PORTLAND — The owners of the Eastland Park Hotel on High Street are considering closing the hotel partially or completely for renovations early next year.

Bruce Wennerstrom, the general manager of the 202- room hotel, said no final decision has been made. He said any closing would take place early next year for what he called a “massive” renovation project.

A decision on the extent of the renovation and whether any part of the hotel would remain open is probably seven to 10 days away, Wennerstrom said.

RockBridge Partners, which has bought more than 300 hotels in the last 20 years, bought the 84-year-old Eastland earlier this year. At the time, the company said it expected to make a “substantial” investment through the renovation, but has not announced any final plans.

The company has been criticized for its plan to close down about two dozen apartments that have been occupied mostly by low-income residents.

Normally, eliminating apartments requires a payment of about $60,000 per unit into a fund that helps finance low-income rental housing. But the city said that wouldn’t be required in the case of the Eastland because the units would be reverting to their original use.

The City Council has since tightened the rules on the fee for eliminating rental units that removes that loophole, but the change doesn’t apply to the Eastland.

The company has agreed to give the 29 tenants 90 days’ notice and provide them with $2,500 each to help with relocation expenses, said Nicole Clegg, a spokeswoman for the city. Clegg said the city hasn’t been notified that the notices have been sent out yet.

Clegg said the city also hasn’t been informed of the extent of the renovations, but she noted that some work on the exterior is already under way.