Is there not a moral issue in the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority applying for $500,000 in public funding for a private company such as Oxford Aviation? Has anyone looked into the environmental impact of Boeing 737s coming and going over our heads? Does Oxford Aviation care that hundreds of us have lovely, quiet homes adjacent to the current Brunswick Naval Air Station? Is there a chance that we could be affected by the chemicals they use in their business? Surely we will be affected by the noise that these jets will make. Surely we will see our property values diminish and our quality of life affected.
The MRRA board is “favorably inclined” to support Oxford’s many requests. This seems like a lot of conniving for a carrot of 200 jobs that’s kept dangling before us in every article on Oxford Aviation. Perhaps it would do MRRA well to look out for the citizens of the area instead.

Rocio Carrera