If you’ve been burned, SpotGone! may help

How do you fix your lawn when Spot leaves, well, spots?

NatraTurf’s SpotGone! is designed to repair patches of grass that have been burned by dog urine. It also helps repair areas of a lawn that have been damaged by de-icers.

The organic pellets contain calcium sulfate. You shake them onto the burned patch, where they work by binding excess nitrogen salts in the urine or de-icer so those salts can be flushed away by watering or rain.

The product can also be added to cat litter boxes and the cages of birds, ferrets and rabbits to eliminate odor, the company says.

SpotGone! can be ordered at http://www.natraturf.com or 800-255-8196. A bag containing enough pellets to treat 200 urine spots or 200 square feet of de-icer burn costs $19.95, not including shipping. 

Book offers a how-to on recycled papermaking

Recycling starts at home with “Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking” by Arnold E. Grummer.

The book offers several techniques for making recycled paper from discarded paper, such as junk mail, periodicals, gift wrap and even can and bottle labels. Grummer presents several techniques, some using mostly items found around the house. He also offers craft projects.

“Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking” is published by Storey Publishing and sells for $16.95 in softcover.

— From news service reports