DETROIT — The suspected leader of a Michigan militia group planned to urge participants at a summit of militia groups in February to rise up against the government, according to a transcript of his speech filed this week in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

“Now it’s time to strike and take our nation back so that we may be free again from tyranny,” David Stone said in the planned speech. He said Americans were waiting for people like militia members to make decisions to go to war against an evil and greedy New World Order, international power brokers who have taken over the U.S. government.

Prosecutors said the Hutaree planned to kill law enforcement officers as pawns of the New World Order.

Stone said Americans needed leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up against the new order.

“We are free and should not be afraid or ashamed to admit we are the American militia,” Stone said.

“We outnumber them,” Stone said of the new order. “As long as we let them terrorize any American through fear and intimidation, then they are winning this battle and we should step up the fight that they have started and finish it.

“The people should not be afraid of their government; the government should fear the people …”

Federal prosecutors played the speech last week during a detention hearing in U.S. District Court in Detroit where a federal magistrate ordered Stone, 45, of Clayton, Mich., and seven other suspected members of the group detained pending trial.

But the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit refused to release a transcript or audio tape of the speech, which were submitted to Magistrate Donald Scheer as hearing exhibits, saying they would jeopardize Stone’s ability to get a fair trial.

But the transcript was inexplicably filed in federal court on Monday in paperwork from a detention hearing conducted last week in U.S. District Court in Hammond, Ind., for a ninth suspect, Thomas Piatek, 46, of Whiting, Ind.


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