I am writing to express my strong support for the candidacy of Jim Walsh to fill the Town Council seat that has been held by Mary Ann Lynch. Ms. Lynch’s dedication and effectiveness as a town councilor have been exemplary, and she leaves a legacy that will be very hard to fill. However, it is my belief that Jim Walsh is in a position to make a significant contribution to the town of Cape Elizabeth, and I would urge voters to support his council candidacy.

Jim brings a keen analytical ability to the tasks of the council, and a perspective grounded by the experience of having been both an educator and an entrepreneur. His experiences as a principal will greatly enhance his understanding of the needs of the Cape Elizabeth school system, while his experiences as a manager, executive and entrepreneur will bring pragmatism and fiscal accountability to the discussions entertained by the council.

But it is Jim’s intrinsic nature which I believe will be of the most use to the town: He is blessed with a personality that encourages conciliation and cooperation. He values civil discourse and encourages solution-oriented discussion. He is a man of demonstrated principle and intellect. An active citizen and father of four, he is quite familiar with the town and its history. He is open-minded and keenly interested in both the town and its people.

His willingness to serve on the Town Council, and his tremendous capability, are an opportunity that we as citizens cannot afford to miss.

MaryEllen FitzGerald

9 Rock Crest Drive

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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