I’m writing to comment on the Sept 5 editorial “Maine moderates should use their clout.”

It appears the editors here aren’t pleased with the goings-on that occur in the cancer on the Potomac.

Anyone who truly pays attention to what liberals, conservatives, and “moderates” do down their have to laugh at this editorial.

Let’s see what this coalition has brought us since 9/11.

Two wars, and maybe another down the road, phones being tapped, Patriot Act, bailouts, stimulus, record levels of spending and deficits, rendition, Gitmo, etc.

I’m sure there are more issues this coalition have agreed on, but due to length, that is enough.

Oh, they even agreed to kill a bill that would have told the people what the Fed has done with all the money that was used to bailout and stimulate those business in such need. I have a better idea when it comes to the change this newspaper seeks from this enlightened coalition.

Why not cancel the elections, and give these critters a two-year vacation, and let’s stop micromanaging every aspect of the people’s lives, and let’s see what the result would be.

It’s quite possible the change that will take place is that the people will have more of this change in their pockets.