BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — A judge on Monday issued an arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan after the actress admitted failing a drug test.
The 24-year-old actress could wind up back behind bars if she is found to have violated probation.

Superior Court Judge Elden Fox issued the bench warrant in Beverly Hills, but Lohan will remain free pending a Friday court hearing, according to officials from Los Angeles County Superior Court.

A message left with Lohan’s attorney was not immediately returned.

Lohan confirmed on her Twitter page last week that she failed a court-ordered drug and alcohol screening.

Lohan spent two weeks in jail this year after violating probation stemming from convictions involving her 2007 arrests for drug use and driving under the influence. She spent another 23 days undergoing rehabilitation at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Fox had threatened her with 30 days in jail for each probation violation. Fox must now decide whether to send her back to jail or back into treatment.

Lohan posted a series of Twitter messages last Friday acknowledging her drug problem.

“Regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drug test,” she tweeted.

Stevie Wonder calls system of copyrighting unfair

GENEVA — Stevie Wonder pressed global copyright overseers on Monday to help blind and visually impaired people access millions of science, history and other audiobooks, which they cannot read in electronic form.

The blind singer told the U.N.’s 184-nation World Intellectual Property Organization that more than 300 million people who “live in the dark” want to “read their way into light,” and the current copyright system denies them an equal opportunity.

The current legal framework means that institutes for the blind in different countries may be required to make multiple audiobook versions of the same work, said Richard Owens, WIPO’s director of copyright and electronic commerce.

Owens said this leads to higher costs that are passed on to the listeners. It also limits access to blind and partially blind people in poor countries, which cannot afford to make their own versions of books, he said.

Paris Hilton pleads guilty in deal

LOS ANGELES — With a Las Vegas judge warning her to “treat this very seriously,” Paris Hilton on Monday pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges that will allow her to avoid jail time after her arrest on suspicion of cocaine possession.

Under the deal, Hilton will serve one year probation, pay a $2,000 fine and serve 200 hours of community service.

McGillis, girlfriend joined in a civil union

COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. — Actress Kelly McGillis has been joined in a civil union with her girlfriend in New Jersey.

McGillis and Melanie Leis’ civil union was performed in municipal court in Collingswood on Sept. 15.

McGillis, 53, starred in the movies “Witness,” “Top Gun” and “The Accused” in the 1980s.

Her civil union partner is an executive with Independence Communications.

McGillis, who lives in Collingswood, came out as a lesbian last year in an interview with She has been married and divorced twice before and has two daughters.