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Sunday February 26, 2017

Portland High School

Top Seniors

Emma DaPonte, daughter of David and Ileen DaPonte. Emma has been a member of the Key Club as well as the Drawing Club. She has been involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program. Emma received the Smith Book Award. Emma plans to attend the University of Toronto.

Mikhaila Fogel, daughter of William Fogel and Melinda Molin. Mikhaila is the Salutatorian of her class. Mikhaila was appointed by Senator Olympia Snowe to serve as Page for the United State’s Senate. She was on the Executive Board, Student Council, Model United Nations, Drama Club, and Shakespeare Club. Outside of school, during the summers, she volunteers at Seeds of Peace, attended Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center in New York and took a French immersion program at Edu-Inter in Canada, where she reached the highest level of achievement. Mikhaila received the American History Award and Princeton Book Award. From the United States Senate Page School, she received the Harvard Book Award, English Award, Social Studies Award, and Mathematics Award. Mikhaila was an Intern in the office of Senator Olympia Snowe. Mikhaila plans on attending Harvard University.

Oliver Hagelin, son of Nathan and Tobin Hagelin. He is a member of the Executive Board and the Student Council. Oliver has been on the Football, Sailing, Cross Country, and Lacrosse teams. He sang with the Boys Singing Group/Glee Club, was co-founder of the School Musical and had the lead singing role. Outside of school, Oliver volunteers at Blunt Youth Radio. He has worked at Becky’s Diner and Sea Dog Brewing Company. Oliver received the SMAA All-Academic Team Award for Lacrosse and the U.S. Marine Corps recognition for outstanding academic achievement. Oliver plans on attending Colorado College.

Casey Hart, daughter of Paul Hart and Lynn Abood. Casey is a member of the Key Club and SADD. She has been on the Basketball, Soccer and Rugby teams. Casey received the Excellence in Math and Science Award and the Preti Award. Outside of school, Casey volunteers at the Catherine Morrill Day Nursery. She has worked at The Woods at Canco and Cinemagic Grand. She sings with the Women in Harmony group. Casey plans to attend St. Lawrence University.

Lydia-Rose Kesich, daughter of Gregory and Gail Kesich. Lydia-Rose was inducted into the National Honor Society. She received the Brown Book Award, French Award, John Philip Sousa Award, Science Award. Lydia-Rose was a member of the school band and participated in the Science Bowl. Outside of school, Lydia-Rose volunteers at St. Luke’s Cathedral Church as a Youth Verger and is a member of the Youth Group. She works at the Children’s Museum of Maine as a Youth Ranger and Portland Public Library as a Shelver. Lydia-Rose plans to attend Smith College.

Marc Korobkin, son of Paul and Susan Korobkin. Marc is the Valedictorian of his Senior Class. He is a member of the Academic Decathalon Team, Future Business Leaders of America and is the Captain and State Secretary, Key Club, Math Team, Peer Tutoring, and Yearbook Staff, He volunteers at the Jewish Community Alliance delivering meals to the elderly. Marc received the Harvard Book Award, History Award and the National Spanish Exam Award. Outside of School, Marc works at Copley-Lareine Motel. Marc plans to attend Haverford College.

Jaroth Lanzalotta, son of Stephen Lanzalotta and Kathryn Bourque. Jaroth is a National Merit Commended Scholar, and was inducted in the National Honor Society. He received the Spanish Award, was an AP Scholar and a NMSQT Commended Student. Jaroth is a member of the Math Team, Drama Club and Shakespeare Club. Outside of school, he works at Micucci Bakery as a baker. Jaroth plans to attend Reed College.

Maura O’Conor, daughter of Jane O’Conor. She is on the Executive Board and has been a member of Anatomy of Leadership, the Bulldog Edition, ESL Tutoring, and Peer Mediation. Maura received the Mount Holyoke Book Award and was inducted into the National Honor Society. She was named Freshman Athlete of the Year and has been a member of the Basketball, Field Hockey Team, and Outdoor Track Team. Outside of School, Maura volunteers at Wayside Soup Kitchen, Ruth’s Recycling and in school in the ELL Classroom helping students learn the English language. She works at Mister Bagel. Maura plans to attend University of Rochester.

Jeffrey Peisner, son of Michael and Barbara Peisner. He is on the Executive Board, Student Council and is a member of the Math Team, Model U.N., and Jazz Band. Jeffrey is on the Swimming Team. He received the Math Award, Preti Award, and Yale Book Award. Outside of School, Jeffrey works at Lamey Wellehan Shoe Store. He volunteers at Wayside Food Service and tutors a student in math at Presumpscot Elementary School. Jeffrey plans to attend Lehigh University.

Jordan Voisine, son of Paula Marie. He was inducted into the National Honor Society. Jordan received the John Corcoran Award. He is a member of the Anatomy of Leadership and Key Club. Jordan played Football and Lacrosse. Outside of School, Jordan volunteers Maine Medical Center, St. Peter’s Church, and Wayside Soup Kitchen. He works at Shaw’s Supermarket. Jordan plans to attend Bowdoin College.


Ahmed Abbas
Judith Abdalla
Mohamed Abdi
Adriana Aceto
Lilian Achayo
Samuel Adkins-Michalski
Serena Adlerstein
Mohamed Ahmed
Zahraa Al Khaleeli
Wadhah Al Shammari
Fadumo Ali
Hani Ali
Siad Ali
Adric Allie
Edward Apon
Maxwell Aranson
Justin Banner
Christopher Bartlett
Sidney Baxter
Jenna Beattie
Christopher Bemis
Thomas Berry Jr.
Susan Boissonneau
C. Max Bowe
Jonathan Boyle
Grace Brandmaier
Neala Broderick
Jonathan Carey
Winnie Carlo
Nathan Carlson
Simon Carroll
Oryem Charles
Heather Charron
Bomee Choi
Lindsay Clippinger
Feliks Cobanovic
Kara Cooper
Krista Cooper
Patrick Cormier
Victoria Cummings
Abigail Daggett
Kalli Daggett
Kathleen Dalbec
Angela Dang
Antony Dang
Quoc Dang
Emma daPonte
Theodore Darvin
Maria DeMichele
Michael Diffin Jr.
Rudolph DiMillo
Thao Dinh
Jasmine DiPietrantonio
Joel DiPietro
Franciska Donato
Effie Drew
Ellis Ducharme
Susan Duong
William Dykes
Kellie Ellis
Jared Feiner
Andrew Fiedler
Christian Findlay
Mikhaila Fogel
Robert Foster
Nestor Gaitan
Heath Garson
David Gavitt
Rabiic Gedi
Sheila Gomez
Dylan Goodman
Patrick Gorham
Bronson Guimond
Oliver Hagelin
Gaige Hamilton
Tiffany Harlow
Esta Harman
Casey Hart
Abdulkadir Hassan
Hussein Hassan
Khadija Hassan
Salma Hassan
Suleiman Hassan
Qais Hassanzada
Jenessa Hayden
Wilfredo Hernandez-Morales
Hannah Higgins
Zach Higgins
Alison Hill
Faisal Hilowle
Michaela Holt
Frederick Huber III
Abigail Hudson
Shadiyo Hussain-Ali
Dahira Ibrahim
Yvane-Ladouce Ingabire
Mackinleigh Isherwood
Guillaume Ishimwe
Fadumo Issack
Nemanja Jankovic
Melania Jankowski
Angela Johnson
Michael Johnson
Daniel Jonaitis-Schwind
Brian Kane
Nicolette Kapothanasis
Islam Karim
Caleb Kenney
Lydia-Rose Kesich
Alexandra Kiladjian
Whabi Kodi
Marc Korobkin
Jaroth Lanzalotta
Tuyet Le
Sebastian Litrocapes
Simon Lobojo
Katie Lowe
Thomas Macy
Osman Mahamud
Asonta Malual
Taylor Mannix
Kayla Marr
Timothy Marr Jr.
Benjamin Martin
Erika Martinez
Gary McDonald
Matt McInnis
Mariah McKenzie
Cheryl Michaud
John Middleton
Justin Mirick
Amin Mohamed
Munye Mohamed
Naima Mohamed
Nimo Mohamed
Nura Mohamed
Courtney Moore
Vanessa Morales
Lindsay Morin
Clarice Mutesi
Fazalhaq Nabi
Fabienne Namuhoranye
Florence Namuhoranye
Elliot Neale
Jennifer Nguyen
Alyssa Nielsen
Natacha Ninziza
Fatuma Noor
Halima Noor
Alan Nordstrom
Ellen Nordstrom
Mason Norton
Mary Nyembo
McKenzie O'Bryon
Maura O'Conor
Juel Odulio
Winey Ogweta Brittany Oja
Danny Pang
McKinzie Parker
Jeffrey Peisner
Theodore Phadungthin
Danyna Pham
Hong-Vy Pham
Spencer Pierce
Ryan Porcaro
Andrew Poston
Alyson Provencher
Caitlin Puchalski
Katelyn Pulsoni
Dillon Reno
Kyle Richards-Connolly
Richard Riley Jr.
Parker Robinson
Stephanie Rogers
Tristan Rolfe
Nicholas Rovnak
Chad Rudge
Esther Runyambo
Leonard Schwartz
Abbigail Scrutchfield
Farida Sembatya
Thira Sen
Habyarimana Shabani
Sumit Sharma
Grace Skerritt
Christopher Small
Rebecca Smith
Kennedy Sok
Ezra Spofford
Alexandria Staten
Zoe Swaffar
Carl Szanton
Ellen Taffere
Astur Tahlil
Bree Taylor
Maria Thamert
Peter Tomascak
Cong Trinh
Paul Tukey
Odile Umwamikazi
Natacha Uwimana
Jordan Voisine
Courtney Walker
Edward Walsh
William Walsh
Emily Wark
Katherine Webber
Mariah Weisman
Woro Yanga
Imadhi Zagon
David Zhao