AUGUSTA — Mainers are digging their way out from a snowstorm that left from less than an inch to nearly a foot, setting the scene for a white Christmas. In most parts of the state, a couple inches of snow from an ocean storm accumulated.

Authorities in York and Cumberland counties reported a few minor accidents overnight due to slick roads. Around 1:30 a.m. the Maine Turnpike Authority reduced the turnpike speed limit to 45 mph from Kittery to Augusta. There are no travel alerts posted at this time.

The National Weather Service says snow totals ranged from 1 inch in Kittery and Sanford to 4 inches in Bangor, 6 inches in Augusta, 8 inches in Knox and 10 inches in Greenville. Some northern locations were expecting to receive nearly a foot before the snow stops falling today.

Forecasters say there’ll be a couple of clear days around Christmas before a strong storm develops Sunday. That could mean heavy snow in Maine, especially along the coast.