BELL, Calif. – Several hundred angry residents from a modest blue-collar Los Angeles suburb marched Sunday to call for the resignation of the mayor and some City Council members in a protest sparked by the sky-high salaries of three recently departed administrators.

The residents of the city of Bell marched to Oscar’s Korner Market, owned by Mayor Oscar Hernandez, then to his home, demanding that he cut his own six-figure compensation or quit.

They then did the same with some City Council members, with many marchers wearing T-shirts that read “My city is more corrupt than your city.”

“I don’t think they are taking it seriously. And we’re serious,” event organizer and longtime Bell resident Nestor Valencia, 45, told the Los Angeles Times. “They need to resign.”

The protest was organized by Bell Association to Stop the Abuse, a group founded after the Times reported that Bell’s city manager, police chief and assistant city manager were all being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, with City Manager Robert Rizzo collecting a check of $787,637. All three resigned Friday.

One in six residents of the city of 40,000 southeast of Los Angeles lives in poverty.

“This is a test for our community,” Valencia said. “There’s been a fiasco here.”

The Times also revealed that the mayor and three of the four other councilors make about $100,000 a year, most of it in salaries for sitting on boards and commissions. Only Councilman Lorenzo Velez makes a modest salary of about $8,000 a year.

On Sunday, Velez issued a statement calling the other council salaries “unconscionable,” and joined the calls for resignations unless other council members accept the same money he makes.

The City Council has called an emergency meeting today to address the issue.