I’m afraid I went over the line. You know the one. It could be your neighbor or someone down the street. They are people who know where that invisible line stands – under the snow. You’ve seen results of those lines. A beautifully plowed sidewalk stops just short of a neighbor’s pathway. Is there snow-clearing etiquette that keeps people from going a little further down the line? There must be because as a frequent pedestrian I see it all over town. Of course, there is a there is a risk of overstepping your neighborly duties by just plowing ahead and going the extra distance.

My neighbor informed me that he doesn’t go further than his sidewalk by inches because he was once yelled at by the property manager. Maybe there are liability or property rights issues that keep snow-blowers from crossing that invisible line. Then again you don’t want your neighbor to expect it every storm. Or maybe you might be worried about taking away someone else’s fun. But the invisible line where clearing stops and pedestrians are left to themselves is no fun. So if you’re going to get out that snow-throwing bad boy, cross that line. Do your neighbor’s driveway right after the plow comes by. Finish up your sidewalk with a run at the corner. It’s almost an act of civil disobedience to just do a little more rather than just enough. And thank you to all the hearty souls already performing such snow-removing acts of kindness.

Pieto Julek