Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $116,949.88

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $50

In lieu of Xmas cards — Dennis Oliver $25

In memory of Donna Hall — Donald and Emily Hall $25

The staff of the University of Maine (Orono), Portland office $35

Merry Christmas — Pennie, Lexxi and Paws $500

Patrick and Sharon Lee $100

Joseph and Judith Fagone $25

Premium Collections and Accounting Department, UNUM $200

In memory of Matt Wood — Beverly Wood $50

In memory of Timothy J. White $15

In memory of Howard and Laura Reiche $100

Donald and Patricia Sandos $200

In memory of William L. Walton — Will and Rhonda Dearden $50

In memory of Jim, Bob & Hugh $50

Synernet Inc. Jeans Fund $358.50

For all the children jumping for joy on Christmas morning $100

In honor of children from Abby and Emilia Diaz, Maggie Ryan and Anna and Sarah Marshall $100

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Reginald Lombard $100

Thelma P. Vincent $50

Barbara and John DeCoste $40

In memory of Joseph Chaisson, who always gave $50

Mitchell Institute, staff donations $105

In memory of my mother $50

In loving memory of my mother, Dina Kuchar $50

In memory of Papa and Uncle E. Love, Emily $20

Past Pacohantas Association $50

Donna and Herbert M. Emery III $20

In loving memory of our grandmothers, Virginia Biskup and Ruth M. King. Happy holidays — Chris and Tom Biskup $25

Laurie and Foster Stewart $100

Samuel and Faith Beal $100

In memory of Robert G. Webb — Frances W. Webb $25

In memory of Susan L. Bishop from Mom and Dale and Mark E. Roach from Dad and Pat $50

In memory of Wm. C. Mitton $500

In memory of Camalle “Joe” and Irene Lafavore $100

Shaw’s “Save the Cans for Kids’ Sake” $1,742.86

Today’s total: $5,186.36

Total to date: $122,136.24