Regarding Fred Blanchard’s letter (“Trolley folly in Brunswick”), does he really believe that other modes of transportation pay for themselves?

Public buses like the Brunswick Explorer, along with trains, ferries, airports and roads, are all transportation options provided by governmental entities using our tax dollars. Like libraries or police departments, these services are provided for the public benefit. They are not private businesses and are not intended to break even, though some do charge a user fee to help cover costs.

Our roads, for example, require an enormous amount of money for annual maintenance and periodic rebuilding. Fuel taxes and vehicle registrations only cover a small portion of that cost. Most of the money comes from the general fund that we all pay into regardless of how much we use the roads.

I completely support my tax dollars funding the Brunswick Explorer because of the benefits it provides to all local residents. It reduces pollution, traffic congestion and wear and tear on our roads and, most importantly, offers mobility to those of us who either cannot afford a car or no longer feel comfortable driving.

Scott Harriman