The Foreside Tavern team recently won the Greater Portland Senior Men’s Softball League championship. Foreside Tavern went 5-1 during the double-elimination playoffs, beating the Golden Oldies in the championship, 15-14.

Team members include Brian Kroot, Bill Casterella, Bill Crawford, Mike Barden, Dwight Pendexter, Nick D’Alphonso, Dan Ravin, Dan Wohl, Dave Thomas, George Doucette, George Liming, Paul Bouchard, Randy Kempton, Ron Roy, Ron Kneeland, Tim Ferris, Charles Kipouras and Gene Matthews.

Marc Siewertsen used a pitching wedge to ace the 150-yard eighth hole at Dunegrass Country Club on Sept. 4. The shot was witnessed by Denny Siewertsen, Bobby Lawson and Nate Nealey.

Gene Stone of Scarborough carded a hole-in-one on Sept. 5 on the 15th hole at Willowdale Golf Club. He used a 7-iron for the 147-yard shot, which was witnessed by Jo Morris.

Mike Lano aced the 168-yard 15th hole at Gorham Country Club on Sept. 10. He used a 5-iron for the shot, which was witnessed by Arnie Benner, Bill Cloutier and Mike Mogan.

Rachel Therrien aced the 13th hole at Fox Ridge Golf Club in Auburn. Therrien used a pitching wedge for the 89-yard shot, which was witnessed by Jami Godin, Larry Godin, Cindy Gelinas, Roger Gelinas and Sterling Giberson.

Leo Paquette scored a hole-in-one on Sept. 16 at Fox Ridge Golf Club. Paquette aced the 13th hole using a gap wedge. The shot was witnessed by Tom Graham, Glen Gervais and John Cavanaugh.

Kyle Hanson, 11, of Brunswick, recorded a hole-in-one on the second hole at Country Fairways in Bowdoinham. He used a hybrid club on the 108-yard hole. The shot was witnessed by Bob Bates, Thomas Hanson and Cam Glover.

Allan Pelletier, 64, recorded his first hole-in-one on July 30 at Nonesuch River Golf Club. Pelletier used a 7-wood to ace the 157-yard second hole. Kevin Cote, Sean Flaherty and James Laterno witnessed the shot.