On Monday, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins became the most senior Republican senator to denounce Donald Trump.

Moments like these make me feel conflicted. I am very happy to see such an influential Republican say that Trump is “unsuitable” for the presidency, but I can’t help but wonder where Collins’ courage has been up until now.

Where was it two years ago, when Gov. LePage was the one “(mocking) the vulnerable and (inflaming) prejudices by attacking ethnic and religious minorities”? In her recent op-ed column, she cites this as her reason for not supporting Trump.

Where was her courage 14 months ago, when Trump said many Mexican immigrants are rapists? What about nine months ago, when he first mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s disability? What changed Monday?

What changed is that Trump’s campaign is falling apart. Fifty top Republican security advisers have rejected his candidacy and said he would be “the most reckless president in American history.” As of Thursday, The New York Times and FiveThirtyEight predict he has an 87 percent chance of losing. Collins is just distancing herself from a sinking ship.

Now, compared to U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin and the other Republicans who still won’t reject Trump, she is preferable. And in the scope of national politics, her denouncement is undoubtedly a good thing. But I hesitate to applaud her.

It didn’t take her until now to realize that Trump would be a disastrous president. She just wasn’t going to do anything about it. She waited until the battle was essentially over to side with the winners.

This is not the courage or integrity I expect from my senator.

James Jelin