With our only two presidential nominees to choose from, America has plunged into an epoch of darkness, and whether or not we should blame the unquestioning credulousness of the populace or the enigmatic, money-hungry oligarchy is a different conversation.

While we have every reason to be apprehensive about Donald Trump – a volatile business magnate running on hubris – so do we have every reason to be terrified of Hillary Clinton, the ostensibly “safe” choice of the two.

In a 13-minute user-created video that has now gone viral, titled “Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight,” viewers are afforded a haunting perspective of our Democratic nominee.

In it, Clinton boasts about her “consistent” record, values and principles during her campaigns, only to have the video present clips of her consistently exhibiting views that are the exact opposite of the ones she claims, such as her stance on gay marriage, which she didn’t support until 2013.

The matter of her emails just supplements the shadowy enigma of our Democratic nominee.

This is a woman who is utterly thirsty for power, a status-quo establishment type who’s long since been bought out by a myriad of wealthy political ventriloquists and who gets chagrined when she’s subjected to whistle-blowing. She’s a career politician who uses feminism and her phony, inconsistent record to propel her aspirations. But because she is juxtaposed against Donald Trump, she appears as the protagonist.

While Trump is surely a money- and power-hungry villain, Clinton is of the same cloth. There is nothing noble about her, and to the dismay of her supporters, her experience in politics doesn’t add up to anything substantial or sincere; it adds up to a troubling history of deceiving the American people.

What scares you more: a wolf, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Garrick Hoffman