Since the Forecaster published its article on budget cuts at the University of Southern Maine on Jan. 21 the Lifeline Center, a 33-year-old program for wellness and fitness has gone on the chopping block and will close next July. Five full-time and numerous part-time employees, most of them in their 40s, 50sand 60s, will lose their jobs.
USM President Selma Botman has proclaimed numerous times of the need for sacrifices among employees. “Shared effort is the only way we have to make the difficult reductions necessary…,” was a recent quote.
University presidents throughout the country are taking voluntary pay cuts as one measure to address the dire financial problems of their institutions. President Botmanm has not done this. As more employees of her university lose their jobs, the least she could do is show them support, good faith and leadership by reducing her salary.

Barbara Doughty