Is it any wonder why we have endless political infighting across party lines, both nationally and within the state of Maine?

Let’s take the example of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Roxanne Quimby worked hard, built a company and sold it for oodles of money, which she used to buy 87,563 acres of land. Her money, her land – and, if Republicans agreed with the usage, they would say, “Do with your property as you see fit.”

However, because she wants to turn it into preserved land forever, this is an “infringement” of people’s rights? Whose rights? Certainly not the landowners’ rights.

People can still fish, hunt and snowmobile on the land. It is simply the fact that the only way she could do what she wanted to do with her land was to ask the president to declare it a national monument.

That this topic is back in the news (“Could Trump undo the new Katahdin-area national monument?,” Nov. 12) is simply absurd. The Republican position is hypocritical and does not pass the smell test.

Tracy Floyd

Cape Elizabeth