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North Yarmouth High School

Cum Laude Society Members

Alicia Hoffman
Daughter of Ellen Hoffman and Peter Del Bianco of Cumberland.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, AP Scholar With Honor (2010), High/Highest Honors – 4 years, John H. Mitchell Prize (2010), Visual Arts Award (2010), National Spanish Exam, Silver and 1st in State (2010), Gold (2009) Bronze (2008), Gold Key Award and American Visions Nominee from Heartwood College of Art (2010).
Activities JV/Varsity Tennis (3), Varsity Volleyball (2), Captain (2010), JV/Varsity Swimming (4), Community Service (4), Intern at Maine Civil Liberties Union (1), Cashier at Local Farm Stand (4).
Future Plans Beloit College

Anna Jaeger
Daughter of Nancy and Hector Jaeger of Bath.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, High/Highest Honors – 4 years, John O. Hall Prize in Biology (2009), National French Exam, 6th in State (2008) and 10th in State (2009).
Activities Varsity Tennis (4), Captain (2010 and 2011), JV Field Hockey (2), Varsity Cross Country (2), Student Ambassador (4), Yearbook (2), Junior Class Vice President (2010), USTA Junior Team Tennis (4), Prom Committee (2010).
Future Plans Hamilton College

Matthew Kibler
Son of Elizabeth and Scott Kibler of Yarmouth.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors – 4 years, AP Scholar With Honor (2010), Dr. Howard Rollin Ives Prize for Leadership (2008), Robert O. Linscott Prize for Leadership (2009), John H. Mitchell Prize (2010), Robert R. Martin Prize for Math (2010), John O. Hall Prize for Chemistry (2010).
Activities Varsity Lacrosse (4), Varsity Soccer (3), JV Soccer (1) Captain (2009), Varsity Basketball (3), JV Basketball (1), Math Team (2), KIVA Club (2), Student Ambassador (2), French Tutor (1), Saxophone (2), Soccer Referee (4).
Future Plans University of Notre Dame

Nicholas Kolkin
Son of Anne and Seth Kolkin of Yarmouth.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors – 4 years, AP Scholar With Distinction (2010), Payson-Bird Prize for Composition (2008), National Latin Exam, Gold Summa Cum Laude (2010, 2009), Silver (2008).
Activities Varsity Indoor Track (4), Varsity Outdoor Track (4), Captain (2011), Varsity Cross Country (4) Captain (2009 and 2010), Student Ambassador (4), KIVA Club (2), Lifeguard at YMCA (2).
Future Plans Washington University in St. Louis

Renee Lamoreau
Daughter of Kathy Slack of Yarmouth, and Earl Lamoreau of Litchfield.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors – 3 years, High Honors – 1 year, National Latin Exam Gold Summa Cum Laude (2009), Silver (2008).
Activities Varsity Field Hockey (4), Captain (2010), Varsity Indoor Track (3), JV Lacrosse (1), Varsity Lacrosse (2), Chorus (4), Student Ambassador (4), Community Service (4), Sophomore Class Vice President (2008), Scuba Diving (2), Dance Teacher/Choreographer (1), Experiment in International Living - Botswana (Summer 2008).
Future Plans Tufts University

Christina Reese
Daughter of Michelle and Dave Reese of Portland.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors – 3 years, High Honors – 1 year, National French Exam – 6th in State (2008), National Society of High School Scholars (3).
Activities Equestrian Sports (4), JV/Varsity Lacrosse (4), Varsity Indoor Track (2), Student Ambassador (4), Maine Audubon Environmental Education Assistant (3), Homecoming/Prom Committees (4), Brown University Summer Coursework (1), National Student Leadership Conference (1).
Future Plans University of Connecticut – Honors Program

Jenny Sharp
Daughter of Susie and Bob Sharp of Harpswell.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, AP Scholar (2010), Highest Honors – 2 years, High Honors – 2 years, Dr. Howard Rollin Ives Prize for Leadership (2008), Robert O. Linscott Prize for Leadership (2009), Payson-Bird Prize for Composition (2010), Vincent B. Welch Award for Leadership (2010), Winner, Maine Rotarian Extemporaneous Speech Competition (2009), National Latin Exam Silver (2010, 2008), Gold – Summa Cum Laude (2009).
Activities Theatre/Professional Theatre (4), Vice President – Freshman Class (2008), President – Sophomore, Junior and Senior Classes (2009, 2010, 2011), Chorus (4), Photography (3), Tuba (3), Varsity Volleyball (2), Captain (2010), JV Volleyball (2), Gay/Straight Alliance (4), KIVA Club (4), Community Service (4).
Future Plans Sarah Lawrence College

Lilly Wellenbach
Daughter of Pat Wellenbach of West Bath.
Honors/Awards Cum Laude Society, High Honors – 4 years, Academic All-American Lacrosse (2010), Western Maine Conference Citizenship Award (2011), National Spanish Exam Silver (2010, 2008) Bronze (2009), Scholastic Arts Competition Honorable Mention (2009), Athletic Council Award (2009).
Activities Photography (3), Varsity Lacrosse (4), Captain (2010, 2011), Varsity Soccer (4), Varsity Ice Hockey (4), Chorus (2), Yearbook (2) Sports Editor (2010), Community Service (3), Judiciary Committee (2), Experiment in International Living – Ecuador (Summer 2009).
Future Plans Williams College


Alicia Brooke Hoffman
Henry Lee Arsenault
Caroline Mitchell Bowne
Charlotte Chisholm Briggs
Alan Michael Brown
Sarah Elisabeth Burkey
Ji Congyuan
Mohamed Iessa Dahia
Claire Aldeen Daniels
Elliot Eldridge Daniels
Andrew Lloyd Esancy
Henry Barron Fast
Eliza Marie Gendron
William Finn Hadlock
Blair Elizabeth Haggett
Emily Jane Harrison
Jordan Michael Haskell
Owen Lewis Howes
Michael Louis Ianno
Anna Sophia Jaeger
Bum Joon Jung
Nicolas Ivan Kaminow
Alden Hayden Kelsey
Matthew Scott Kibler
Nicholas Isaac Kolkin
Renee Slack Lamoreau
Sally Elaine LaPointe
Elijah Arch Leavitt
Sebastien Francois LeBlanc
Frances Kinloch Sortwell Leslie
Hannah Dean Lolar
Weston Cole Masi
Robert Turner Miller
Timothy Jerome Millett
Jeremiah Miller Murray
Niklas Matti Aatos Narvanmaa
Lauren Andra Nawfel
Christina Ann Reese
Jenny Anne Sharp
Danielle Eyllise Smith
Rozalind Elizabeth Smith
Ryan Christopher Spencer
Lilly Becker Wellenbach
Alison Leigh Znamierowski