MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – Abby Sunderland said Tuesday she faced down moments of terror on the high seas when her boat was rolled over by a rogue wave as she tried to sail around the world.

Still, the 16-year-old was proud of her effort, hoped it might inspire others and wasn’t ready to abandon sailing.

“The past few weeks have been really crazy for me,” said Sunderland, who sat next to her 18-year-old brother Zac at a news conference in Marina del Rey, where she set sail in January.

Sunderland flew back home Monday after being rescued in the Indian Ocean by a fishing boat. She was about halfway through her journey when a fierce storm battered her 40-foot boat Wild Eyes. Sunderland said she was below deck working on her boat as the storm was letting up and a rogue wave capsized the boat and destroyed its mast.

She acknowledged there were moments when she was terrified.

“You get scared and then you have to get over it because being scared, it doesn’t do anything good,” she said. “It just makes you hesitate and makes more problems start coming.”

Her parents have come under relentless criticism for allowing the teenager to set sail alone.

Sunderland once again defended her attempt, saying the question of her age should have been settled after she became the youngest person to sail solo around Cape Horn.


Edwards says leaving husband wasn’t easy


RALEIGH, N.C. – Elizabeth Edwards says it was not easy to leave her husband in the wake of the two-time presidential contender’s infidelity, writing in a new chapter to her memoir.

Edwards says in the updated version of her book released Tuesday that she spent two years trying to “reinvent” her role as a wife so that they could stay together despite the affair. But she says the “tender thread” holding the family together unraveled at the very end of 2009 — three years after John Edwards first told his wife in private that he’d had a one-night stand with a videographer.

“One day, I did not want to try anymore,” she said.

The couple has since separated and he acknowledged fathering a child with mistress Rielle Hunter during his 2008 campaign for the White House.

Elizabeth Edwards says in “Resilience” that it was not easy to leave the marriage because she saw 30 years of memories in him. They were law school sweethearts who got married just days after they took the bar exam together in 1977. They had four children together, including a son who died at 16.

“So when I close the door on the John of today, I also had to say good-bye to that sweet man whom I had loved for so long,” she writes.


Megan Fox marries Brian Austin Green

LOS ANGELES – Megan Fox has tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Brian Austin Green.

Fox’s publicist Dominique Appel said Tuesday the couple was “happily married.”

The 24-year-old actress became engaged to Green earlier this month for the second time. The pair was previously engaged in 2006.

Fox and Green, 36, have been dating for several years. It’s the first marriage for both.

Fox’s film credits include “Transformers” and “Jonah Hex,” which opened earlier this month.

Green was a star of the 1990s TV hit, “Beverly Hills 90210.”