It is wonderful to be able to take our dogs to Royal River Park. I have, however, noticed with the onset of winter and snow that some of us are neglectful in picking up after our dogs. Contrary to what some may believe, the snow will melt, but the poops will not. With the melting of the snow recently this is becoming alarmingly evident that many are not cleaning up after their dogs. The town has made it very convenient for us to have bags and trash cans to be able to keep the park picked up. My concern is not only do I not want to step in the dogs feces, but I would really like to retain the right to be able to bring our dogs to the park. I urge all dog owners using the park to please pick up after your dogs. If we do not, when all the snow is gone and the poops stay, we might find ourselves losing the use of the park for our four legged friends.

Cathy Bunton
North Yarmouth

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