2011121,608,347.000.00
Diocesan Bureau of Housing Deering Pavilion Portland 2011068,743,086.001,977,867.00
Dirigo Electric Cooperative Inc Houlton 2011121,331.0018,744.00
Disability Rights Center of Maine Augusta 201109925,940.001,899,227.00
Disabled American Veterans Augusta 201106220,816.00854,815.00
Donald Borman Charitable Remainder Unitrust Tr Oakland 201112711,858.000.00
Donald E & Cornelia I Walkwitz 1995 Unitr Ua 12261995 Otisfield 20111299,858.000.00
Donald K Eskelund Charitable Rmdr Unitrust Char 10 101230621300 Augusta 20111287,372.000.00
Donato J Tramuto Foundation Ogunquit 20111210,855.00160,049.00
Donna M Thorne Family Charitable Remainder Trust S China 201112198,597.000.00
Door To Life Brunswick 20111222,157.0066,088.00
Dorcas Library Assoc Prospect Hbr 201112459,563.0052,355.00
Dorothy & Harold Raymond Charitable Remainder Unitrust 1 082593 Waterville 20111273,059.000.00
Dorothy & Harold Raymond Charitable Remainder Unitrust 2 090193 Waterville 201112286,303.000.00
Dorothy Berry Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112107,867.000.00
Dorothy Cook Gaspar Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Portland 201112247,113.000.00
Dorothy G and Stanley E Worden Charitable Foundation Damariscotta 2011121,007,503.00127,579.00
Dorothy M Chapman Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 20111249,322.000.00
Dorothy Stead Goodell Irrv Tr York 201112123,975.000.00
Douglas A Thom Memorial Corporation Camden 201112439,039.0076,665.00
Douglas C Sensenig and Jennifer O Bell Charitable Remainder Uni Tr Camden 2011121,302,374.000.00
Doulgas M Ruthven&Patricia E Ruthven Charitable Rmdr Tr Dtd 12- Old Town 201112247,664.000.00
Dove Ministries Inc Bangor 20111261.00429.00
Dover-Foxcroft Housing Development Corporation Dovr Foxcroft 2011121,098,280.00464,678.00
Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Charities Dovr Foxcroft 20110962,544.0050,559.00
Down East Aids Network Inc Ellsworth 20111269,183.00307,607.00
Down East Community Hospital Machias 20111225,532,361.0039,313,418.00
Down East Emergency Medicine Institute Orono 201112970,805.0080,019.00
Down East Energy Corp Health Ins Tr Brunswick 201109699,548.002,360,280.00
Down East Health Trust Machias 2010120.00417,606.00
Down East Hospice Volunteers Calais 20111289,381.0070,711.00
Down East Lakes Land Tr Grand Lk Strm 20111214,229,290.001,166,316.00
Down East Lobstermens Association Belfast 20101213,281.0031,455.00
Down East Resource Conservation & Development Council Cherryfield 20111267,173.00129,880.00
Down East Singers Rockport 2011064,436.0043,480.00
Down East Yacht Club Boothbay Hbr 20110846,556.0058,492.00
Downeast Association of Physician Assistants Manchester 20110735,487.0055,223.00
Downeast Coastal Conservancy Machias 2010123,209,520.001,695,819.00
Downeast Conservation Foundation Inc Edgecomb 201112583,929.0048,052.00
Downeast Construction Education Foundation Inc Augusta 2010129,379.0066,983.00
Downeast Fairgrounds Association Inc Machias 20091271,218.009,676.00
Downeast Family Young Mens Christian Association Ellsworth 2011122,917,973.003,414,299.00
Downeast Health Services Ellsworth 201106357,568.003,186,134.00
Downeast Horizons Inc Bar Harbor 2011063,172,289.004,480,807.00
Downeast Institute For Applied Marine Research and Education Inc Beals 2010122,403,866.00932,371.00
Downeast Rail Heritage Preservation Trust Bar Harbor 201112726,699.00248,207.00
Downeast Salmon Federation Columbia Fls 2010122,082,330.00185,028.00
Downeast Ski Club Portland 20111262,087.00204,412.00
Downeast Transportation Inc Ellsworth 201106225,962.002,376,142.00
Downtown Improvement District Inc Portland 201106349,543.00850,398.00
Dress For Success Southern Maine Portland 20110674,867.0068,486.00
Drivers Development & Safety Club Scarborough 2011121,251.0036,949.00
Ducktrap Preservation Lincolnvl Ctr 2010122,081,814.0023,092.00
Dugas Family Foundation Portland 201205290,653.00420,864.00
Dunham Charitable Remainder Tr Appleton 201112409,512.000.00
Dunn Russell and Jacobs Foundation Liberty 2011121,598,090.00226,124.00
Dutch Neck Community Club Waldoboro 201108100,094.004,239.00
Dyer Library Association Saco 2012062,058,749.001,790,899.00
E Jane Sylvester Tr Article V Portland 201112772,998.00345,847.00
E L B Trust Rockland 20120516,803.00399.00
E S & M J Mayer Foundation Whitefield 2011123,866.003,002.00
Eagle Hill Foundation Steuben 201112172,666.0010,252.00
Eagle Lake Development Corp Eagle Lake 2011121,522,537.00475,445.00
Eagle Lake Regional Health Center Eagle Lake 201106721,087.0039,685.00
Eagle Projects International Inc Sangerville 20101268,931.00591,490.00
East Grand Health Center Inc Danforth 201103458,577.00380,155.00
East Millinocket Housing Corp E Millinocket 201112886,134.00391,134.00
East Parish Housing Ministry Inc Starks 20111231,330.0031,308.00
Easter Seals Maine Inc Portland 201108266,238.001,546,749.00
Eastern Agency On Aging Bangor 2011091,253,509.003,309,001.00
Eastern Frontier Educational Jonesport 201205623,848.004,738.00
Eastern League of Professional Baseball Clubs Inc Portland 201110222,495.00781,667.00
Eastern Maine Childrens Museum Bangor 2010122,623,210.00735,679.00
Eastern Maine Community College Foundation Bangor 201106928,612.00514,417.00
Eastern Maine Conservation Initiative Portland 201112171,033.0093,863.00
Eastern Maine Development Corporation Bangor 20110910,309,811.007,391,274.00
Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative Inc Calais 20111236,044,006.0014,937,391.00
Eastern Maine Health Care Systems Brewer 2011092,705,108.002,921,230.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Real Estate Brewer 2011091,345,059.00201,089.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Presque Isle 20110929,237.00141,123.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 201109483,138.00601,842.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 201109716,709.002,296,744.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 201109903,081.002,483,331.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 2011094,449,874.00662,818.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Caribou 2011096,368,880.0011,083,655.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Greenville 2011099,164,253.0017,768,482.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Waterville 20110910,039,653.0012,407,963.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Pittsfield 20110930,808,810.0063,439,000.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 20110941,514,896.0091,411,269.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 20110942,512,649.0011,794,761.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Waterville 20110947,673,184.00123,948,389.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Presque Isle 20110972,008,376.00220,234,862.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 201109183,601,086.0081,958,251.00
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Brewer 201109459,472,780.001,174,585,856.00
Eastern Maine Seniors Golf Assn Hermon 20111211,638.0085,140.00
Eastern Maine Snowmobilers Inc Brewer 20111226,092.0036,528.00
Eastern Trail Alliance Saco 20111253,472.0065,760.00
Eastern Trail Management District Saco 20110683,389.00278,775.00
Easton Housing Corporation Easton 201112362,349.00158,813.00
Eastport Arts Center Eastport 201012572,756.00170,773.00
Eastport Health Care Inc Eastport 2012062,371,994.003,839,514.00
Eastport Memorial Hospital Eastport 2011122,196,634.001,677,701.00
Eastport Non-Profit Housing Corp Eastport 201206555,348.00191,287.00
Eastport Public Library Association Eastport 2012011,128,835.0095,445.00
Eastport Youth Association Eastport 20111298,680.0092,596.00
Eaton Charitable Remainder Tr Kennebunk Beach 20081221,445.000.00
Eaton Peabody Foundation Bangor 2011121,222.0026,641.00
Eaton Street Apartments Machias 201206520,057.00105,370.00
Ecology Education Inc Saco 201112429,011.00915,365.00
Eddington-Clifton Civic Center Eddington 201112120,552.0020,843.00
Eden Lifestyle Sanctuary Inc West Paris 2011121.008,564.00
Edgcomb Tennis Club Kennebunk 201112187,098.0087,524.00
Edgecomb Woods Portland 2011122,253,721.00179,706.00
Edith H Mccobb Trust Camden 201112824,136.00285,686.00
Edith L & H Danforth Ross Scholarship Fund 124-6130894630 Portland 201201382,423.0086,988.00
Edith L and H Danforth Ross Trust Norstar Bank Trustee Portland 2011081,771,603.00839,881.00
Edith M Daso Scholaship Trust U/W Ellsworth 20111257,999.0061,255.00
Edmund S Muskie Foundation Portland 20091235,997.005,729.00
Educare Central Maine Waterville 2011068,777,705.0014,095,315.00
Educate Maine Portland 201112207,274.00282,976.00
Education Foundation of The Kennebunks and Arundel Kennebunkport 20110681,597.00144,173.00
Educational and Research Foundation of The Maine Society of C P A Scarborough 201105157,333.0094,516.00
Edward E and Hilda C Rosen Foundation Bangor 2011122,155,430.00611,522.00
Edward H Daveis Benevolent Fund Ellsworth 2010121,892,710.0032,125.00
Edward J and Eleanor W Geary Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112508,299.000.00
Edward W Murphy Jr Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ua 092899 Lewiston 20111263,172.000.00
Ehope Foundation Portland 20110625,023.0022,799.00
Eighth Maine Regiment Memorial Association Buxton 20110546,210.0060,772.00
Elder Abuse Institute of Maine Portland 20110631,177.00195,236.00
Elder Circle Inc Portland 2011121.001.00
Eldercare Network of Lincoln County Damariscotta 2011123,465,022.001,910,873.00
Elderly Home Inc Madawaska 201206673,463.00273,138.00
Elderly Social Action Club Fort Kent 201112252,743.0058,042.00
Eleanor F Stich Recreational Tr Portland 20111264,430.009,178.00
Eleanor F Stich Scholarship Fund Portland 20111273,924.0039,180.00
Eleanor G Beal Charitable Remainder Unitrust Gardiner 201112215,000.000.00
Eleanor L Walker Revocable Trust Portland 201112469,138.00162,891.00
Eleanor M Webb Charitable Remainder Tr Dtd 03-27-2009 Augusta 2011121.000.00
Elias E Tucker Trust Uw Lewiston 201205438,659.0063,650.00
Elinor R Goodwin 2003 Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112321,660.000.00
Elinor R Goodwin Charitable Remainder Unitrust 06-1928 Portland 201112300,522.000.00
Elizabeth D Tibbetts Charitable Remainder Unitrust Machias 201112709,337.000.00
Ellen K Hanger Memorial Charitable Remainder Tr 1 041793 Waterford 201112159,107.000.00
Ellen M Crouchley Tr Fbo Ridgefield Library & Hist Ellsworth 2011121,431,126.0099,597.00
Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce Ellsworth 201106135,146.00355,300.00
Ellsworth Area Christian School Trenton 201106504,874.00758,741.00
Ellsworth Football League Ellsworth 2011121,574.0039,405.00
Ellsworth Free Medical Clinic Ellsworth 20111248,977.0083,332.00
Ellsworth High School Alumni Association Ellsworth 201106444,809.00151,573.00
Elmer Fox Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bath 20111248,224.000.00
Elmhurst Inc Bath 2012066,099,466.003,770,132.00
Elmina B Sewall Foundation Brunswick 201109150,896,825.0055,247,000.00
Elsie & William Viles Foundation Augusta 201207641,054.0075,345.00
Emanuel & Pauline A Lerner Foundation Portland 2011066,634,539.00650,709.00
Emc Affordable Housing Preservation Westbrook 2012061,793,126.00482,032.00
Emile Levasseur Trust 523 Ua Fbo Camp Waban For Retarded Children Portland 201108137,869.00132,430.00
Emily Jane Etherton 1998 Charitable Lead Unitrust Kennebunk 201112427,553.000.00
Employees of Municipal & Other Pub- Lic Employers of Me Health Ins Tr Augusta 20101260,123,688.00109,654,429.00
Empowering Life Center Houlton 201112201,688.00116,618.00
Energy Supply Inc Veazie 2011121.000.00
Environment Maine Portland 201106430,337.00251,704.00
Environment Maine Research and Policy Center Inc Portland 201106251,519.00109,976.00
Environment Northeast Rockport 2011122,270,709.001,924,712.00
Environmental & Energy Council of Maine Augusta 20110639,775.00112,340.00
Environmental Construction Collaborative Inc Scarborough 2011123,125.004,473.00
Environmental Health Strategy Center Portland 201112561,608.00781,220.00
Equality Maine Portland 20110968,939.00240,314.00
Equality Maine Foundation Portland 201109227,900.001,120,716.00
Equest Foundation Kennebunk 20111218,969.00173,708.00
Equine Assisted Growth Learning & Education Institute Brunswick 2011121,232.005,854.00
Erhart Family Charitable Remainder Unitr Franklin 20111252,209.000.00
Ernest Bradstreet Scholarship Fund Bangor 20120663,357.0010,041.00
Ernest C Marriner Jr 2008 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Augusta 201112179,989.000.00
Ernest M Goodall Trust Fbo Goodall Portland 201108415,212.0054,055.00
Ernest V Fortin Charitalbe Remainder Tr 1994 Waterville 201112123,553.000.00
Erskine Academy South China 2012068,587,622.007,012,076.00
Ervin A Center Memorial Clinic Hospital Steep Falls 201203328,578.0029,816.00
Essential Learning For Designing Educational Bridges El-Deb Inc Unity 20111226,056.0062,369.00
Estate of Willis D Knowlton Camden 201112139,536.0010,029.00
Esther Chesley Charitable Trust Bangor 201112556,057.0060,193.00
Ethel Trafton Levasseur Tr Fbo Trafton Sr Cit Ctr Portland 201108250,472.0049,026.00
Ethels Tree of Life Inc Kittery Point 2011124,776.0044,174.00
Ethylee Woodward Trust Ua 092595 Boothbay 201112244,402.000.00
Etna Spiritualist Association Etna 201112159,633.0043,506.00
Eugen Friedlaender Foundation Inc Yarmouth 2011121,284,174.0053,906.00
Eugene H Sewall Test Charitable Remainder Unitrust Lewiston 201112284,151.000.00
Eunice Frye Home Portland 2011091,346,639.001,197,459.00
Evelyn S and K E Barrett Foundation Kittery Point 201206316,858.0099,011.00
Ever After Mustang Rescue Training and Educational Center Biddeford Pool 20111228,893.0069,151.00
Evergreen Behavioral Services Farmington 201106442,710.001,037,984.00
Evergreen Cemetery Assn Milbridge 201112569,759.0011,630.00
Evergreen Cemetery Assoc Alfred 201112473,789.0026,842.00
Evergreen Credit Union Portland 201112207,020,000.0011,006,760.00
Evergreen Foundation Portland 201206613,049.00316,223.00
Everyman Repertory Theatre Rockport 20111210,897.0065,414.00
Expanding Opportunities Brooks 20111262,196.00107,486.00
Eye Foundation Brunswick 201112118.00599.00
Facilities Inc Caribou 2011093,572,707.00671,488.00
Fair Tide Inc Kittery 201106539,055.00433,103.00
Fairbanks School Neighborhood Association Inc Farmington 201112553,864.0026,788.00
Fairfield Economic Development Corporation Fairfield 201012410,248.0090,398.00
Fairfield Interfaith Food Pantry Inc Fairfield 20111250,146.0038,210.00
Fairfield Police Athletic League Inc Fairfield 201012163,036.00196,743.00
Fairmount Cemetery Assoc Presque Isle 201112804,068.0055,107.00
Fairview Hospital Inc Skawhegan 2011063,185,133.001,432,524.00
Falcon Charitable Foundation Damariscotta 2011125,890,979.00202,044.00
Falmouth Conservation Trust Falmouth 201112512,725.00105,274.00
Falmouth Country Club Yarmouth 20100318,654.004,179,275.00
Falmouth Education Foundation Falmouth 201106320,574.00107,248.00
Falmouth Elderly Housing Corporation Falmouth 201112441,325.00209,615.00
Falmouth Football Boosters Club Falmouth 20101229,363.0040,330.00
Falmouth Hockey Friends Falmouth 20110836,386.00127,946.00
Falmouth Memorial Library Association Falmouth 201106977,582.00737,116.00
Falmouth Rod and Gun Club Portland 201012462,698.0059,078.00
Falmouth Youth Soccer Association Falmouth 201112146,786.00125,062.00
Fama Ministries Portland 20101214,683.0065,281.00
Fambul Tok International Portland 2011120.001,123,775.00
Fame Opportunities Inc Augusta 201106456.008,101.00
Families & Children Together Bangor 201106568,250.001,626,240.00
Families Matter Inc Hallowell 2012061,257,142.001,647,732.00
Families United of Washington County Machias 2011061,744,559.002,224,365.00
Family Crisis Services Portland 201109979,273.001,653,862.00
Family Focus Bath 2011092,435,615.001,820,302.00
Family Ice Falmouth 2011093,000,804.001,128,048.00
Family Planning Association of Maine Inc Augusta 2011065,686,735.006,223,009.00
Family Violence Project Augusta 2011091,273,694.001,316,093.00
Family Worship Assembly Church Saint David 201012106,493.0048,206.00
Farm Tomorrow Gouldsboro 201112492,957.00500,351.00
Farmington Area Ecumenical Ministry Farmington 20111283,021.0078,118.00
Farmington Home For Aged People Office of Pres & Trustee Farmington 2012052,699,514.001,985,507.00
Farmington Public Library Association Farmington 2010122,565,224.00759,727.00
Farnsworth Art Museum Pooled Income Fund Tr 0027 Ellsworth 201112123,947.000.00
Faro Charitable Foundation Brunswick 2009121,291.001.00
Faulstich Family Charitable Trust Ua 12-23-96 Topsham 20111284,863.000.00
Federation of State Conservation Voter Leagues Inc Augusta 201112126,844.00338,412.00
Female Samaritan Association Portland 201108265,170.0027,629.00
Ferdinand H & Sarah M Cinelli Charitable Tr Yarmouth 2011121,100,275.00273,412.00
Ferry Beach Park Association Saco 2011122,536,858.001,006,862.00
Fhc Community Educational Foundation Bowdoin 201012133.0013,000.00
Fiddlehead Center For The Art Gray 2011081,330,837.00529,918.00
Fiddlehead Center For The Arts Scarborough 20101228,690.00274,058.00
Field Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust 3025002208 York Harbour 201012837,404.000.00
Fields 4 Kids Bangor 201012127,317.0068,902.00
Fifth Maine Regiment Museum Peaks Island 2010121,356,309.0061,628.00
Figures of Speech Theatre Freeport 20110635,666.00101,556.00
Firebird Foundation For Anthropolgical Research Inc Phillips 2011033,429,430.001,624,445.00
First Federal Savings & Loan Assoc of Bath Charitable Foundation Bath 201112190,660.0071,747.00
First Fruits Foundation Damariscotta 20111212,697.0034,652.00
First Parish Cemetery Assoc -York Cemetery- York 2011121,778,470.00514,636.00
First Step Pregency Resource Center Bangor 20111241,946.00103,461.00
Fish Family Foundation of Maine Glenburn 201112120,012.0023,196.00
Fish River Rural Health Eagle Lake 2012062,412,137.002,765,873.00
Fisher Charitable Foundation Portland 2011125,547,829.001,555,137.00
Fitzpatick Family Foundation Inc Kennesbunkport 201011297.001.00
Five County Credit Union Bath 201112194,190,382.0013,041,247.00
Five Graham St Portland 2011122,149,140.00213,461.00
Five Town Communities That Care Rockport 20111267,461.00311,537.00
Florence House Housing Corporation Portland 2011122,507,557.00111,047.00
Flow Tide Foundation Bangor 2011121.001.00
Floyd L Harding Charitable Remainder Unitrust Presque Isle 201112509,387.000.00
Food and Medicine Brewer 201112106,715.00183,593.00
Football League For Youth Lewiston 20111231,163.0039,337.00
Footprints Inc Kittery 201112444,387.00103,638.00
For Developmental Resources Biddeford 201106140,151.0088,860.00
Fore River Foundation Portland 2011113,492,367.001,680,368.00
Foreign Language Association of Maine Flame Pownal 20120626,458.0022,104.00
Forest Ecology Network Lexington Twp 2011124,216.0051,335.00
Forest J Pare Post 1285 of The Veterans of Foreign Wars Inc of Waterville 201106384,377.00636,456.00
Forest Society of Maine Bangor 2011073,855,855.001,576,614.00
Forrest and Stasia Lowe 2005 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112314,111.000.00
Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Ft Fairfield 20111219,883.0043,575.00
Fort Fairfield Educational Fund Ft Fairfield 201106241,734.0057,888.00
Fort Fairfield Residential Development Corporation Ft Fairfield 2012061,292,340.00235,576.00
Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club Ft Fairfield 201112151,060.0043,456.00
Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce Fort Kent 20111245,589.0071,006.00
Fort Kent Golf Club Fort Kent 201112259,400.00226,229.00
Fort Wiliams Charitable Foundation Cape Eliz 201106261,881.00146,375.00
Fortenberry Fund Inc Stonington 201112112,444.0011,062.00
Forum Foundation Portland 2011122,832,893.00125,849.00
Foundation 51 Cumberland 201112199,524.0045,681.00
Foundation For Blood Research Scarborough 2011063,783,521.003,985,869.00
Foundation For Movement Intelligence Portland 20110634,520.0040,191.00
Foundation For The Advancement of Education Yarmouth 20111217,970.0048,939.00
Foundation of The University At Presque Isle Presque Isle 2012063,066,043.00207,637.00
Foundations of Literacy Reading and Language Clinic Kennebunk 200912578.000.00
Four Directions Development Corporation Orono 2011096,390,579.001,460,819.00
Four On The Fourth Road Race Inc Bridgton 2011121,041.0046,426.00
Four Seasons Trail Asociation Madawaska 201112222,730.0080,277.00
Fox Islands Electric Cooperative Inc Vinalhaven 20111210,158,625.002,776,715.00
Foxcroft Academy Trustees Dovr Foxcroft 20110623,562,921.008,814,520.00
Foxhall Charitable Remainder Unitrust 2 Brunswick 2011121,066,902.000.00
Foxhall Charitable Remainder Unitrust No 1 Brunswick 2011121,848,609.000.00
Foxwell Ii Kittery 201112350,785.00143,487.00
Frances H Denaco Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 201112375,208.000.00
Frances Perkins Center Damariscotta 20111276,572.00124,437.00
Francesca Perazzi Charitable Remainder Unitrust Hallowell 201112164,160.000.00
Francis F Bartlett Charitable Remainder Unit Tr Waterville 2011121,157,581.000.00
Francis G West Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Augusta 201112156,053.000.00
Francis M Malcolm Institute Caribou 201012435,199.00218,455.00
Francis Small Heritage Trust Inc Limerick 2011121,126,683.00114,938.00
Francis T & Louise T Nichols Foundation Bangor 20111215,960,138.00339,423.00
Franco-American Heritage Center At St Marys Lewiston 2011076,995,587.00362,389.00
Frank & Maureen Wilkens Tr Ua 042099 Cumberlnd Ctr 2011122,578,734.000.00
Frank A Givin Charitable Tr Bath 201106772,138.00230,268.00
Frank D Hazeltine Post 43 American Legion Maine Dept Belfast 20101292,006.00201,395.00
Frank J & Theodora T Miselis Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 2011121,508,588.000.00
Frank P & Mary H Gilley Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 201112100,350.000.00
Frank P and Mary H Gilley 1996 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 20111261,384.000.00
Frank R & Carolyn R Naiman Crut 12-22-2000 Augusta 201112322,259.000.00
Franklin Community Health Network Farmington 20110616,194,613.007,204,332.00
Franklin County Agricultural Society Farmington 201011754,575.00677,904.00
Franklin County Animal Shelter Farmington 2011121,950,996.00362,046.00
Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Farmington 20110969,760.0087,406.00
Franklin County Childrens Task Force Inc Farmington 201112296,586.00296,766.00
Franklin County Community Action William Geller Ttee E Wilton 201008368,542.0090,261.00
Franklin Independent Senior Housing Franklin 201106490,325.00242,864.00
Franklin Maine Volunteer Firedepartment Franklin 2009121.003,800.00
Franklin Memorial Hospital Farmington 20110671,470,727.0088,842,687.00
Franklin Savings Bank Community Development Foundation Farmington 2011122,354,088.0051,025.00
Franklin Veterans Club Inc Franklin 201112431,328.00324,106.00
Frannie Peabody Center Inc Portland 201112432,407.002,583,735.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Brewer 20110528,792.0064,343.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Portland 20120532,445.0022,996.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Windham 20110576,427.00582,452.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Waterboro 201105157,372.00163,477.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Skowhegan 201105168,958.00388,933.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Saco 201205179,689.00316,889.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Kennebunkport 201105217,404.00346,603.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Lewiston 201205226,660.00396,863.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Augusta 201205248,715.00742,842.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Gardiner 201105404,116.00509,910.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Gray 201105538,577.00566,871.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Westbrook 201105650,331.00447,893.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Brewer 2011051,059,569.001,900,119.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Portland 2012051,124,873.003,342,267.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Biddeford 2011051,236,714.00962,749.00
Fraternal Order of Eagles Rumford Falls Aerie 1248 Rumford 2011051,511,060.001,292,058.00
Frederick & Natalie Kempner Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Woolwich 20111240,668.000.00
Frederick J and Susan R Kaiser Foundation Inc Yarmouth 201012149,717.009,321.00
Frederick N Bean Chrtbl Rem Unitr 10-101210044040 Bangor 201112125,862.000.00
Free Public Library Association of Vassalboro E Vassalboro 201106240,871.0049,362.00
Freedom Rains Ministries Strong 2011121.0026,676.00
Freeman Forest Housing Corporation Bangor 2011121,172,477.00228,724.00
Freeport Child Care Services Freeport 20110914,894.0081,528.00
Freeport Community Services Inc Freeport 2011061,540,925.00776,311.00
Freeport Conservation Trust Freeport 2011122,752,358.0064,864.00
Freeport Economic Development Corp Freeport 20110690,691.0067,247.00
Freeport Historical Society Freeport 201112484,087.00171,586.00
Freeport Housing Trust Inc Freeport 2011093,574,509.00600,754.00
Freeport Shakespeare Festival Freeport 20110816,781.00124,243.00
Frenchboro Future Development Corp Frenchboro 201201181,228.008,371.00
Frenchman Bay Conservancy Hancock 2011061,878,433.00629,771.00
Frenchville Development Corp Frenchville 201112308,260.00146,568.00
Friend Memorial Public Library Inc Brooklin 2011121,500,554.00122,030.00
Friends In Action Ellsworth 201112151,376.0098,882.00
Friends Lodge Lewiston 2011125,712.0085,103.00
Friends of Acadia Bar Harbor 20111219,703,339.0011,576,541.00
Friends of Baxter State Park Union 201112153,990.00173,400.00
Friends of Casco Bay S Portland 2012031,600,600.00905,635.00
Friends of Cobbossee Watershed District Augusta 20111279,575.00247,214.00
Friends of Colegio Moriah Houlton 2010122,983.0089,785.00
Friends of Community Action Saco 20100550,112.0016,767.00
Friends of Community Fitness Guilford 2011065,071.0086,028.00
Friends of Cumston Hall Monmouth 20111233,411.0020,851.00
Friends of Feral Felines Portland 20111220,804.0068,033.00
Friends of Fort Knox Bucksport 201112220,283.00493,577.00
Friends of Hog Island Bremen 20111251,813.0095,820.00
Friends of Kakamega Freeport 201012212,183.00217,480.00
Friends of L C Bates Museum Hinckley 2010092,332.003,018.00
Friends of Liberty Hall Machiasport 20111237,221.0013,208.00
Friends of Lithgow Library Inc Augusta 201112191,896.00170,736.00
Friends of Maine Seabird Islands Rockland 201112108,387.0030,120.00
Friends of Maines Mountains Wilton 2010121,282.00100,750.00
Friends of Marsh River Theater Brooks 201112208,484.0035,163.00
Friends of Merrymeeting Bay Richmond 201112447,646.00109,420.00
Friends of Midcoast Maine Camden 20111282,160.00129,761.00
Friends of Pearys Eagle Island Ltd Bailey Island 20111258,013.0019,733.00
Friends of Rockland Public Library Rockland 20111264,758.0052,824.00
Friends of Scarborough Marsh Scarborough 201112276,826.0024,530.00
Friends of Seguin Island Bath 20111297,465.0042,700.00
Friends of Southport Memorial Library Southport 201112171,402.0089,315.00
Friends of T E I A Westbrook 20111221,773.0013,522.00
Friends of Taunton Bay Hancock 2011073,902.009,726.00
Friends of Thai Daughters Inc Trevett 20111218,985.0094,683.00
Friends of The Belgrade Public Library Belgrade 201112429,927.00146,608.00
Friends of The Blaine House Inc Augusta 201112132,704.0074,029.00
Friends of The Brunswick Public Library Brunswick 20110434,884.0059,229.00
Friends of The Connor Animal Shelter Augusta 201112873,983.00675.00
Friends of The Daponte String Quartet Damariscotta 201012142,510.00189,987.00
Friends of The Doubling Point Light Arrowsic 20110997,841.007,473.00
Friends of The Eastern Promenade Portland 20111261,521.0066,675.00
Friends of The Harbor Theater Boothbay 20111235,589.003,956.00
Friends of The Kennebec River Rail Trail Inc Augusta 20111292,422.0036,223.00
Friends of The Kotzschmar Organ Inc Portland 201204588,862.00694,313.00
Friends of The Maine State Museum Inc Augusta 201106152,676.0097,305.00
Friends of The Maine Wildlife Park Gray 20111279,232.0088,698.00
Friends of The Maine Youth Center Inc S Portland 20110611,270.0044,015.00
Friends of The South Berwick Library Inc South Berwick 201106177,141.00182,185.00
Friends of The St Lawrence Church Portland 201112896,820.00183,173.00
Friends of The Thomaston Public Library Thomaston 201112329,011.00311,501.00
Friends of The Town of Sedgwick Sedgwick 20101225,782.00418.00
Friends of The Waterloo Public Library E Waterboro 20110652,061.0021,675.00
Friends of The@Reach School Scarborough 20120680,609.0048,080.00
Friends Of@Aroostook Houlton 20111218,988.0042,279.00
Friends Together Social Club Livermore Fls 2010060.0040,876.00
Friendship House S Portland 201112315,575.0078,344.00
Frye School Housing Development Inc Lewiston 2011061,776,161.00181,163.00
Fryeburg Academy Alumni Association Fryeburg 201106203,336.0039,553.00
Fryeburg Academy Tr Ua 121261 Fryeburg 201112175,544.0018,449.00
Fryeburg Firemens Fund Fryeburg 20111261,726.0022,940.00
Fryeburg Recreation Department Inc Fryeburg 201112353,966.00199,215.00
Fryeburg Rescue Association Fryeburg 201012450,098.00149,185.00
Fulbright Academy S Portland 2011129,020.00155,090.00
Full Circle Community Inc Eliot 2011129,928.00102,405.00
Fund For Commonweal Ellsworth 2011121,009,053.001,273,604.00
Fund For The Advancement of Sustainable Maine Lobster Portland 20111228,025.000.00
Future Msad3 Unity 20111246,265.0034,282.00
G & H Ambulance Service Inc Glenburn 201106182,809.00450,508.00
G and J Solutions Naples 20120610,833.00208,368.00
Gagne Fam Tr 120193 Blue Hill 201112173,495.000.00
Galen Cole Family Foundation Inc Bangor 20111224,711,345.008,029,020.00
Gard W Twaddle Nurses Endowment Fund Lewiston 2012031,207,853.00143,027.00
Garden Club Federation of Maine Inc Camden 20120538,279.0033,919.00
Garden Club Federation of Maine Inc Orland 201105112,029.0030,300.00
Gardiner Johnston Charitable Remainder Unitrust 01-24-01 Gardiner 20111212,380.000.00
Gardiner Library Association Gardiner 200812710,116.00429,220.00
Gardiner Main Street Gardiner 20111220,295.00103,405.00
Gardiner Savings Institution Fsb Scholarship Foundation Gardiner 201103376,515.008,101.00
Gardiner Youth Hockey Association Inc Gardiner 20111279,951.00100,241.00
Gardner Commons Development Corporation Bangor 2011064,014,377.00192,467.00
Gauvin Fam Charitable Remainder Unitrust Mapleton 2011129,755.000.00
Genada Foundation Damariscotta 201112788,979.00149,919.00
Gene R Cohen Charitable Foundation Portland 201112535,129.0051,320.00
General Alumni Association of The University of Maine Orono 2011064,816,897.001,219,495.00
General E R Quesda Educational Foundation Portland 2011123,621,762.001,488,908.00
General Federation of Womens Clubs Limerick 201206456,553.0038,716.00
Generalist Association Inc Cape Eliz 20101264,884.009,000.00
Genesis Fund Damariscotta 2012038,172,287.00530,707.00
Genest Trust Fbo Portland 201112190,714.00223,861.00
George & Priscilla Haselton 1997 Crt 1 Waterville 201112137,768.000.00
George & Priscilla Haselton 1997 Crt 2 Waterville 20111210.000.00
George & Raymond Frank Foundation Yarmouth 2011101,717,215.001,041,358.00
George and Sara Stern Foundation Hampden 2010121,515,407.00215,764.00
George G Herrick 2005 Crut Portland 20111295,307.000.00
George G Herrick Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111283,455.000.00
George Gardner Monks Foundation Portland 20111211,549.0026,914.00
George I Rockwood Jr Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112167,616.000.00
George J Mitchell Senator Portland 20111223,865,602.0021,084,671.00
George L Shinn and Clara S Shinn Foundation Inc Scarborough 201012896,502.00280,217.00
George R Roth Jr Charitable Remainder Unitrust 062895 Woolwich 201112307,103.000.00
George Stevens Academy Blue Hill 20110612,976,267.0011,602,244.00
George W Lee Chartiable Unitrust Ua 12311999 Monmouth 20111256,790.000.00
George Winfield Treat Memorial Library Foundation Lewiston 201112367,285.0052,107.00
Georges River Land Trust Rockland 2010121,851,018.00479,049.00
Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department Inc Georgetown 201206247,351.0062,904.00
Gerald J Holtz Charitable Unitrust 1994 Waterville 201112277,753.000.00
Gerald L Robbins & Maxine Gray Robbins Charitable Remainder Tr Corinth 20111263,009.000.00
Gerald M&Dorothy B Bates Charitable Remainder Unitrust 06262001 Portland 201112310,192.000.00
Geriatric Resource Network Portland 20110968,015.00671,778.00
German Protestant Society Waldoboro 201012387,046.0096,874.00
Gerry Charitable Remainder Unitrust Uad 02212007 Portland 201112115,148.000.00
Get Back Outdoors Inc Eliot 2011124,615.0061,710.00
Ghf Residential Services Belfast 201109740,149.0033,408.00
Gift From Within Camden 20111096,133.00116,121.00
Ginn Family Foundation S Portland 2011122,694,225.00358,128.00
Girl Scouts of Maine Inc So Portland 2011093,979,159.007,077,038.00
Girvin Charitable Remainder Unitrust Islesboro 201112261,772.000.00
Gladys F Oneil Charitable Tr Bangor 2011122,233,428.001,026,943.00
Glenburn Housing Corp Bangor 201112718,682.00209,261.00
Glenburn Library Irrv Tr Portland 20111211,697.00909.00
Glenn E & Barbara W Fitzpatrick Charitable Remainder Trust Oakland 201112106,665.000.00
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space Inc Brunswick 20111228,208.0075,734.00
Global Village Kids Inc Portland 2011124,313.0015,219.00
Global Visions Ministries Portland 20111211,806.007,663.00
Gloria Meeks Thomsen Charitable Remainder Tr Thomaston 201112160,446.000.00
Glover Charitable Remainder Tr Windsor 201112144,199.000.00
Go Malawi Hebron 2011122,390.00162,647.00
Golden Rule Foundation Sardinsky Braunstein and Co Camden 2011103,697,422.004,852,611.00
Good Neighbors Inc Bridgton 2011061,300,176.003,552,265.00
Good Samaritan Agency Bangor 2012061,998,737.00952,774.00
Good Shepherd Food-Bank Auburn 2011067,188,301.0026,808,528.00
Good Theater Inc Scarborough 20111231,891.00224,419.00
Good Will Home Association Hinckley 20110826,709,161.002,295,518.00
Goodwill Development Corporation Portland 2011060.00209,835.00
Goodwill Industries of Northern New England Portland 20110639,826,786.0063,882,962.00
Goodwin O Gilman Charitable Remainder Unitrust Newport 20111232,885.000.00
Goodwin O Gilman Second Charitable Remainder Unitrust Newport 20111258,016.000.00
Goodwins Mills Fire Department Inc Lyman 2010061,101,005.00643,120.00
Goose Rocks Beach Association Inc Kennebunkport 201112243,837.0091,879.00
Goose Rocks Beach Fire Company Kennebunkport 201112499,551.00257,570.00
Gorham Business Exchange Gorham 20111218,048.0047,253.00
Gorham Cooperative Preschool Gorham 20120539,641.0068,051.00
Gorham Ecumenical Food Pantry Gorham 201112159,120.0062,853.00
Gorham Football Boosters Gorham 2011128,326.0067,436.00
Gorham Ice Hockey Boosters Association Inc Gorham 20120526,082.0087,564.00
Gorham Senior Housing Inc Portland 201112401,844.00183,788.00
Gorham Times Inc Gorham 20111215,426.0085,151.00
Gorham Youth Lacrose Association Gorham 20111222,379.0030,723.00
Gorham Youth Soccer Association Gorham 20111258,267.0063,149.00
Gould Academy Bethel 20110634,651,668.0013,847,727.00
Gould Academy Pooled Income Fund Bethel 201112180,650.000.00
Gould Family Charitable Foundation Casco 20111229,708.001,265.00
Governor James B Longley Scholarship Foundation Trust Portland 201108244,389.00311,409.00
Grace Butnam Foundation South Windham 2011122,346,651.00408,922.00
Grace Evangelical Inc Bangor 201106416,326.00146,575.00
Grace H Westerfield Tr Uw Camden 201112243,203.00178,797.00
Grafton Pond Land Trust Falmouth 201112905,225.002,025.00
Grahamtastic Connection Springvale 201112131,966.00101,605.00
Grand Banks Schooner Museum Trust Boothbay 201112638,188.00141,636.00
Grant R Brees Charitable Remainder Unitrust Benedicta 201112226,303.000.00
Gray Cemetery Fund Blue Hill 2011126,882.006,917.00
Gray Charitable Remainder Trust Ua 10-01-96 Scarborough 20111275,604.000.00
Gray Community Endowment Corporation Gray 201112227,467.008,712.00
Gray Post No 86 American Legion Department of Maine Gray 201112288,485.00325,820.00
Gray Scholarship Fund Uwo Stanley D Gray Portland 20111280,225.007,074.00
Gray Senior Housing Inc Portland 201112346,123.00182,202.00
Great Bay Foundation Portland 2011098,625,935.003,180,904.00
Great Cranberry Futures Group Gcfg Great Cranberry Island201112255,794.0065,469.00
Great Falls Balloon Festival Inc Auburn 20091248,678.0096,366.00
Great Harbor Collection Inc Northeast Hbr 20111280,057.0031,419.00
Great Pond Mountain Conservation Tr Orland 2012054,651,842.00243,900.00
Great Schools Partnership Inc Portland 2011061,224,929.002,196,905.00
Great Works Regional Land Trust South Berwick 2010122,693,633.001,023,212.00
Greater Androscoggin Humane Society Lewiston 2011062,806,059.00789,648.00
Greater Bangor Association of Realtors Brewer 20111263,103.0078,662.00
Greater Bangor Golf Tournament Corp Bangor 2011122,406.0057,197.00
Greater Bridgton Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce Bridgton 20101277,217.00190,301.00
Greater Brunswick Housing Corporation Brunswick 2011061,857,657.00478,356.00
Greater Eastport Ecumenical Churches Association Eastport 201112240,020.0044,302.00
Greater Franklin Development Corp Farmington 201112521,085.00234,257.00
Greater Franklin Development Council Farmington 20111285,206.00124,274.00
Greater Freeport Chamber of Commerce Freeport 20111263,952.00102,922.00
Greater Houlton Christian Academy Houlton 201108539,322.00730,045.00
Greater Lincoln Christian Academy Lincoln 2012063,975.0052,469.00
Greater Lovell Land Trust Inc Center Lovell 2011043,027,321.00502,278.00
Greater Portland Christian School Association S Portland 201106573,749.00723,858.00
Greater Portland Landmarks Inc Portland 2011062,956,102.001,104,272.00
Greater Rumford Community Center Rumford 20110839,753.00220,959.00
Greater Waterville Area Food Bank Oakland 20111241,447.0024,698.00
Greater Waterville Area Youth Hockey Oakland 201204118,194.0092,483.00
Greaves Fam Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112302,748.000.00
Greely Hockey Boosters Club Cumberland 20120491,179.0085,017.00
Green Valley Association Island Falls 2011061,230,656.002,028,590.00
Greenfield Foundation Falmouth 2011082,852.001.00
Greenland Point Center Princeton 201112522,933.00178,528.00
Greenleaf Charitable Remainder Trust 44207603 Westbrook 20111252,980.000.00
Greenville Housing Corp Greenville 201112892,303.00238,156.00
Greenville Junction Depot Friends Greenville 20120513,015.0024,957.00
Greenwood South Berwick 201106343,264.00684,627.00
Greenwood Cemetery Association Biddeford 2012031,115,920.00180,214.00
Grindstone Association Winter Harbor 2011122,440,992.00593,335.00
Griswolds Family Charitable Foundation Yarmouth 2011121,285.001,000.00
Group Home Foundation Inc Belfast 20110619,064,462.0026,386,741.00
Group Main Stream Inc Westbrook 2011061,687,469.004,105,897.00
Growsmart Maine Portland 201206171,420.00327,754.00
Growth Council of Oxford Hills South Paris 2011061.000.00
Guilford Development Corp Guilford 201112944,428.00340,993.00
Guinea Development Foundation Inc Vinalhaven 2007060.006,000.00
Gulf of Maine Institute Inc Saco 20111220,814.00122,017.00
Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation Inc Kennebunk 201112110,683.00757,967.00
Gulf of Maine Research Institute Portland 20111210,674,004.0011,739,269.00
Gw Hinckley Foundation Hinckley 2011121.000.00
Gwendolen Elwell Flanagan Foundation Portland 201112796,815.00285,789.00
Gym Dandies Childrens Circus Scarborough 20110826,602.0081,088.00
H J Bixler Char Lead Tr 2003 Fbo Children of Sarah A Bixler Northport 20111265,311.000.00
H J Bixler Charitable Lead Tr 2003 Fbo Alleson F Bixler Northport 20111265,310.000.00
H Martyn Payson Crt Ua 08071997 Portland 201112155,561.000.00
H O M E Inc Orland 2010122,428,979.001,501,622.00
Habit For Humanity International Inc Belfast 201106182,533.00196,077.00
Habitat For Humanity International Inc Auburn 201106372,755.00234,737.00
Habitat For Humanity International Inc Ellsworth 201106577,046.00204,934.00
Habitat For Humanity International Inc Rockport 200906638,968.00151,173.00
Habitat For Humanity International Inc Bangor 201106685,646.00335,538.00
Habitat For Humanity International Inc Bath 2012062,184,717.001,090,930.00
Habitat For Humanity of Greater Portland Inc Portland 2012062,052,891.001,334,759.00
Habitat For Humanity York County Kennebunk 201106763,216.00169,381.00
Haines Joint Lives Charitableremainder Uni Trust Orono 20111280,903.000.00
Haitian Ministries Inc Glenburn 20111249,713.00134,114.00
Halfway House Inc Portland 201106859,928.00751,594.00
Hall Dale Elementary School Parentteacher Organization Hallowell 20100614,207.0024,619.00
Hall-Dale After School Program Hallowell 20111214,429.0081,768.00
Hallowell Centennial Burial Ground Assn Inc Hallowell 201206429,972.0084,307.00
Hammond Street Senior Center Inc Bangor 201112147,371.00571,223.00
Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club Brewer 201204242,615.0041,450.00
Hancock County Auditorium Associates Ellsworth 201106797,964.00580,583.00
Hancock County Homes Foundation Ellsworth 2011062,681,726.00597,442.00
Hancock County Medical Mission Ellsworth 20110229,868.0047,460.00
Hancock County Planning Commission Ellsworth 201106394,872.00405,609.00
Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations Ellsworth 2010123,308,806.00790,135.00
Hancock Point Village Improvement Hancock 201205217,934.0082,409.00
Hand In Hand Mano En Mano Milbridge 2011121,355,199.00887,970.00
Hands In Peace Inc Brunswick 2011124,869.0039,100.00
Hannaford Bros Co Tax Exempt Emp Benefits Trust Portland 2010129,907,736.0064,238,186.00
Hannaford Charitable Foundation Portland 2011121,269,134.001,447,638.00
Hannah L Russell Charitable Remainder Unitrust Falmouth 20111294,088.000.00
Happily Ever After Productions Hallowell 201012734.001.00
Harbor Childrens Center Boothbay Hbr 201012104,387.00181,506.00
Harbor Club Inc Mount Desert 2011101,265,089.00682,556.00
Harbor Foundation York Harbor 201106134,316.0060,506.00
Harbor House Community Service Center Southwest Hbr 2011122,060,409.00953,188.00
Harbor Light Stage Inc Kittery Point 20111230,978.00117,401.00
Harbor Lights Housing Portland 201109552,961.0041,222.00
Harbor Schools of Maine Inc Topsham 2011061,786,705.005,118,894.00
Hardy Girls Healthy Women Inc Waterville 201106191,778.00378,116.00
Harold & Marion Chute 2000 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Orono 20111235,991.000.00
Harold Alfond Foundation Portland 201012639,175,367.00202,791,860.00
Harold Dudley Charitable Foundation S Portland 20111296,158.00423.00
Harpswell Community Broadcasting Corporation Harpswell 20111282,473.0063,055.00
Harpswell Fire and Rescue Inc Brunswick 201112224.0049,896.00
Harpswell Heritage Land Trust Harpswell 2011124,203,938.00925,906.00
Harpswell Neck Fire and Rescue Inc Harpswell 201112911,038.00270,420.00
Harraseeket Yacht Club S Freeport 201112673,321.00132,075.00
Harriet S & George C Wiswell Jr Charitable Remain Tr 1999 Waterville 2011121,155,591.000.00
Harriet T Mill Charitable Remainder Unitrust Kennebunkport 20111293,956.000.00
Harrington Family Health Center Harrington 2012031,630,895.002,443,458.00
Harrison School Age Child Care and Enrichment Program Harrison 2011084,498.0034,137.00
Harrison Village Library Harrison 201106408,216.0057,016.00
Harry E Cummings Tr Falmouth 201112259,453.0019,664.00
Hartland Helping Hands Hartland 2008125,188.0047,918.00
Hartley Mason Reservation York 201205601,639.00186,778.00
Harvest Hills Animal Shelter Inc Fryeburg 201112724,120.00485,494.00
Harvey B & Judith G Stephens Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112212,943.000.00
Hattie A & Fred C Lynam Trust 64 Ellsworth 2011124,434,198.003,186,663.00
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Deer Isle 2011107,831,232.001,841,408.00
Health & Welfare Fund 1253 Brotherhood of Elect Workers Union Fairfield 2010121,881,801.001,924,395.00
Health Access Network Inc Lincoln 2011127,836,597.009,657,752.00
Healthinfonet Portland 2011124,416,131.006,077,296.00
Healthreach Community Health Centers Augusta 2011125,549,118.0019,594,828.00
Healthy Acadia Bar Harbor 201109170,004.00398,956.00
Healthy Communities of The Capital Gardiner 20110617,008.00489,911.00
Healthy Community Coalition Farmington 201106313,795.00746,537.00
Healthy Futures Inc Winthrop 2011060.0015,447.00
Healthy Island Project Stonington 201112103,995.0037,113.00
Healthy Kids A Family Resource Network Damariscotta 2011098,412.00126,755.00
Healthy Smiles For Me Inc Auburn 20111281,209.0026,649.00
Hear Me Now Inc Portland 201106128,239.00400,884.00
Heart of Biddeford Biddeford 20110629,719.00124,631.00
Heart of Maine Rescource Conservation and Development Inc Bangor 20111272,599.0045,401.00
Heartwood College of Art Inc Kennebunk 201106149,141.00231,230.00
Heartwood Regional Theater Company Damariscotta 2011086,094.00326,617.00
Hebron Academy Incorporated Hebron 20110638,916,718.0014,627,539.00
Hebron Water Company Hebron 200812933,473.00127,658.00
Helen King Memorial Golf Tournament Portland 20111215,941.0018,830.00
Helen W Rohrdanz 1986 Charitable Portland 201112219,363.000.00
Helen W Rohrdanz 1986 Charitable Rem Tr Fbo Helen & R Rohrdanz Portland 201112229,949.000.00
Helene B Koerting Fischer Eldred Charitable Remainder Tr East Boothbay 20101217,965.000.00
Helping Hands For Children and Families Presque Isle 20120630,525.00156,757.00
Henderson Charitable Trust Ellsworth 201112455,363.00483,776.00
Henley Foundation Tr Rockport 201112184,049.0070,483.00
Henri J Agnese 1997 Charitable Remainder Unitr Portland 201112113,561.000.00
Henrietta D Goodall Hospital Inc Sanford 20110587,795,787.0089,034,399.00
Henry D Moore Parish House and Library Steuben 201112712,384.0057,829.00
Henry J Tosi Jr Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112165,551.000.00
Henry Parsons Trust Kennebunk 201012435,918.00456,614.00
Henry W & Marjorie H Saunders Charitable Remainder Tr Ua 042099 Orono 20111240,106.000.00
Heritage Court Inc Lewiston 201206645,026.00382,341.00
Heritage Vivant-Living Heritage Van Buren 201112252,447.0032,149.00
Herman Charitable Remainder Unitr 2000 Kittery 201112122,853.000.00
Hermon Elderly Project Bangor 201012718,464.00185,138.00
Hermon Skeet Club Bangor 201203276,778.0074,605.00
Hermon Volunteer Rescue & First Aid Squad Inc Bangor 201106543,000.00157,493.00
Herring Gut Learning Center Port Clyde 2010122,376,764.00339,642.00
Hewes Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ellsworth 201112366,852.000.00
Hfp Management Inc Portland 201106136,730.0011,891.00
Hidden Valley Nature Center Alna 20111226,874.0076,304.00
Hidden Valley Trust Ua 112700 Whitefield 201112468,728.000.00
Higgins Family Living Trust Cumberland 20111299,726.000.00
High A Smith Charitable Remainder Waterville 201112330,792.000.00
Higher Education Assistance Foundation Portland 201109245,408.006,740.00
Higher Education Council Portland 20110619,118.0054,946.00
Highland Memorial Cemetery Associat Ion S Portland 201112128,453.0024,603.00
Highlands Resident Asistance Fund Inc Topsham 201112385,244.0093,833.00
Highview Christian Academy Charleston 201107220,468.00255,322.00
Hill Street Terrace Housing Corp Portland 2011124,478,364.00940,381.00
Hillcrest Golf Club Millinocket 201112171,902.00116,318.00
Hine Corporation Portland 2011121,229,314.00303,212.00
Hine-2 Corporation Portland 2011061.001.00
Hiram N Perkins Trust 323-6130796330 Portland 201112347,492.00503,444.00
Hirundo Wildlife Trust Alton 2011121,386,128.00385,361.00
His Hands Support Ministries New Vineyard 20120624,982.00232,286.00
Historical Society of Wells and Ogunquit Inc Wells 201112183,951.0046,921.00
History House Association Incorporated Skowhegan 20111216,743.0024,797.00
Hockey Coaches Care Waterville 201204114,944.0010,213.00
Hodgdon Housing For The Elderly Hodgdon 201112466,179.0099,562.00
Hodgkins Memorial Tr Fund Ellsworth 201112202,865.00311,287.00
Holbrook Community Foundation Brunswick 2012061,766,638.00101,065.00
Hollingsworth & Whitney Relief Assoc Clinton 20111222,523.0028,379.00
Hollis Center Library Association Hollis Center 201106308,432.0038,365.00
Hollis K Edwards Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 20111231,707.000.00
Holocaust Human Rights Center of Maine Augusta 2012032,956,482.00937,737.00
Home At Last Inc Augusta 201112143,000.00143,000.00
Home Builders Association of Maine Inc Augusta 20110622,820.00111,059.00
Home Care & Hospice Alliance of Maine Augusta 201205129,049.00273,828.00
Home Counselors Inc Rockland 2011061,403,715.002,690,857.00
Home For The Aged Portland 20110614,090,604.006,109,598.00
Home Resources of Maine Inc Gardiner 2012062,409,840.008,264,922.00
Home Start Peaks Island 20110914,382.0024,851.00
Homehealth-Visiting Nurses of Souther Maine Saco 2011097,417,782.0019,984,185.00
Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Maine Inc Cumberland 201112717,187.00296,774.00
Homeless Services of Aroostook Presque Isle 201112304,095.00315,357.00
Hometogether Emmaus Community of Bath Woolwich 20101250.0050.00
Homeworks Augusta 20111211,437.000.00
Honduras Outreach Providing Education Falmouth 2009121,320.0025,286.00
Hope and Justice Project Inc Presque Isle 201109555,342.00983,467.00
Hope Association Rumford 2012064,815,054.002,955,346.00
Hope Cemetery Corporation Kennebunk 201203663,444.00435,825.00
Hope Hatch Charitable Remainder Unitrust Rockland 20111290,639.000.00
Hope Haven Gospel Mission Inc Lewiston 201112205,232.00395,500.00
Hope House Network Inc Mechanic Fls 200912217.0061,194.00
Horace A Hildreth Jr Crt U-A 12202005 Portland 2010122,812,775.000.00
Horace Williams Memorial Fund Augusta 201108247,924.0049,572.00
Horizon Foundation Inc Portland 20110616,207,787.0010,320,078.00
Horizons Unlimited Inc Presque Isle 20110947,759.00242,107.00
Hose 5 Fire Museum Bangor 20110687,227.002,844.00
Hospice Education Institute Inc Machiasport 2011063,384,399.002,744,974.00
Hospice of Southern Maine Scarborough 2011128,774,788.009,228,690.00
Hospice Regatta of Maine Ellsworth 20111221,434.0042,379.00
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County Ellsworth 201106768,187.00513,150.00
Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County Inc Skowhegan 201112157,253.00107,832.00
Hospice Volunteers of Waldo County Belfast 20111265,805.0069,642.00
Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area Waterville 201012473,168.00278,847.00
Hospital Chaplaincy Service Inc Newburgh 20111224,216.0050,777.00
Houlton Band of Malisget Development Corporation Littleton 200909196.002,500.00
Houlton Chamber of Commerce Houlton 20111225,367.0091,742.00
Houlton Community Arts Center Council Houlton 201012280,087.00171,213.00
Houlton Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Houlton 20110617,031.0018,667.00
Houlton High Schhol Alumni Association Houlton 20111263,135.0058,413.00
Houlton Housing For The Elderly Houlton 201112455,096.00236,325.00
Houlton Humane Society Houlton 201012340,779.00138,031.00
Houlton Regional Health Services Foundation Houlton 2011091,800,935.00939,093.00
Houlton Regional Hospital Houlton 20110929,323,445.0049,178,138.00
Hour Exchange Portland Portland 20111217,571.00104,481.00
Housel-Ryan-Sheldon Wildlife Sanctuary Sandy Point 201112967,041.00210,746.00
Housing Foundation Orono 201106121,042.0016,059.00
Housing Foundation Orono 201106338,957.0054,900.00
Housing Foundation Orono 201206421,068.00252,057.00
Housing Foundation Orono 201206768,767.00560,233.00
Housing Foundation Orono 2012061,000,523.00326,968.00
Housing Foundation Orono 2011091,762,223.001,869,992.00
Housing Foundation Orono 2011092,131,481.001,880,961.00
Housing Inc Fort Kent Fort Kent 2011123,217,676.00302,019.00
Housing Initiatives of New England Portland 20111248,677,627.005,472,855.00
Howell House Augusta 201112912,308.00143,146.00
Howland Housing Corporation Howland 201112230,393.0097,944.00
Htco-Agdi Veba Tr S Portland 201112287,717.001,085,406.00
Hubbard Free Library Hallowell 2012061,062,923.001,026,867.00
Huber Foundation Falmouth 20111217,145,486.00595,359.00
Hudson Foundation Portland 2011122,761,697.00537,553.00
Human Resources Association Ofsouthern Maine Incorporated Portland 201112106,700.0049,507.00
Humane Society of Knox County Rockland 201012901,181.00754,477.00
Humane Society Waterville Area Waterville 2011121,697,102.00327,274.00
Hungarian American Enterprise Fund Portland 20110910,385,234.0015,893,329.00
Hungarian-American Enterprise Scholarship Fund Portland 2011098,415,703.004,145,146.00
Hurricane Island Foundation Rockland 20101251,665.00123,828.00
Hurricane Swim Club Bangor 20120615,384.0055,820.00
Huskies Youth Hockey Association Gorham 2011067,066.00167,210.00
Husson University Bangor 20110663,294,559.0045,336,136.00
Hyde School Bath 20110631,923,111.0012,284,708.00
Hyde School At South Woodstock Inc Bath 20110616,759,251.009,228,458.00
Hygeia Foundation Falmouth 201112532,908.001,439,216.00
Hyssong Family Ministries Rockport 20111270,571.00180,516.00
Iaibmvsp Vassalboro 201112102,544.00144,925.00
Ibew Local 567 Labor-Management Cooperation Committee Trust Fund Lewiston 201206165,281.00111,850.00
Ice-Time Charitable Endowment Kennebunk 20111220,728.0095,992.00
Idealware Inc Portland 20111270,305.00311,142.00
Images For Change Inc Portland 20101255,989.0058,435.00
Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project Portland 201112494,330.00768,023.00
Improved Order of Redmen Pownal 2008124,567.00196.00
Improved Order of Redmen of Maine Standish 201109397,210.0044,867.00
Improved Order of Redmen of Maine Belfast 201112789,690.00800,775.00
Independence Association Inc Brunswick 2011066,550,176.008,490,799.00
Independence Day Committee Lewiston 2009020.0026,238.00
Independent Order of Odd Fellows W Kennebunk 201112224,325.0045,783.00
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Kennebunk 2012062,342,644.00549,161.00
Independent Order of Odd Fellows S Portland 2011092,514,681.00783,685.00
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Auburn 2011063,566,717.003,881,927.00
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Auburn 2011063,622,348.00936,597.00
Independent Transportation Network Westbrook 20110639,260.00241,181.00
Industrial Energy Consumer Group Augusta 2010127,766.00363,699.00
Information Technology Exchange Searsport 201012196,659.00617,167.00
Ingraham Housing Corporation Inc S Portland 2011061,786,072.00161,645.00
Inn At Cedars Inc Portland 201104131,886.002,032,432.00
Institute For Broadening Participation Damariscotta 20111285,043.001,357,935.00
Institute For Civic Leadership Portland 201106192,074.00535,086.00
Institute For Doctoral Studies Inthe Visual Arts Portland 201104215,516.00622,759.00
Institute For Family-Owned Business Portland 20101273,609.00150,350.00
Institute For Financial Literacy Inc So Portland 2011121,976,456.002,702,410.00
Institute For Global Ethics Rockport 2011051,701,088.001,082,830.00
Institute For Humane Education Surry 201112169,545.00269,462.00
Institute For Preventive Medicine and Medical Screening Windham 201112171,272.00128,897.00
Integrated Service Solutions of Maine Augusta 20111221,903.00136,088.00
Interfaith Childrens Center Inc Alfred 20081218,322.005,774.00
International Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees & Moving Picture Auburn 20111230,627.0022,372.00
International Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees & Moving Picture Portland 20111258,029.0051,304.00
International Assoc of Bridge Structural & Ormnamental Iron Wrks Vassalboro 2011062,940.0024,801.00
International Association of Fire Fighters S Portland 20101229,109.0037,762.00
International Association of Fire Fighters Brewer 20111232,862.0070,810.00
International Association of Fire Fighters Etna 20111233,785.00159,834.00
International Association of Fire Fighters Lewiston 20111289,721.0054,472.00
International Association of Fire Fighters Sanford 201202114,990.00126,703.00
International Association of Fire Fighters Bangor 201112157,792.00182,544.00
International Association of Fire Fighters Portland 201012209,778.00400,105.00
International Association of Fire Fighters Local F 123 Kittery 20091218,024.0019,077.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Bridgton 2012064,141.0025,873.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Yarmouth 2012069,083.0073,404.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Scarborough 20111210,796.0036,122.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Augusta 20110612,816.00190,715.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Damariscotta 20110621,152.0037,346.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Belfast 20120636,478.0024,901.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Norridgewock 20120661,467.0037,128.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Coopers Mills 20120667,285.0019,323.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Alfred 20110668,453.0085,532.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Skowhegan 20110671,153.0034,830.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Cumberland 20110697,527.0046,717.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Embden 201112115,643.0063,122.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Fort Kent 201006184,623.0049,710.00
International Association of Lions Clubs S Portland 201106215,051.001,415.00
International Association of Lions Clubs Litchfield 201106233,391.00111,299.00
International Association of Machinist & Aerospace Workers Norridgewock 20111237,489.0083,250.00
International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Sanford 2011126,298.0029,167.00
International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Bath 201112114,717.00176,570.00
International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Bath 201112723,087.00983,736.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Fairfield 201106214,469.00315,493.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Lewiston 201112283,239.00440,540.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Manchester 201012553,785.001,261,549.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Augusta 201112745,282.001,108,648.00
International Brotherhood of Electricalworkers Winslow 20111288,806.0078,103.00
International Brotherhood of Teamsters S Portland 201112550,369.002,402,474.00
International Nursing Assoc For Clinical Simulation & Learning Inc Windham 201112168,800.00178,239.00
International Seaplane Fly-In Inc C/O Malcolm R Folsom President Greenville 20111249,255.0058,817.00
International Union Security Police Fire Professionals of America Saint Albans 20120323,961.0011,519.00
International Union United Auto Aerospace & Agricultural Workers Bath 201112896,920.00547,103.00
International Womens Club of New England Cape Neddick 2011129,291.0036,460.00
Internationl Association of Lions Clubs Peaks Island 201112365,363.0092,762.00
Interstate Sno-Goers Inc Fryeburg 201112205,873.0036,249.00
Iris Network Portland 2011092,100,341.00627,376.00
Irving S Ray & Ada H Ray Memorial Fund Portland 201112264,513.00170,578.00
Irwin K Rosenberg Irr Char Rem Unitrust Harpswell 20111288,083.000.00
Isabelle D Cary Charitable Trust 013 06-0091 Portland 20111291,480.000.00
Island Camp Vinalhaven Inc Bowdoinham 200912379.000.00
Island Commons Resource Center Chebeague Is 201109819,676.00350,435.00
Island Community Center Inc Stonington 20111273,217.00112,724.00
Island Connections Bar Harbor 201112499,097.00120,417.00
Island Country Club Deer Isle 201112560,157.00443,565.00
Island Falls Housing Corp Patten 201112653,787.00239,266.00
Island Heritage Trust Inc Deer Isle 201112849,986.00174,742.00
Island Home Club New Gloucestr 20111279,387.00117,136.00
Island Housing Trust Mount Desert 201112485,463.00314,968.00
Island Institute Rockland 20110620,500,035.006,320,659.00
Island Medical Center Stonington 2011071,460,708.00127,712.00
Island Nursing Home Inc Deer Isle 2011063,561,185.004,115,548.00
Island Pantry Inc Deer Isle 201108199,984.00121,669.00
Island Readers and Writers An Initiative For Maine Children Mount Desert 201112110,778.00130,527.00
Island Village Childcare Vinalhaven 2011095,649.0054,123.00
Islands Community Medical Services Inc Vinalhaven 2011123,307,633.001,295,825.00
Isle Au Haut Community Development Corporation Isle Au Haut 201112293,580.00238,626.00
Isle Program USA Inc Brunswick 201106467,190.00300,473.00
Islesboro Affordable Property Islesboro 2011061,386,428.00262,594.00
Islesboro Community Center Islesboro 2011124,086,409.00590,783.00
Islesboro Community Fund Islesboro 201107139,602.00117,456.00
Islesboro Historical Society Islesboro 201112226,180.0070,734.00
Islesboro Islands Trust Islesboro 2011061,902,817.00298,481.00
Islesford Boat Works Islesford 2009125,076.0014,427.00
Itnamerica Westbrook 201106211,512.00842,044.00
Itone-Local 861 Health and Welfare Benefit Tr Portland 20100992,395.0059,104.00
J Clayton & J Reeve Bright Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112216,171.000.00
J Craig Tefft Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ua 011196 Bucksport 2011123,658.000.00
J David Ober Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111256,330.000.00
J David Pirone Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ua 121097 Portland 2011121,893,247.000.00
J Randall Evans Charitable Remainderb Unitrust 06-0035 Portland 20111256,756.000.00
J Thomas and Carol J Chess Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112380,829.000.00
J W Castino Tr Castine 201112332,510.000.00
J W Robinson Welfare Trust Gardiner 2011121,173,416.0041,556.00
Jack and Deborah Daw Heffernan Foundation Bridgton 201112278,978.00400,775.00
Jack D & Anita G Smart Charitable Remainder Unitr Ii Readfield 201112282,658.000.00
Jackman Housing Corporation Lewiston 201012601,650.00104,063.00
Jackson Memorial Library Tenants Hbr 201012522,632.00134,653.00
James A & Joan T Lippke Charitable Remainder Unitrust 03-24-1998 Brooksville 201112210,644.000.00
James and Betty Jacobs Fam Charitable Tr West Bath 20111233,629.00205.00
James C Waugh Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112482,956.000.00
James D Meek Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112111,978.000.00
James D Redwine Jr Charitable Remainder Tr Topsham 201112136,638.000.00
James E Mcgrath Irrv Tr Bangor 201112568,223.00159,014.00
James M and Joan E Connellan Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 20111226,557.000.00
James N Harrell Charitable Unitrust 12-21-95 Camden 2010121,726,593.000.00
James R & Elfrida Bright 1999 Charitable Remainder Trust Portland 201112219,771.000.00
James R Saunders 1998 Charitable Remainder Unitrust 06-0025 Portland 201112142,184.000.00
James S & Margaret B Stevens Charitable Remainder Tr 0130060085 Portland 201112192,445.000.00
James S Rockefeller Jr 2005 Charitable Remainder Tr Camden 201112981,025.000.00
Jana Fund Portland 201112246,017.0085,259.00
Jane C Wellehan Charitable Lead Annuity Tr Portland 201112350,141.000.00
Jane C Wellehan Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112328,426.000.00
Jane E Owen Trust S Portland 2011124,260,721.001,004,741.00
Jane H Russell 2 Fund B Portland 2011121,255,560.00513,151.00
Jane Standen Tucker Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 20111284,697.000.00
Janet D Brand Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112326,751.000.00
Janet M Bishop Charitable Remainder Unitrust U-A 12222005 Auburn 201112313,174.000.00
Janus Supportive Living Services Inc Washington 2011122,473,387.001,216,048.00
Japan America Society of Maine Inc Portland 2011078,673.001,335.00
Jason Kenneth Finch Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund Lubec 2010123,518.001,157.00
Jass Boxing Berwick 2011128,514.0021,614.00
Jay L Ramsdell Foundation Damariscotta 20111284,135.0016,473.00
Jaylene Kerr Summers Charitable Remainder Unitrust Kennebunkport 201112214,548.000.00
Jean A & Richard A Marshall Charitable Remainder Tr 122992 Auburn 20111225,832.000.00
Jean E Wandel Charitable Remainder Unitrust Falmouth 201112128,801.000.00
Jean T Dellert Charitable Remainder Tr Ua 052396 Gardiner 20111230,419.000.00
Jeanette & Eleanor Bright Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112240,968.000.00
Jeffrey S Parola Foundation Dovr Foxcroft 201112154,925.0024,712.00
Jennifer G Clements Charitable Remainder Unitrust 120391 Vinalhaven 201112314,840.000.00
Jessie Daniell Bullens-Crewe Foundation Cumberland 201201112,402.0011,283.00
Jesup Memorial Library Bar Harbor 2011122,695,502.001,446,519.00
Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine Portland 2011082,686,353.001,845,148.00
Jewish Community Endowment Associates Bangor 201012708,656.00328,247.00
Jfm No 2 Corp Auburn 2012061,570,701.0079,904.00
Jfm No 3 Corp Auburn 2012061,690,512.00190,918.00
Jha Assisted Living Inc Portland 2012046,927,540.00508,782.00
Jha Properties Inc Portland 2011049,259,602.002,681,912.00
Jha Services Inc Portland 2011046,710,277.0011,295,602.00
Jim & Channa Stacey Scholarship Foundation Inc Brewer 2011124,605.00368.00
Joan Allen Charitable Remainder Tr Bar Harbor 20111280,445.000.00
Joan D Manning Charitable Remainder Unitrust Augusta 201112647,090.000.00
Joan H Lena Charitable Remainder Tr Orono 20111246,608.000.00
Joanne R Devlin Charitable Remainder Unitrust 1998 Orono 201112146,273.000.00
Jobs For Maines Graduates Inc Augusta 2011061,947,756.004,676,795.00
Jobs With Justice Education Fund Brewer 20111220,298.00163,641.00
John Anderton Schwartzburg 2007 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Tenants Hbr 201112605,440.000.00
John Bapst Memorial High School Bangor 2011065,587,181.004,581,376.00
John Bapst Memorial High School Foundation Bangor 201112217,409.00182,388.00
John Chabot Educational Foundation Lewiston 2011121,051,843.00116,565.00
John D & Judy Fistere Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Portland 201112373,955.000.00
John D & Judy Fistere Charitable Remainder Unitr Portland 201112252,209.000.00
John E Callahan Charitable Tr Fbo Roman Catholic Bishop-Portland Me Lewiston 2011121,261,986.00588,689.00
John F Murphy Foundation For The Mentally Retarded Inc Auburn 201206184,701.005,304.00
John F Murphy Homes Inc Auburn 20110619,667,839.0029,840,897.00
John F Murphy No 1 Corp Auburn 201206355,434.0049,180.00
John Fry Scholarship Fund Trust Ellsworth 20111213,566.0014,511.00
John H Schiavi Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112655,449.000.00
John K and Anne E Marshall Charitable Remainder Uni Trust Addison 201112715.000.00
John M Eagleson Jr Institute Sanford 2010061,568,020.00836,254.00
John Marin Foundation Addison 2010121.001.00
John Marvin Tower Augusta 2011093,416,490.00326,698.00
John P Field Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112133,880.000.00
John R Van Siclen and Pamela Van Siclen 2008 Charitable Remainder T Walpole 201112391,519.000.00
John Robert Sebo Charitable Remainder One-Life Unitr Kennebunk 2011128,627,659.000.00
John Robert Sebo Charitable Remainder Two Consecutive Lives Un Kennebunk 20111211,953,417.000.00
John S & Helen E Carver Fund Portland 2011081,669,359.00214,124.00
John Sage Foundation Skowhegan 201207557,213.00499,531.00
John Smith Charitable Remainder Tr Bath 201112326,201.000.00
John T Gorman Foundation Portland 20101285,158,484.0069,116,794.00
John Theriault Scholarship Fund S Portland 20111252,303.003,330.00
John Viles Wing Snowmobile Club Carabaset Vly 201108170,472.00101,463.00
John W Carrier Charitable Remainder Tr Lewiston 201112114,962.000.00
John W Mckeen Tr Uw Fryeburg 201112245,922.0046,620.00
Johnson Hall Inc Gardiner 201106370,330.00153,053.00
Jonathan Fisher Memorial Inc Blue Hill 201112461,235.0024,853.00
Jonesport Housing Development Corporation Cherryfield 2010120.00375,012.00
Jordan Bay Place Portland 2011121,562,424.00150,154.00
Joseph & Mary Fiore Family Foundation Damariscotta 201204361,684.0048,817.00
Joseph F Holman Esq 1998 Charitable Remainder Unitr Bangor 201112675,118.000.00
Joseph F Holman Esq Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 201112416,652.000.00
Joseph L Stevens 1995 Chartiable Remainder Unitrust Unity 20111255,198.000.00
Joseph W Griffin Charitable Remainder Unitrust Number 1 Damariscotta 20101221,335.000.00
Joshua W Curtis Jr Charitable Tr Bangor 2011122,891,906.00676,497.00
Joyful Harvest Neighborhood Center Biddeford 20110819,864.0051,627.00
Jsl Foundation Inc New Gloucestr 20111286,306.00354,919.00
Judith Moll Charitable Remainder Tr of 1997 Cape Eliz 201112383,825.000.00
Judith V Dunn Charitable Tr Poland 201112636,842.000.00
Julia W Norman Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112256,435.000.00
June C Rood-Christopher Charitable Remainder Unitr Norway 20111262,158.000.00
Junior Achievement of Maine Inc Portland 201206147,318.00343,574.00
Junior League of Portland Maine Inc Portland 201105322,745.0088,532.00
Just Alternatives Brooklin 20111256,346.0026,515.00
Justin W and Paula C Cowger Charitable Remainder Trust N Yarmouth 201112104,794.000.00
K2 Fam Foundation Port Clyde 2010121,854,722.00223,373.00
Kaler-Vaill Memorial Home Scarborough 2011066,273,264.002,916,326.00
Kane College Fund Trust Ellsworth 20111215,778.0017,214.00
Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority Inc Raymond 20110819,265.0066,821.00
Karen Anne Bollwerk Burke and William A Burke Family Charitable Portland 201112647,185.00253,061.00
Karen S Allen Tr 042894 Allen Charitable Remaind Unitr No 1 Waterville 2011121,340,645.000.00
Katahdin Area Support Group Millinocket 20111229,078.0028,414.00
Katahdin Friends Inc Millinocket 2011061,788,847.004,587,119.00
Katahdin Shared Services Inc Millinocket 201112577,326.001,112,888.00
Katahdin Valley Health Center Patten 20120310,153,733.009,239,614.00
Kate D P Quesada Charitable Remainder Lead Tr 12-19-94 000368 Portland 2011121,417,344.000.00
Katharine M Bassett Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111246,906.000.00
Katharine P Meeker Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Portland 20111237,633.000.00
Kathleen T May Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111236,787.000.00
Kebo Charitable Tr S Portland 201012884,925.000.00
Kebo Foundation Scholarship Tr100-295 Ellsworth 20111248,661.0051,065.00
Kelmscott Rare Breeds Foundation Lincolnville 200312148,569.00521,373.00
Kennebec Estuary Land Trust Bath 2011122,860,356.00677,946.00
Kennebec Foundation Augusta 2011121,978,177.00265,338.00
Kennebec Historical Society Augusta 201112659,582.0077,500.00
Kennebec Land Tr Winthrop 2011064,231,921.00466,685.00
Kennebec Mental Health Associates Inc Waterville 2011061,193,723.002,721,878.00
Kennebec Montessori School Fairfield 201108989,046.00629,186.00
Kennebec Performing Arts Company Augusta 2011063,080.0015,311.00
Kennebec Valley Art Association Hallowell 201012189,597.0088,334.00
Kennebec Valley Board of Realtors Augusta 20111265,495.0097,733.00
Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce Augusta 201012192,528.00498,089.00
Kennebec Valley Community Action Program Waterville 20110918,223,994.0022,899,843.00
Kennebec Valley Community College Foundation Fairfield 2012063,194,087.00657,280.00
Kennebec Valley Council of Governments Fairfield 2011065,144,245.001,040,200.00
Kennebec Valley Dental Coalition Inc Waterville 201106293,771.00734,214.00
Kennebec Valley Emergency Services Committee Inc Winslow 201106119,224.00348,569.00
Kennebec Valley Family Dentistry Augusta 201112172,731.00569,850.00
Kennebec Valley Humane Society Augusta 20111267,843.00484,196.00
Kennebec Valley Mental Health Center Waterville 2011065,526,437.0019,652,753.00
Kennebec Valley Organization Waterville 2010124,991.0054,775.00
Kennebec Valley Tourism Council Augusta 20110629,512.00125,670.00
Kennebec Valley Ymca Augusta 2011129,764,547.002,137,329.00
Kennebec Valley Youth Hockey Association Inc Manchester 20110614,828.0045,632.00
Kennebunk Beach Improvement Association Kennebunk 2011121,410,472.001,023,548.00
Kennebunk Fire Rescue Association Inc Kennebunk 201112108,736.0069,399.00
Kennebunk Free Library Association Kennebunk 2011062,208,248.00954,680.00
Kennebunk Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce Kennebunk 20110933,625.00272,803.00
Kennebunk Land Trust Kennebunk 2011126,860,804.00499,377.00
Kennebunk River Club Kennebunkport 2011124,664,758.00547,013.00
Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation Kennebunk 2011123,471,173.00167,940.00
Kennebunk Soccer Club Inc Kennebunk 20101220,623.0041,964.00
Kennebunk-Kennebunkport Youthfields Association Kennebunk 20111291,098.00196.00
Kennebunkport Business Association Kennebunkport 20110921,582.0032,061.00
Kennebunkport Conservation Trust Cape Porpoise 20111218,891,231.002,402,839.00
Kennebunkport Emergency Medical Ser Incorporated Kennebunkport 2011061,016,064.00487,607.00
Kennebunkport Historical Society Kennebunkport 2010121,021,746.00430,150.00
Kennebunkport River Club Preservation Foundation Kennebunkport 20111218,359.0016,270.00
Kenneth & Elaine Cook Charitable Remainder Unitrust Windham 201112170,286.000.00
Kenneth E and Hopestill V Schaller Charitable Remainder Unitrust Newcastle 201112768,588.000.00
Kenneth Eskelund Charitable Remainder Unitrust 209022048505548 Portland 201112846,343.000.00
Kenneth H Eskelund 1998 Charitable Remainder Unitrust 14-0002374730 Portland 2011121,255,843.000.00
Kenneth Noland Foundation Port Clyde 2010121,206,729.000.00
Kents Hill School Kents Hill 20110655,378,406.0016,056,605.00
Kestrel I Tr Agreement Phillips 20111210,458,574.000.00
Kidcare America Lincoln Maine Lincoln 2011123,069.0048,936.00
Kids Consortium Inc Augusta 20110958,146.00630,978.00
Kids First Center Portland 201205294,874.00378,609.00
Kieve-Wavus Education Inc Nobleboro 20111226,049,260.0010,624,697.00
Kimball Health Center 333 Lincoln St Saco 201106344,414.00176,104.00
Kimberley Michaud Charitable Remainder Trust Albion 201112165,647.000.00
Kimberly Prestbo & Jennifer Harris Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112287,665.000.00
Kingfield Pops Kingfield 2011126,867.0058,827.00
King-Mitchell Post 7529 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Island Falls 2011122,289.000.00
Kings Daughters Union Bangor 201012265,482.00312,327.00
King-Thomas Scholarship Tr Ashland 2011121,134,901.00138,465.00
Kirke & Ann Walker 1996 Charitable Remainder Unitrust 36982260 Falmouth 201012145,286.000.00
Kisma Preserve Mount Desert 201104320,507.00272,359.00
Kitchen Gardeners International Scarborough 20111246,741.0074,307.00
Kittery Housing Corporation Saco 201206493,772.0064,067.00
Kittery Land Trust Inc Kittery 2011081,411,554.0046,835.00
Kiwanis Club of Dexter Dexter 201109119,701.0051,636.00
Kiwanis Foundation of Sanford Inc Sanford 20110990,514.0078,660.00
Kiwanis International Inc York 2009097,000.009,366.00
Kiwanis International Inc Augusta 20110914,870.0040,650.00
Kiwanis International Inc Rockland 20100916,447.0027,665.00
Kiwanis International Inc Sanford 20110916,789.0043,382.00
Kiwanis International Inc Presque Isle 20110919,727.0039,330.00
Kiwanis Scholarship Foundation- Augusta Augusta 201112329,214.00468,545.00
Kmha Foundation Inc Waterville 2011061,264,021.00374,436.00
Kmha Real Estate Inc Waterville 2011063,874,604.001,286,271.00
Kneisel Hall Blue Hill 2011124,797,134.00795,281.00
Knight Charitable Remainder Tr Winthrop 201112207,819.000.00
Knight of Columbus Biddeford 20111218,183.0050,556.00
Knights of Columbus Newcastle 2010063,206.009,023.00
Knights of Columbus Calais 20111220,394.00112,620.00
Knights of Columbus Kennebunkport 20101225,888.0032,780.00
Knights of Columbus Wells 20100633,391.00242,279.00
Knights of Columbus Brunswick 20111234,638.00229,717.00
Knights of Columbus Jay 20111240,081.00106,783.00
Knights of Columbus Caribou 20111242,553.00129,730.00
Knights of Columbus Fort Kent 20111258,004.00136,398.00
Knights of Columbus Madawaska 20111259,764.0098,695.00
Knights of Columbus Old Town 201112117,979.0089,714.00
Knights of Columbus Lincoln 201112127,325.00116,757.00
Kno-Wal-Lin Help At Home Inc Rockland 201109303,101.00381,962.00
Kno-Wal-Lin Home Health Care Inc Rockland 2011095,592,251.003,668,819.00
Knox District Housing Bar Harbor 201206415,372.00123,142.00
Kollege Widgwok Yacht Club Blue Hill 201112911,285.00323,078.00
Kollegewidgwok Sailing and Education Association Blue Hill 201012473,328.0099,686.00
Konbit Sante Cap-Haitien Health Falmouth 201108700,615.001,207,361.00
Kora Temple Association Lewiston 201112704,401.0013,199.00
Kurt and Torj Wray 2007 Joint Lives Charitable Remainder Unitrust Hancock 201112258,478.000.00
Kurt Melcher Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bowdoin 201112197,803.000.00
L & A Fund Lewiston 20111286,754.0019,017.00
L A Public Theatre Inc Lewiston 2011061,459,131.00480,354.00
L N Clark Inspiration Network Inc Fairfield 2011126,874.007,447.00
La Arts Lewiston 201106119,491.00543,185.00
La Kermesse Franco-Americaine De Biddeford Inc Biddeford 2011095,204.0053,188.00
La Societe De Femmes Cabane National Inc Bowdoinham 2011101.00128.00
Laborers International Union of North America Augusta 201112800,203.00237,631.00
Ladawn Quarter Horses Therapeutic Riding Center W Kennebunk 20111221,589.0073,221.00
Lady Pepperrell Historical Foundation Kittery Point 20111259,109.0025,000.00
Lafayette Family Foundation Bangor 201112430,175.00216,793.00
Lafayette Social Club Sanford 201112335,877.00404,973.00
Lake Arrowhead Community Inc N Waterboro 2012043,544,309.001,681,012.00
Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council N Waterboro 20111243,115.0067,703.00
Lake Auburn Watershed Neighborhood Association - Lawna Auburn 201112245.005,895.00
Lake George Corporation Skowhegan 201012140,199.00139,478.00
Lakes Environment Association Bridgton 2011121,392,881.00746,015.00
Lakes Region Television Bridgton 20110967,145.0070,116.00
Lakeside Charitable Remainder Unitrust 02162005 Acton 201112122,740.000.00
Lamothe Fam Charitable Remainder Education Unitr Kennebunk 20111266,384.000.00
Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design Arundel 2011065,049,611.001,961,624.00
Lape Charitable Remainder Unitrust Sorrento 201112507,405.000.00
Lark Society For Chamber Music Portland 20110625,309.0072,278.00
Larry A Dentremont Scholarship Trust Fund York 2009129,927.00211.00
Latimer B & Barbara C Eddy Charitable Tr 111893 Waterville 201112214,690.000.00
Laudholm Trust Wells 2011064,645,025.00740,094.00
Laura L Wood Charitable Rem Unitr Bangor 20111273,803.000.00
Laurel Hill Cemetery Association Saco 2011118,030,236.006,748,704.00
Lawrence and Jeana Rakovan Charitable Remaindr Unitr 06082000 Brunswick 201112224,965.000.00
Lawrence L Bright & Christine Keegan Charitable Remainder Trust Portland 201112223,702.000.00
Le Club Calumet Educational & Literary Foundation Augusta 201112816,020.00465,931.00
Le Paresseux Inc Rumford 20101282,723.00291,534.00
Le Passe-Temps Inc Lewiston 201112451,669.00419,032.00
Lea J Lane & Roger R Lane Charitable Remainder Unitrust Franklin 2011121,305,752.000.00
Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development Inc Caribou 20111232,305.0017,991.00
League of Women Voters of Maine Education Fund Inc Augusta 20110657,063.00102,589.00
Leap Farmington 2011063,248,479.005,627,756.00
Learning Disabilities Association of Maine Windham 201112117,177.0089,700.00
Learning Land Inc Brunswick 20110640,308.00112,085.00
Learning Works Portland 2011062,188,572.003,042,987.00
Lecole Francaise Du Maine S Freeport 201112246,867.00823,624.00
Ledgelawn Cemetery Incorporated Bar Harbor 201112626,023.0024,546.00
Lee Academy Lee 2011064,456,674.004,246,690.00
Legacy Inc Hampden 2011067,871.007,202.00
Legal Services For The Elderly Inc Augusta 2011091,121,890.001,718,244.00
Leigh & Sonya Bangs Charitable Remainder Unitrust of 2003 Waterville 2011121,109,588.000.00
Leila Bright & Stanley Bright Char Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112185,878.000.00
Leland M Littlefield Trust Portland 201108403,119.00151,337.00
Lena G Mcarthur Trust S Portland 2011122,730,137.00551,110.00
Lenox School Inc Springvale 20111291,000.0011,497.00
Lens Foundation For Corporate Excellence Portland 201112421,309.0048,547.00
Leonard and Renee Minsky Charitable Trust Bangor 201112852,325.00334,204.00
Leroy and Irene Kirby Charitable Foundation Inc Falmouth 201106127,317.0045,561.00
Leslie C Brewer 2004 Charitable Lead Unitrust Bar Harbor 2011121.000.00
Leslie C Brewer Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bar Harbor 20111266,547.000.00
Lester and Laura Turner and Family College Scholarship Tr Eastport 201012107,198.003,555.00
Letitia Moore Charitable Tr York 201112304,307.000.00
Lewin Center Bethel 20111243,772.005,022.00
Lewis & Evelyn Rosenthal Char Trust Oakland 20111249,342.002,189.00
Lewis H Nash Foundation Inc S Freeport 201112132,476.0044,223.00
Lewis Joseph Fisher Foundation Lewiston 201112128,298.003,014.00
Lewiston Area Youth Hockey League Inc Lewiston 201106103,286.00244,973.00
Lewiston Development Corp Lewiston 2011062,587,361.00118,763.00
Lewiston Education Fund Lewiston 20110688,106.0052,659.00
Lewiston High School Music Assoc Inc Lewiston 201206115,601.00149,884.00
Lewiston Police Athletic League Lewiston 20111232,222.0054,846.00
Lewiston-Auburn Area Housing Development Corporation Lewiston 2011061,162,426.00189,063.00
Lewiston-Auburn Childrens Home Lewiston 201112366,297.005,353.00
Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council Lewiston 2010062,474,190.00636,346.00
Lewiston-Auburn Jewish Federation Auburn 20110833,804.0014,488.00
Lewiston-Auburn Youth Soccer Association Auburn 20111217,048.0060,679.00
Liberty Volunteer Ambulance Service Liberty 201012159,033.0033,006.00
Libra Foundation Owen W Wells Trustee Portland 201112146,547,075.0071,771,388.00
Libra Future Fund Portland 201112580.0045,900.00
Life Education & Development Inc Orono 20111224,537.00110,824.00
Lifeflight Foundation Bangor 2011061,364,398.001,721,099.00
Lifeflight of Maine Llc Bangor 2011069,960,258.008,461,605.00
Lifes Little Paws Exeter 2011128,248.0046,057.00
Light of Life Ministries Inc Augusta 2010121,745,951.001,049,612.00
Lila P Littlefield Crt Ua 04021998 Portland 201112140,919.000.00
Lillian M Berliawsky Charitable Tr Uw 020692 Rockport 200812619,624.000.00
Lillius Gilchrest Grace Institute Tenants Hbr 2009062,690,913.00850,120.00
Lincoln Academy Newcastle 20110615,134,553.009,499,687.00
Lincoln County Board of Realtors Augusta 20111218,653.0028,744.00
Lincoln County Childrens Services Damariscotta 201106503,564.00386,860.00
Lincoln County Community Theater and Orchestra Damariscotta 201112819,463.00217,078.00
Lincoln County Health Care Inc Boothbay Hbr 2011095,438,498.009,772,369.00
Lincoln County Historical Association Wiscasset 201112421,937.0073,421.00
Lincoln Festival of The Arts Boothbay Hbr 201112225,622.00176,947.00
Lincoln Home Newcastle 2011077,646,508.003,578,794.00
Lincoln Street Center Rockland 201112114,274.00169,756.00
Lincolnville Beach Sanitary Facility Inc Camden 201012241,827.0068,952.00
Lincolnville Volunteer Fire Department Lincolnville 2011122,672,511.00968,630.00
Lippincott Charitable Remainder Unitrust Yarmouth 201112338,192.000.00
Lisa A Foley Charitable Remaindertrust Portland 200712955,978.000.00
Lisbon Emergency Inc Lisbon 201106503,003.00320,761.00
Litchfield Farmers Club Litchfield 20111055,785.00135,311.00
Litchfield Sportsmans Club Inc Litchfield 20111243,700.0038,731.00
Literacy Volunteers Greater Portland Portland 2010061.0012,924.00
Literacy Volunteers of America - Bangor Maine Bangor 20110671,031.0082,996.00
Literacy Volunteers of Greater Saco-Biddeford Saco 2009066,861.0023,142.00
Literacy Volunteers of Maine Portland 20110613,254.0036,033.00
Literacy Volunteers of Mid-Coast Maine Rockland 20120650,361.0087,317.00
Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin Auburn 2012032,317.0098,732.00
Little Dolphin School Foundation Westbrook 20110827,611.002,083,450.00
Little Ladd Football Inc of Greater Portland Portland 20081222,120.0034,077.00
Little League Baseball Inc Old Town 2011127,874.0032,445.00
Little League Baseball Inc S Portland 2011099,946.0032,289.00
Little League Baseball Inc Portland 20110912,630.0038,618.00
Little League Baseball Inc Lewiston 20110916,864.0044,483.00
Little League Baseball Inc Saco 20110918,483.0083,108.00
Little League Baseball Inc Kennebunk 20090920,309.0053,150.00
Little League Baseball Inc Portland 20090920,793.0050,156.00
Little League Baseball Inc S Freeport 20100927,269.0028,720.00
Little League Baseball Inc Windham 20110930,590.0061,969.00
Little League Baseball Inc Cape Neddick 20110930,599.0069,782.00
Little League Baseball Inc Rockland 20110931,154.0068,985.00
Little League Baseball Inc Yarmouth 20110936,021.0095,709.00
Little League Baseball Inc Cape Eliz 20111042,695.0035,732.00
Little League Baseball Inc Falmouth 20110945,033.0066,478.00
Little League Baseball Inc Bangor 20110972,198.0025,766.00
Little League Baseball Inc Wells 20110993,772.0066,368.00
Little League Baseball Inc Scarborough 201109107,641.0062,281.00
Little League Baseball Inc Auburn 201009110,823.0049,473.00
Little League Baseball Inc Westbrook 201109138,540.00117,862.00
Little Sebago Lake Association Windham 201112183,211.0088,629.00
Living Way Ministries Inc Buxton 2010121,577.002.00
Living Word Community Food Cupboard Dovr Foxcroft 20091214,279.0033,274.00
Llewellyn Barry Scholarship Fund Ellsworth 20111217,120.0018,931.00
Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry Ellsworth 201112252,285.0073,220.00
Lobster Conservancy Friendship 201112464,721.0047,543.00
Local Church Evangelism Inc Newport 201012158,428.00275,194.00
Local S-6 Community & Retiree Services Bath 2011121,862.006.00
Logan P Graves Foundation Presque Isle 20111287,467.0058,564.00
Lois M Gauthier Charitable Tr Bangor 201112425,962.007,000.00
Lonesome Pine Trails Inc Fort Kent 201110240,064.00170,086.00
Long Creek Watershed Management District Windham 2011062,892,915.002,073,552.00
Long Creek Youth Development Center S Portland 20110631,313.0029,801.00
Long Creek Youth Development Center Benefit Fund S Portland 20110667,834.0024,920.00
Long Creek Youth Ministries Inc Falmouth 20111238,272.0067,407.00
Long Lake Public Library Saint Agatha 201112158,131.0019,235.00
Longfellow Chorus Portland 2012086,510.00176,438.00
Longfellow Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization Portland 2012085,361.0070,516.00
Loon Echo Land Trust Inc Bridgton 2010124,369,989.00972,562.00
Lost Fishermens Memorial Association Lubec 20111234,874.0027,039.00
Lost Lamb Evangelistic Association Holden 201112458,300.00317,075.00
Louis T Graves Memorial Public Library Association Kennebunkport 2011121,735,696.00589,021.00
Louise Goulding Trust Fbo Preach Aid Soc Uw Ellsworth 201112501,933.00255,023.00
Louise Knapp Curtis Memorial Tr Camden 201112404,932.00231,902.00
Lovejoy Health Center Inc Albion 201109867,485.0059,510.00
Lovell Historical Society Lovell 201112250,654.0042,416.00
Low Impact Hydropower Institute Portland 20111220,039.00195,481.00
Lucerne Beach Club Bangor 20111225,305.0045,455.00
Lucid Inc Portland 2012067,134.00187,218.00
Lucie Clark Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111294,508.000.00
Lucky Pup Rescue Inc Kennebunkport 20111221,940.0084,665.00
Lula M Sherburne Charitable Lead Unitrust Portland 201112431,770.000.00
Lunder Foundation Portland 201112143,101.001,863,735.00
Lyman Fund Inc Yarmouth 201106708,974.00186,174.00
M H H A Augusta 20111298,380.00206,448.00
M Stephen Lajoie Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112664,272.000.00
M&J Company Bangor 2011128,306,058.001,893,628.00
Mabel Wadsworth Womens Health Center Bangor 201112931,291.00663,182.00
Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Machias 20091216,011.0065,632.00
Machias Bay Chamber Concerts Inc Machias 20111255,259.0027,039.00
Machias Savings Bank Community Development Foundation Machias 201112752,459.0018,570.00
Mad Horse Theatre Company S Portland 20120620,433.0082,506.00
Madawaska Chamber of Commerce Inc Madawaska 2011067,131.0045,718.00
Madawaska Four Corners Park Association Madawaska 20111215,517.007,813.00
Madawaska Public Library Madawaska 201106312,771.0057,182.00
Madawaska Senior Citizen Center Madawaska 201204494,980.0034,729.00
Madeline L Alexander Charitable Remainder Tr Belfast 20111293,494.000.00
Magee Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112344,267.000.00
Magnuson Technical Heritage Foundation Lyman 20111232,217.00110.00
Mahc Inc Old Orchd Bch 2011061,309,038.0092,410.00
Mahoosuc Arts Council Bethel 20110830,518.0049,495.00
Mahoosuc Kids Association Inc Bethel 201206368,940.00234,272.00
Mahoosuc Land Trust Inc Bethel 2011121,611,885.00119,606.00
Main Automobile Dealers Assoc Inc Insurance Trust 180 Civic Center D Augusta 2011058,232,312.0023,212,242.00
Main Family Resource Center Danforth 20111289,569.00406,169.00
Main Insurance Agents Assoc Augusta 201108596,377.00749,097.00
Main Street Bath Bath 20111299,964.00277,389.00
Main Street Skowhegan Skowhegan 201112129,855.00280,184.00
Maine & Company Portland 20110683,616.00340,405.00
Maine Academy of Family Physicians Foundation Hartland 2011123,958.00773.00
Maine Academy of Modern Music Portland 20101216,597.00124,649.00
Maine Acadian Heritage Council Madawaska 2012067,297.0082,396.00
Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation Newry 201110867,762.00626,500.00
Maine Administrators of Career and Technical Education Waldo 2011067,316.00106,204.00
Maine Adult Education Association Portland 201106169,275.00227,482.00
Maine Aggregate Association Kents Hill 20111217,164.0056,401.00
Maine Aids Alliance Portland 2009121,013.0071,979.00
Maine Air National Guard Association Bangor 2011125,714.008,544.00
Maine Alliance For Arts Education Augusta 20110936,789.00157,562.00
Maine Alternative Agriculture Association Starks 201112271,761.0022,000.00
Maine Amateur Hockey Association Inc Hallowell 20120674,293.00149,975.00
Maine Amateur Softball Association S Portland 2012033,993.0045,091.00
Maine Antique Tractor Club Inc Smithfield 20111265,209.0047,042.00
Maine Appalachian Trail Club Inc Bangor 201203540,041.00258,441.00
Maine Appalachian Trail Land Tr Portland 201103569,351.0030,606.00
Maine Appartment Owners and Managers Association Inc Bath 20110835,890.0025,162.00
Maine Aquaculture Association Hallowell 201109170,526.00266,838.00
Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center Orono 201106643,707.00672,457.00
Maine Art Education Association Portland 20120612,961.0025,935.00
Maine Art Museum Trail Portland 2011125,272.002,100.00
Maine Assistance Program For Lawyers Augusta 20110685,968.00101,352.00
Maine Association For Charter Schools Union 2011128,121.0059,453.00
Maine Association For Infant Mental Health Inc Greene 20110943,719.0073,841.00
Maine Association For Middle Level Education Inc Waterville 20111215,962.0027,217.00
Maine Association For Pupil Transportation Farmington 20120666,389.0082,934.00
Maine Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Rockland 20111219,802.0015,939.00
Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs Augusta 20111259,945.0073,860.00
Maine Association of Area Agencies On Aging Augusta 20111212,036.00106,377.00
Maine Association of Broadcasters Augusta 201106755,284.00507,654.00
Maine Association of Conservation Commissions Falmouth 20110633,506.0035,327.00
Maine Association of Conservation Districts Portland 20111263,342.00159,672.00
Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Freeport 20111220,803.0057,725.00
Maine Association of Directors of Services For Children With Excepti Manchester 201206576,841.00612,609.00
Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors Windham 20120613,520.0033,985.00
Maine Association of Math Leagues Oxford 2011074,019.0033,373.00
Maine Association of Mental Health Services Augusta 20110935,537.00169,427.00
Maine Association of Nonprofits Portland 201112302,857.00800,864.00
Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists Hampden 20110847,208.0077,195.00
Maine Association of Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Inc Portland 20111247,162.00132,509.00
Maine Association of Police South Portland 201112289,257.00342,143.00
Maine Association of Private Residential Facilities For Persons Gardiner 201206187,028.00162,626.00
Maine Association of Professional Accountants Dixfield 201206155,437.00128,750.00
Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians Manchester 201012160,249.0043,386.00
Maine Association of Realtors Augusta 2011122,568,270.001,197,136.00
Maine Association of Realtors Foundation Augusta 201112763,333.00607,931.00
Maine Association of Rehabilitation Services Lewiston 20111026,278.00181.00
Maine Association of Retirees Inc Farmingdale 201106490,413.00300,372.00
Maine Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Brunswick 201112137,223.0041,783.00
Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs Augusta 201106434,860.00961,759.00
Maine Audubon Society Falmouth 20110412,607,598.004,482,664.00
Maine Automobile Dealers Association Inc Augusta 201108911,417.001,165,305.00
Maine Avenue Manor Inc Millinocket 201112507,596.00274,303.00
Maine Bankers Association Portland 2011121,586,607.001,609,035.00
Maine Bar Foundation Hallowell 2011093,644,844.004,216,559.00
Maine Barrel Racing Association Gardiner 2010124,250.0026,683.00
Maine Beef Industry Council Whitefield 20110923,258.0052,327.00
Maine Beer & Wine Wholesalers Assoc Inc Augusta 20111250,075.00210,084.00
Maine Behavioral Health Partnership Portland 2011091,077,591.001,181,918.00
Maine Better Transportation Association Augusta 201012997,769.001,227,858.00
Maine Better Transportation Educational Foundation Augusta 201012347,851.00101,521.00
Maine Beverage Association Hallowell 20101232,297.00181,686.00
Maine Bioethics Network Biddeford 2009061.0031.00
Maine Boys To Men Portland 20111232,184.00244,557.00
Maine Breast Cancer Coalition Bangor 20111223,674.00161,642.00
Maine Brewers Guild Portland 20111226,087.0032,623.00
Maine Built Boats Inc Mount Desert 2011126,087.0031,050.00
Maine Business and Professional Womens Futurama Dedham 20110572,788.0014,263.00
Maine Businesses For Social Responsibility Portland 20111217,577.0053,270.00
Maine Campground Owners New Southwick Assoc Lewiston 201203224,033.00505,336.00
Maine Cancer Foundation Falmouth 2011063,393,697.001,963,306.00
Maine Catholic Radio Network Inc Portland 200712213,947.0011,889.00
Maine Celtic Celebration Inc Belfast 2011122,831.0039,423.00
Maine Center For Creativity Portland 201012371,318.00319,184.00
Maine Center For Economic Policy Augusta 201112568,453.00720,753.00
Maine Center For Enterprise Development Portland 20111246,795.00191,186.00
Maine Center For Public Health Augusta 201112331,461.0028,430.00
Maine Center On Deafness Portland 201106228,750.00632,090.00
Maine Central Institute Pittsfield 20110617,406,517.009,846,835.00
Maine Chapter American Institute of Architects Camden 201112128,165.0064,192.00
Maine Chapter of American College of Surgeons Portland 20090616,553.0040,632.00
Maine Chapter of Crs Augusta 2011121,263.004,465.00
Maine Chapter of The American Physical Therapy Association Inc Portland 20111241,770.0037,068.00
Maine Charitable Mechanic Association Portland 201203620,295.00153,495.00
Maine Chiefs of Police Association Inc S Portland 201112176,110.00106,399.00
Maine Childrens Alliance Augusta 201112236,086.00696,341.00
Maine Childrens Home For Little Wanderers Waterville 2011128,615,728.007,251,179.00
Maine Childrens Scholarship Fund Bangor 20110827,737.0033,679.00
Maine Childrens Trust Inc Augusta 2011061,003,727.001,267,102.00
Maine Chiropractic Assistant Association Saco 20111210,822.0021,986.00
Maine Citizens For Clean Elections Portland 20110634,596.00174,150.00
Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault Augusta 201109176,361.00629,485.00
Maine Coalition To End Domestic Violence Augusta 201109372,156.00998,637.00
Maine Coast Healthcare Foundation Ellsworth 2011064,162,036.00294,996.00
Maine Coast Heritage Trust Topsham 201012134,994,680.0013,388,325.00
Maine Coast Medical Realty Inc Ellsworth 201106363,511.00183,987.00
Maine Coast Regional Health Facilities Ellsworth 20110674,385,385.0092,653,395.00
Maine Coast Skaters Association Rockport 2011063,698.00145,845.00
Maine Coastal Habitat Foundation Spruce Head 201012315,523.00191,946.00
Maine College of Art Portland 20110622,558,231.0013,660,344.00
Maine Commercial Investment Association of Realtors Augusta 20111230,738.0024,084.00
Maine Community Action Association E Wilton 201109235,698.00857,111.00
Maine Community Foundation Inc Ellsworth 201112276,573,364.00188,451,632.00
Maine Community Foundation Pooled Income Fund 005429 Ellsworth 20111244,856.000.00
Maine Community Supporting Foundation Ellsworth 2011121.00110,000.00
Maine Composites Alliance Portland 20111213,181.00388,426.00
Maine Congress of Lake Associations Belgrade 20101259,017.0054,171.00
Maine Conservation Alliance Augusta 201112122,444.00178,974.00
Maine Contractors & Builders Alliance Camden 20110620,116.00193,710.00
Maine Council of Self Insurers Inc Portland 201112111,148.0053,626.00
Maine Council of The Atlantic Salmon Federation Gouldsboro 20111267,002.0028,380.00
Maine Counseling Association Temple 20110634,901.0051,348.00
Maine Crafts Association Dovr Foxcroft 201012209,593.00702,467.00
Maine Credit Union League Portland 2011123,069,617.001,807,924.00
Maine Credit Unions Campaign For Ending Hunger Portland 201112450,195.00450,476.00
Maine Curriculum Leaders Association Bryant Pond 20120665,752.0026,952.00
Maine Daily Newspaper Publishers Association Biddeford 2008128,374.0046,510.00
Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council Augusta 201112131,234.00195,546.00
Maine Dairy Industry Association Augusta 20111261,382.00188,293.00
Maine Dairy Promotion Board Augusta 201112278,335.00479,326.00
Maine Dartmouth Medicine Residency Augusta 2011062,333,153.0010,651,761.00
Maine Dental Association Manchester 201112837,271.00664,249.00
Maine Dental Association Charitable Foundation Manchester 2011121,130,330.008,317.00
Maine Dental Association Relief Fund Manchester 2012039,430.00542,632.00
Maine Dental Health Out-Reach Inc Winthrop 2011128,937.00101,113.00
Maine Dental Hygienists Assoc Inc Buckfield 20111246,011.0049,128.00
Maine Development Foundation Augusta 201112699,961.001,473,122.00
Maine Economic Research Institute Augusta 20111271,383.0080,250.00
Maine Education Association Augusta 2011083,399,491.008,486,346.00
Maine Education Association Benefits Trust Augusta 20110672,072,418.0068,295,721.00
Maine Education Association Staff Organization Retiree Health Ins Augusta 201108198,828.0031,810.00
Maine Education Association-Retired Westport Is 20110895,645.0078,943.00
Maine Education Services Portland 2010122,782,744.001,156,924.00
Maine Energy Education Program Dept of Economic & Commty Develop Parsonsfield 2011063,333.00143,045.00
Maine Energy Marketers Association Education Foundation Brunswick 201111889,680.00539,418.00
Maine Equal Justice Partners Inc Augusta 201112605,182.00738,072.00
Maine Event Field Hockey Gardiner 2010126,719.0017.00
Maine Fair Trade Campaign Bangor 2011121.0058,958.00
Maine Farm Bureau Association Augusta 2011091,313,890.00254,588.00
Maine Farm Bureau Disaster Relief Fund Augusta 20110913,218.001,020.00
Maine Farmland Trust Inc Belfast 20111213,418,567.003,345,211.00
Maine Federation of Humane Societies Inc Augusta 20110375,830.0013,821.00
Maine Ffa Association Augusta 20120622,484.0033,810.00
Maine Fiberarts Brunswick 20111212,011.0067,205.00
Maine Film Center Waterville 20110925,542.00137,773.00
Maine Financial Institutions Employee Ben Tr Portland 2011124,842,471.0025,490,697.00
Maine Fire Chiefs Association Augusta 20110958,994.0076,889.00
Maine Fishermens Forum Bath 201006194,329.00111,146.00
Maine Food Producers Alliance Augusta 20111243,131.0085,807.00
Maine Forest & Logging Museum Inc Orono 201112765,428.00225,071.00
Maine Forest Products Council Augusta 2011121,152,792.00561,179.00
Maine Foster Adoptive Childrens Enrichment Services Bangor 201203215,784.0034,790.00
Maine Garden Railway Society Buxton 2011122,801.002,320.00
Maine Genealogical Society Ellsworth 201112160,387.0050,689.00
Maine Girls Ice Hockey Association Portland 2008128,575.0015,782.00
Maine Gladiators Lewiston 20111253,370.0083,996.00
Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association Cumberland 20101235,075.0042,690.00
Maine Golf House Inc Cumberland 20111222,120.0076,607.00
Maine Golf House Inc Augusta 20111264,521.00104,151.00
Maine Golf House Inc Cumberland 20101278,259.00143,267.00
Maine Golf House Inc Cumberland 2011121,019,665.00991,141.00
Maine Grain Alliance Skowhegan 20111285,085.00264,031.00
Maine Greyhound Placement Service Yarmouth 201112707,482.00476,073.00
Maine Grocers Association Augusta 20111260,251.00188,753.00
Maine Guides Education Fund Patten 20111216,329.0018,914.00
Maine Health Access Foundation Inc Augusta 201012111,772,113.0032,213,756.00
Maine Health Care Assoc Augusta 201109633,287.001,198,233.00
Maine Health Data Processing Center Manchester 20120645,891.00522,516.00
Maine Health Management Coalition Foundation Portland 201112706,222.001,294,653.00
Maine Heart Surgery Center Foundation Portland 20111270,911.0032,711.00
Maine Heritage Policy Center Portland 201012296,968.001,095,705.00
Maine High School Hockey Invitational Inc Portland 20110619,190.0061,082.00
Maine Highlands Corporation Bangor 20110667,243.00104,463.00
Maine Historical Society Portland 20110913,611,252.003,732,441.00
Maine Hockey League Inc Saco 2011041,404.00106,741.00
Maine Horse Association Inc South Berwick 201112113,884.0014,144.00
Maine Hospice Council Inc Augusta 20110613,464.00277,175.00
Maine Hospital Association Inc Augusta 2011092,734,863.002,557,605.00
Maine Housing and Building Materials Exchange Bowdoinham 201106680,045.00397,505.00
Maine Housing Inc Augusta 2011121.000.00
Maine Humanities Council Portland 2011103,276,463.001,997,728.00
Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance Old Town 20111241,729.00190,584.00
Maine Indoor Air Quality Council Augusta 20120613,652.00242,236.00
Maine Initiatives Inc Augusta 2011093,112,139.00974,983.00
Maine Innkeepers Assn Inc Freeport 201112620,842.00409,828.00
Maine Innkeepers Education Foundation Freeport 20111295,719.0020,450.00
Maine International Center For Digital Learning Brunswick 201112118,307.00374,580.00
Maine International Trade Center Portland 201106297,095.00832,792.00
Maine Irish Heritage Center Portland 201112230,513.00117,938.00
Maine Island Trail Association Portland 201109733,000.00613,182.00
Maine Jewish Film Festival Portland 20120550,675.00106,083.00
Maine Juniors Volleyball Gray 2011084,923.0076,002.00
Maine Labor Group On Health Inc Augusta 201112247,964.00142,160.00
Maine Lakes Resource Center Belgrade Lks 2011122,340,369.001,019,208.00
Maine Landscape and Nursery Association Augusta 20111067,919.0057,792.00
Maine Leadership Institute Scarborough 20101215,006.0023,840.00
Maine Library Association Augusta 20110679,476.0059,807.00
Maine Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Boothbay Hbr 201112630,868.00395,922.00
Maine Life Care Retirement Community Inc Scarborough 20111283,929,974.0022,767,764.00
Maine Lighthouse Museum Inc Rockland 2011121,094,671.00121,546.00
Maine Lions Sight and Hearing Association Inc Waterville 2011098,729.0012,069.00
Maine Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Augusta 20110971,303.00692,738.00
Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership Augusta 201106971,494.002,696,379.00
Maine Marine Trade Assn Biddeford 201109127,559.00629,424.00
Maine Maritime Museum Bath 20111211,329,987.003,889,911.00
Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance Augusta 201106990,009.002,574,332.00
Maine Mathematics Science and Engineering Talent Search Orono 2010121.0050,773.00
Maine Media Women Round Pond 2009126,477.004,403.00
Maine Media Workshops Rockport 2011122,894,407.003,178,126.00
Maine Medical Association Manchester 2010121,475,633.002,479,396.00
Maine Medical Center Womens Board Canteen & Gift Shop Portland 201109473,623.001,455,445.00
Maine Medical Education Foundation Manchester 2010124,559,372.00605,465.00
Maine Medical Education Trust Association Dr Manchester 201012179,077.0071,711.00
Maine Medical Record Association Inc Durham 20120626,978.0011,379.00
Maine Mental Health Connections Inc Bangor 201206145,028.00405,901.00
Maine Mental Health Partners S Portland 2011091,472,741.005,186,143.00
Maine Merchants Association Inc Augusta 201112688,090.00290,946.00
Maine Metal Products Association Education Fund Westbrook 201012174,641.0016,200.00
Maine Migrant Health Program Inc Augusta 201103468,788.00981,430.00
Maine Motor Transport Association Inc Augusta 2012063,258,142.005,329,152.00
Maine Mountain Childrens House Kingfield 20111218,225.0050,602.00
Maine Municipal Tax Collectors and Treasurers Association Augusta 20111252,193.0054,136.00
Maine Music Educators Association Freeport 20100994,895.00210,862.00
Maine Music Society Lewiston 20110663,802.00114,049.00
Maine National Guard Foundation Fund Augusta 201109493,046.00301,309.00
Maine Natural History Observatory Gouldsboro 20110620,554.0088,973.00
Maine Nurse Practitioner Association Augusta 201112119,749.00147,436.00
Maine Occupational Therapy Association Fairfield 20111253,941.0018,449.00
Maine Oil Dealers Association Brunswick 2011111,000,179.001,022,358.00
Maine Oil Dealers Association Insurance Trust Brunswick 201108467,211.002,822,243.00
Maine Optometric Association Augusta 201012427,364.00397,037.00
Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association Unity 2011123,897,167.003,075,119.00
Maine Orthopaedic Foundation Auburn 201112107,402.00592.00
Maine Osteopathic Association Augusta 201112394,220.00413,607.00
Maine Outreach Unity 20111213,776.0037,045.00
Maine Parent Federation Inc Augusta 201108138,360.002,310,874.00
Maine Parent Teacher Association Inc Scarborough 20120614,908.0027,639.00
Maine Parent Teacher Association Inc Gardiner 20111218,728.0035,014.00
Maine Parent Teacher Association Inc Oakland 20110820,360.0039,124.00
Maine Parent Teacher Association Inc Kennebunkport 20120647,572.0053,943.00
Maine Parkinson Society Bangor 20111287,240.0067,256.00
Maine Peoples Alliance Portland 201112124,994.00924,096.00
Maine Peoples Resource Center Portland 201112396,371.00908,734.00
Maine Personal Assistance Services Association Portland 2010120.00677.00
Maine Pharmaceutical Association Ocean Park 20110890,144.0082,869.00
Maine Philanthropy Center Portland 201112414,531.00339,785.00
Maine Pooled Disability Tr Kennebunkport 201106133,937.0059,486.00
Maine Preservation Yarmouth 201109942,716.00305,052.00
Maine Press Association Cape Eliz 2011095,765.0028,641.00
Maine Pretrial Services Inc Portland 201106462,907.002,180,891.00
Maine Primary Care Association Augusta 2011091,717,761.002,652,144.00
Maine Pro Musica Rockport 20111212,999.0059,245.00
Maine Professional Guides Association Wilton 20111279,577.00133,176.00
Maine Project For Fine Art Conservation Portland 2011125,821.0069,184.00
Maine Psychological Association Augusta 20111247,372.0074,226.00
Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation Lewiston 20120616,850,428.0013,010,485.00
Maine Pulp & Paper Association Augusta 201112313,026.00251,965.00
Maine Quality Counts Manchester 201106796,890.001,471,685.00
Maine Quarter Horse Association Chelsea 201112498.0071,511.00
Maine Rabbit & Pet Rescue Greenville 20111239,086.0031,258.00
Maine Radiological Society Augusta 20111242,174.0016,933.00
Maine Reads Portland 20120615,891.0062,913.00
Maine Real Estate Development Assn Portland 201206208,395.00300,460.00
Maine Real Estate Managers Association Westbrook 20111249,705.00179,581.00
Maine Recreation & Park Association Scarborough 20120642,626.00260,964.00
Maine Red Claws Foundation Portland 20111226,280.0090,849.00
Maine Renewable Energy Association Augusta 20111277,284.00390,846.00
Maine Resource Development Corp Portland 201106296,148.00699,456.00
Maine Resource Recovery Association Bangor 201106821,204.00264,556.00
Maine Restaurant Association Augusta 201105211,992.00505,002.00
Maine Right To Life Committee Auburn 20111211,070.0067,641.00
Maine Right To Life Committee Educational Fund Auburn 201112298,712.00149,218.00
Maine Rivers Yarmouth 20120356,449.0088,228.00
Maine Robotics Orono 2011129,747.00129,038.00
Maine Rural Partners Orono 201109144,173.00299,264.00
Maine Rural Water Association Richmond 201106964,060.001,465,940.00
Maine School Food Service Assn S Portland 201107146,793.0093,879.00
Maine School of Masonry Avon 201112181,764.0069,314.00
Maine School of Science and Mathematics Foundation Limestone 201106357,612.00113,725.00
Maine School Superintendents Assoc Augusta 201106106,480.00133,055.00
Maine Sea Coast Missionary Society Bar Harbor 20111235,311,057.009,680,308.00
Maine Search and Rescue Dogs Gouldsboro 20101252,032.0037,860.00
Maine Secondary School Principals Association Augusta 2012061,747,366.002,691,549.00
Maine Self Insurance Guaranty Association Portland 2011124,654,076.0081,290.00
Maine Seniors Golf Association Yarmouth 20110736,231.00102,707.00
Maine Service Centers Coalition Augusta 20111286,649.0039,350.00
Maine Share Augusta 201112760,118.00164,323.00
Maine Sheriffs Association Vassalboro 201112267,507.00735,363.00
Maine Skiing Inc Portland 201205709.00244,059.00
Maine Society For Respiratory Care Scarborough 20111214,756.0030,649.00
Maine Society of Certified Public Accountants Scarborough 201105694,629.00522,209.00
Maine Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons Manchester 201012157,337.00138,638.00
Maine Society of Health-System Pharmacists Waterville 20111274,413.0048,290.00
Maine Society of Land Surveyors Augusta 20101289,296.0085,724.00
Maine Software Developers Association Portland 20101229,394.00163,755.00
Maine Space Grant Consortium Augusta 201202529,517.001,654,207.00
Maine Special Education Mental New Gloucester 201206644,810.002,846,034.00
Maine Special Olympics S Portland 2011122,260,679.001,659,855.00
Maine Sporting Camp Heritage Foundation Hampden 201112368.000.00
Maine State Ballet Falmouth 2010122,016,015.00800,207.00
Maine State Bar Association Augusta 201109824,109.004,439,997.00
Maine State Chamber of Commerce Augusta 201106402,091.001,482,164.00
Maine State Chiropractors Association Augusta 201112248,782.00361,660.00
Maine State Cu Augusta 201112329,073,659.0014,435,472.00
Maine State Employees Assoc Income Protection Plan & Trust Agreement Augusta 2011065,870,477.005,584,793.00
Maine State Florists and Growers Association Millinocket 20111221,961.0058,299.00
Maine State Music Theatre Brunswick 2011103,462,702.002,652,303.00
Maine State Nurses Association Augusta 200808446,753.004,183.00
Maine State Society For The Protection of Animals Room 13 South Windham 2011125,174,688.001,910,226.00
Maine State Teacher of The Year Association Winthrop 201206886.002,882.00
Maine State Troopers Association Augusta 201112402,224.00238,501.00
Maine State Troopers Association Benefits Trust Augusta 201012224,727.00162,513.00
Maine State Troopers Foundation Augusta 201112252,243.0089,339.00
Maine String Teachers and Players Association Biddeford 20111212,386.0056,518.00
Maine Substance Abuse Foundation Augusta 20110660,801.0037,271.00
Maine Technology Institute Brunswick 20110629,091,847.0020,788,101.00
Maine Telecommunications Users Group Portland 20110797,745.0075,203.00
Maine Timber Research & Maine Tree Foundation Augusta 201112448,580.00455,776.00
Maine Town & City Clerks Association Augusta 20111268,488.0054,564.00
Maine Town City and County Management Association Augusta 20111248,057.0061,838.00
Maine Traditional Music Association Woolwich 20111233,385.00249,895.00
Maine Transition Network Augusta 201006218,340.00530,253.00
Maine Trial Lawyers Association Augusta 20111239,827.00199,086.00
Maine Veterans Home Augusta 20110696,480,267.0084,157,235.00
Maine Veterinary Education Foundation Portland 201112515,527.0025,831.00
Maine Veterinary Medical Association Inc Portland 201112208,911.0099,881.00
Maine Voad Hampden 2011121,100.0090,976.00
Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program Auburn 201112297,088.00320,396.00
Maine Waste Water Control Association Augusta 201112110,298.00115,853.00
Maine Water Utilities Association Augusta 201109138,508.00350,236.00
Maine Way Inc Biddeford 201112130,039.0069,663.00
Maine Wesleyan Board of Education Wayne 2012031,128,434.001,189,853.00
Maine Wilderness Camp Foundationinc Houlton 2010122,708.003,774.00
Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust Inc Augusta 2010121,220,768.00137,796.00
Maine Winter Sports Center Caribou 2012047,915,381.001,676,033.00
Maine Womans Christian Temperance Portland 201108286,653.0047,160.00
Maine Womens Fund Inc Portland 2011061,598,419.00678,944.00
Maine Womens Lobby Augusta 20111220,243.00122,506.00
Maine Womens Network Union 20110622,516.0032,283.00
Maine Womens Policy Center Augusta 201112266,398.00326,347.00
Maine Woods Conservancy Inc Dover Foxcroft 2010125,538.001.00
Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance Portland 20110640,662.00115,991.00
Maine Youth Camp Association Portland 20110653,752.0031,745.00
Maine Youth Camping Association Portland 201106296,110.00216,566.00
Maine Youth Golf Foundation Saco 2011123,638.00303,906.00
Mainegeneral Health Augusta 20110616,898,576.0018,770,571.00
Mainegeneral Health Augusta 201106376,506,086.00483,775,978.00
Mainehealth Portland 201109141,079,113.0035,708,770.00
Mainely Girls Rockport 20110628,375.0061,671.00
Maines Lakes and Mountains Tourism Council Auburn 20110940,014.0097,704.00
Mainestream Finance Bangor 2011092,898,088.00453,241.00
Maiorino Charitable Remainder Unitrust Falmouth 201112748,750.000.00
Majorie Shaw Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112751,772.000.00
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine Portland 201108962,778.001,585,905.00
Manasseh Inc Peaks Island 201012610,816.0010,620.00
Manchester Historical Society Manchester 2011124,396.002,276.00
Manchester Housing For The Elderly Portland 201112756,153.00187,998.00
Manes and Tails Caribou 2011123,117.002,615.00
Manitou Camps Foundation Oakland 20110129,191.00133,080.00
Manna Inc Bangor 201006962,120.002,827,076.00
Manor At Phillipstown Place Inc Sanford 201105459,408.001,186,578.00
Manufactured Housing Association of Maine Portland 20111264,808.0065,071.00
Manufacturers Association of Maine Westbrook 20101295,131.00509,997.00
Maple Grove Elderly Housing Corporation Portland 201112115,661.0083,561.00
Maplestone Acton 201108157,854.00893,052.00
Maps South Portland 2011064,153,909.006,982,063.00
Maranacook Education Foundation Readfield 2011127,255.006,577.00
Marchetti Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust 05-31-01 Waterville 20111297,718.000.00
Marcia T Mackinnon Charitable Remainder Tr Fbo Duncan Mackinnon Portland 2011121,306,199.000.00
Marcia T Mackinnon Charitable Remainder Tr Fbo John Mackinnon Portland 2011121,306,199.000.00
Marcia T Mackinnon Charitable Remainder Tr Fbo Marcy Mackinnon Portland 2011121,306,199.000.00
Margaret C Speirs Charitable Rem Unitrust Fbo Stephen Speirs Portland 20111247,635.000.00
Margaret Carlisle Speirs Charitable Remainder Trust Fbo Portland 20111247,638.000.00
Margaret Chase Smith Foundation Portland 20101210,267,176.003,133,084.00
Margaret E Burnham Charitable Tr Portland 2011125,525,542.004,831,937.00
Margaret Nomentana Foundation C/O Milton S Tyre Portland 20101241,293.0017,188.00
Margaret W Miller Charitable Remainder Tr Brunswick 201012417,004.000.00
Marginal Way Preservation Fund Ogunquit 201112307,092.00218,438.00
Marian G Hunter Charitable Remainder Unitrust Damariscotta 201112252,578.000.00
Marian Movement of Priests Inc Saint Francis 201112741,577.00194,862.00
Marie G Santagata Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112182,019.000.00
Marilyn J Chase Charitable Remainder Unitrust Garfield Plt 20111210,435.000.00
Marilyn M Rockefeller Charitable Remainder Unitrust Camden 2011121,376,740.000.00
Marine Anglers For Research and Conservation Belgrade 2011125,542.0036,050.00
Marine Environmental Research Institute Blue Hill 201012869,108.00693,943.00
Marion G Marland Trust Ua 83 Fbo Portland 2011083,651,048.00312,406.00
Marion Mckenney & Emery W Booker Brunswick 2011083,324,498.001,104,023.00
Marion Weathers Grassi Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Ua 120694 Camden 201112102,336.000.00
Marjorie C Bailey Charitable Foundation Damariscotta 2011123,866,310.00602,203.00
Marjorie F Campbell Educational Trust Sanford 201112263,342.00142,387.00
Marjorie F Morse Tr Fund Bangor 201112601,480.00159,463.00
Marjorie H & Henry W Saunders Tr 7 2 Percent Pl I Crt Ua 072897 Orono 20111280,079.000.00
Mark A Lutz 2010 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112996,918.000.00
Mark and Emily Turner Memorial Library Charitable Tr Presque Isle 201112890,427.00704,303.00
Mark E & Emily Turner Foundation Presque Isle 2011121.0032,593.00
Mark W Leinone and Patrica S Leinonen Charitable Foundation Scarborough 201112148,102.0032,501.00
Marlee Fund Manchester 20111213,487.0031,532.00
Marsh Island Corporation Old Town 201103715,106.00112,750.00
Marshwood Travel Soccer Eliot 20111225,776.0026,747.00
Marta Morse 1996 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112334,847.000.00
Marta N Morse 2007 Charitable Remainder Unitr Portland 201112150,977.000.00
Martha F Drake Tr Dtd 040390 Bath 201112115,096.000.00
Martha J Stevens Tr Fbo Lakewood Theatre Athens 201112266,549.00105,034.00
Martindale Country Club Inc Auburn 2009101,071.003,737,839.00
Martins Point Health Care Inc Portland 201112296,698,225.00423,105,767.00
Mary A Offutt Charitable Remainder Trust Ua 10-12-00 Ltl Deer Is 201112247,078.000.00
Mary A Piper Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112433,419.000.00
Mary Ann Bottiglia Charitable Remainder Unitrust Manchester 201112107,891.000.00
Mary Davies & Margaret Pirone Charitable Remainder Tr Yarmouth 20111292,515.000.00
Mary Davies & Marshall Jones Charitable Remainder Tr Yarmouth 20111290,638.000.00
Mary Donovan Charitable Remainder Unitrust Scarborough 20111221,382.000.00
Mary F C Campbell Charitable Remainder Unitr 736D2100 08-08-96 Scarborough 20091211,401.000.00
Mary G August Charitable Remainder Unitr Portland 20111290,684.000.00
Mary H Paquet Charitable Remainder Unitrust A Ellsworth 20111256,500.000.00
Mary H Paquet Charitable Remainder Unitrust B Ellsworth 20111256,524.000.00
Mary H Paquet Charitable Remainder Unitrust C 09-19-96 Ellsworth 20111256,500.000.00
Mary Lou Michael Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112126,922.000.00
Mary T & Curtis D Lovill Trust Randolph 201106487,292.0099,264.00
Mary-Leigh Smart Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112397,765.000.00
Marys Walk Kennebunk 2010124,339.00214,422.00
Mason P and Barbara D Smith Charitable Remainder Unitrust Cape Eliz 20111214,120.000.00
Masonic Trustees of Portland Portland 201112259,143.00134,873.00
Massabesic Area Youth Football Inc Alfred 20101237,714.0051,819.00
Massabesic Athletic Boosters Inc Waterboro 201206143,858.00106,798.00
Massabesic Lions Club Regional Medical Center Alfred 201106124,405.00107,959.00
Massachusetts Health Officers Association Incorporated Limerick 201106689,315.00492,882.00
Mattanawcook Terrace Housing Corp Bangor 2011121,241,807.00260,193.00
Mattawamkeag Housing Corp Bangor 201112623,504.00145,199.00
Matthew Hoopes 32262-0 Tr Ua Wh Ellsworth 201112203,812.000.00
Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage Union 20091091,956.0038,388.00
Maude Kaemmerling Library Ua 111537 Trust 10101200148040 Portland 20120897,651.008,366.00
Maurice L Fenderson 2000 Charitable Remainder Uni Tr Portland 201112161,339.000.00
Maurice W & Leila M Forster Trust Lewiston 201112429,698.0041,013.00
Max Kagan Family Foundation Orono 2011122,957,090.002,270,426.00
Maxwell K Murphy Scholarship Fund Ellsworth 20111235,411.0036,355.00
Mayo Street Arts Portland 20111217,877.0070,695.00
Mcarthur Home For Aged People Assoc Biddeford 2011106,058,288.00421,272.00
Mcarthur Library Association Biddeford 2012064,077,195.001,070,720.00
Mccarthy Family Foundation S Portland 201106657,676.00510,411.00
Mch Corp Ellsworth 2011061.000.00
Mckeen Street Learning Center Inc Brunswick 201112273,353.00289,756.00
Mclanathan-Phippsburg Fire and Rescue Fund Inc Phippsburg 201112954,479.00292,771.00
Mclaughlin Foundation Inc South Paris 201012343,646.00190,927.00
Mechanic Falls Before and After School Programs Mechanic Fls 201006436.0037,268.00
Mechanic Falls Development Commission Auburn 201206607,965.0016,567.00
Medex Foundation For Advancement of Women In Health Care Portland 2011121,791.000.00
Medical Care Development Incorporated Augusta 20111220,822,082.0045,073,044.00
Medomak Valley All Sports Boosters Waldoboro 20110631,669.0071,909.00
Medomak Valley Community Foundation Waldoboro 20111212,138.0012,138.00
Medomak Valley Land Trust Waldoboro 2010122,154,247.00211,891.00
Medora C Roberts Trust & De Positors Trust Co Trustee Nect C/O Belfast 20120438,103.003,614.00
Meduxnekeag Ramblers Littleton 20111265,998.0083,180.00
Megantic Fish & Game Corp Falmouth 2011103,673,493.00584,791.00
Megunticook Golf Club Camden 2011101,165,210.00542,327.00
Megunticook Watershed Association Camden 201204135,422.0085,718.00
Melmac Education Foundation Augusta 20111233,984,090.002,403,356.00
Melvin H Simmons Trust Augusta 2012041,107,547.00221,321.00
Memgma Lewiston 20111243,307.0014,605.00
Memorial Ambulance Corps Isle Au Haut-Stonington-Deer Isle Deer Isle 2011121,105,065.00189,897.00
Menke Charitable Remainder Unitrust Yarmouth 20111237,238.000.00
Mercy Endowment Foundation Portland 2011066,628,242.002,419,334.00
Mercy Health System of Maine Portland 201012898,024.002,667,087.00
Mercy Hospital Portland 201012206,185,828.00190,456,005.00
Merilee Raines Charitable Remainder Tr Cape Eliz 20111267,671.000.00
Merrymeeting Bay Tr Bath 2011122,818,810.00336,130.00
Merrymeeting Board of Realtors Augusta 20111234,164.0037,169.00
Merrymeeting Scouting Assistance Association Brunswick 20110914,799.00667.00
Merryspring Inc Camden 201012787,282.00144,555.00
Messler Family Foundation Camden 2011061,955,280.00672,118.00
Methodist Conference Home Inc Rockland 2011121,736,326.00996,199.00
Metrum Institute Augusta 201109541,791.00238,424.00
Mexico Senior Housing Corporation Mexico 201012362,625.00119,634.00
Mhcpv Housing Inc Bangor 201206370,444.00119,335.00
Michael & Eugenia Wormser Charitable Remainder Unitrust 95 Waterville 201112116,518.000.00
Michael D Wormser Charitable Remainder Trust Waterville 201112186,507.000.00
Michael Mccabe Whittier Charitable Remainder Unitr Portland 201112241,902.000.00
Michael Phelps Foundation Portland 201112350,057.00382,103.00
Michael W Crosby Charitable Remainder Tr Gorham 201112137,036.000.00
Mid Coast Geriatric Services Corp Brunswick 20110912,836,468.008,726,359.00
Mid Coast Hospital Brunswick 201109139,681,202.00134,234,149.00
Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program Inc Brunswick 201012987,692.00425,338.00
Mid Coast Sports Hall of Fame Northport 2011128,222.007,118.00
Mid-Coast Board of Realtors Palermo 20101289,712.00138,908.00
Midcoast Community Chorus Rockport 201112235,094.0094,520.00
Mid-Coast Economic Development Council Camden 20110635,448.0088,566.00
Mid-Coast Health Net Inc Rockland 201112214,613.00149,951.00
Midcoast Hospital-Brunswick Auxiliary Bunswick 20110655,952.00138,537.00
Mid-Coast Hospitality House Rockport 201203351,417.00169,097.00
Midcoast Magnet Camden 20111275,695.00179,183.00
Midcoast Maine Community Action Bath 2011095,133,354.006,050,117.00
Midcoast Maine Fishing Heritage Alliance Port Clyde 20101224,924.0029,261.00
Mid-Coast Recreation Center Inc Rockport 2011062,884,976.002,827,122.00
Mid-Coast Regional Planning Commission Rockland 201109107,031.00110,042.00
Midcoast Symphony Orchestra Brunswick 201006164,621.00140,202.00
Mid-Coast Youth Hockey Brunswick 20110444,613.0089,736.00
Midcoast Youth Theater Brunswick 20110934,835.0028,723.00
Middle River Reach Training Center Machias 20120668,390.0058,317.00
Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce Waterville 201112511,851.00398,409.00
Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter Inc Waterville 2011123,156,932.001,293,655.00
Mid-Maine Majestix Field Hockey Oakland 20111228,137.00110,774.00
Mid-Maine Waste Action Corporation Auburn 20110619,360,093.006,317,201.00
Mid-State Foundation Winslow 20111250,058.0065,347.00
Midtown Athletic Club Lewiston 20111028,850.00320,572.00
Mike Seitzinger and Maria Cusick Charitable Tr Augusta 20111227,600.000.00
Milbridge Harbor Apartments Machias 2012068,948.0037,083.00
Milbridge Historical Society Milbridge 201112244,802.0012,106.00
Milbridge Medical Center Milbridge 2011120.0028,380.00
Milbridge Residence Machias 201206330,313.0079,832.00
Mildres Stevens Williams Memorial Libary Appleton 201112457,105.0022,438.00
Miles For Max Inc Kennebunk 200912914.0059,992.00
Miles Memorial Hospital Incorporated Damariscotta 20110946,957,977.0061,342,025.00
Miles Memorial Hospital League Damariscotta 201109349,485.00290,117.00
Milestone Foundation Inc Old Orchd Bch 2011062,050,133.003,586,844.00
Millinocket Area Growth and Investment Council Millinocket 2009065,222.0022,592.00
Millinocket Housing Corp Millinocket 2011121,890,563.00595,564.00
Millinocket Regional Hospital Millinocket 20110621,802,981.0030,458,421.00
Milo Housing Corporation Greenville 201112589,895.00304,196.00
Mimi Foundation Bangor 2011122,182,407.001,539,454.00
Ministry of Miracles Augusta 201112257,343.001.00
Minsky Fam Charitable Remainder Tr Bangor 201112708,544.000.00
Misner Fam Charitable Remainder Unitr Waterville 201112293,445.000.00
Missing Children Alert Program W Boothbay Ha 20120630,631.0090,559.00
Mizpah Inc Madawaska 201106336,602.0048,272.00
Mmc Realty Corp Portland 20110941,246,307.006,298,181.00
Mobius Inc Damariscotta 2011064,144,029.005,271,189.00
Modern Greek Studies Association Brunswick 201012423,266.0033,335.00
Mollie Rudall-Moore Charitable Remainder Unitrust 82Ec0200 Southport 201112225,461.000.00
Monhegan Historial & Cultural Museum Association Monhegan 2011123,917,687.00286,700.00
Monhegan Island Sustainable Community Association Monhegan Island 201109931,934.00105,513.00
Monmouth Academy Trustees of Monmouth 2012021,351,082.00762,630.00
Monmouth Museum Monmouth 201112203,835.0014,742.00
Monmouth Rescue Association Inc Monmouth 201106244,099.00254,572.00
Monmouth Water Association Monmouth 2011121,346,534.00133,640.00
Moorhead C Jr & Louisa L Kennedy Charitable Remainder Trust Mt Desert 201112143,862.000.00
Moosabec Ambulance Service Jonesport 201112149,572.00160,190.00
Moose Alley Riders Bingham 20111229,388.0021,854.00
Moosehead Historical Society Inc Greenville 2011121,028,676.00137,505.00
Moosehead Lake Fisheries Coalition Rockwood 2011126,997.0013,865.00
Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce Greenville 20110978,130.00113,358.00
Moosehead Marine Museum Inc Greenville 2011121,358,086.00481,634.00
Morris Farm Trust Wiscasset 201012522,548.0073,325.00
Morrison Center Scarborough 2011068,510,635.004,012,165.00
Morse High School Scholarship Fund Bath 2011062,608,881.001,020,263.00
Morton-Kelly Charitable Tr Portland 2011123,423,422.003,311,679.00
Motivational Services Inc Augusta 2011065,969,165.009,476,411.00
Motorcycle Rider Education of Maine Bangor 20101210,755.0080,166.00
Mount Auburn Cemetery Corp Litchfield 2011121,701,727.00828,308.00
Mount Blue Housing Inc Auburn 201106328,742.0052,791.00
Mount David Housing Inc Auburn 201106738,639.00106,635.00
Mount Desert Festival of Chamber Music Inc Northeast Hbr 201203659,936.00173,949.00
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory Salsbury Cove 20111226,326,891.0013,225,193.00
Mount Desert Island Community Sailing and Maritime Education Southwest Harbor 201112649,523.00383,194.00
Mount Desert Island Historical Society Mount Desert 201112565,825.00162,339.00
Mount Desert Island Hospital Bar Harbor 20110452,909,124.0051,867,155.00
Mount Desert Island Hospital Alice Carter Bar Harbor 201112155,252.0038,228.00
Mount Desert Island Lions Charities Inc Southwest Hbr 20120630,663.0065,205.00
Mount Desert Island Marathon Inc Ne Harbor 20111226,557.00146,213.00
Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve Seal Harbor 20101225,412,808.001,302,987.00
Mount Desert Medical Center Northeast Hbr 2011061,546,820.00450,354.00
Mount Desert Nursery School Ne Harbor 201106222,535.00181,148.00
Mount Desert Nursing Association Northeast Hbr 2011061,165,225.00700,081.00
Mount St Joseph Waterville 2011129,732,768.0011,630,454.00
Mousam Lake Region Association Springvale 20111225,443.0023,416.00
Msea Building Associates Augusta 201112247,113.00110,990.00
Mt Abram Ski Club Greenwood 20111222,996.0019,916.00
Mt Blue Community Access Tv Inc Farmington 20111231,166.0091,677.00
Mt Blue High School All Sports Boosters Farmington 20111272,642.0038,730.00
Mt Desert Island Ymca Bar Harbor 2010123,841,088.002,002,134.00
Mt Hope Cemetery Corp Bangor 2011129,148,262.003,456,936.00
Mt Pleasant Cemetery Assoc Eliot 201203664,758.0068,684.00
Mt Pleasant Cemetery Corp S Portland 201112805,093.0053,359.00
Mt Sinai Cemetery Association Inc Portland 201012208,259.0034,193.00
Multiple Handicapped Association of Central Aroostook Caribou 201106262,172.00295,591.00
Municipal Review Committee Inc Bangor 201112143,427.00389,088.00
Munsell Family Foundation Ellsworth 20111274,819.0047,981.00
Muriel L Mccaffrey Education Tr Bath 201106970,656.00184,799.00
Muriel L Wilhelm Charitable Remainder Unitrust Damariscotta 20111266,316.000.00
Murphys Knees Fund Rockport 20101288,848.003,802.00
Murray Family Foundation Standish 20111251,533.006,403.00
Museum At Portland Head Light Cape Eliz 201106454,318.00569,237.00
Museum L-A Lewiston 201112626,584.00550,168.00
Museum of Art of Ogunquit Ogunquit 2011121,748,744.001,787,163.00
Muskie Fund For Legal Services Portland 20101211,684.0070,300.00
Mwpa Inc Belfast 2011125,921.00104,084.00
Myron H Downs Charitable Remainder Tr 123096 Yarmouth 2011123,026,170.000.00
Myron M Hilton Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 20111242,964.000.00
N Hilton Rosen Charitablle Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112178,974.000.00
Nada Neighbors Against Drug Abuse Calais 20091224,036.0033,177.00
Nami-Maine Incorporated Augusta 2011061,224,680.00848,334.00
Nan Sawyer Charitable Remainder Unitrust Dated November 7 1996 Portland 201112163,625.000.00
Nancy B Hutchins Estate Belgrade 2010121.000.00
Nancy E Horn 2007 Charitable Remainder Tr Sanford 201112453,682.000.00
Nancy G Whittier Charitable Remainder Unitr Ii Fbo Julie Norma Portland 2011121,076,308.000.00
Nancy G Whittier Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112857,214.000.00
Nancy G Whittier Chtble Rmdr Unitr Ii Fbo Charles D Whittier Portland 2011121,280,663.000.00
Nancy Nolde Wood Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112104,717.000.00
Nancy Osher Blumberg Charitable Remainder Unitrust 1 Ua 09222006 Portland 20111281,750.000.00
Nancy R Brown Charitable Remainder Unitr Harpswell 20111287,722.000.00
Nancy Walls Walder Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bar Harbor 201112217,332.000.00
Nancy Whittier Charitable Rem Unitrust 10 101200296400 Fbo Portland 201112399,352.000.00
Nanovic Family Memorial Scholarshipfund N Yarmouth 201112693,132.0092,068.00
Naples Public Library Naples 2011061,889,469.00153,119.00
Narragansett Number One Foundation Bar Mills 2012064,840,153.001,529,788.00
Narraguagus Child Development Assoc Cherryfield 2011129,034.0031,520.00
Narraguagus Snowmobile Club Cherryfield 20111289,604.0054,441.00
Nasson Center Redevelopment Inc Springvale 2010121,051,357.00190,504.00
Natalie V Morris Crut-A 0011219470 Bangor 201112144,547.000.00
Nathaniel M Russell Charitable Remainder Unitrust Falmouth 20111293,506.000.00
National Alliance For Choice In Giving Portland 200912879.0024,536.00
National Alliance For Grieving Children Portland 20111280,565.00199,128.00
National Association For African American Studies Scarborough 20111253,149.00107,560.00
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors-Maine Portland 20110624,991.0069,781.00
National Association of Letter Carriers Brewer 20111250,816.0037,142.00
National Association of Letter Carriers Portland 20111268,245.00149,772.00
National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives Augusta 201112161,060.00240,292.00
National Association of Social Workers Inc Augusta 201106147,950.00105,054.00
National Association of State Military Resource Managers Inc Augusta 2011067,982.005,000.00
National Association of Women In Construction Hallowell 201109134,451.0077,367.00
National Council of the United States Society of St Vincent Depau Portland 201112492,109.00109,005.00
National Emergency Response Inc Unity 201112635,929.00290,076.00
National Estuarine Research Reserve Association Inc Wells 201107873,154.00595,408.00
National Legislative Association On Prescription Drug Prices Hallowell 20120620,831.0040,802.00
National Marine Educators Association Arrowsic 201112443,716.00112,509.00
National Partnership For Environmental Technology Education So Portland 201109864,222.002,229,024.00
National Rural Letter Carriers Association Limerick 20120686,143.00221,060.00
National Shellfisheries Association Waldoboro 201109493,516.00348,541.00
National Society of Colonial Dames Portland 2011041,051,904.00368,674.00
National Treasury Employees Union Limestone 20111289,482.0057,744.00
Natnalie V Morris Charitable Remainder Unitrust 323-0011218670 Bangor 201112137,588.000.00
Natural Resource Education Center At Moosehead Greenville 20100698,525.0023,174.00
Natural Resources Council Inc Augusta 2012036,343,820.003,404,656.00
Nature Tr Appleton 201112157,826.000.00
Neighborhood House Club Northeast Hbr 2011124,175,479.00606,354.00
Neighbors First Inc Presque Isle 20111251,157.0049,526.00
Neighbors Supporting Neighbors Community Pantry Hermon 20111220,108.0015,594.00
Neil & Lois Crane Charitable Remainder Unitrust Hampden 20111263,387.000.00
Neil Gass Ministries Inc Sanford 20111210,762.0053,950.00
New Auburn Social Club Inc Auburn 201012286,709.00594,224.00
New Beginnings Inc Lewiston 2010122,659,496.002,901,335.00
New Beginnings National Disaster Relief Inc Brewer 201112400.0061,899.00
New Country School Inc West Baldwin 20100720,906.0037,070.00
New Earth York Beach 201012361,569.00519,308.00
New England Association For College Admission Counseling Inc Kittery 201108889,515.00614,380.00
New England Association of Independent Tire Dealers Inc Yarmouth 201112118,146.00194,830.00
New England Baptist Bible College S Portland 201106178,879.00399,276.00
New England Camp Cedarbrook Inc Alfred 201109971,456.00306,042.00
New England Collegiate Baseball League Inc Sanford 20111261,777.00160,698.00
New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners Inc Yarmouth 201109319,324.00357,597.00
New England Cycling Federation South Portland 20111238,029.0036,023.00
New England Electric Railway Historical Society Kennebunkport 2011122,990,377.00695,109.00
New England Faculty Development Consortium S Portland 20120626,440.0030,023.00
New England Film Academy Scarborough 2011121,908.0057,597.00
New England Financial Services Association Inc Portland 2010121,128.000.00
New England Foster Care Association Chelsea 2010121.001.00
New England Frontier Camp Corporation Lovell 201112357,618.00153,202.00
New England Institute of Alcohol Studies Inc Augusta 201112812,378.00782,157.00
New England Life Care Inc South Portland 2011128,605,260.0024,946,915.00
New England Mail Order Association Scarborough 201112331,983.00526,562.00
New England Museum of Telephony Incorporated Ellsworth 201109132,210.0018,528.00
New England Music Camp Association Sidney 2010126,317,355.002,160,916.00
New England Nordic Ski Association New Gloucester 201104847,968.001,049,423.00
New England Psychological Association Inc Portland 20111220,336.0028,362.00
New England School of Communications Bangor 2011064,081,338.005,635,246.00
New England School of Metalwork Auburn 201112680,113.00357,627.00
New England State Travel Directors Council Inc Augusta 201106485,114.001,270,145.00
New England Suzuki Institute Portland 2011097,872.0099,021.00
New England Telehealth Consortium Bangor 20111238,323.00597,871.00
New England Veterinary Medical Association Portland 201012289,420.00267,479.00
New England Wildlife Tr Georgetown 201012222,977.0032.00
New Gloucester Maine Historical Society New Gloucestr 201112217,886.008,246.00
New Hope For Women Inc Rockland 2011091,250,683.00797,956.00
New Hope Hospice Inc Holden 201012579,107.001,083,434.00
New Life Mission Bangor 201112546,211.001,118,816.00
New Marblehead North Housing Corporation Portland 201112882,035.00323,066.00
New Marblehead Seniors Housing Corporation Portland 201112352,362.00215,725.00
New October Corporation Portland 20111284,818,629.003,368,847.00
New Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad Phillips 201112563,443.0052,964.00
New School Kennebunk 201106559,490.00408,894.00
New Surry Repertory Theatre and Acting School Inc Blue Hill 20111245,648.0074,678.00
Newfield Rescue Squad W Newfield 201012101,166.0083,489.00
Newforest Institute Inc Brooks 20111223,613.0081,116.00
Newfoundland Club of New England Charitable Fund Inc Surry 201112311,898.0020,867.00
Newfoundland Club of New England Inc Surry 201112107,037.0029,255.00
Newport Public Library Association Newport 2011121,294,374.0052,482.00
Next Step Domestic Violence Project Ellsworth 2011091,294,131.00922,106.00
Nicholas M Nelson Charitable Lead Unitrust 022400 Topsham 20111258,932.000.00
Nichols-Handy Charitable Foundation Kittery Point 20111236,561.006.00
Nina Paganelli Tr Uw Portland 201204505,543.00601,001.00
Nine Wicket Foundation Portland 201112937,628.00775,920.00
No Limits Limb Loss Foundation Wales 20111272,150.00168,743.00
Noble Housing Corporation Portland 201112870,593.00180,047.00
Nobleboro Historical Society Nobleboro 20111290,912.00125,834.00
Noli-Trpinawzk Corporation Indian Island 20110984,915.00274,464.00
Nonesuch Charitable Tr Scarborough 201112172,058.009,615.00
Nordic Heritage Ski Club Presque Isle 201104494,405.001,151,755.00
Nordica Memorial Association Inc Farmington 201206788,725.0096,139.00
Nordx Scarborough 20110921,388,444.0055,659,993.00
Norman E and Carolyn A Brackett Charitable Remainder Unitrust Scarborough 201112141,163.000.00
Norman Minsky Charitable Unitrust Bangor 2011122,345,433.000.00
Norman N & Gale R Hochgraf Charitable Foundation Bristol 201112728,704.0042,646.00
Normand A Ramsey Family Foundation York Beach 201112927,783.00125,212.00
Norridgewock Housing Corp Norridgewock 201112539,289.00177,886.00
North American Friends of Chawton House Library Inc Windham 2011129,774.0078,507.00
North Atlantic Figure Skating Club Falmouth 201106151,486.00264,325.00
North Berwick Rescue Squad North Berwick 201112127,663.00133,694.00
North Bucksport Foundation Bangor 2011091,752,916.00537,458.00
North Haven Arts & Enrichment North Haven 2011093,595,606.00508,441.00
North Haven Casino North Haven 201112365,663.00183,170.00
North Haven Conservation Partners North Haven 2011121,580,530.00343,305.00
North Haven Foundation Rockland 2011062,218,091.001,622,522.00
North Haven Golf Club North Haven 201112247,511.00176,850.00
North Haven Hisotical Society Box 682 North Haven 2011061,414,954.0080,629.00
North Haven Library Inc North Haven 201107220,424.0046,169.00
North Haven Sustainable Housing North Haven 201112525,119.00471,014.00
North Yarmouth Academy Business Office Yarmouth 20110618,212,017.007,858,290.00
North Yarmouth Cumberland Mutual Fire Ins Co Falmouth 201112569,962.00111,794.00
Northeast Association For Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseas Chelsea 20091221,018.0051,085.00
Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service Inc Northeast Hbr 2011121,204,305.00210,694.00
Northeast Harbor Fleet Northeast Hbr 201109665,634.00290,982.00
Northeast Harbor Library Northeast Hbr 2011129,218,845.002,207,038.00
Northeast Harbor Sailing School Northeast Hbr 201109157,846.00196,975.00
Northeast Harbor Tennis Club Mount Desert 2011091,604,553.00553,743.00
Northeast Hearing & Speech Center Inc Portland 201106485,531.001,353,978.00
Northeast Historic Film Bucksport 2011123,314,850.00739,252.00
Northeast Occupational Exchange 77 Bangor 2011063,199,240.004,909,864.00
Northeast Osteopathic Medical Education Network Biddeford 201106152,063.00295,888.00
Northeast Section Institute of Food Technologists Inc Scarborough 201106421,324.0045,374.00
Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Institute Cumberlnd Ctr 201112285,271.0029,516.00
Northeastern Lumber Mfrs Assoc Cumberlnd Ctr 2011121,082,733.002,205,230.00
Northeastern Maine Emergency Medical Servuces Council Inc Bangor 201006133,980.00437,659.00
Northeastern Regional Association of Assessing Officers Inc Scarborough 20120432,752.0083,536.00
Northern Aroostook Alternatives Inc Van Buren 2012061,191,982.001,475,652.00
Northern Broadcast Ministries Inc Caribou 20101265,065.00154,939.00
Northern Lighthouse Inc Mars Hill 201112427,974.002,652,267.00
Northern Lights Health Education Skowhegan 20111221,448.0067,727.00
Northern Maine Community College Foundation Presque Isle 2012067,103,416.005,216,623.00
Northern Maine Development Commission Inc Caribou 20110611,995,488.005,174,507.00
Northern Maine Fair Association Presque Isle 201110552,993.00805,466.00
Northern Maine Figure Skating Club Presque Isle 2011063,017.0036,947.00
Northern Maine Finance Corporation Caribou 2012062,815,671.00210,099.00
Northern Maine General Eagle Lake 20120611,290,254.0011,384,882.00
Northern Maine Independent System Administration Inc Bangor 201112706,346.00938,388.00
Northern Maine Medical Center Fort Kent 20110929,171,280.0046,293,266.00
Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Houlton 20101224,257.008,793.00
Northern Maine Veterans Commemorative Cemetery Corp Caribou 20111239,337.0029,918.00
Northern New England Center For Financial Training New Gloucestr 20110652,406.00647,871.00
Northern New England Concrete Promotion Association S Portland 201112158,575.00269,116.00
Northern New England Dist Council Carpenters Apprentice Trng Fund Augusta 201106580,698.00246,216.00
Northern New England Employment Services Portland 2011061,004,145.002,751,762.00
Northern New England Housing Investment Fund Portland 20111210,943,403.002,071,525.00
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club The Forks 201005925.000.00
Northern Oxford Health & Service Council Inc Bethel 201112452,532.0056,014.00
Northern Oxford Regional Ambulance Service Mexico 201112752,271.001,851,330.00
Northern Timber Cruisers Inc Millinocket 20111212,132.00188,785.00
Northern York County Family Young Mens Christian Association Biddeford 2010121,936,976.001,741,866.00
Nortons Foundation Inc Arundel 20120539,307.0013,400.00
Norumbega Charitable Remainder Tr Ellsworth 201112553,191.000.00
Norway Maine Opera House Corp Norway 201112180,017.00170,899.00
Norway Paris Community Television Norway 20110650,150.00108,585.00
Norway Pine Grove Cemetery Trust Ee Ua Dated May 12 1964 Portland 201104566,175.00283,041.00
Novak Charitable Lead Unitrust Seal Harbor 2011121,461,148.000.00
Noyes Brain Tumor Foundation Biddeford 2010124,767.0049,202.00
Noyes Intrvs Charitable Remainder Unitrust Windham 201112130,914.000.00
Nrcm Charitable Remainder Trust Skowhegan 201112138,735.000.00
Nubble Light Challenge York Harbor 2010126,837.0022,475.00
Nygaard-Anderson Charitable Remainder Unitrust 2008 Portland 201112399,639.000.00
O William Robertson Charitable Remainder Unitrust 407500016 Portland 201112144,424.000.00
Oak Grove Cemetery Asso Gardiner 201012897,862.0071,676.00
Oak Grove School Vassalboro 2011061,417,045.00605,507.00
Oakdale Country Club Mexico 201112321,858.00259,503.00
Oakfield Housing Corporation Patten 201112849,835.00339,258.00
Oakleaf Housing Trust Inc Freeport 2011091,148,575.00300,407.00
Oasis Health Network Inc Brunswick 201112184,759.00197,370.00
Ocean Classroom Foundation Inc Boothbay Hbr 2011124,443,427.001,599,696.00
Ocean Park Association Ocean Park 2011121,956,443.00510,358.00
Ocean Planet Foundation Portland 2010121.00236,641.00
Ocean Point Colony Trust Inc East Boothbay 201112100,656.0036,204.00
Ocean View Cemetery Inc Wells 2011121,003,254.00186,748.00
Oceanswide Inc Newcastle 200912528.0026,927.00
Oceanview Manor Inc Ocean Park 2011121,326,657.00664,830.00
Odd Fellows Hall Co of Deering of Ioof 6 Portland 201012688,642.0075,370.00
Odyssey Sport 97 Ltd Harrison 20101215,255.0065,870.00
Office and Professional Employees International Union Madawaska 20111212,255.0019,608.00
Ogden E Williams & Margaret M Williams Charitable Rmndr Unitrust Cape Eliz 201112431,387.000.00
Ogunguit Chamber of Commerce Ogunquit 201110617,346.00483,836.00
Ogunquit Arts Collaborative York 201112730,280.0050,625.00
Ogunquit Fire Company Ogunquit 20111296,938.0054,577.00
Ogunquit Memorial Library Ogunquit 201112756,556.00217,584.00
Ogunquit Playhouse Foundation Ogunquit 2010123,648,220.004,835,043.00
Ohi Hermon 20110610,893,668.0013,551,115.00
Ol Malo Foundation Inc Beals 2011065,696.0030,390.00
Old Bath Custom House Inc Bath 20120651,266.007,409.00
Old Berwick Historical Society South Berwick 201204407,954.0041,101.00
Old Bug Light Charitable Foundation Portland 2012032,043,072.00546,748.00
Old Canada Road Scenic Byway Inc Bingham 20111224,962.0040,605.00
Old Fort Western Fund Augusta 201106358,779.00190,171.00
Old Orchard Beach Chamber of Commerce Old Orchd Bch 201012366,838.00251,584.00
Old Town Residential Services Corporation Old Town 201203850,378.00641,362.00
Old Town-Orono Ymca Foundation Old Town 2011061,943,892.00332,940.00
Old York Historical Society York 2011067,983,543.001,001,498.00
Olive A Coates Charitable Tr Portland 2011123,265,291.00927,039.00
Olmstead Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Caribou 20111227,133.000.00
Olver James Hart Jr Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 201112335,216.000.00
Olympia Sports Foundation Westbrook 201112168,141.00175,639.00
Omega Foundation Waterville 2011122,745.0012,313.00
Omega Wellness Group Topsham 201106596,873.0011,270.00
One Longfellow Square Inc Portland 20111266,491.00247,225.00
One Tree Center Portland 20111264,859.00204,876.00
Only The Strong Ministries Inc Newcastle 20111266,184.002,139.00
Onpoint Health Data Manchester 2011092,196,787.004,616,252.00
Open Bible Ministries Windham 201112814.007,995.00
Open Door Recovery Center Ellsworth 201106869,248.00433,602.00
Opera House Arts Stonington 2011101,060,012.00706,561.00
Operation Tribute Gorham 2011126,353.00473,860.00
Opportunity Enterprises Auburn 2012061,381,199.001,898,373.00
Opportunity Maine Portland 20111227,231.00150,899.00
Options For Education Swanville 201008176,269.0019,270.00
Oratorio Chorale Brunswick 20110716,856.0051,446.00
Orchard Grove Cemetery Association Kittery 201112556,511.0016,150.00
Order of The Eastern Star of Maine Peru 2011032,169,070.00264,538.00
Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association Washington 2011126,727.0017,665.00
Orono Economic Development Corporation Orono 2011065,210,202.00557,276.00
Orono Land Trust Inc Orono 201112346,790.0090,793.00
Orono Public Library Foundation Orono 20111247,792.0028,201.00
Orono-Old Town Kiwanis Charities Orono 201109111,766.0052,515.00
Orrington Housing Corp Bangor 201112592,665.00188,846.00
Orrs and Bailey Islands Fire Department Orrs Island 2011121,340,217.00199,851.00
Orrs Island Library Inc Orrs Island 201107642,626.00200,372.00
Orrs-Bailey Yacht Club Orrs Island 201112807,930.00165,120.00
Osprey Club Rockland 20120335,837.0042,747.00
Ossipee Valley Agricultural Society Limington 201110268,974.00102,502.00
Otto and Fran Walter Foundation Inc Boothbay Harbor 20111211,216,460.007,196,579.00
Our Fathers House Saco 2011121,378.0053,320.00
Outward Bound Sea School Camden 201112228,929.000.00
Owen R Stevens Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Portland 20111233,564.000.00
Oxford County Agricultural Society Norway 2010121,812,840.00660,713.00
Oxford County Mental Health Services Rumford 201106943,993.002,350,985.00
Oxford Hills Athletic Boosters Club South Paris 20100547,928.0075,171.00
Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce South Paris 20111223,415.0096,305.00
Oxford Hills Christian Academy South Paris 20110614,378.00254,540.00
Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange Oxford 20110639,184.0076,644.00
Oxford School Age Child Care Program Oxford 20110625,698.00116,784.00
P A W S Animal Adoption Center Rockport 201112707,981.00402,931.00
P D Merrill Charitable Tr U-A Dtd 11-02-06 Portland 2011126,042,564.00701,235.00
Packard Charitable Remainder Unitrust Lisbon 201112158,701.000.00
Pamela Jane Sukeforth Family Charitable Remainder Trust S China 201112293,058.000.00
Pamela W Bell Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111289,683.000.00
Parent Resource Center Inc Springvale 2011127,379.0087,120.00
Parents Are Teachers Too Waldo 20111219,446.0015,854.00
Paris Public Library Association South Paris 201106493,631.00184,196.00
Park Street Home Greenwood 20111232,247.00269,336.00
Park-Danforth Portland 2011065,094,720.001,298,587.00
Parker & Patricia Spofford Charitable Remainder Tr Ua 032398 Waldoboro 201112246,793.000.00
Parkview Adventist Medical Center Brunswick 20101218,256,210.0037,373,117.00
Partners For Rural Health In The Dominican Republic Portland 20111038,328.0080,109.00
Partners For World Health Portland 20111214,835.00127,370.00
Partners In Health Hampden 20111255,178.0088,899.00
Partners In Island Education Inc Vinalhaven 201106248,832.0099,607.00
Passamaquoddy Development & Supply Company Perry 20101255,294.00241,568.00
Pathways Inc Auburn 201206412,840.002,007,868.00
Patriarchs Club Harmony 201112258,482.0097,759.00
Patricia Corscaden Charitable Trust Newcastle 201112217,076.000.00
Patricia Ryan Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ellsworth 201112148,955.000.00
Patricia Whitney Messler 2003 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Rockport 201112605,415.000.00
Patriot Soccer Club Gray 20111266,600.0060,142.00
Patrons of Husbandry Maine State Grange Augusta 2011091,788,046.00157,667.00
Patten Housing Corp Patten 201112664,209.00261,079.00
Patten Lumbermens Museum Inc Patten 200912268,527.0057,062.00
Paul A Mason Charitable Remainder Unitrust Lewiston 20111225,491.000.00
Paul J Lena Charitable Remainder Tr Orono 20111273,217.000.00
Paul N & Gale E Foulkes Charitable Remainder Unitrust Wiliamsbg Twp 20111257,220.000.00
Pauline P Jennes Charitable Rem Annuity Tr 2000 Portland 20111232,217.000.00
Pauline P Jenness Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr 2006 Portland 20111248,480.000.00
Pauline T and Reginald L Hannaford Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112111,151.000.00
Pdm Prophetic Destiny Ministries Camden 2012048,389.0038,991.00
Peabody Memorial Library Jonesport 201112208,597.0046,840.00
Peace In Central America Bangor 20110813,399.0055,197.00
Peaks Island Childrens Workshop Peaks Island 201109263,146.00232,827.00
Peck-Alcorn Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112195,996.000.00
Pejepscot Endowment Trust Brunswick 201203865,175.00251,701.00
Pejepscot Historical Society Brunswick 2011121,347,889.00175,029.00
Pejepscot Housing Inc Brunswick 201112923,567.0080,440.00
Pemaquid Watershed Association Inc Damariscotta 201103956,439.00109,507.00
Pembroke Trotting Association Inc Whiting 20101242,553.005,401.00
Pen Bay Behavioral Health Rockland 20110992,891.000.00
Pen Bay Healthcare Rockland 2011091,847,513.002,351,467.00
Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation Rockland 2011094,353,964.00708,769.00
Pen Bay Soccer Club Hope 2010125,822.0021,342.00
Peninsula Ambulance Corps Blue Hill 2011121,169,662.001,095,480.00
Peninsula Montessori Inc Sedgwick 20110631,973.0080,720.00
Pennsylvania Cincinnati Charitable Trust Windham 201108264,076.0017,715.00
Penobscot Area Housing Development Corp Bangor 201106391,307.00578,137.00
Penobscot Bar Library Association Bangor 201112108,416.0012,105.00
Penobscot Bay Medical Center Rockland 201109101,037,451.0055,724,194.00
Penobscot Bay Physicians & Associates Rockland 2011091.007,477,733.00
Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce Camden 201112206,076.00187,411.00
Penobscot Bay Ymca Rockport 20111211,006,273.002,968,620.00
Penobscot Cerebral Palsy Foundation Bangor 201106367,183.00115,207.00
Penobscot Christian School Bangor 201204381,831.00279,424.00
Penobscot Community Health Center Bangor 20111236,564,817.0049,981,656.00
Penobscot County Conservation Assoc Inc Brewer 201105367,201.00158,291.00
Penobscot East Resource Center Inc Stonington 2011122,102,108.00807,430.00
Penobscot Foundation For Developmental Services Bangor 2011065,279,489.001,170,288.00
Penobscot Marine Museum Searsport 2011036,701,078.002,053,245.00
Penobscot Nation Boys & Girls Club Indian Island 201106549,788.00258,967.00
Penobscot River Restoration Tr Augusta 2011127,881,829.002,763,771.00
Penobscot School Rockland 20110885,041.00149,157.00
Penobscot Theatre Company Bangor 2011081,113,999.00825,411.00
Penobscot Valley Hockey Conference Old Town 20110541,224.00250,167.00
Penobscot Valley Hospital Lincoln 20101216,252,735.0024,562,607.00
Penobscot Valley Humane Society Chester 20110845,637.0069,345.00
Penobscot Valley Pi Beta Phi House Inc Hampden 20120673,847.003,830.00
Penobscott County Conservation Inc Trust Fund Brewer 201105715,869.0074,791.00
Penquis C A P Inc Bangor 20110913,553,806.0032,996,666.00
Penquis Mental Health Association Dovr Foxcroft 2011064,968,747.00453,932.00
People Who Care Food Cupboard Madison 20111230,837.0068,753.00
Peopleplace Camden 201112389,938.00245,320.00
Peopleschoice Credit Union Saco 201112134,290,769.007,054,368.00
Peregrine Corp Portland 2011064,821,055.004,799,379.00
Peregrine Press Portland 20111237,736.0025,929.00
Pericles Foundation Portland 20111218,837.0054,397.00
Personal Onsite Development Lewiston 201106191,198.00775,616.00
Personal Services of Aroostook Presque Isle 2011061,256,199.002,138,887.00
Peter Alfond Foundation Portland 20111225,882.00389,136.00
Peter D Haddock Charitable Remainder Unitrust Belfast 201112517,329.000.00
Peter S Plumb Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111223,672.000.00
Petit Manan Ambulance Corps Inc Milbridge 201105257,945.00342,217.00
Phelps Family Foundation Yarmouth 201112181,020.00205,730.00
Phi Eta Kappa Orono 201108149,492.00119,483.00
Phi Eta Kappa Building Association Orono 20110852,466.0060,604.00
Philip and Elizabeth Ryan Family Foundation Brooksville 201012975,839.00975,839.00
Philip L & Vivian E Willey Charitable Remainder Unitrust New Sweden 201112461,001.000.00
Philip M Briggs & Paula J Briggs Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brooklin 201112612,379.000.00
Phillips Public Library Local Phillips 201112435,329.0044,406.00
Phillips-Strickland Charities Bangor 2011124,120,854.001,062,625.00
Phillips-Strickland House Corporation Bangor 2010126,713,207.002,035,492.00
Phippsburg Land Trust Phippsburg 2011062,324,623.00466,981.00
Phippsburg Sportsmens Association Inc Phippsburg 201107183,098.0038,270.00
Phoenix Foundation Portland 201106165,373.0039,543.00
Phyllis A Barrett Charitable Remainder Unit Tr 07222002 Brunswick 201112146,603.000.00
Physicians For Social Responsibility Inc Portland 20111234,554.0092,528.00
Pierre Monteux Memorial Foundation Hancock 201108713,837.00220,010.00
Pine Crest Development Corp Dovr Foxcroft 201112911,044.004,007.00
Pine Grove Cemetery Corp S Portland 2010121,578,877.00607,258.00
Pine Island Camp Inc Brunswick 2011093,006,797.00946,446.00
Pine Tree Hospice Dovr Foxcroft 201109127,174.00146,480.00
Pine Tree Housing Agency Portland 2011122,881,548.001,482,814.00
Pine Tree Legal Assistance Inc Portland 2010122,271,729.005,124,267.00
Pine Tree Performing Arts Inc Portland 20081212,933.0029,002.00
Pine Tree Quilters Guild Bangor 201112131,922.00191,068.00
Pine Tree Society For Handicapped Children & Adults Inc Bath 20110821,492,960.009,817,361.00
Pinegrove Development Corporation York 2012032,973,998.00231,379.00
Pineland Farms Inc New Gloucestr 2011124,882,423.008,934,499.00
Pineland Suzuki School Manchester 20110611,608.0045,115.00
Pines Health Services Caribou 2011126,148,962.0016,986,000.00
Pinewood Manor Inc Ocean Park 2011122,034,911.00604,191.00
Piscataqua Obedience Club Inc Kittery Point 20111218,912.0046,533.00
Piscataquis County Economic Development Council Dovr Foxcroft 201112128,311.00200,520.00
Piscataquis Regional Ymca Dovr Foxcroft 201012465,850.00484,026.00
Piscataquis Valley Fair Association Inc Dovr Foxcroft 201112404,020.0099,561.00
Pittston Fair Gardiner 201112783,543.00184,193.00
Planet Dog Foundation Portland 201012417,685.00212,141.00
Plant Memorial Home Bath 2011124,541,210.001,079,248.00
Platform Shoes Forum Rockland 20101249,353.0035,096.00
Pleasant Lake Parker Pond Association Casco 20111253,270.0020,824.00
Pleasant River Ambulance Service Columbia 201012367,450.00276,213.00
Pleasant River Wildlife Foundation Addison 2011123,766,071.001,598,108.00
Pleasant Street Housing Inc Portland 201206918,116.00219,416.00
Plummer Memorial Hospital Dexter 201106576,523.00174,196.00
Poland Spring Academy Inc Poland 201106252,747.00197,356.00
Poland Spring Preservation Society Poland Spring 201012773,792.00127,416.00
Pond Family Foundation Cape Eliz 2011122,649,376.00875,600.00
Port Clyde Community Ground Fish Sector Topsham 201112113,215.00115,836.00
Port Resources South Portland 2012069,053,723.0013,139,990.00
Portage Hills Country Club Ashland 20111229,302.0063,384.00
Porter Memorial Library Association Machias 201106503,780.0066,392.00
Portland Area Youth Soccer Association Portland 20101222,384.0072,782.00
Portland Arts & Cultural Alliance Portland 20110611,186.0042,938.00
Portland Board of Realtors Portland 2011121,028,523.00210,835.00
Portland Chamber Music Festival South Portland 20111246,228.00108,573.00
Portland Chevra Kadisha A Maine Nonprofit Corp - T13-B Portland 201111387,534.00225,346.00
Portland Community Charitable Corporation N Waterboro 2011096,546.004,429.00
Portland Conservatory of Music Portland 201206277,558.00440,081.00
Portland Country Club Falmouth 2012038,589,152.004,753,106.00
Portland Education Foundation Inc Portland 20110623,114.0015,441.00
Portland Educators Association S Portland 20110852,610.00464,005.00
Portland Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Fund Lewiston 201106360,409.00284,187.00
Portland Esl Scholarship Fund Portland 20111220,978.0011,294.00
Portland Female Charitable Society Cape Eliz 201109200,841.008,190.00
Portland Harbor Museum Bath 2010121.0080,892.00
Portland Housing Development Corporation Portland 2012062,370,998.007,026.00
Portland Lodge No 1310 Loyal Order of Moose Scarborough 201104583,126.00386,995.00
Portland Lyric Theater S Portland 201105322,156.00118,254.00
Portland Maine Rotary Service Fund Portland 201106189,406.0038,567.00
Portland Maine Symphony Orchestra Portland 2011074,598,338.003,091,582.00
Portland Museum of Art Portland 20120145,679,888.0011,016,396.00
Portland Music Foundation Portland 2009121.005,771.00
Portland Olympic Club Incorporated Portland 20111252,548.0097,862.00
Portland Opera Repertory Theatre Portland 20110995,048.00380,338.00
Portland Ovations Portland 2011061,359,757.001,793,384.00
Portland Performing Arts Festival Portland 20111210,386.0012,145.00
Portland Players Inc So Portland 20110655,433.00137,839.00
Portland Police Benevolent Assn Portland 20110581,269.00102,502.00
Portland Porpoise Swim Club Westbrook 20110816,569.00105,428.00
Portland Provident Association Portland 201106655,308.00689,886.00
Portland Public Library Portland 2012069,166,924.007,722,491.00
Portland Regional Chamber Portland 201106986,070.001,403,662.00
Portland School of Ballet Portland 201107115,584.00402,419.00
Portland Seamens Friend Society Westbrook 201012179,544.0082,354.00
Portland Society of Architects Portland 20111235,910.0072,531.00
Portland Stage Company Inc Portland 2011062,725,577.001,987,889.00
Portland Trails Portland 201112986,084.00492,960.00
Portland Velo Club Portland 20111211,611.0048,431.00
Portland Widows Wood Society Falmouth 201110568,729.0097,682.00
Portland Yacht Club Falmouth 2011101,276,502.00865,618.00
Portland Youth Dance Portland 2011129,904.0043,313.00
Portland Youth Football and Cheering League Inc Portland 20111232,512.003,959.00
Pot and Kettle Club Southwest Hbr 201112189,612.00155,690.00
Potato Association of America Orono 201112344,056.00152,165.00
Preble Street Portland 2011067,862,574.009,222,536.00
Pregnancy Care Center of Aroostook County Presque Isle 20111233,903.0086,898.00
Prescription Policy Choices Hallowell 2011121,531.00126,288.00
President & Trustees of Colby College Waterville 2011061,050,624,000.00260,671,000.00
President and Trustees of Bates College Lewiston 201106452,454,920.00158,032,934.00
Presque Isle Country Club Presque Isle 20111256,981.00238,294.00
Presque Isle Fish & Game Club Inc Presque Isle 20120340,248.0062,255.00
Presque Isle Historical & Genealogical Society Presque Isle 201112839,895.0031,763.00
Presque Isle Minor Hockey Inc Presque Isle 20120311,841.0037,855.00
Presque Isle Snowmobile Club Inc Presque Isle 201106349,340.0085,985.00
Presumpscot Regional Land Trust Inc Gorham 20111279,595.00120,952.00
Preti Charitable Tr Cape Eliz 2011123,359,662.000.00
Prevent Medical Error Inc Portland 201012193,558.00491,307.00
Prevention Partners Inc Scarborough 20081274,945.00413,786.00
Princeton Regional Airport Authority Princeton 201004119,662.0031,556.00
Pripet Riding Program Islesboro 2011123,544.0080,636.00
Priscilla P Day Charitable Remainder Unitrust Woolwich 201112101,918.000.00
Professional Logging Contractors of Maine New Gloucestr 20111284,540.00228,311.00
Progress Center Inc Norway 2011061,853,121.003,506,438.00
Project Aware Inc Saco 20101222,067.0089,778.00
Project Feed Portland 20120294,528.0069,682.00
Project G R A C E Scarborough 20110672,413.00134,965.00
Project Guatemala Portland 20091222,993.0027,525.00
Project Share Cherryfield 201012109,980.001,509,929.00
Prospectors Ski Club Inc Camden 201205191,133.0054,401.00
Protectors of Animal Life Society Winthrop 201112315,571.00173,248.00
Protein Foundation Portland 201112950.0055.00
Protestant Hospital Ministry Inc Portland 20111217,133.0026,430.00
Prouts Neck Association Scarborough 201112817,600.00584,264.00
Prouts Neck Country Club Scarborough 2011102,136,303.001,304,285.00
Prouts Neck Yacht Club Scarborough 201112202,712.00258,633.00
Providence Place Portland 20111219,305.0026,813.00
Prudence Barry Charitable Remainder Unitrust 06-0046 Portland 20111248,971.000.00
Psh Properties Ii Bangor 2011123,922,903.00874,325.00
Public Health Research Institute Inc Portland 20111213,770.0016.00
Pulpit Harbor Foundation North Haven 2011122,077,698.00224,418.00
Purpoodock Club Cape Eliz 2011094,403,773.002,434,172.00
Pythian Sisters Home Association Jefferson 201112489,336.0048,068.00
Quaglia Institute For Student Aspirations Portland 2011121,504,422.001,180,152.00
Quarry Hill Rockland 20110920,669,643.005,497,534.00
Quesada Family 2011 Nongrantor Charitable Lead Annuity Tr Portland 2011121,490,575.000.00
Quimby Family Foundation Portland 20111217,062,493.009,722,698.00
Quoddy Tides Foundation Eastport 201112928,390.00380,400.00
R Chase Lasbury Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 20111291,077.000.00
R H Lovell Charitable Remainder Unitrust 3 York 20111257,106.000.00
R H Lovell Charitable Remainder Unitrust 4 12-02-96 York 20111257,247.000.00
Rachel Tremblay Charitable Remainder Unitr Bowdoin 201112186,212.000.00
Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory Orono 201112220,765.00228,227.00
Raft Maine Association West Forks 201112796.000.00
Rafts Inc Lewiston 2011061,354,727.001,104,145.00
Ragged Mountain Recreation Area Foundation Rockport 2010121,207,389.00621,891.00
Rainbow Business & Professional Assoc Portland 2011061,458.0020,333.00
Raitt Homestead Farm Museum Eliot 201112426,902.0092,840.00
Ralph & Barbara Williams Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112679,804.000.00
Ralph Getchell Smith Memorial Fund Portland 20111213,184.001,380.00
Rangeley Friends of The Performing Arts Inc Rangeley 201110141,110.0059,241.00
Rangeley Housing Development Corporation Augusta 2012031,069,608.00343,120.00
Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust Inc Oquossoc 2011128,535,035.001,470,587.00
Rangeley Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce Rangeley 201112111,358.00171,823.00
Rangeley Library Association Rangeley 2011061,394,058.00179,512.00
Rangeley Region Cross-Country Ski Club Rangeley 201206177,704.0066,469.00
Rangeley Region Guides & Sportsmens Association Rangeley 201112224,180.0024,940.00
Rangeley Region Health & Wellness Partnership Rangeley 2012063,529,834.00675,938.00
Rape Education and Crisis Hotline South Paris 20110940,876.00260,074.00
Rape Response Services Inc Bangor 20110955,341.0073,172.00
Raquel & Peter Boehmer Charitable Remainder Tr Dtd 07-20-2009 Falmouth 201112258,922.000.00
Ray Family Charitable Tr 121891 Auburn 201112204,664.000.00
Ray of Hope Foundation Portland 201112218,514.001,230,816.00
Rayalice Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112238,239.000.00
Raymond E Gibouleau & Mary W Gibouleau Charitable Remainder Tr Old Town 201112215,524.000.00
Raymond Village Library Raymond 201206151,988.0072,769.00
Raymond Waterways Protective Association Raymond 20111252,215.0088,036.00
Rbpa Scholarship Fund Inc Portland 20110642,167.008,870.00
Reach School Inc Bucksport 201206274,033.00227,040.00
Rebecca B Welsh 2005 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Boothbay 201112105,124.000.00
Rebecca B Welsh 2007 Crut Boothbay 20111266,388.000.00
Rebecca R Stebbins Ch Rem Unitr Fbo David Stebbins Portland 20111224,548.000.00
Rebecca R Stebbins Char Rem Uni Tr Fbo Anne Funderburk Portland 20111219,599.000.00
Rebecca R Stebbins Char Rem Uni Tr Fbo Linda Stebbins Portland 20111235,124.000.00
Rebecca R Stebbins Char Rem Uni Tr Fbo Susan Ward Portland 20111229,266.000.00
Recompense Foundation Cape Eliz 20111244,208.000.00
Red Eagle Foundation Greenville 20111211,481.00504.00
Red Empress Foundation Bar Harbor 201112813,855.00298,958.00
Redco Foundation Inc Portland 2011104,529,196.00770,163.00
Redington East Homeowners Association Inc Carrabassett Valley 20110944,764.0081,640.00
Redington Memorial Home Skowhegan 2011124,831,364.001,978,129.00
Redington Memorial Hospital Association Skowhegan 20110627,549,654.005,778,410.00
Redington-Fairview General Hospital Skowhegan 20110698,203,505.0072,414,792.00
Redmond Family Foundation Cape Eliz 201112951,382.00475,725.00
Reginald E & Dollis H T Bizier Charitable Remainder Tr Vassalboro 20111278,394.000.00
Regional Medical Center At Lubec Me Inc Lubec 2011063,178,966.005,532,579.00
Regional Transportation Program Inc Portland 2011092,083,734.006,087,412.00
Rem Waterville 20111236,124.0059,700.00
Rendle A and Patricia K Jones Charitable Remainder Unitrust Camden 201112195,622.000.00
Reny Charitable Fndtn Tr Ua 010193 Gr Robert H & Carolyn D Reny Newcastle 2011123,005,614.00626,347.00
Research & Education Trust Augusta 20110944,640.00468,583.00
Research On Inovation Harpswell 20111114,901.0060,910.00
Residential Initiatives For Maine S Portland 20110617,723.00127,658.00
Resources First Foundation Yarmouth 201112726,655.001,198,985.00
Resources For Organizing and Social Change Monroe 20111228,519.000.00
Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills Norway 20111288,293.00174,691.00
Restorative Justice Project of The Midcoast Belfast 20120664,203.00299,665.00
Reverb Inc Portland 201112862,510.001,217,866.00
Rh Lovell Charitable Remainder Unitrust 1 York 20111256,222.000.00
Rh Lovell Charitable Remainder Unitrust 2 York 201112117,723.000.00
Rice Public Library Kittery 201106711,269.00475,307.00
Richard & Carolyne Campbell 2008 Crt Waterville 201112278,192.000.00
Richard & Marilyn Bagley Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ellsworth 201112285,906.000.00
Richard & Shana Donnell Charitable Remainder Unitr 122294 Topsham 2011121,760,105.000.00
Richard B & Evelyn W Mack Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 20111245,900.000.00
Richard C Paine Jr Automobile Collection Charitable Trust Portland 20111214,523,040.003,216,147.00
Richard D & Joanne B Oconnor Charitable Remainder Unitrust Augusta 201112489,587.000.00
Richard F Green & Betty A Green Charitable Remainder Tr 06282005 Topsham 201112207,680.000.00
Richard Goodman Charitable Remainde Unitrust 06071990 Brunswick 201112125,762.000.00
Richard Hall Leavitt Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112121,181.000.00
Richard K Eskelund Charitable Remainder Unitrust 10-101230621380 Augusta 20111287,591.000.00
Richard N Colhoun 1997 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112577,644.000.00
Richard S Petty 1995 Tr Fbo Kimball Petty Ellsworth 201112755,943.000.00
Richard S Petty Charitable Foundation Ellsworth 2011121,081,861.00419,302.00
Richard S Pike Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 20111262,700.000.00
Richard Van Bergen Charitable Remainder Tr Scarborough 20111293,207.000.00
Richmond Area Helth Center Inc Richmond 201106682,726.0098,517.00
Richmond Eldercare Coalition Richmond 201106879,253.00544,508.00
Ricker College Scholarship & Endowment Committee Houlton 2011121,980,376.001,728,527.00
Riding To The Top Windham 2011061,695,352.00496,272.00
Rightstart Inc Norway 201112141,008.0045,585.00
Riley School Inc Rockland 201106962,723.00857,500.00
Rippleffect Inc Portland 2012031,171,671.00808,176.00
Rippling Waters Farm Steep Falls 201112382.00149,655.00
River Arts Inc Damariscotta 20111226,364.0082,508.00
River City Cinema Society Ltd Bangor 20111219,353.0032,077.00
River Coalition Inc Old Town 20110615,325.0094,229.00
River of Life Bible Camp Howland 20111223,299.0029,046.00
River Resources Inc Turner 201106365,862.00665,849.00
River Tree Arts Kennebunk 201104792,461.00164,628.00
River Valley Chamber of Commerce Rumford 20120634,129.0063,317.00
River Valley Growth Council Rumford 2011061,096,902.0043,599.00
River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition Rumford 201112136,980.00317,979.00
River Valley Technology Center Rumford 2011062,073,626.00117,420.00
Riverside Cemetery Corporation Ft Fairfield 201203485,870.0099,700.00
Riverview Foundation Topsham 201012653,532.00870,434.00
Rjm Stein Fam Foundation Irrv Charitable Tr Belfast 20120264,408.0010,814.00
Road Runners Club of America Portland 201112103,490.00351,493.00
Robbies Foundation Scarborough 2011125,234.004,183.00
Robert & Dorothy Davidson Charitable Remainder Ut 808C2900 Jackson 201112170,502.000.00
Robert & Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Foundation Portland 2011123,439,530.001,100,221.00
Robert A & Eugenia M Shepard Charitable Remainder Unitrust Boothbay Hbr 20111278,425.000.00
Robert A G Monks Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Trust Portland 201112908,073.000.00
Robert A Semple III Charitable Tr Falmouth 201112255,189.000.00
Robert and Marys Place Ellsworth 201112164,124.00119,450.00
Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation Belfast 20120615,494,317.001,596,819.00
Robert and Wendy Ferns 2011 Charitable Remainder Unitrust of Wells 201112528,229.000.00
Robert D Sweet Jr & Mary F Sweet Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ellsworth 2011121,579,992.000.00
Robert E Dillon Foundation Bridgton 201112134,665.0024,180.00
Robert H & Elizabeth T Rudolph Charitable Remainder Unitrust 2004 Waterville 20111296,081.000.00
Robert H and Eleanor S Heald Trust Camden 2011121,026,457.00450,506.00
Robert H Brotherlin Jr 1997 Ctr Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112137,788.000.00
Robert I & Sara H Curran Charitable Remainder Tr Manchester 20111220,668.000.00
Robert I Quigley Trust B Uw Dtd 4-4-82 Portland 201112965,931.00780,172.00
Robert J Hanger Charitable Remainder Tr 080693 Waterford 201112621,926.000.00
Robert L & Barbara J Gilfillan Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bar Harbor 2011121.000.00
Robert L Taylor & Theodore Thomas Nowick Charitable Remainder Trust Waterville 201112150,537.000.00
Robert Laurence and Jenyce Levi Charitable Remainder Unitrust Freeport 201112715,310.000.00
Robert Laurence Levi Charitable Remainder Unitrust Freeport 201112714,991.000.00
Robert N & Katherine W Anthony Crt Ii Waterville 201112464,155.000.00
Robert N Unsworth Charitable Remainder Unitrust Newcastle 201112192,497.000.00
Robert S Blackwood Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr S Portland 20071262,934.000.00
Robert S Nanovic 2009 Charitable Lead Annuity Tr Cumberlnd Ctr 2011125,358,750.000.00
Robert Spence & Jean Sargent Lee Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 2011121,001,335.000.00
Robert W Armstrong Jr Charitable Foundation Friendship 20120614,185.00317.00
Robert W Goodwin Charitable Remainder Unitrust 06-1929 Portland 201112307,966.000.00
Robert W Moody Sr Scholarship Tr Saco 2011128,447.00248.00
Robert W Traip Academy Athletic Boosters Kittery 2011063,131,615.00284,977.00
Robinson Ballet Bangor 20111258,389.00126,085.00
Robinson Foundation Tr 05042005 Machiasport 201110556,148.0060,072.00
Rock The Path Camden 201012105,146.0055,291.00
Rockabema Snow Rangers Inc Patten 20111283,471.0078,303.00
Rockend Inc Northeast Hbr 201112798,355.0081,978.00
Rockin T Equine Rescue Lisbon Falls 20101218,202.0046,225.00
Rocking Moon Foundation Inc Tenants Hbr 20111212,311,182.00795,192.00
Rockland Cemetery Association Rockland 2011126,392,961.00988,138.00
Rockland District Nursing Assn Inc Rockland 201206146,416.0093,909.00
Rockland Festival Corporation Rockland 201012744,715.00640,726.00
Rockland Historical Society Rockland 201012157,129.0015,752.00
Rockland Kiwanis Foundation Rockland 20100962,088.0029,475.00
Rockland Main Street Inc Rockland 2011065,548.0082,920.00
Rockland Public Library Association Rockland 201112668,637.0025,283.00
Rockland Rotary Club Charitable Fund Rockland 20110629,964.004,176.00
Rockport Boat Club Rockport 201112118,729.0064,232.00
Rocky Coast Housing Inc Portland 201106952,045.0038,098.00
Roderick L Dew Charitable Remainder Unitrust Danville 2011121,061,160.000.00
Rodger M & Rebecca C Cuthbert 2006 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Brunswick 201112716,540.000.00
Roger and Dorothy Plummer Charitable Remainder Tr Orono 201112119,246.000.00
Roger and Leona Lapierre Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ogunquit 201112173,603.000.00
Roger W Hoyt Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Portland 201112461,996.000.00
Roland E Nagle Charitable Remainder Trust Waterville 201112103,907.000.00
Roland G Roy Charitable Remainder Unitrust Biddleford 2011121,129,077.000.00
Ronald A Hamlin Charitable Remainder Unitrust N Yarmouth 201112270,687.000.00
Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Inc Portland 201112111,061.00239,919.00
Ronald Mcdonald House of Bangor Inc Bangor 2011122,765,808.00842,155.00
Ronald Mcdonald House of Portland Maine Inc Portland 2011123,863,488.00495,738.00
Roncalli Apartments Inc Portland 2012064,329,519.00254,466.00
Rosalind W Lewis Charitable Remainder Unitrust Mount Desert 201112178,416.000.00
Rosalind W Lewis Charitable Remainder Unitrust Mount Desert 201112322,955.000.00
Rosamond Thaxter Foundation Portland 201112928,053.00341,682.00
Rose M Clark Trust Uw Camden 2011122,212,723.00714,299.00
Roselle Casdidy Flynn Charitable Remainder Unitrust Kennebunk 2011122,071,955.000.00
Rosemarie Beck Foundation Waterville 2011102,209,771.005,567.00
Rosetta Foundation Augusta 201112339,697.00408,631.00
Ross Charitable Remainder Unitrust 200127 Portland 201112316,955.000.00
Ross Powers Foundation Portland 201106154,481.00167,979.00
Rosscare Brewer 20110929,214,908.006,079,081.00
Roswell Y Furman Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 20111282,790.000.00
Rotary Club of Belfast Maine Charitable Fund Belfast 201106283,289.0081,702.00
Rotary Club of Bethel Foundation Bethel 20120692,644.0052,673.00
Rotary Club of Boothbay Harbor Foundation Inc Boothbay Hbr 2010061,075.006,632.00
Rotary Club of West Bay Charitable Foundation Camden 20111211,720.0016,515.00
Rotary Club of York Maine Charitable Foundation York 20110648,883.0094,056.00
Rotary International Belfast 2011061,352.0033,469.00
Rotary International York 2011062,431.0035,870.00
Rotary International Windham 2012063,639.009,245.00
Rotary International Camden 2011064,485.0037,866.00
Rotary International Augusta 2011069,052.0049,338.00
Rotary International Ellsworth 20110611,988.0052,152.00
Rotary International Old Town 20110618,718.0056,615.00
Rotary International Washburn 20120618,847.0020,004.00
Rotary International Freeport 20110619,320.0038,439.00
Rotary International Kennebunk 20110619,328.0056,830.00
Rotary International Bangor 20110623,855.0076,565.00
Rotary International Camden 20110624,623.0091,616.00
Rotary International Gardiner 20100624,793.0032,601.00
Rotary International Houlton 20120625,900.0065,611.00
Rotary International Caribou 20120632,372.0071,915.00
Rotary International Saco 20100633,752.0031,383.00
Rotary International Presque Isle 20110640,246.00125,546.00
Rotary International Rockland 20110654,672.0063,183.00
Rotary International Farmington 20120662,885.0090,282.00
Rotary International Sanford 20110666,141.0050,999.00
Rotary International Bar Harbor 20120668,308.0062,856.00
Rotary International Wells 20110685,067.0078,370.00
Rotary International Boothbay Hbr 20110689,880.0046,013.00
Rotary International Bangor 20110692,594.0069,473.00
Rotary International Skowhegan 20110697,653.0049,084.00
Rotary International Madison 201106144,727.00204,083.00
Rotary International Waterville 201106193,308.00135,914.00
Rotary International Westbrook 201106211,039.0033,734.00
Rotary International Saco 201106413,057.00127,128.00
Rowe B Metcalf Jr Charitable Remainder Tr Boothbay Hbr 20111277,105.000.00
Roxbury Atv Riders Roxbury 20101219,271.0047,686.00
Royal Order of Jesters Sebago 2011121.0024,252.00
Royal River Conservation Trust Yarmouth 2011122,969,298.00339,920.00
Rsu 1 Help-A-Kind Bath 20110638,462.0050,050.00
Rufus Porter Museum Inc Bridgton 201112163,245.00155,333.00
Ruggles House Society Columbia Fls 2011061,106,055.00245,137.00
Rumford Community Home Corporation Rumford 2011062,621,742.003,929,092.00
Rumford Group Home Inc Rumford 2011065,268,346.001,778,451.00
Rumford Hospital Rumford 20110623,384,186.0040,261,627.00
Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club Rumford 201106134,578.0038,730.00
Rural Community Action Ministry Leeds 201206968,604.00316,544.00
Rural Maine Ministries Inc Hartland 20111223,474.0044,089.00
Russell Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust Alna 201112382,862.000.00
Russell Whitman Charitable Remainder Tr Waterville 20111251,316.000.00
Ruth Becker Charitable Remainder Annuity Tr Portland 20111269,335.000.00
Ruth C Mcgary Charitable Remainder Unitrust 061797 Hampden 201112665,135.000.00
Ruth Deforest Stavola Trust Ua Portland 201112419,942.000.00
Ruth G Miller Memorial Fund Charitable Remainder Unitrust Norway 201112105,969.000.00
Ruth H Saliba Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 201112226,634.000.00
Ruth J Jones Charitable Foundation Damariscotta 201112132,183.0036,491.00
Ruth M Gerrity Ii Charitable Remainder Unitrust 120596 Damariscotta 20111243,395.000.00
Ruths Reusable Resources Portland 2011061,427,461.00326,288.00
Ryans Heart - A Foundation For Grieving Families Presque Isle 2011124,738.0017,443.00
Sabattus Housing Inc Lewiston 201206282,782.00145,131.00
Sabattus Recreation Club Inc Sabattus 20111247,562.0084,688.00
Saco & Biddeford Savings Charitable Foundation Saco 201112228,950.00130,473.00
Saco Bay Rotary Foundation Inc Saco 20100651,412.0031,924.00
Saco Food Pantry Inc Saco 201104347,278.00163,286.00
Saco Housing Development Corp Portland 201112388,920.00256,448.00
Saco Junior Trojans Saco 20111237,788.0075,744.00
Saco Land Trust Inc Saco 2011121,977,698.00130,435.00
Saco River Community Television Hollis Center 201108398,015.00116,610.00
Saco River Grange Hall Inc Bar Mills 20111210,542.00140,544.00
Saco River Recreational Council Inc Fryeburg 20111225,144.00149,832.00
Saco Spirit Inc Saco 20111239,541.0063,553.00
Saco Valley Credit Union Saco 20111288,481,543.004,789,091.00
Sacopee Rescue Unit Inc Parsonsfield 201012368,247.00239,423.00
Sacopee Valley Health Center Parsonsfield 2012052,164,556.003,432,536.00
Sacopee Valley Recreation Council Inc Parsonsfield 20111258,423.00103,781.00
Sacos Effort To Remember Its Veterans Saco 201106974.002.00
Sadhana South Portland 20111222,640.0036,279.00
Safari Club International Foundation Lewiston 20120639,562.0038,273.00
Safe Abortions For Everyone Freeport 201112361,125.00103,017.00
Safe Family Exchange Southwest Hbr 20111231,445.0025,616.00
Safe Haven Humane Society Wells 20111244,181.00161,630.00
Safe Passage Yarmouth 2012063,667,829.002,615,740.00
Safe Place Community Center Inc Charleston 20111255,831.0067,171.00
Safe Voices Auburn 201109718,271.001,432,035.00
Sagadahoc Preservation Inc Bath 2011061,246,700.00102,851.00
Sail Maine Inc Portland 20101272,045.00328,263.00
Sail Power and Steam Museum Rockland 2011121,133,431.0088,477.00
Saint Andrews Free Bed Fund Boothbay Hbr 2011121,411,236.00182,756.00
Saint Andrews Society of Maine Woolwich 201112255,581.00190,353.00
Saint George Volunteer Firemens Association Tenants Hbr 201112437,418.00122,337.00
Sally Brandmarker Charitable Remainder Unitr Bowdoin 201112183,148.000.00
Salmon Brook Historical Society of Washburn Washbur 201112374,688.005,456.00
Salt Bay Chamberfest Damariscotta 20111213,838.00150,029.00
Salt Inc Portland 2011061,044,676.00445,176.00
Salt Pond Community Broadcasting Company East Orland 201112535,766.00679,919.00
Sam L Cohen Foundation Portland 20111232,725,919.003,256,493.00
Sam Melcher Charitable Remainder Unitr Bowdoin 201112187,182.000.00
Samoset Fire Co of Bristol C/O Bristol Fire and Rescue Pemaquid 201112953,379.00219,773.00
Samuel G & Harriet R Cohen Cru 08-09-00 36-4767-00 Portland 201112139,066.000.00
Sanborn Seminary Scarborough 201006625,639.00261,844.00
Sandcastle Clinical and Educational Services Lewiston 2011122,422,675.001,516,921.00
Sandra S Hotchkiss Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112116,505.000.00
Sandy Maisel & Patrice Franko Charitable Remainder Trust Waterville 20111245,889.000.00
Sandy River Charitable Foundation Farmington 20110536,325,767.0081,803,011.00
Sandy River Waste Recycling Association Farmington 201112394,831.00222,484.00
Sanford and Springvale Fish & Game Protective Assn Inc Sanford 201112452,078.0058,298.00
Sanford Downtown Legacy Inc Sanford 20110625,483.0044,019.00
Sanford Food Pantry Springvale 201106149,406.0046,431.00
Sanford Library Association Sanford 2011062,060,986.00507,880.00
Sanford Maine Stage Company Inc Springvale 2010121,731.0025,514.00
Sanford Red and White Foundation Springvale 201112114,196.0082,723.00
Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council Sanford 2011061.00177,498.00
Sanford Springvale Call Firefighters Inc Sanford 20110684,479.0054,793.00
Sanford Springvale Youth Athletic Association Springvale 20101224,270.0077,820.00
Sanford-Springvale Chamber of Commerce Inc Sanford 20110672,841.00149,614.00
Sanford-Springvale Historical Society Springvale 201106656,265.0075,854.00
Sanford-Springvale Mousam Way Land Tr Sanford 201112703,358.003,616.00
Sanford-Springvale Rotary Charitable Fund Inc Springvale 201106260,681.0033,895.00
Sanford-Springvale Soccer Association Inc Sanford 201003101,156.00134,964.00
Santa Claus Fund Brunswick 20111270,423.0066,888.00
Sara Ridgeway Heap Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112301,959.000.00
Sarah C Mcintyre 2007 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112182,151.000.00
Sarah Frye Home Auburn 201109745,490.001,249,221.00
Sarah N Gruenig Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bangor 201112855,557.000.00
Sarah S Meacham Charitable Remainder Unitr Number Three Portland 20101246,708.000.00
Savings Bank of Maine Charitable Foundation Gardiner 2010121,754,847.00729,404.00
Scarborough Economic Development Corp Scarborough 20110648,304.00227,545.00
Scarborough Fish & Game Association Inc Scarborough 201112318,261.00407,420.00
Scarborough Football Club Inc Scarborough 20120228,625.0066,080.00
Scarborough Historical Society Inc Scarborough 201203177,006.009,443.00
Scarborough Land Conservation Trust Scarborough 2012063,080,945.00119,826.00
Scarborough Public Library Scarborough 2011061,802,041.001,848,902.00
Scarborough Soccer Club Scarborough 20111241,232.0078,045.00
Schiavi Family Foundation Oxford 2011074,896,853.004,338,471.00
Schoodic Arts For All Winter Harbor 201012209,785.00202,328.00
Schoodic Education and Research Center Institute Winter Harbor 201109376,281.001,026,111.00
Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium Steuben 20101265,928.0055,781.00
School Around Us Arundel 20110655,993.00188,606.00
Schoolhouse Arts Center At Sebago Lake Sebago Lake 2011122,023.0070,953.00
Scow Creek Tr Damariscotta 20111274,509.000.00
Sea Otter Foundation Yarmouth 20111226,141.00737.00
Seacoast Christian School South Berwick 201106978,844.00761,564.00
Seacoast Swim Club Cumberlnd Ctr 20110446,872.0061,371.00
Seacost Waldorf Association Eliot 201206808,920.00373,618.00
Seaglass Performing Arts Inc Kennebunk 2011064,437.0033,249.00
Seal Cove Auto Museum Camden 201112642,231.00295,270.00
Seal Harbor Village Improvement Society Inc Seal Harbor 201206264,015.00121,278.00
Seal Harbor Yacht Club Inc Seal Harbor 201203559,634.00173,760.00
Sebago-Long Lake Region Chamber Music Festival Inc Harrison 20111219,698.0050,184.00
Sebasticook Family Doctors Newport 2011091,467,306.005,192,402.00
Sebasticook Regional Land Trust Unity 201112746,522.00497,184.00
Sebasticook Valley Community Center Newport 20120424,980.00261.00
Second Floyd L Harding Charitable Remainder Unitrust Presque Isle 201112163,523.000.00
Seeds of Independence Freeport 20111228,070.00126,146.00
Senior Center At Lower Village Inc Kennebunk 2011121,451,532.00371,722.00
Senior College University of Maine The Hutchinson Center Belfast 20110682,538.0087,950.00
Senior Needs Committee of Wells & Ogunquit Wells 201112996,354.00176,796.00
Seniorsplus Lewiston 2011065,637,500.0019,551,113.00
Serenity House Portland 201106257,787.00777,054.00
Service Employees International Union Augusta 20111210,344.0036.00
Service Employees International Union Augusta 201112881,655.005,522,684.00
Seton School Inc Camden 20100661,824.00426,309.00
Seven Trees Inc New Castle 201112180,718.0015,046.00
Seventy-Five State Street Portland 20111213,266,683.007,877,073.00
Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Augusta 201109198,585.00587,279.00
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services Auburn 201109113,162.00396,557.00
Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine Portland 201109111,376.00647,421.00
Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine Brunswick 20110934,284.00414,512.00
Sexual Assault Victims Emergency Services Inc Farmington 20110956,771.00264,662.00
Seymour Papert Institute Blue Hill 20111293,771.000.00
Shadagee Seniors Housing Corporation Augusta 201203746,797.00233,808.00
Shadie-Niles Charitable Tr Portland 201206557,005.00256,640.00
Shady Nook Improvement Association Inc Sanford 201012720,972.0085,636.00
Shaker Valley Snowtravelers Inc E Waterboro 2010127,252.006,261.00
Shalom House Portland 20110613,765,128.0019,113,283.00
Shaw House Bangor 2011061,531,893.001,415,854.00
Shawnee Peak Alpine Education Foundation Portland 20110646,550.0049,322.00
Sheepscot Valley Childrens House Wiscasset 201106255,469.00282,687.00
Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association Inc Newcastle 2011123,080,554.00480,241.00
Sheepscot Valley Regional Health Center Whitefield 201206316,138.0086,770.00
Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance Inc Liberty 201206448,224.0055,940.00
Sheila Paine Charitable Lead Tr Dtd January 31 2008 Portland 200812425,041.000.00
Sheila Paine Charitable Remainder Trust Portland 200912403,852.000.00
Shepherds Godparent Home Bangor 201106116,180.00117,177.00
Sherman Family Foundation Cape Eliz 201112579,432.00194,869.00
Sherwood R Francis Charitable Remainder Tr Bath 201112264,823.000.00
Shining Light Assembly Madawaska 20111237,366.0053,945.00
Shirley Brook & Dave Boardman Charitable Remainder Tr Portland 20111275,930.000.00
Shorey M Armstrong Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 2011121,018,952.000.00
Shriners International Lewiston 2011121.000.00
Shriners International Bangor 201012185,343.00117,804.00
Shriners International Lewiston 2011121,428,977.00931,392.00
Shriners International Bangor 2010122,022,499.001,291,798.00
Shrm-Maine State Council Lewiston 20111234,930.0045,526.00
Siberian Huskie Rescue Inc Yarmouth 2010125,280.0015,754.00
Siddhartha School Project Freeport 201112241,359.00132,651.00
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Orono 20120614,270.00119,212.00
Sigma Phi Epsion Alumni Corp Maine Chapter Orono 201109315,579.00208,816.00
Silver Lake Housing Corp Dexter 2011121,009,174.00234,915.00
Simmons Foundation Inc Portland 2011122,467,949.00426,783.00
Simpson Memorial Library Carmel 201112128,847.0047,815.00
Sinawik Inc Presque Isle 20111287,428.0067,971.00
Single Global Currency Assn Newcastle 201112331.00356.00
Sixty-Three Washington Street Camden 201205149,928.00140,887.00
Skating Association of Maine Pittston 20111244,984.00123,931.00
Skender Liedl Charitable Remainder Unitr Rangeley 201112151,634.000.00
Ski Museum of Maine Orrington 20120686,749.0055,637.00
Skidompha Library Assoc Damariscotta 2011063,330,684.00412,234.00
Skills Inc Saint Albans 2011068,971,174.0017,408,348.00
Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce Skowhegan 20101228,220.0076,176.00
Skowhegan Community Food Cupboard Skowhegan 201112136,009.0032,285.00
Skowhegan Economic Development Corporation Skowhegan 2010121,990,752.0035,847.00
Skowhegan Montessori School Skowhegan 20110876,304.00113,110.00
Skowhegan Nursery School Inc Skowhegan 20110642,811.0060,413.00
Skowhegan Savings Charitable Foundation Skowhegan 201112449,308.00460,577.00
Skowhegan State Fair Skowhegan 2011095,454,799.001,256,780.00
Skyline Farm Yarmouth 201108642,497.0066,063.00
Small Axe Inc Lewiston 20111272,798.0067,455.00
Small Point Summer School Inc Phippsburg 201112339,172.00143,593.00
Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine Inc Augusta 2011041,298,056.00626,442.00
Smart Child and Family Services Windham 201106534,684.001,594,586.00
Smmc Visiting Nurses Kennebunk 2011092,790,130.003,302,330.00
Society For Human Ecology Bar Harbor 20111223,702.0027,416.00
Society For Preservation & Encourmt of Barbershop Quartet Singing AmerSaco 20111244,327.0056,469.00
Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals of Hancock Cty Trenton 2011122,254,113.00384,845.00
Society of Mayflower Descendants In The State of Maine Yarmouth 201112218,601.0044,137.00
Somali Bantu Community Lewiston of Maine Lewiston 20111213,767.0013,767.00
Somerset Academy Skowhegan 201106562,592.00450,155.00
Somerset County Association of Resource Providers Skowhegan 20111210,914.009,536.00
Somerset Economic Development Corporation Skowhegan 201112352,156.00653,409.00
Somerset Humane Society Skowhegan 2011121,239,139.00329,435.00
Somerset Woods Trustees Skowhegan 201012468,329.00113,126.00
Somes Pond Center Bar Harbor 2011121,143,297.0031,263.00
Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary Mt Desert 2011122,137,439.00429,982.00
Somesville Landing Corp Mount Desert 201112177,644.0011,679.00
Sorrento Public Library Sorrento 201112543,212.0014,542.00
Sorrento Village Improvement Association Sorrento 201112558,817.00165,205.00
Sorrento-Sullivan Recreation Center Sullivan 201107108,686.0037,917.00
Souls Harbor Inc Main Rd Corinth 201112468,337.00295,685.00
South Berwick Emergency Ambulance and Rescue Service Inc So Berwick 201202161,029.00341,949.00
South Berwick Strawberry Festival Committee Incorporated South Berwick 2011124,873.0038,663.00
South Bristol Volunteer Fire Co S Bristol 20120140,439.0032,823.00
South Buxton Cemetery Assn Bar Mills 201112343,982.00114,731.00
South Church Housing Corp Kennebunkport 20111240,451.0090,961.00
South Park Development Corporation Lewiston 2012061,569,938.0037,349.00
South Portland Cape Elizabeth Rotary Charitable Fund S Portland 201106139,606.0086,114.00
South Portland Food Cupboard S Portland 201106104,863.00310,419.00
South Portland Historical Society S Portland 201112534,668.0072,675.00
South Portland Housing Development Corporation S Portland 2011097,991,399.00544,238.00
South Portland Ice Hockey Boosters Inc S Portland 20110483,484.0047,740.00
South Portland Police Patrolmens Association S Portland 20111216,075.0069,158.00
South Solon Historical Society Skowhegan 201112262,989.006,295.00
South Windham Housing Corporation Portland 2011123,239,362.00182,184.00
Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum Littleton 201202211,480.0046,467.00
Southern Aroostook Development Corporation Houlton 20081276,664.00126,308.00
Southern Aroustook Minor Hockey Association Houlton 20110637,151.0030,154.00
Southern Kennebec Child Development Corporation Farmingdale 2012052,306,165.004,742,792.00
Southern Maine Agency On Aging Scarborough 2011093,902,553.005,672,856.00
Southern Maine Community College Foundation S Portland 2011061,239,671.00270,252.00
Southern Maine Community Recreation Center Gorham 2011121,109,093.00362,887.00
Southern Maine Dawg Pound Inc South Berwick 2011121.006,022.00
Southern Maine Economic Development District Portland 201106633,898.00276,037.00
Southern Maine Emergency Medical Services Portland 201006119,707.00519,803.00
Southern Maine Flame Softball Scarborough 20111234,830.0044,442.00
Southern Maine Medical Center Auxiliary Biddeford 201203119,874.00165,081.00
Southern Maine Middle School Athletic Conference Gorham 20110826,533.0047,817.00
Southern Maine Parent Awareness Inc Sanford 2011099,362.00124,654.00
Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission Incorporated Springvale 201106849,899.001,167,056.00
Southern Maine Workers Center Portland 20111230,628.0037,111.00
Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber Topsham 200812141,784.00409,490.00
Southern Piscataquis County Chamber of Commerce Dovr Foxcroft 20111242,948.0049,898.00
Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation Southport 201112192,490.00115,248.00
Southwest Harbor & Tremont Chamber of Commerce Southwest Hbr 2011129,771.00103,512.00
Southwest Harbor Animal Welfare Inc Southwest Harbor 201012157,142.0013,834.00
Southwest Harbor Fire Assoc Inc Southwest Hbr 20081223,262.0023,708.00
Southwest Harbor Public Library Southwest Hbr 2011123,033,453.00354,350.00
Southwest Harbor-Tremont Nursing Service Inc Southwest Hbr 201112782,084.00251,458.00
Southwest Oxford County Nutrition Inc Brownfield 20111240,171.0050,796.00
Southwestern Maine Activities Association Portland 2011063,058.00100,668.00
Soverel Charitable Remainder Tr Ua 10221999 Brunswick 2011122,394,010.000.00
Space Gallery Portland 201012107,445.00462,464.00
Spannocchia Foundation Westbrook 20111278,043.00547,251.00
Spaulding Memorial Library East Sebago 201106267,310.0069,107.00
Speaking Up For Us Augusta 20110945,089.00197,003.00
Spednic Club Inc Baileyville 20110416,131.00298,147.00
Spindlewood Waldorf Kindergartenand Lifeways Center Lincolnville 20110615,287.0077,751.00
Sportmans Alliance of Maine Inc Augusta 2011061,458,083.00307,768.00
Sports Projects Inc Lewiston 201104309,411.00586,868.00
Spring Harbor Community Services S Portland 2011093,991,810.0013,420,880.00
Spring Harbor Hospital S Portland 20110937,113,459.0032,233,478.00
Spring Point Ledge Light Trust S Portland 2011122,108,988.0026,488.00
Springvale Public Library Springvale 2011063,215,928.00245,441.00
Springvale Social Club Springvale 201012143,445.00376,547.00
Springy Pond Farm Clifton 201112200.008,570.00
Spruce Mountain Ski Club Inc Jay 20110643,333.0091,170.00
Spruce Run Association Bangor 2011091,291,066.001,265,339.00
Spurwink Services Incorporated Portland 20110629,111,893.0053,294,791.00
Squeaky Wheel Adventures Surry 201112103,680.0037,255.00
Squirrel Island Preservation Foundation Portland 2011125,976,438.0010,263,749.00
St Agatha Housing Inc Fort Kent 201112598,206.00190,343.00
St Albans Housing Corporation Saint Albans 201112271,732.00147,610.00
St Andre Health Care Facility Biddeford 2011125,300,854.008,034,123.00
St Andre Home Inc Portland 2011064,279,595.004,243,508.00
St Andrews Hospital Boothbay Hbr 20110929,985,446.0020,723,142.00
St Andrews Hospital Auxiliary W Boothby Hbr 20110986,238.00132,383.00
St Anthonys Monastery Association Inc Kennebunk 201012130,051.00968,232.00
St Croix International Waterway Commission Calais 20101280,924.00247,507.00
St Croix Regional Family Health Center Princeton 2011031,395,925.00995,983.00
St Croix Valley Chamber of Commerce Calais 20111213,647.0025,555.00
St Croix Valley Recreation Foundation Robbinston 201012876,361.00386,152.00
St Demetrios Hellenic Orthodox Cemetary Association Biddeford 201203279,996.0093,495.00
St Francis Community Orland 201012576,901.00107,455.00
St John Plt Dev Corp Fort Kent 201112616,949.00147,594.00
St John Valley Associates Inc Madawaska 201106934,082.00756,627.00
St Joseph Ambulatory Care Inc Bangor 2011121,030,387.008,835,008.00
St Joseph Child Development Center Portland 201109544,274.00369,424.00
St Joseph Healthcare Foundation Bangor 2011127,744,494.001,481,962.00
St Joseph Hospital Bangor 20111255,078,752.00101,223,193.00
St Josephs Rehabilitation & Residence Portland 2011066,359,627.0012,486,488.00
St Marks Home For Women Augusta 2011121,277,742.00366,302.00
St Martin De Porres Residence Inc Lewiston 201112227,335.00126,171.00
St Marys D Youville Pavilion Lewiston 20111212,495,912.0024,039,183.00
St Marys Health System Lewiston 20111230,684,466.0020,724,034.00
St Marys Regional Medical Center Lewiston 201112157,535,163.00158,234,801.00
St Marys Residence Lewiston 2011122,001,981.001,632,769.00
St Michaels Home Portland 2011091.0056,197.00
St Patricks Permanent Lay Trust Damariscotta 201112109,416.002,335.00
St Xaviers Home Brewer 201109737,378.00256,760.00
Stanley Museum Inc Kingfield 201112717,607.0079,389.00
Stanton Bird Club Inc Lewiston 2011091,485,905.00143,917.00
Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary Ellsworth 201112772,138.00518,150.00
Starbird Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bar Harbor 201112218,894.000.00
Starfleet The International Star Trek Fan Association Bangor 20110660,530.0064,358.00
State Chartered Credit Unions In Lewiston 20111243,223,378.002,982,872.00
State Chartered Credit Unions In Maine Augusta 20111129,088,640.001,423,448.00
State Chartered Credit Unions In Maine Sabattus 20111233,030,167.001,962,018.00
State Chartered Credit Unions In Maine Portland 2006121,129,683,510.0077,860,661.00
State of Maine Caddie Scholarship Fund Falmouth 201112800,130.00300,468.00
State Society of The Cincinnati of Pennsylvania Windham 2011082,495,245.00103,531.00
State Street Housing Preservation Corporation Portland 20120613,420,562.002,038,971.00
Steep Falls Library Steep Falls 201106483,117.0060,314.00
Stein 2007 Charitable Remainder Unitrust S Portland 201112803,524.000.00
Stella Maris Housing Development Corp Rockland 2011092,329,492.00548,662.00
Stephanie H Russell Charitable Remainder Unitrust Falmouth 20111293,826.000.00
Stephen H Whittier Charitable Remainder Unitr I Portland 201112109,841.000.00
Stephen H Whittier Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ii Portland 201112125,355.000.00
Stephens Community Healthcare Foundation Norway 2011094,724,616.00233,510.00
Stephens Memorial Hospital Association Norway 20110941,764,430.0052,833,665.00
Stillwater Montessori School Old Town 20110682,266.00434,373.00
Stone Environmental Schools of New England Harrison 2012061,200.00198,475.00
Stone Food Pantry Biddeford 2011071.0059,639.00
Stoneham Rescue Service Stoneham 201112251,321.0077,723.00
Stony Brook Housing Inc Auburn 201106446,039.0048,907.00
Storm Warriors International Camden 201112132,769.00188,010.00
Strategies For A Stronger Sanford Sanford 20101210,888.0041,615.00
Sturdivant Island Tuna Tournament Charitable Foundation Gorham 2011124,631.0074,903.00
Sudie L Vachon Charitable Remainder Unitrust Lewiston 201112275,007.000.00
Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Club Canalassett Valley 201106194,580.0067,169.00
Sukeforth Family Charitable Remainder Tr S China 2011124,573,644.000.00
Summer Camp Inc Bridgton 201109265,777.00483,102.00
Summer Festival of The Arts Southwest Hbr 20110945,780.00157,256.00
Summer Street Associates Inc Gardiner 20111252,006.0024,626.00
Summer Street Housing Preservation Inc Rockland 2011122,356,539.00650,074.00
Sumner O Hancock Scholarship Fund Casco 201112102,289.0030,417.00
Sunrise County Economic Council Machias 201109812,897.00619,919.00
Sunrise Nursing Care Machias 201112820,556.002,754,329.00
Sunrise Opportunities Machias 2011061,541,999.005,843,960.00
Sunrise Residence Inc Machias 201206120,968.00169,737.00
Sunset Home of Waterville Waterville 2011123,176,171.007,951,957.00
Sunshine Club of Crippled Children Presque Isle 201112446,394.0073,256.00
Support Solutions Inc Lewiston 2011064,147,011.009,599,987.00
Surf Point Foundation Trust Agree 04-07-88 Portland 20111287.003,098.00
Surry Historical Society Surry 201112100,277.00929.00
Survey Action Center Inc Harpswell 2011123,670.00223,548.00
Susan Chafee Welch Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112432,937.000.00
Susan Comeau Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112587,071.000.00
Susan Comeau Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112901,454.000.00
Susan L Curtis Charitable Foundation Portland 2011102,808,240.001,384,003.00
Susan Melcher Charitable Remainder Unitr Bowdoin 201112187,079.000.00
Susan P Wright Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 2011121,532,455.000.00
Susannah M Swihart Charitable Foundation Cumb Foreside 2010121,087,658.00169,219.00
Sustain Mid Maine Coalition Waterville 2012061,699.006,430.00
Sustainable Fisheries Coalition Winterport 20101283.0025,000.00
Sustainable Harvest International Surry 201106561,003.001,488,881.00
Sustainable Harvest Sector Harpswell 201112173,315.00329,642.00
Sustainablearning Inc Damariscotta 2011062,328.0038,100.00
Sven B Nordstrom Charitable Remainder Unitrust 09-01-87 Alna 20111263,490.000.00
Swans Island Educational Society Swans Island 2011121,331,410.00459,653.00
Swans Island Electric Cooperative Inc Swans Island 2011121,434,996.00674,442.00
Sweet Adelines International Topsham 20120431,116.0057,944.00
Sweetser Saco 20120650,889,081.0063,334,255.00
Sweetser Childrens Services Pif Tr Portland 201112205,304.000.00
Syntiro Readfield 201106505,116.002,021,527.00
T Spencer Shore Foundation Kennebunkport 20111217,413.004.00
Tabell Fam Foundation Tr West Bath 201203189,919.0048,842.00
Table of Plenty Berwick 20111222,214.0035,717.00
Take A Chance To End Hunger In Maine Portland 20111223,924.0024,486.00
Talbot Home Rockland 201112626,113.00335,922.00
Tamc Endowments Presque Isle 2011092,254,084.00820,896.00
Tamc Title Corp Presque Isle 201109652,821.00128,820.00
Tanglewood Camp and Learning Center Lincolnville 2010122,489,094.00774,451.00
Tardif Fam Tr Ua 122096 E Orland 20111283,517.000.00
Tarratine Club of Dark Harbor Islesboro 2011121,563,840.001,357,709.00
Tasha Dunham Memorial College Scholarship Leeds 20111212,884.0076.00
Tate House Museum Portland 20110476,441.00104,735.00
Taylor Pond Yacht Club Auburn 20101282,147.0040,183.00
Td Bank Beach To Beacon 10K Inc Portland 20111268,888.00622,065.00
Td Charitable Foundation Portland 20111283,686,928.0085,800,663.00
Tedec-Tidal Energy Demonstration & Evaluation Center Castine 20101212,454.0077,902.00
Tedford Housing Brunswick 2011065,603,305.001,077,411.00
Teen and Young Parent Program of Knox County Inc Rockland 201206110,950.00429,292.00
Telephone Association New Gloucestr 201112194,422.00221,634.00
Telephone Association of New England Falmouth 201110272,410.00216,745.00
Telesis Housing Corporation S Portland 2011122,602,166.001,188,068.00
Telling Room Portland 201106131,171.00245,149.00
Terra Moto Inc Portland 20111228,075.00150,347.00
The Alcyon Center Seal Cove 2011127,612.0072,764.00
The Alfred M Senter Fund Portland 2011122,593,681.00482,808.00
The Androscoggin River Alliance Lewiston 20101250,606.0056,282.00
The Ark Cherryfield 201112813,291.00239,852.00
The Bangor Youth Hockey Association Bangor 20111253,507.00126,557.00
The Bill and Joan Alfond Foundation Portland 2011128,406,382.00865,275.00
The Blue Hill Harbor School Blue Hill 20110680,756.00143,345.00
The Camden Childrens House Montessori School Camden 201206486,485.00442,834.00
The Carpenters Boatshop Pemaquid 2011122,244,229.00902,399.00
The Center For Grieving Children Portland 2011062,010,859.00663,531.00
The Chapman House Auburn 2011129,258,735.001,391,733.00
The Clarence E Mulford Trust Fryeburg 2011125,071,549.00366,588.00
The Committee For Alna History Inc Alna 200912892.001,303.00
The Committee To Restore The Abyssinian Meetinghouse Portland 20111227,172.0083,996.00
The Community Schools At Opportunity Farm and Camden Camden 2011047,916,151.00800,557.00
The Cromwell Center For Disabilities Awareness Portland 201206151,006.00146,466.00
The Cundys Harbor Library Inc Harpswell 201112164,012.0030,846.00
The Dearborn Foundation Fryeburg 2011121,450,142.0080,978.00
The Diana Francesca Raimondi Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bar Harbor 2011122,207,669.000.00
The Downeast Chapter of Maine Audubon Ellsworth 201112326,650.00106,767.00
The Eagle Hill Institute Steuben 2010121,341,816.00475,606.00
The Eastern Draft Horse Association Inc Porter 20111221,052.0062,968.00
The Edward L and Ruth J Jones Charitable Foundation Damariscotta 201112585,455.0048,394.00
The Evergreens Senior Citizens Club of The Brunswick Area Brunswick 201112228,639.0040,921.00
The Falmouth Historical Society Falmouth 201106278,761.0049,531.00
The Forrest S Hutchins Foundation Springvale 201112362,335.00647,084.00
The Foundation For Maine Community Colleges S Portland 2012068,098,082.002,791,045.00
The Frank L Currier Charitable Berwick 2011121,620,211.0039,221.00
The General Henry Knox Museum Thomaston 2010126,024,838.00430,662.00
The Gerard W Gehrke Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 20111224,955.000.00
The Girls Foundation of Tanzania Portland 201112328,746.00284,032.00
The Haselton 2000 Charitable Remainder Flip Trust Waterville 201112374,187.000.00
The Heliker-La Hotan Foundation Inc Cranberryisles 2010123,595,081.00147,055.00
The Hyde Foundation Bath 201106595,931.00475,590.00
The Iberdrola USA Foundation Inc New Gloucestr 2011125,580,866.001,133,230.00
The Islesford Neighborhood House Association Islesford 201105201,138.0042,263.00
The Jefferson Cary Foundation Caribou 201012849,045.00118,987.00
The Knox County Fish & Game Association Union 201104101,587.0068,590.00
The Maine Morgan Horse Club Inc Brunswick 20111283,494.0092,739.00
The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Industrial Hertiage Trust Portland 2011121,216,749.00450,793.00
The Masonic Charitable Foundation of The Grand Lodge of Maine Portland 20110315,212,740.002,884,496.00
The Miley Foundation Cape Eliz 2010122,281,869.00763,051.00
The Mission Possible International Auburn 201112833.0011,163.00
The Morton Foundation Inc York 2011061,676,981.001,804,481.00
The Museum of African Culture Portland 201112417,436.00128,678.00
The New Encland States Government Finance Officers Association Inc Augusta 201108152,371.00281,820.00
The New Hampshire Doberman Rescue League Lebanon 2011126,796.0019,517.00
The Oak Foundation USA Portland 201012126,035,079.0033,067,393.00
The Old Canton School House Activities Group Canton 200812175,032.00185,033.00
The Old Folks Home Association of Brunswick Brunswick 201203564,565.00322,514.00
The Opera House At Boothbay Harbor Boothbay Hbr 2011122,869,133.001,056,116.00
The Opportunity Alliance S Portland 2011065,803,596.0017,643,014.00
The Owls Head Transportation Museum Owls Head 2011126,643,985.001,197,504.00
The Paul J Bartels & Deborah R Govenor Charitable Remainder Trust Bar Harbor 201112266,280.000.00
The Philippian Fellowship Bremen 20111250,482.00105,947.00
The Picker Institute Inc Camden 2011122,475,762.001,284,290.00
The Poetry Fellowship of Maine Woolwich 2011128,392.003,812.00
The Pop Tech Institute Camden 2011121,333,267.004,263,413.00
The Positive Radio Network Freeport 201012682,627.00501,397.00
The Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society Rangeley 201204796,222.00100,067.00
The Robert Cross Vergobbi Charitable Remainder Unitrust Waterville 201112321,218.000.00
The Robert M Macnamara Foundation Westport Is 2011121,521,539.00163,945.00
The Root Cellar Portland 2011122,089,116.001,264,669.00
The S Douglas and Rita C Sukeforth Charitable Foundation South China 2011125,115,182.004,223,496.00
The Sandy Christman Foundation Portland 20111296,490.002,282.00
The Sebago Lake Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc Windham 2012061.0024,510.00
The Trustees of Fryeburg Academy Fryeburg 20110645,738,730.0029,717,611.00
The@Albert R Lepage Charitable Foundation Auburn 201012502,297.008,825.00
The@Bangor Savings Bank Foundation Bangor 2012033,326,183.002,179,578.00
The@Gospel Ellsworth 201112260,830.00468,925.00
The@Judson M Grant Jr and Bette L Grant Family Foundation Bangor 201112186,257.00943.00
The@Nathan and Henry B Cleaves Law Library Portland 2011121,987,898.00928,262.00
The@Presumpscot Foundation Cumberland 201112701,183.000.00
The@Village Northeast Harbor 2011063,880.0061,948.00
Theater At Monmouth Monmouth 201012161,183.00454,778.00
Theater Project Brunswick 20111221,437.00165,106.00
Thelma Hill Charitable Remainder Unitrust Spruce Head 201112706,752.000.00
Theodore & Wanda Gray Scholarship Trust Bangor 2011121.002.00
Theodore B Alfond Charitable Lead Annuity Tr Ua 122993 Portland 201112203,065.000.00
Theta Chi Fraternity Inc Orono 2011129,965.0082,537.00
Thomas and Katherine Chappell Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 2011122,978,398.000.00
Thomas and Kathleen Martin Charitable Remainder Tr Waterville 20111275,940.000.00
Thomas College Waterville 20110643,711,842.0022,995,714.00
Thomas Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust Winthrop 20111279,643.000.00
Thomas Jordan Tr Cape Eliz 201106928,156.009,752.00
Thomas M & Marion W Goodall Trust Portland 201108453,094.00435,215.00
Thomas M Goodall Marion Goodall & Ruth Goodall Pitstick Tr Bo Hd Portland 2011081,491,630.0080,061.00
Thomas Mck Thomas Charitable Remainder Unitrust For Colby Colle Waterville 201112759,148.000.00
Thomas R Wood & Constance R Strout Charitable Remainder Tr 12222005 Bangor 2011121.000.00
Thomas R Wood and Constance R Strout Charitable Lead Tr 12082006 Bangor 201012182,096.000.00
Thomas Wood Constance Strout Charitable Lead Trust Bangor 201112176,772.000.00
Thompson Community Center Association Union 20110945,617.00112,374.00
Thompson Lake Environmental Association Inc Oxford 20111291,243.00160,039.00
Three Quarter-Way House Portland 20110658,132.0061,113.00
Three Rivers Ambulance Service Milo 201112483,388.00292,286.00
Three Rivers Land Tr Acton 201012115,745.0055,941.00
Threshold To Maine Rc&D Area Portland 20111223,879.007,680.00
Thrive Westbrook 20110956,583.0064,309.00
Tidewater Conservation Foundation Portland 2011123,204,017.0011.00
Time and Again Ltd Wells 20101225,378.0035,751.00
Titcomb Ski Club Educational Foundation Farmington 20120596,207.00117,906.00
Tod Family Trust Cumb Foreside 201112258,826.000.00
Tom and Kate Chappell Familyfoundation Kennebunk 2011121.001.00
Topsham Development Inc Topsham 201106160,338.002,151.00
Topsham Public Library Topsham 201106287,671.00411,377.00
Topvcc Inc Bangor 2008121,682.002,247.00
Touch Tanks For Kids Biddeford 2010120.0056,616.00
Townline Animal Shelter Belfast 201112108,800.0032,400.00
Tozier Charitable Remainder Tr Hallowell 201112155,380.000.00
Tr 487 Uw Ethel Levasseur Bo Unitarian Church Portland 201108275,830.0059,569.00
Tranet Rangeley 20111220,520.0019,594.00
Traveler Fund Bath 20111246,008.00736.00
Treats Falls House Inc Orono 201106897,950.003,260,315.00
Tree of Life Blue Hill 201012392,330.00172,171.00
Tree of Life Foundation Portland 201012492,912.00448,025.00
Trefethen Evergreen Improvement Peaks Island 201109200,574.00285,294.00
Trekkers Inc Tenants Hbr 201108131,982.00224,508.00
Trenor F Goodell Charitable York 20111210,424.000.00
Trenor F Goodell Jr Char Rem Tr Ii York 201112103,970.000.00
Trial and Error Madawaska 20111212,795.002,438.00
Tri-County Emergency Medical Services Inc Lewiston 201106196,869.00329,818.00
Tri-County Literacy Bath 20110643,121.00115,496.00
Tri-County Mental Health Services Lewiston 20110610,239,711.0022,199,057.00
Trinity Day Care Center Portland 20111245,658.00267,814.00
Trinity Jubilee Center Inc Lewiston 20110676,657.00228,840.00
Tri-State Fishing Sector Brunswick 20111240,764.00205,191.00
Triton Foundation Yarmouth 2011121,227,955.0044,806.00
Tri-Town Ambulance & Emergency Rescue Service Inc West Paris 201112204,445.00246,458.00
Tri-Town Medical Foundation Inc North Jay 201106233,732.0031,117.00
Trust To Conserve Northeast Forest Lands New Gloucestr 20111239,000.00170,543.00
Trust U/W Lucy W Hardy B/O H D Goodall Hospital Inc Portland 201108470,656.0016,113.00
Trustees of Bloomfield Academy Skowhegan 2012011,807,740.00665,370.00
Trustees of Leavitt Institute North Turner 2011044,259,045.001,554,533.00
Trustees of Lot Owners of Riverside Cemetery Yarmouth 201112732,386.00133,438.00
Trustees of Merrill Memorial Library Yarmouth 201106799,884.00411,569.00
Trustees of St Josephs College Standish 20110660,566,449.0049,899,894.00
Trustees of The First Parish In Portland Portland 2011062,156,845.00512,645.00
Trustees of Thornton Academy Saco 20120633,349,509.0022,845,780.00
Tua K H & S J Eskelund Crat 209-022040868349 Portland 201112672,671.000.00
Turner Public Library Turner 201106304,105.0059,208.00
Twelve Hour Club Lewiston 201112142,975.0080,581.00
Twin Town Nature Club Oxford 2011123,610.00137.00
Two Fish Corp Franklin 20111212,914.0069.00
U S M Student Senate Portland 201106514,968.001,040,766.00
Uaw Local 3999-Bath Iron Works Dental Benefit Plan Bath 20101286,416.00442,763.00
Union Corporation For Better Housing Union 20111256,445.0056,828.00
Union Country Club Appleton 201012611,263.00164,319.00
Union Fair Society Union 201110166,993.00554,415.00
Union of Maine Visual Artists Inc Westbrook 20101249,602.0026,665.00
Union Workers Benefit Tr Bath 201109958,869.003,396,112.00
United Ambulance Lewiston 2012065,469,760.008,573,171.00
United Association of Journeymen & Apprentices of The Plumbing & Pipe Augusta 201112110,796.00399,018.00
United Bikers of Maine Inc Farmington 201112228,198.00127,869.00
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Portland 201206529,629.00160,150.00
United Cerebral Palsy of Northeastern Maine Bangor 2011064,436,498.009,166,867.00
United Maine Craftsmen Manchester 20111281,005.00207,567.00
United Mid-Coast Charities Inc Camden 2011091,605,680.001,158,283.00
United Pejepscot Housing Inc Pejepscot Terrace Brunswick 2011123,197,696.00810,000.00
United Soccer Federation of Maine Cumberland 201108477,757.00364,142.00
United Society of Shakers New Gloucestr 2010123,212,436.00955,664.00
United Somali Women of Maine Lewiston 20110921,955.00299,196.00
United States Biathlon Association Inc New Gloucester 201106306,322.002,685,416.00
United States Biathlon Foundation New Gloucestr 20110611,354.0057,489.00
United States Catholic Conference Seton Village Inc Waterville 2011062,571,675.001,099,117.00
United Steelworkers Bucksport 20111221,084.00131,485.00
United Steelworkers E Millinocket 20111223,373.0020,621.00
United Steelworkers Baileyville 20111233,885.0033,472.00
United Steelworkers Madawaska 20111236,068.0056,069.00
United Steelworkers Westbrook 20111288,314.00161,671.00
United Steelworkers Fayette 20101293,374.003,499.00
United Steelworkers Madawaska 201112144,207.0070,734.00
United Steelworkers Bucksport 201112152,017.00177,097.00
United Steelworkers Old Town 201112207,706.0067,283.00
United Steelworkers Rumford 201112238,290.00235,270.00
United Steelworkers Waterville 201112402,308.00140,836.00
United Voice Community Land Tr Bath 20111255,992.00145,738.00
United Way Kennebunk 2010122,098,717.001,542,820.00
United Way Inc Portland 20110617,446,571.0011,970,638.00
United Way of Androscoggin County Inc Lewiston 2011122,285,633.001,627,923.00
United Way of Aroostook Presque Isle 201206674,668.00558,757.00
United Way of Eastern Maine Bangor 2012065,684,639.003,057,341.00
United Way of Kennebec Valley Augusta 2010121,359,051.001,514,179.00
United Way of Mid Coast Maine Inc Bath 2011062,616,108.002,250,715.00
United Way of Mid-Maine Inc Waterville 2011061,067,619.00962,617.00
United Way of Oxford County South Paris 201112125,005.00112,827.00
United Way of The Tri Valley Area Farmington 201112376,445.00418,138.00
Unity Area Region Recycling Center Thorndike 201103199,106.00116,441.00
Unity Barn Raisers Unity 201112554,779.00506,175.00
Unity College Unity 20110619,018,184.0026,410,216.00
Unity Foundation Unity 2011127,110,909.00381,687.00
Unity Leisure Homes Inc Saint Albans 201112549,497.00138,094.00
Unity Volumteer Ambulance Corp Unity 201112838,075.00148,054.00
University Credit Union Orono 201112192,909,871.0012,306,999.00
University of Maine Orono 201106156,454.00105,769.00
University of Maine At Augusta Foundation Augusta 20111297,732.00916.00
University of Maine At Fort Kent Foundation Fort Kent 2012061,056,053.00216,407.00
University of Maine Foundation Orono 201106183,731,745.0084,700,108.00
University of Maine Law Alumni Association Portland 201206129,877.00158,358.00
University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation Orono 20111218,033,899.001,834,044.00
University of Maine School of Law Foundation Portland 2011063,715,037.00632,324.00
University of Maine Student Government Inc Orono 201106254,877.00883,629.00
University of New England Biddeford 201105259,165,657.00168,418,234.00
University of Southern Maine Foundation Portland 20110620,151,852.001,638,651.00
Uplift Inc Gardiner 2012066,163,491.006,089,159.00
Upper Valley Economic Council Sherman 20111232,468.0052,435.00
Us Green Building Council Maine Chapter Portland 20111258,912.0046,149.00
Us Swimming Inc Bar Harbor 20110856,093.00192,968.00
Usa Track & Field Inc Canaan 2011126,622.0053,404.00
Uss Braine Dd 630 Reunion Association Stockton Spgs 2010125,924.0013,188.00
Valley Medical Association Fort Kent 2011091.008,518,999.00
Vandervoort Mclanathan Charitable Remainder Unitrust Agreement Bath 201112595,203.000.00
Vanervoort Charitable Remainder Unitrust Bath 201112424,655.000.00
Vassalboro Family Skate Center Inc N Vassalboro 2008121.000.00
Vaughan Homestead Foundation Portland 2011124,590,420.003,254,954.00
Velocity Soccer Club Inc Hiram 2011072,569.0092,244.00
Vernon Continuing Care Homes Inc Kittery 2011125,072,142.001,028,530.00
Verrill Foundation Cumberland Foreside 2011121,646,379.001,306,228.00
Vesper Hill Foundation Rockport 201112702,002.00136,584.00
Veterans For Peace Bangor 201112509.00753.00
Veterans Memorial Cemetery Assoc Augusta 201112127,228.0024,966.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Department of Maine Hampden 201206115,184.00106,906.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Belfast 2009061.0075,488.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Millinocket 2011067,031.00101,677.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Cumberland 20110617,948.004,981.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Skowhegan 20110633,701.0012,915.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Caribou 20110647,233.00167,632.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Ellsworth 201012106,522.00213,493.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Bath 201112122,349.00187,690.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Dexter 201112143,850.0093,060.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Augusta 201112152,697.00280,671.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Waldoboro 201106156,131.0056,909.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Old Orchd Bch 201206176,429.0061,626.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine S Portland 201106225,762.00199,463.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Sanford 201012240,904.0040,103.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Jay 201112285,619.0099,479.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Old Town 201106287,593.00176,703.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Fairfield 201106297,650.00823,290.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Vassalboro 201106320,562.00273,834.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Presque Isle 201106341,000.0026,550.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Madison 201012498,428.00297,839.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Winslow 201106675,863.00934,205.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Maine Bangor 201106701,596.00197,615.00
Victoria Mansion Portland 2011035,551,381.00938,731.00
Viles Arboretum Augusta 201112803,416.00217,504.00
Village Nursery School Yarmouth 20120521,083.0062,160.00
Village Square Housing Corporation Portland 2011124,501,174.002,180,070.00
Vinalhaven Eldercare Services- Resources Vinalhaven 201206815,244.00467,035.00
Vinalhaven Land Trust Inc Vinalhaven 2011124,222,247.001,118,395.00
Vincent B and Barbara G Welch Supporting Organization Ellsworth 2011125,707,400.003,721,835.00
Vincent B Welch Foundation Portland 20110914,940.003,713.00
Vincent J & Irene V Rauth Crut 579 4293279K7 Scarborough 20111261,291.000.00
Vincent L & Nancy G Mckusick Charitable Tr Portland 201112244,031.000.00
Virgil E & Priscilla B Beane Charitable Remainder Unitrust Cumberlnd Ctr 20101266,584.000.00
Virginia Hodgkins Somers Foundation Inc Kennebunkport 2011094,632,314.00931,895.00
Virginia Project Inc Bath 201012140,664.0038,668.00
Visiting Board of The Childrens Hospital Portland 201109245,029.00206,271.00
Visting Nurse Association and Hospice South Portland 20111213,141,867.0011,352,700.00
Voice For Animals Inc Berwick 2011128,942.0014,984.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 20110647,384.0047,384.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 20120684,204.0015,024.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 201206207,748.0027,111.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 201206526,578.0057,961.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 201206712,028.0067,200.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 201206866,292.0064,206.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 2012061,523,782.00188,124.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 2012062,641,354.002,067,395.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 2012063,809,942.00239,154.00
Volunteers of America Inc Brunswick 2012063,925,359.00272,303.00
Vose Library Union 201206876,068.0096,777.00
W Dixon Riley Charitable Remainder Tr 09162005 Yarmouth 201112200,919.000.00
W F Bisbee J G O Rourke Tte Portland 2011129,331,548.00270,059.00
W R & H T Mill Charitable Remainder Unitrust Kennebunkport 201112210,888.000.00
W Scott Reid Scholarship Fund Auburn 201112339,603.0081,515.00
W Tom Sawyer Charitable Remainder Unitrust A Cumb Foreside 2011124,440,853.000.00
W Tom Sawyer Jr Joint Lives Charitable Reminder Unitrust B Cumb Foreside 2011121,689,284.000.00
Waban Association For Retarded Citizens Inc Sanford 2011061,356,866.00132,758.00
Waban Projects Inc Sanford 20110615,991,444.0012,252,820.00
Wabanaki Health and Wellness Inc Bangor 20111217,242.0084,714.00
Waldo Community Action Partners Belfast 2011121,406,190.006,121,619.00
Waldo County General Hospital Belfast 20110990,900,586.0087,523,340.00
Waldo County Healthcare Inc Belfast 2011095,444,283.00688,573.00
Waldo County Home Healthcare Serv 56 Northport Ave Belfast 201109468,471.001,827,514.00
Waldo County Humane Society Belfast 201112237,067.0032,310.00
Waldo County Triad Inc Belfast 2011128,238.0021,150.00
Waldo County Young Mens Christian Association Belfast 2011127,275,960.001,459,556.00
Waldoboro Public Library Waldoboro 2011121,078,703.00268,974.00
Walter C Chapman Charitable Remain Unitr Waterville 20111254,066.000.00
Walter F & Elaine H Carpenter Charitable Remainder Unitrust Orono 201112332,064.000.00
Walter F Whittier Ii Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112239,189.000.00
Walter T A Hansen Memorial Library Tr Mars Hill 201112132,899.0046,255.00
Wardwell Commons Elderly Housing Inc Saco 201106697,044.0098,154.00
Wardwell Home For The Aging Saco 2011068,437,765.003,102,616.00
Warren A Higgins Educational Foundation Bath 20111215,567.006,243.00
Warren Family Foundation Kennebunkport 2011122,381,055.00462,346.00
Warren Memorial Foundation Westbrook 2010123,521,987.00901,950.00
Washburn Norlands Foundation Inc Livermore 2010123,279,684.00197,175.00
Washington Academy East Machias 20120613,864,652.007,955,222.00
Washington County Association For Retarded Citizens Machias 2011062,694,318.00372,941.00
Washington County Childrens Chorus Machias 2011123,130.005,471.00
Washington County Childrens Program Board Machias 201106154,290.00722,582.00
Washington County Emergency Medical Service Authority Calais 201106912,301.001,456,718.00
Washington Hancock Community Agency Ellsworth 2011096,985,874.0010,120,880.00
Washington Library Association Washington 201112268,146.00246,228.00
Water Research Insitute of Blue Hill Blue Hill 20091237,101.009,898.00
Waterboro Land Trust Inc Waterboro 201112708,179.0010,459.00
Waterfall Arts Belfast 201112379,680.00243,911.00
Watershed Center For The Ceramic Arts Incorporated Newcastle 2011121,127,504.00361,405.00
Watershed Institute Camden 201106102,083.00335,397.00
Waterville Area Boys & Girls Club Waterville 201203835,990.001,033,286.00
Waterville Area Ymca Waterville 201203504,300.00810,019.00
Waterville Country Club Incorporated Waterville 2011101,060,246.00940,990.00
Waterville Development Corporation Waterville 201106158,114.0020,000.00
Waterville Enlisted Association Augusta 20111269,689.00417.00
Waterville Historical Society Waterville 201105374,201.0048,607.00
Waterville Main Street Waterville 20110660,606.00645,804.00
Waterville Opera House Association Waterville 2011083,956,941.003,362,674.00
Waterville Regional Arts and Community Center Waterville 201112814,921.00215,918.00
Waterville Womans Club Waterville 201106234,384.0015,480.00
Wawenock Country Club Damariscotta 201112493,259.00264,931.00
Wayne Library Association Wayne 201109982,664.00384,498.00
Waynflete School Portland 20110643,469,069.0016,941,508.00
Wayside Food Programs Portland 201112377,125.00431,360.00
Wayside Theatre Dexter 20111280,197.0015,586.00
Weathervane Seafoods Health and Welfare Tr Kittery 20111288,520.00944,123.00
Webber Avenue Club Inc Lewiston 201112298,679.00167,043.00
Webber Hospital Association Biddeford 201109138,842,443.00171,428,087.00
Webber Oil Foundation Bangor 201108266,030.00164,376.00
Webhannet Charitable Foundation Inc Kennebunk 20111222,164.0081,349.00
Weinberger Foundation Mount Desert 201112388,638.00279,530.00
Weinstein Family Charitable Trust Old Orchd Bch 201112459.00500.00
Wells Auto Museum Wells 201112401,839.0033,841.00
Wells Emergency Medical Service Inc Wells 201106271,086.00739,620.00
Wells Rotary Charitable Fund Wells 20110610,114.003,760.00
Wellspring Charitable Foundation Portland 2011123,758,304.001,015,458.00
Wellspring Inc Bangor 201206335,173.001,780,492.00
Wendall & Barbara Shaw Charitable Remainder Uni Tr Fort Fairfield 201112117,846.000.00
Wendell Gilley Museum of Bird Carving The Southwest Hbr 2011123,638,602.00349,333.00
Wendy P Kerr Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 2011121,532,288.000.00
Wentzell Family Charitable Remainder Tr Yarmouth 201112288,202.000.00
Wescustago Youth Chorale Yarmouth 2010066,976.0038,338.00
Wescustogo Foundation Cumberlnd Ctr 2011124,479,989.00782,094.00
Wesget Sipu Inc Fort Kent 20110813,346.00149,807.00
West Bath Cemetery Assoc West Bath 20120155,196.003,651.00
West Oxford Agricultural Society Fryeburg 2010123,231,547.003,886,629.00
West Poland Highland Cemetery Corporation Poland 201112233,880.0059,784.00
Westbrook Development Corporation Westbrook 2011121,707,701.00795,266.00
Westbrook Seals Westbrook 20110835,197.00152,110.00
Westbrook Youth Center Inc Westbrook 201106382,294.00225,654.00
Western Foothills Land Trust Norway 201112919,568.00182,067.00
Western Kennebec Economic Development Alliance Winthrop 201012110,308.0022,381.00
Western Maine Centers For Children Carabaset Vly 20101277,336.00129,431.00
Western Maine Community Action Inc East Wilton 2011081,509,160.009,634,465.00
Western Maine Conference Portland 20110617,832.0075,742.00
Western Maine Health Care Corp Norway 2011092,346,793.002,024,597.00
Western Maine Multi-Medical Specialists Norway 201109698,528.005,389,921.00
Western Maine Nursing Home Inc South Paris 2011091,431,104.006,490,855.00
Western Maine Paper & Heritage Museum Jay 201112210,464.004,470.00
Western Maine Transportation Services Inc Auburn 2011092,754,008.004,915,090.00
Western Mountain Land Trust Farmington 199812170,110.0010,975.00
Western Mountains Alliance Farmington 201112211,644.0099,943.00
Western Mountains Charitable Foundation Kingfield 2010126,502,756.001,480,966.00
Westman Village Inc Augusta 201112844,500.00231,630.00
Weston D Clement & Linda H Charitable Remainder Unitrust Harpswell 201112121,436.000.00
Wha Inc Waterville 2011061,872,840.00126,576.00
Whelan Family Scholarship Fund Freeport 20111219,784.00630.00
White Pine Foundation Portland 201206473,213.00187,931.00
White Pine Programs Cape Neddick 201112107,644.00253,682.00
Whiting Community Food Pantry Dennysville 20101213,810.0052,228.00
Whitney Brookside Corporation Canton 201112530,192.00189,023.00
Wilbert D and Florence A Gough Charitable Remainder Unitr York 201112200,092.000.00
Wild Blueberry Association of North America Old Town 2011121,018,661.001,453,688.00
Wildlife Research Foundation Patten 20120214,714.004,681.00
Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Rangeley 201112855,503.001,277,418.00
Willette Charitable Remainder Unitrust Falmouth 2011129,999.000.00
William A Farnsworth Library and Art Museum Inc Rockland 20111224,417,140.004,704,282.00
William and Carolyn Muzzy Charitable Remainder Unitrust Greenville 201112122,752.000.00
William C Mccook Jr Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ua 12-17-1998 Nobleboro 20111286,652.000.00
William E and Lucretia W Evans Foundation Inc Yarmouth 201112623,190.008,862.00
William H & Lillian E Emple Crut Bangor 2011121,561,563.000.00
William H Bray Trust Fbo Belfast Home For Aged Women Depositors Tru Belfast 20120427,668.00676.00
William O Emery Trust Uw 60 Fbo Portland 201108511,015.00253,046.00
William O Emery Trust Uw 61 Fbo Portland 201108640,461.00605,727.00
William R & Jane D Dopheidi Char Tr Waterville 201112159,064.000.00
William Richard Jackson Jr Charitable Remainder Unitrust Yarmouth 201112279,080.000.00
William S Dunn Memorial Foundation New Gloucestr 201112581,809.0086,483.00
William Searls Scholarship Foundation Damariscotta 201112361,393.0024,592.00
William W Mallory Jr and Ann P Mallory Charitable Remainder Tr Kennebunk 201112176,750.000.00
Willis C Baker 1998 Charitable Remainder Unitrust S Portland 20111292,963.000.00
Willowbrook At Newfield Restoration Village Newfield 2011122,599,833.00544,253.00
Wilson C Piper Charitable Remainder Trust Fbo Waterville 201112212,330.000.00
Wilson C Piper Charitable Remainder Trust Fbo Waterville 201112212,441.000.00
Wilton Free Library Association Wilton 201106627,775.00170,562.00
Wilton Housing Inc Lewiston 201206520,832.00183,592.00
Wind Over Wings Inc Dresden 20111221,465.0064,480.00
Windham Chamber of Commerce Windham 20111258,050.00133,985.00
Windham Gorham Rod & Gun Club Gorham 20111279,298.0030,715.00
Windham Revolution Windham 2009127,551.0022,981.00
Windham School Age Childcare Windham 20110638,669.00408,522.00
Windham Seniors Housing Corporation Portland 201112296,518.00161,855.00
Windham Youth Soccer Association Windham 20111293,518.00109,036.00
Windover Adventure Camp Newburgh 20101256,133.0067,900.00
Windsor Fair Farmingdale 201112618,900.001,374,697.00
Wings For Children and Families Bangor 201106840,827.003,211,227.00
Wings of Hope Alliance For Cambodia Inc Saco 2011125,355.0048,226.00
Wings With The Word Sanford 201112197,320.0067,179.00
Winslow Family Fourth of July Committee Winslow 2010123,456.00157,709.00
Winslow-Johnson Scholarship Tr Bath 201106373,891.0093,232.00
Winter Foundation Auburn 201110408,628.00259,058.00
Winter Harbor Housing Development Corporation Cherryfield 201112263,914.00154,919.00
Winter Harbor Theatre Company Portland 2010124,289.000.00
Winter Harbor Yacht Club Winter Harbor 201112249,279.00147,641.00
Winterkids Education Foundation Portland 201205381,157.00343,060.00
Winterport Fire and Rescue Association Winterport 201112305,704.00151,679.00
Winthrop Area Chamber of Commerce Winthrop 20110625,711.0022,900.00
Winthrop Education Winthrop 20110651,162.0020,855.00
Wiscasset Public Library Wiscasset 2011121,723,604.00103,157.00
Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum Alna 2011121,299,746.00210,808.00
Wolfes Neck Farm Foundation Inc Freeport 2011125,225,961.00876,115.00
Wollen-Schagehoffer Charitable Annuity Tr Portland 20101215,791.000.00
Wolves Social Club Inc Sanford 20101299,571.00582,788.00
Womancare-Aegis Association Dovr Foxcroft 2011091,015,863.00503,201.00
Womans Hospital Association Inc of The Central Maine Medical Center Lewiston 201206157,421.00398,286.00
Womans Literary Union Portland 201203652,905.00275,231.00
Womans Literary Union of Androscoggin County Auburn 201204259,734.0071,264.00
Women Unlimited Augusta 201109135,975.00650,050.00
Womens Auxiliary Association of Prouts Neck Scarborough 20110872,053.0042,552.00
Womens Health Resource Library Milbridge 20111267,481.0025,314.00
Woodard & Curran Charitable Foundation Portland 20111273,712.0069,483.00
Woodfords Club Portland 201203628,343.0089,660.00
Woodfords Family Service Portland 2011063,614,450.0011,908,403.00
Woodie Wheaton Land Trust Frst City Twp 2011121,867,074.00377,199.00
Woodland Charitable Foundation Phippsburg 20111210,133.00100.00
Woodlands Club Falmouth 20111210,301,879.006,542,797.00
Woodside Foundation Portland 201112508,227.00206,700.00
Worcester Institute For Student Exchange Orono 201109504,358.0034,786.00
Work First Inc Farmington 2012062,151,785.001,924,382.00
Workers Compensation Coordinating Council Augusta 20111269,054.0023,356.00
Working Villages International Brunswick 201112195,134.00412,919.00
World Affairs Council of Maine Portland 20110620,935.0079,203.00
World Ocean School Camden 2011121,332,449.00615,090.00
Wreaths Across America Columbia Fls 201206229,303.003,322,252.00
Wyllaned Norway 20111219,178.004,591.00
Xi Beta of Chi Omega House Corp Hampden 201112197,443.00142,656.00
Y A N A Inc Saco 2011120.0060,449.00
Yale Club of Western Maine Cape Neddick 2011124,595.002,686.00
Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Inc Yarmouth 201012279,225.00445,817.00
Yarmouth Day Care Yarmouth 20110847,490.00141,358.00
Yarmouth Football Association Yarmouth 20111267,267.0094,239.00
Yarmouth Historical Society Yarmouth 2011061,955,365.00311,563.00
Yarmouth Rowing Club Freeport 20110664,254.0056,643.00
Yarmouth Senior Housing Inc Yarmouth 201112945,760.00326,393.00
Yesterdays Children Inc Ellsworth 2011062,119,959.004,091,596.00
York Ambulance Association Inc York 2011121,106,221.001,056,316.00
York Beach Fire Department York Beach 201106442,952.00339,101.00
York Chamber of Commerce York 201112499,161.00430,807.00
York Community Service Association Cape Neddick 201112449,919.00286,271.00
York County Arena Association Biddeford 201106577,854.00447,851.00
York County Chiefs Association Kennebunk 20111215,788.0043,623.00
York County Coalition of Chambers York 20111263,726.00111,534.00
York County Community Action Corp Sanford 2011106,738,417.0015,898,523.00
York County Community College Foundation Wells 2011061,047,592.00159,708.00
York County Fish and Game Assoc Inc Biddeford 201112456,936.0057,428.00
York County Shelter Programs Inc Alfred 2011064,954,757.004,661,123.00
York Golf & Tennis Club York 2011121,893,881.002,050,376.00
York Harbor Reading Room York 2011121,404,447.00848,997.00
York Harbor Reading Room Foundation York 201112172,673.00272,340.00
York Hospital York 201106116,675,454.00183,809,397.00
York Land Trust Inc York Harbor 2011126,883,687.001,030,554.00
York Public Library Association Inc York 2011065,811,542.00681,307.00
York Senior Center Inc York 20111229,778.001,083.00
York Soccer Club York 20111239,899.00101,741.00
York-Cumberland Association of Handicapped Persons Portland 20110616,303,987.0012,233,526.00
Young Aesthetics Society Hodgdon 200812200.001.00
Young Mens Christian Association Auburn-Lewiston Maine Auburn 2011125,993,006.002,517,753.00
Young Mens Christian Association Bangor Bangor 20110910,135,184.003,372,306.00
Young Mens Christian Association Booth Bay Region Boothbay Hbr 20111217,013,162.002,905,315.00
Young Mens Christian Association of Old Town and Orono Old Town 2011063,784,403.001,659,650.00
Young Mens Christian Association Sanford-Springvale Sanford 2011124,995,935.001,990,175.00
Young Mens Christian Association State of Maine Winthrop 201112902,146.00797,535.00
Young Womens Christian Association of Central Maine Lewiston 2012061,546,949.00742,848.00
Young Womens Christian Association of Mount Desert Island Bar Harbor 2010124,442,502.003,040,060.00
Young Womens Christian Association of Portland Maine Portland 20110633,126.002,380.00
Youth & Family Services Inc Skowhegan 201106995,409.002,046,052.00
Youth Alternatives Ingraham S Portland 20110616,147,163.0018,207,400.00
Youth and Family Outreach Portland 201109790,244.00792,663.00
Youth Education In Sports Foundation Biddeford 20110986,674.00831.00
Youth Enrichment Center At Hilton-Winn Farm Cape Neddick 20111289,161.0084,821.00
Youth In Action Incorporated Portland 20101234,269.0051,234.00
Youth Outreach Ministries Inc Oxford 201108149,197.0048,738.00
Youth Promise Newcastle 20120683,654.00371,868.00
Ypikids Inc Camden 201112828.000.00
Yvonne Sukeforth Palmer Fam Charitable Remainder Tr S China 201112208,018.000.00
Z A Mersereau Trust 38 Main St Lewiston 2011121,239,157.00193,956.00
Zeboski Charitable Remainder Unitrust Portland 201112199,067.000.00
Zenie Foundation Portland 2011121,308,599.0015,649.00
Zikomo Windham 20101217,568.0029,044.00