Re: “Our View: ACA abortion limits reduce Mainers’ access to reproductive care” (Nov. 4):

Your editorial is spot on: Access to the full range of medical options for pregnant women is an “essential (insurance) benefit.”

As a full-spectrum family medicine doctor, I am honored to care for Mainers of all ages, from providing prenatal care and delivering babies to taking care of grandparents. In my practice, I have seen that women know what is best for themselves and their families.

Financial restrictions on abortion access do not change women’s decisions – they only create greater burdens and stress. I have seen patients return to unsafe relationships, use grocery money and even sell their furniture to pay for abortions. This is often an act of love for children they already have, or a choice made in order to build a future.

Community Health Options’ decision to drop abortion coverage disproportionally impacts those in our state who already struggle financially and is a bad move for Mainers’ health.

Julia L. McDonald, DO, MPH