A town councilor in Windham gave her resignation last week before a vote on a controversial communications policy. 

Councilor Carol Waig announced her resignation during a council meeting on Sept. 14. She said during council participation that it would be her last meeting and she was resigning for personal reasons.

Waig’s resignation letter tells a different story.

“I find myself in an ethical dilemma with decisions being made on this council, as well as the way some people are treated or spoken to,” Waig said in her letter. “I have enjoyed sitting here most nights. There have been some good and some bad, as well as some great evenings over the past five and a half years. However, I do not always see appropriate change and (I’m) having a difficult time with some happenings as of late.”

Town Manager Tony Plante learned of Waig’s resignation five minutes before the council meeting. He believes Waig resigned over the communications policy, which establishes boundaries for communication between the council and town employees. The policy was approved by a 6-1 vote. Waig cast the dissenting vote. 

“Councilors resign for a variety of reasons, but this is different,” Plante said. “This is apparently over dissatisfaction over how things are going with the council. She is clearly unhappy.”

Three people are vying for the seat vacated by Waig, who had one year left as a councilor at-large.

Thomas Gleason, Robert Muir, and Lawrence H. MacDonald filed nomination papers with the town on Monday and will appear on the November ballot.