PITTSFIELD – A man who robbed the Rite Aid pharmacy near Interstate 95 and got away with prescription drugs Wednesday night remained at large on Thursday, police said.

Pittsfield Police Chief Steve Emery said the robbery happened about 7:40 p.m. when a man walked into the store and straight to the pharmacy counter. The man gave a pharmacist a note demanding drugs, which were handed over.

The robber did not show a weapon, but the note included a threat, Emery said. No one was hurt. “I can’t say it word for word, but (the note said): I want pills and if you don’t give them to me, I will kill you,” Emery said.

Police did not say what types of drugs were taken, or how many.

Rite Aid spokesman Eric Harkreader would not say whether there have been any specific security upgrades in response to the recent robberies in Maine.

But he said, “In collaboration with law enforcement from multiple jurisdictions, Rite Aid is enhancing the already robust security and enforcement tactics in the area.”

The robber was described as 5 feet, 6 inches to 5 feet, 9 inches tall with a medium build, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, a baseball hat under the hood, black gloves and large sunglasses, Emery said.

He said there was one other customer and at least five employees in the store. The robbery lasted three to four minutes.

Surveillance video did not reveal any additional details that are relevant, only showing that the man looked down during most of the robbery, Emery said.

After getting the drugs, the man left through the store’s front door and ran to the Carriage Estates mobile home park behind the Rite Aid, Emery said.

Pittsfield police asked that anyone with information about the robbery call 487-3101.

Morning Sentinel Staff Writer Scott Monroe can be contacted at 861-9239 or at: [email protected]