Before voting on June 9, ride around town and see Falmouth’s beauty and assets. From the clear waters of the Presumpscot to pristine lakes, observe the results of hard work by Falmouth citizens. Fred Chase worked as hard as anyone.

Breathe deeply the river air and thank Fred that you are not choking from upstream solid waste and chemicals.

Pass through Susan Lane, Brookside Field, White Oaks, and Brookside Forest and gaze at the most beautiful subdivisions in Maine, festooned with homes of quality, durability and distinction, and with gorgeous landscaping patterns. All were conceived and built by Fred Chase.

Check the open space given to Falmouth by Fred and Diana at Meader Brook.

Visit the high school’s magnificent theater – that Fred helped save. Inspect Community Park and the facilities at Little League Field, then spin by the sewage treatment plant and you will be seeing just a few projects Fred was deeply involved with.

At the ballfields, picture Fred coaching softball and little league, which he did.

Then cruise around Sebago’s Frye Island and imagine what the environment would be like downstream if Fred and colleagues had not blocked a 1,400-cottage proposal there. Next, check Falmouth Town Landing where they eliminated pollution and exposed beautiful natural resources.

Pass the Town Hall that Fred twice helped renovate, and where he served as councilor between 1970 and 1973. He worked on countless committees and commissions over a span of decades.

Finally, stop at Bernie’s and you may see Fred, Falmouth’s Citizen of the Year in 2000. His handshake is as binding as any legal document.

Richard C. Dillihunt