I am an outdoorsman and an L.L. Bean customer. I favor allowing Cabela’s to build a store to anchor a new retail mall in Scarborough without having to pay Maine sales tax on in-state catalogue sales.

Cabela’s is a national retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment. It has a catalogue sales division located outside Maine that has been doing mail-order business for years. That business will continue as before whether or not Cabela’s opens a store in Maine.

A Cabela’s store will create good jobs with benefits. It will generate property and income tax revenues. It will make possible the opening of other stores that will do likewise.

It will not hurt Bean’s business. It will increase everyone’s. I am not going to stop shopping at Bean’s because Cabela’s opens. I will shop at both. I believe that I am not alone.

If we insist on taxing Cabela’s catalogue sales division, then Cabela’s will locate its new store in nearby New Hampshire, and we will get none of these benefits.

John McDonough


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