Contrary to Greg Kesich’s opinion, (“Health care debate gave people what they want,” March 31) the Democrats health care reform law is not what the public wanted.

Kesich should remove his liberal blinders and face the fact that the polls were against the bill.

It was passed contrary to the will of the people. It was not jammed down our throats, it was shoved up our posterior. If our delegates had chosen to return home and postpone the vote, it would never have passed – even with all the hocus pocus.

Here is a 2,000 plus page bill that my Congress lady had 72 hours to peruse without the mental capacity to understand what she voted for. What an abomination.

The bill is funded by voodoo economics and promises that Obama never expects to keep. Look at the annual “doc fix.”

The aftermath of the bill will result in a flood of applicants to Medicaid whose pay schedule is even more paltry than Medicare. Some doctors do not accept Medicare and most will accept only a few on Medicaid – effectively rationing medical care.


The bill will create a horrendous deficit. Like most entitlements it will be impossible to repeal.

Obama will then have the excuse to force the wealthy to pay their “fair share” and overtax the rich. That will never suffice. The next step will be to enact an invisible tax – the VAT – the value added tax.

Thus he will succeed in levelling the playing field. He will have redistributed the wealth, ensuring a bottomless treasury and the re-election of Democrats into eternity.


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