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Sunday February 19, 2017

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Freeport High School
30 Holbrook St., Freeport |

Graduation day: June 15, 2013
at Freeport High School

Graduation information provided by the high school

2013 Graduates

Kali Adams
Craigly Ashton Arris
Ally Elizabeth Aspinall
Fin Badgewick
Britni Leigh Baker
Bethany Mae Bellefleur
Abrin Angelus Berkemeyer
Evan Henry Indy Bertrand
Sarah Lin Bonney
Shane Ryan Brady
Bennett Lusk Brainard
Kathryn C. Breed
Griffin Peter Breer
Dominic Aaron Brescia
Nicholas Charles Buck
Andrew Frank Burke
Daniel Charles Burke
Paige Victoria Bushey
Ryan William Camp
Katlyn Danielle Carlista
Nicholas Robert Vinton Cartmell
Hannah Elizabeth Chase
Alexis May Cogwsell
Andrew Charles Louis Cogswell
Alexander James Collins
Melissa Coro
Joseph G. Cushman
Calen Daniel Cyr
Mason Donald Cyr
Thomas John Cyr
Alexandar Ruth Daniel
Jocelyn Marie Davee
Brady Neil Davis
Connor Joseph Dietrich
Brittany JoAnn Doughty
Jack Tanguay Doughty
Landon Douglas Easler
Taylor Paige Enrico
Shane Everett
Samuel L. Farrar
Felicia Rose Feely
Erick Rafael Ferreras
Olivia Ruth Fowler
Erin Courtney Fritts
Dayze Marie Gaulin
Shane Gerow
Gage Golding
Brittany Elizabeth Greene
Makailya Dawn Greer
Abigel Gyorgy
Sawyer Dean Hanna
Karina Marie Harriman
Cole Michael Harrison
Necole Macey Harrison
Rebecca Claire Harrison
Rachel Ilene Henson
Colby Reed Hilton
Kaiyuan Huang
Helen Marie Humphrey
Kelsie Sara Humphrey
Rebecca Mary Hurd
Allyson H. Hynes
Kayley Ann Johnson
Abigail Lolita Kenney
Destiny Lynn Kenney
Jeremy Andrew Ketch
Korissa Anne Lavers
Forrest Steven Lizotte
Rebecca May MacMillan
Lorin Ashlee Martens
Marion Blake Martin
Parker Matheson
Gemma Butler McElroy
Connor William McLellan
Justin Paul Mendillo
Jonathan Bryant Mervine
Amanda Jean Miles
Kristina Page Miller
Lancer Dana Milliken, Jr.
Nicholas Ryan Mitchell
Clayton Matthew Morrison
Hannah Mary Morrison
Paul W. Nixon
Rachelle Natalia Pallin
Reiley Elizabeth Parker
Aubrey Nicole Pennell
Kameron Pierce
Dillon Jackson Pillow
Jared Bertin Polley
Kristopher Prout
Thomas Choate Provencher
James Patrick Purdy
Aaron I. Ramirez
Alicia Catherine Randall
Colton Daniel Gene Reaves
William Brian Rhea
Alexandr Scott Richards
Caroline Mary Rowell
Jordan Scott Roy
Alec Michael Salisbury
Brittney Johanna Shelton
Galen T. Simmons
Victor Landon Skorapa IV
Abigial Ann Smith
Sophie Jane Smith
Eliza Grace Smith-Sitnick
Macy Marie Stowell
Nicholas Joe Tardif
Kandace Erin Thibeault
Paul Toothacker
Tucker Adams Troast
Traci Turner
Chelsea May Washburn
Lia Corinne McCord Wellen
Ciera Michelle Wentworth
Riley Harrison Desportes Werner
Christopher McLeod West
Brandon T. Williams
Lindsay Jane Wold
Leigh Margaret Wyman
Vinnie Paul Zolla

Foreign Exchange Certificates:

Laura Bielfeldt
Alina Caraciobanu
Angie Hohnholt - Germany
Jintao Jiao
Thanawut Phongkasempornkul
Marta Uberos - Spain
Antonella Macagno Varela
Mara Stechno

    Students graduating summa cum laude with distinction:

    Bennett Lusk Brainard
    Parents: Florence Lusk and Edward Brainard. Bennett is a member of the National Honor Society and Model UN. Activities include Cross Country Running, Nordic Skiing, Tennis, and Worldquest. Awards: Williams Book Award and the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. Bennett will be attending Princeton University.

    Taylor Paige Enrico
    Parents: Denise and James Enrico. Taylor is a member of the National Honor Society (President), Model UN, and Math Team. Activities include Varsity Alpine Skiing (Captain), Freshmen Mentor, and S/CVA Alpine. Awards: Yale Book Award, Math Team highest scoring sophomore and junior, Scholastic Writing Awards: Silver Key, President's Award for Academic Excellence, Excellence in American Studies: English, All Conference Alpine Skiing, Academic Excellence in Humanities 10, Tenth Grade Math Excellence, Alpine Skiing Athletic Excellence, Alpine Skiing Booster's Pride and Character. Taylor will be attending Colby College.

    Gemma McElroy
    Parents: Kate Butler and Kevin McElroy. Gemma is a member of the National Honor Society, RSVP, Seeds of Independence, and the Freshman Mentor Program. Activities include Dance, Choreography, and Literacy Tutoring. Awards: Dartmouth Book Award, American Studies Award, Excellence in English, Citizenship Award, and Excellence in Global Studies Award. Gemma will be attending Connecticut College.

    Ciera M. Wentworth
    Parents: Eric and Kelly Wentworth. Ciera is a member of the National Honor Society. Activities include: Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track. Awards: Scholar Athlete and Athletic Excellence Awards, Colby Book Award, and All Conference Award. Ciera will be attending Keene State College.

    Students graduating summa cum laude:

    Abrin Berkemeyer
    Parents: Holley and Brian Berkemeyer. Abrin is a member of the National Honors Society and Freshmen Mentor Program. Activities include: Cross Country Running, Tennis, Indoor Track, Basketball, and Soccer. Awards: Junior English Award, Middlebury Book Award, Most Valued Player Tennis, All-Academic Team Cross Country, Second Team All Conference Cross Country 2012, Second Team All Conference Tennis 2011, Winged Foot Award (Cross Country and Indoor Track). Abrin will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    Sarah Lin Bonney
    Parents: Robin and David Bonney. Sarah is a member of the National Honor Society, Model UN, Interact Club, GSA Club, and Freeport Performing Arts Club. Activities include: Wolfe's Neck Farm volunteer, Freeport High School Theater/ Drama, Concert Band, Freshmen Mentoring Program, and Girl's Tennis. Awards: Bowdoin Book Award For The Common Good, Regional One Act Award For Ensemble, and President’s Award for Educational Excellence. Sarah will be attending Skidmore College.

    Daniel Burke
    Parents: Kimberly and Frank Burke. Dan is a member of the National Honor Society (12, 11), Reducing Sexism and Violence Program (12, 11), Seeds of Independence (12, 11) and Freshmen Mentoring Program (12). Activities include: Varsity Football (12, 11, 10, 9), Varsity Basketball (120, Varsity Baseball (12, 11, 10), and Junior Varsity Baseball (9). Awards: All Academic Football and Basketball Team (12), Freeport's Athlete of the Fall Season (12), Campbell Conference All Conference Award (12,11), Excellence in American Studies- History Award (11), University of Maine Book Award (11), and Spanish Award (9). Dan will be attending The University of New England.

    Jocelyn Marie Davee
    Parents: Anne-Marie Davee and Richard Davee. Jocelyn is a member of the National Honor Society. Activities include: Varsity Soccer, Lacrosse, and Basketball. Awards: U.S. Lacrosse Scholar Award, Western Maine Conference All-Academic Varsity Soccer Award, Most Improved Varsity Basketball, and Western Maine Conference First Team Soccer. Jocelyn will be attending the University of New England.

    Brady N. Davis
    Parents: Michael Davis, Michelle Deane and Roderick Deane-stepfather. Brady is a member of the National Honor Society, Seeds of Independence Membership Program, Reducing Sexism and Violence Program, and Freshmen and Transfer Student Mentoring. Activities include: Varsity Cross Country Running, All-Academic Team; Varsity Alpine Skiing, All-Academic Team; and Varsity Baseball. Awards: 2009 Social Studies Student of the Year, 2010-2011 Most Improved Skier, 2010-2011 Combined State Championship Ski Team Member, Winter 2011- 2012 Sports Boosters Pride & Character Award, Spring 2012 Sports Boosters Pride & Character Award, Winter 2012-2013 Sports Boosters Pride & Character Award, George Eastman Young Leaders Award & Scholarship, and 2nd Place Winner in Margaret Chase Smith Essay Contest. Brady will be attending the University of Maine, Honors College.

    Connor Dietrich
    Parents: Lise Dietrich and Michael Dietrich. Connor is a member of the National Honor Society and Freshmen Mentoring Program. Activities include: Varsity Baseball, Varsity Soccer, and Varsity Basketball. Awards: Second Team All-Conference Baseball (Junior Year). Connor will be attending Clarkson University.

    Olivia Fowler
    Parents: Mary Fowler and David Fowler. Olivia is a member of The National Honor Society. Previous years: Math Team and Science Olympiad. Outside of school: 4-H, Lewiston-Auburn Pilot’s Club, and the Maine Junior Driving Club. Activities: Internship in Belgium, Civil Air Patrol (Aerospace, Leadership, Search and Rescue), Flying Airplanes, Horseback Riding, Carriage Driving, and Several Engineering Projects. Awards: Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship, Society of Women Engineers Mathematical Excellence Award, FHS Dirigo Girls State Representative, Wellsley Book Award, Earhart Award (Civil Air Patrol), Maine Wing Cadet of the Year (Civil Air Patrol), American Driving Society National Junior Pleasure Driving Champion (2010). Olivia will be attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

    Connor McLellan
    Parents: Diane McLellan and Douglas McLellan. Activities include Varsity Tennis. Connor will be attending the University of Maine.

    Rachelle Natalia Pallin
    Parents: Carol and David Pallin. Rachelle is a member of The National Honor Society (11, 12), Art Club (11), and Prom Committee (11). Activities include: Soccer ( 9, 10, 11, 12), Tennis (9, 10), Softball (11), Freshmen Mentoring Program (11, 12). Awards: Oberlin College Book Award, WMC All-Academic Team, and Math Achievement Award in 9th grade. Rachelle will be attending Wentworth Institute of Technology.

    Kameron Pierce
    Parents: Dawn Marstaller-Pierce and Rick Pierce. Kameron is a member of the Math Team and Youth Group. Awards: State Math Team 2012 and 2013. Kameron will be attending Cedarville University.

    James Purdy
    Parents: Jane Purdy and Jamie Purdy. James is a member of the National Honor Society, R.S.V.P., Seeds of Independence, and Freeport Mentoring Program. Activities include: Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Freestyle Skier, and Photographer / Videographer. Awards: All Conference Strong Safety / Quarterback, Salomon H. Plumber Citizenship Award, All Academic Team, Member Maine Chapter of National Football Foundation, and Western Conference Sportsmanship Award (male). James will be attending Bentley University.

    Brittney Shelton
    Parents: Lisa Shelton and Tieche Shelton. Brittney is a member of FHS Chamber Choir, and FHS Women’s Ensemble. Activities include: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, and Hip-hop classes. Brittney will be attending Nazareth College in Rochester, NY.

    Sophie Smith
    Parents: Diana Smith and Todd Smith. Sophie is a member of The National Honor Society, Interact Club – President, International Interact - Trip leader, and Model United Nations. Activities include: Tennis, Mock Trial, Mentoring, and Freeport High School Musical - Prop Manager. Awards: Physics Award - Freshman year at St. Mary's Cambridge, St. Lawrence Book Award - Junior year, and Rising Star award - Freshman year at St. Mary's Cambridge. Sophie will be attending Hood College after spending a year in France.

    Eliza Smith-Sitnick
    Parents: Kelly Smith Barham, David Barham, Jason Sitnick. Activities have included Violin, Nordic Skiing, Art, and Foreign Languages. Eliza will be attending Goucher College.

    Lia Wellen
    Parents: Shawne McCord & Andrew Wellen. Lia is a member of Seeds of Independence (3, 4), Freshmen Mentor (3, 4), and Maine Model United Nations (2,3,4).Activities include: Nordic Skiing (1,2,3,4), Cross Country Running (1,2,3,4), and Fall Musical at FHS (1,2,3,4). Awards: Frederick Douglas & Susan B. Anthony Award (3), Excellence in American Studies/English Award (3), Solomon H. Plummer Citizenship Award (1, 2), President’s Award for Educational Excellence (1), Pride and Character Award Nordic Skiing (10), and Pride and Character Award Cross Country (12). Lia will be attending Clark University.

    Lindsay Jane Wold
    Parent: Lawrence Wold. Lindsay is a member of The National Honors Society: 11,12, Prom Committee: 11, Seeds of Independence: 11, and RSVP - Reducing Sexism and Violence: 11. Activities include: Freshmen Mentoring Program: 11, 12, Soccer: 9,10,11,12, Tennis: 9,10, and Softball: 11. Awards: Pride and Character Award: Softball: 11, Soccer: 11, WMC All-Academic Team, and Latin 3 Academic Award. Lindsay will be attending Principia College.


    South Freeport Congregational Church, UCC, Scholarship, $1,000, Mason Cyr
    Mainely Character Scholarship, $2,500, Karina Harriman
    American Legion Post #83 J. Arthur Stowell, $500, Olivia Fowler
    Bath Savings Institution Scholarship, $1,000, Gemma McElroy

    Christine Small Cushing Scholarship, $375 each to Hannah Chase, Dayze Gaulin, Rachel Henson, Aubrey Pennell, Brittney Shelton, Lia Wellen, Lindsay Wold and Leigh Wyman

    Freeport Student Services Scholarship, Melissa Coro, Brittany Greene, Alicia Randall and Craigly Arris
    Early College for ME Scholarship, $2,000 each to Alexandra Daniel and Kelsie Humphrey

    L.Carl Bean Scholarship, $1,665 each to Mason Cyr, Olivia Fowler, Clayton Morrison, Hannah Morrison, William Brian Rhea and Abigial Smith

    Bruce Brown Scholarship, $500, Alexandra Daniel
    Bryce Muir Memorial Arts Scholarship, $200, Eliza Smith-Sitnick
    Casco Chapter Order #160, O.E.S., $300, Lorin Martens
    Mid Coast Hospital Auxiliary Herbert Harris Career School Scholarship $1,000 a year to Macy Stowell
    Eastland Shoe Manufacturing Scholarship, $500 each to Chelsea Washburn and Rachelle Pallin
    Freeport Community Players Scholarship, $300, Riley Werner
    Freeport Country Club, $500 each to Ciera Wentworth, Mason Cyr and James Purdy

    Freeport High School Incentive Grant, $300 each to Ally Aspinall, Britni Baker, Bethany Bellefleur, Brittany Doughty, Felicia Feely, Abigel Gyorgy, Kathryn Breed, and Erin Fritts; and $100 to Kelsie Humphrey

    Freeport Lioness-Lions Club Scholarships: $750 each to Sarah Bonney and Ciera Wentworth; $500 to Mason Cyr; and $250 each to Kameron Pierce and Macy Stowell
    FHS Alumni Reunion Committee Scholarship, $250, Marion Martin
    Freeport Middle School Garden Scholarship, $200, Rebecca MacMillan
    Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship, $6,000, Brady Davis

    Freeport Sports Boosters Scholarships, $200 each to Jocelyn Davee and Connor Dietrich; and $100 each to Abrin Berkemeyer, Daniel Burke, Leigh Wyman and Ciera Wentworth

    MELMAC Education Foundation-Maine Principal’s Scholarship, $1,500, Abigial Smith
    Freeport Rotary Club-Stephan Leighton Memorial Scholarship, $2,000, Hannah Morrison
    Freeport Rotary Club-Joan Benoit Samuelson Scholarship, $2,000, Kali Adams
    Freeport Rotary Club-Academic Scholarship, $2,000, Sarah Bonney
    Freeport Woman's Club, $1,000 each to Helen Humphrey and Reiley Parker
    Harraseeket Grange #9, $300, Rebecca Hurd
    Thomas Means Club, $500 each to Sarah Bonney and Macy Stowell
    Max Thomas Ski Scholarship, $500 each to Brady Davis and Taylor Enrico

    Arthur Albert Smith Award, $300 each to Abrin Berkemeyer, Bennett Brainard, Griffin Breer, Dominic Brescia, Nicholas Buck, Andrew Burke, Daniel Burke, Ryan Camp, Nicholas Cartmell, Joseph Cushman, Calen Cyr, Mason Cyr, Thomas Cyr, Brady Davis, Connor Dietrich, Jack Doughty, Landon Easler, Samuel Farrar, Shane Gerow, Gage Golding, Sawyer Hanna, Cole Harrison, Colby Hilton, Jeremy Ketch, Forrest Lizotte, Parker Matheson, Connor McLellan, Justin Mendillo, Jonathan Mervine, Nicholas Mitchell, Clayton Morrison, Paul Nixon, Dillon Pillow, Jared Polley, Kristopher Prout, Thomas Provencher, James Purdy, Aaron Ramirez, Colton Reaves, William Rhea, Jordan Roy, Alec Salisbury, Galen Simmons, Victor Skorapa, Nicholas Tardif, Tucker Troast, Riley Werner, Christopher West, Brandon Williams and Vincent Zolla

    John “Jake” Strattard Memorial Scholarship, $400, James Purdy
    Maine Water Company Scholarship, $500, Kaiyuan Huang
    Campbell Conference Football Scholarship, $250, James Purdy
    Wolf Neck Club Scholarship, $500, Kayley Johnson

    Dollars for Scholars, $300 each to Paige Bushey, Katlyn Carlista, Makailya Greer, Necole Harrison, Abigail Kenney, Destiny Kenney, Korissa Lavers and Amanda Miles

    Vicki Libby True Memorial Scholarship, $250, Victor Skorapa
    Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union Scholarship, $500 each to Kayley Johnson and Victor Skorapa
    Richard P. Allen Memorial, $500, Ciera Wentworth
    PTSO Scholarship, $500, Sarah Bonney
    Elks Scholarship James Purdy, $500; and Victor Skorapa, $300
    Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy Scholarship, $300, Mason Cyr
    Hoods Sportsmanship Scholarship, $5,000, Mason Cyr
    Margaret Chase Smith Scholarship, $500, Brady Davis
    Rotary Scholarship to Study in France for a Year, Sophie Smith
    National Council for Jewish Women, Rebecca Harrison
    University of Maine Merit-Based Award, Griffin Breer, Brady Davis, Connor McLellan, Thomas Provencher and Ryan Camp

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