“HUMAN PLANET,” starring John Hurt. Hot on the heels of “Planet Earth” and “Life” comes this equally eye-popping eight-part doc from the same filmmakers, this time around focusing on the ultimate animal: man. From the Spaniards risking life and limb on Galaician cliffs in search of tiny crustaceans called goose barnacles to the Papua New Guinea native who sets out in a rickety boat looking for sharks, the often extreme relationship between humans and nature is examined from a number of angles, each of them fascinating and gorgeously filmed. Special features include several making-of featurettes. Not rated; contains violence and nudity. Running time: 8:00.

Suggested retail price: DVD $39.98; Blu-ray $49.98. 

“UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS,” starring Keeley Hawes and Ed Stoppard. Hugely successful update of the enduring 1970s BBC serial brings us the lavishly recreated world of 1930s high society in one of London’s most affluent neighborhoods. Flitting between the elite aristocrats who reside there and the lowly, unthinkably harried servants who keep the place running, “Upstairs Downstairs” revels in the details, elevating the most seemingly mundane tasks and events to the point where they become high drama. Not rated, contains thematic material. Running time: 3:00.

Suggested retail price: $34.98. 


“SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE FOURTEENTH SEASON,” animated with the voices of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It’s hard to believe “South Park” has been on TV for more than a decade, and even harder to believe it still manages to find new ways to shock and offend. As ever, creators Parker and Stone (currently taking over Broadway with “The Book of Mormon”) back up the scatological goings-on with genuine wit and heart, and therein lies the secret to its longevity. Special features include deleted scenes and a bonus episode. Not rated, contains language, cartoon violence, drug content, sexual content and crude humor. Running time: 7:00

Suggested retail price: DVD $54.99; Blu-ray $57.99. 

“3 IDIOTS,” starring Aamir Khan and Madhavan. Breezy and occasionally affecting Bollywood offering finds a pair of college buddies embarking on a trek to track down their long-lost friend, Rancho (Khan), who liberated them both from rigid and traditional trains of thought in their youth. Funny and heartful dramedy with the expected musical numbers. Rated PG-13. Running time: 2:40.

Suggested retail price: $22.98. 


“BLOW OUT,” starring John Travolta and Nancy Allen. Director Brian De Palma (“Scarface”) is all too often dismissed as a slick rip-off artist, when in fact he employs a level of camera trickery often above and beyond the cinematic masters to whom he pays homage. In this 1981 thriller, a sound-effects man (Travolta, enjoying some art-house cred) captures a tragic car accident on tape while working and must then team up with a prostitute (Allen, “Robocop”) to uncover a shockingly far-reaching conspiracy led by a gleefully unhinged John Lithgow. The Criterion Collection brings their usual A-game to this Blu-ray, including new and extensive interviews with cast and crew. Rated R. Running time: 1:47.

Suggested retail price: $39.95. 

“FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS,” starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. Long considered the ultimate unfilmable book, director Terry Gilliam (“12 Monkeys”) more than rose to the challenge in adapting the great Hunter S. Thompsons’ seminal 1971 journalistic drug trip, with Depp uncannily channeling the look and mannerisms of Thompson doppelganger Raoul Duke and Del Toro letting it all hang out as Duke’s terminally wasted “attorney,” Dr. Gonzo. Originally released to chilly reception, the 1998 film has since converted millions of viewers and critics alike with its kicky visuals and go-for-broke performances. Special features include deleted scenes and commentaries from Gilliam, Depp, Del Toro, producer Laila Nabulsi and Thompson himself. Rated R. Running time: 1:58.

Suggested retail price: $39.95. 


“EL TOPO” and “HOLY MOUNTAIN,” starring Alejandro Jodorowsky and Brontis Jodorowsky. Long staples of Videoport’s hallowed “Incredibly Strange” section, actor-writer-director-genius Jodorowsky takes the unwitting viewer on an alternately humorous, appallingly violent and unexpectedly beautiful trip through the human subconscious by way of spaghetti Western. The titular antihero of “El Topo” abandons his vengeful pursuit of a horrible gang of bandits to become a monk upon meeting the lovely but somewhat frightening Mara. The follow-up, 1973’s “Holy Mountain,” is not a sequel so much as it’s an reimagining, continuing along the surrealistic journey to enlightenment but this time around casting Jodorowsky as Christ himself. Rated R for disturbing images, bloody violence, sexual content and nudity. Running time: 2:05/1:54.

Suggested retail price: DVD $24.97; Blu-ray $34.98. 

“TESTEES: THE COMPLETE SERIES,” starring Jeff Kassel and Steve Markle. Sometimes a comedy aims so far down into the dank depths of lowbrow humor that it achieves a sort of gloriousness. “Testees,” a short-lived but widely beloved FX series, is a sterling example of just such a comedy. Concerning the unfortunate exploits of Ron (Kassel) and Peter (Markle), “Testees” joins these profoundly unambitious stoners as they opt for a job with Testico (sensing a theme?), a nefarious company that takes the boys on as human guinea pigs, subjecting them to all manner of vile experiments. Not rated, contains language, crude humor, sexual content and drug content. Running time: 4:46.

Suggested retail price: $24.98.