Haven’t we all – at one time or another – gazed from an office window on a beautiful day, wishing that we could be outdoors enjoying the fresh air rather than stuck inside?
As temperatures rise, so does the tendency for unscheduled employee absences, say recent reports. A new survey of 1,077 U.S. employed adults conducted by Harris Interactive® and sponsored by Kronos® Incorporated found that 39 percent of employees working full time have called in sick in order to enjoy a day off during the summer vacation season. The concept has been dubbed Seasonal Absence Syndrome (SAS).
But what if you could get your work done and enjoy the outdoors, too – even a day at the beach or on the boat? Today’s Web-based technologies such as remote access programs that allow you to access your office computer from virtually anywhere give workers the freedom to escape the office or cubicle when they want to – without sacrificing business.
That’s just what the editor-in-chief and webmaster for Bass West USA magazine does. He now spends up to five days a week fishing from his 225hp Legend bass boat while keeping up with business. Along with his rod, reel and tackle box, Tom Leogrande brings his laptop on board. That’s because with GoToMyPC® from Citrix Online, Leogrande can remotely access his office desktop, making business possible even miles out off the coast. He can immediately handle work responsibilities for his magazine and the company’s two online and three brick-and-mortar stories, all the while reeling in a trophy fish.
“Using GoToMyPC, my laptop and an Internet connection through my cell phone, I can look at magazine layouts and collaborate with tournament directors on how to post results to our Web site – all from the deck of my boat,” says Leogrande. “Instead of being anchored to my office PC, I can combine work and fishing.”
Studies indicate that for a growing number of American workers, the conventional office is disappearing. One survey, “Web Commuting & the American Workforce” unveiled by Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc., finds that more people are performing at least part of their jobs from virtually anywhere, at any time of day, thanks to technology that allows them to take their office with them wherever they go. As reported in this national survey conducted by the polling company, inc., 23 percent of American workers regularly work from home or another off-site location, relying on Web technology. Of those who currently do not have the ability to work off-site, 62 percent agreed they’d love to be able to do so.
The Web commuting services enabled through GoToMyPC allow subscribers to work from virtually anywhere Internet access is available. Whether working from home or while traveling, individuals have the convenience of using any resources on their office or home desktop just as though they were sitting in front of their PC. Connection takes less than two minutes and all data is protected with AES end-to-end encryption. This allows any business professional to have the freedom to work untethered from a fixed location – all the while being equally or more productive than in a traditional office, as studies have indicated.
Enjoy the ease, peace of mind and flexibility of working from anywhere. Give Web commuting a try with 30 days’ free and unlimited use of GoToMyPC. Visit www.gotomypc.com/webcommuting.
sailboat.jpgWeb commuting allows people to get their work done virtually anywhere – even while sailing the open seas. All it takes is an internet connection and a service such as GoToMyPC to access files in the office.

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