What’s your favorite phone/tablet/electronic device app? 

The very first Mobile Society question was about apps, so we’re going back to the basics. When there’s nothing to do, fiddling around with your iPad or smartphone is a great way to stave off boredom, especially when traveling or waiting for an appointment. But apps aren’t just about fun and games — some of them can be genuinely useful. We asked our community about their current favorite phone/tablet/electronic device app. 

“I love RedLaser, Shazam music app and my Press Herald app.” — Facebook follower Shannon Rafferty-Roy 

“The Kindle and Netflix apps are amazing, I love using them when traveling. The Dictionary comes in handy, and the Pandora app to listen to music.” — Twitter follower MustBeThursday 

“Map My Run and Nike+ have proven incredibly useful as I have been training for my first marathon.” — Facebook follower Derek J. Veilleux 

“Angry Birds, of course. 😉 (Actually, GasBuddy and Google Maps on my Droid X.)” — Facebook follower David Merritt 

“The Press Herald app of course. Got to stay current with the way life should be.” — Facebook follower Zebulon Stalcup 

“Facebook, GasBuddy, Navigon GPS, Mail, MauMau, and Real Gulf 2011.” — Facebook follower Kevin A. McLane 

“I pretty much only use mine for text, calls, email, Twitter, camera, maps and web. No additional apps.” — Twitter follower JeanXSkirt 

“LauncherPro Plus. Oh and Spotify!” — Twitter follower DarlaBear 

“I’m completely addicted to the puzzle and Sudoku apps. They were free and great because I can pick up and play whenever I want. For more practical apps I like the google maps option when I’m lost and Flixster to look up movie times.” — Twitter follower WaftingCurtains  

“Evernote for Blackberry and Opera Mini.” — Twitter follower AlexPufhal 

“EBay app on my Xoom!” — Facebook follower Maureen Hopkins