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Candidates in Maine's U.S. Senate and U.S. House races and both sides of the campaign surrounding same-sex marriage have had plenty of video moments this political season. Watch this roundup of videos to see candidates laud themselves or criticize their opponents.

    Cynthia Dill

    "Feel good" ad

    NRSC ad against Dill & King

    MSNBC "Up w/Chris Hayes"

    Angus King

    King ad against Summers

    "Think independently" ad

    Americans Elect ad

    NRSC ad against King

    1st US Chamber ad

    "Neighbors say" ad

    NRSC "Smooth operator" ad

    "Budget lies" ad

    NRSC "Backroom deals"

    2nd US Chamber ad

    3rd US Chamber ad

    Crossroads "Fit for a King"

    "There they go again"

    Crossroads GPS "Tilting"

    Crossroads GPS "Blew it"

    Charlie Summers

    Summers ad against King

    Summers "Understands" ad

    Meet Charlie Summers ad

    Summers for Senate

    DSCC against Summers

    "Truth" about King

    "Billion dollar deficit"

    "Taxes" against King, Dill

    Mike Michaud

    NRCC ad against Michaud

    Veterans ad

    "One of us" ad

    Michaud ad against Raye

    "Where is Mike Michaud?"

    Kevin Raye

    "Fighting for Maine jobs" ad

    Raye for Congress ad

    Kitchen table conversation

    Problem solver

    Snowe backs Raye

    Jon Courtney

    "Bipartisan" ad

    Ad against Pingree

    "Working together" ad

    "The problem" ad

    Chellie Pingree

    "Protect our veterans"

    "Make it in Maine"

    Same-sex marriage debate

    Protect Marriage Maine "Don Mendell" ad

    Protect Marriage Maine "Marriage serves Maine" ad

    Mainers United for Marriage: Jeanette & Paul Rediker

    Protect Marriage in Maine pastor's message

    "Maine," part of four-part series from The Four

    Mainers United for Marriage - Pastor Gray & Robyn Gray

    Mainers United for Marriage - Brotherhood

    The Gardner Family - Why Marriage Matters

    The Lawsons - Why Marriage Matters

    Mainers United for Marriage - Cathy & Phil

    Mainers United for Marriage - Stacey Fitts Matters

    Protect Marriage Maine "I was fired"

    Protect Marriage Maine "They sued us"

    National Organization for Marriage "tutorial"

    Mainers United for Marriage - Amy Wilton

    Mainers United for Marriage - Mary & Chris

    Protect Marriage Maine
    "Our schools"

    Mainers United for Marriage
    - Amy & Rob

    Mainers United for Marriage
    - Brian Arsenault

    Mainers United for Marriage
    - Eric & Jen

    Protect Marriage Maine -
    "School will teach"