There’s a tropical party planned for the slopes of Sunday River next weekend, with plenty of live music and silliness to keep you entertained. But the thing you don’t want to miss during the mountain’s Parrot Head Festival is the pond-skimming on Sunday.

Darcy Liberty, director of communications at Sunday River, explained why.

“We’ve seen Tigger, Pooh, bumblebees, butterflies and some cross-dressing,” she said of the costumes some participants wear as they try to ski or ride across the water. “Costumes are definitely part of the strategy and fun for this event. You can wear a snowsuit, but if you make it across the pond with something that gets the crowd going, you have a better chance of winning.”

Contestants have to ski or board down the bottom of the Tempest trail and across a custom-made pond. The event’s Web site offers a helpful tip: “Definitely take your skis off before you try to climb out of the water.”

Parrot Head Weekend kicks off Friday afternoon at the Foggy Goggle with live music from a variety of artists, including a couple of Jimmy Buffett tribute bands.

Also on Saturday, there’s a margarita mix-off, Parrot Head costume contest and a Spam-carving contest. Winners will be selected by people’s choice.

Margarita sampling is open to anyone age 21 and older willing to pay $1 per sample and cast a vote. The costume contest includes parading around dressed up as your favorite Jimmy Buffett song. And the Spam-carving contest forces participants to turn two cans of processed meat into a sculpture in 15 minutes.

Saturday night will feature a fireworks show, the final one at Sunday River this season.

In addition to the pond skimming on Sunday, there will be a key lime pie eating contest and more live music. Events that day begin at 11 a.m.

The Parrot Head Festival is the mountain’s big spring party, but with the help of the Parrot Head Club of the Northern Tropics, it also raises money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

With 10 runs still open (as of this weekend), there will also be spring skiing/boarding going on at Sunday River.


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