Hey kids – do the dance that puts the soul in Seoul! South Korean pop star PSY has made his song and dance routine “Gangnam Style” one of the biggest crazes in recent memory. Here’s how to do it:

Get in the right frame of mind. PSY told Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime TV show that the best way to do the dance is to “dress classy and dance cheesy” while imagining you’re on a galloping horse.

Pick your right foot up and step down. Do the same with your left, then your right, then two lefts. Then repeat, this time starting with your left foot.

While doing the steps above, in sort of a shuffling motion, you need to cross your hands in front of your stomach and bounce them softly to the beat, sort of like you’re holding the reins to your horse.

Once you get the hands bouncing down, you need to alternate that with a one-handed lasso-throwing motion over your head.

Put all the pieces together and wait for someone to get a camera out.