WESTBROOK — Lisa Theberge, a Westbrook firefighter who has been on paid administrative leave for nearly two years, will return to work on Monday.

Fire Chief Michael Pardue said Theberge will begin by reacquainting herself with the equipment and the department’s policies and procedures.

“She will need to get a feel for the new culture of the department and our vision and values for going forward,” Pardue said today.

Theberge and firefighter Kathy Rogers sued the fire department and two city officials in October 2009 claiming they failed to address sexual harassment documented in complaints to the Human Rights Commission.

Firefighters recently completed a sexual harassment training with the Center for Preventing Hate. Pardue said Theberge will also get the training.

Rebecca Webber, an attorney with Linnell, Choate & Webber, who represents the two female firefighters, said Theberge is looking forward to returning to work.

Webber declined to comment on the pending lawsuit. She said there was no change in Rogers’ status.