What’s old is new again. Nowhere is this cliche more true than in the world of fashion.

Fashion watchers often note a 20-year cycle that brings looks from two decades ago back in vogue. This means we’re now seeing a return to styles from the 1990s. (And if you hang onto your threads from this decade, you can likely recycle a few of them back into your wardrobe in the 2030s.)

“There’s been some really great ’90s trends coming back,” said Laura Ker, who along with her husband, Robert Ker, owns the Find second-hand clothing boutiques in Portland and Scarborough. The Kers hand-select all the items sold in their stores, and only feature pieces that speak to modern fashion sensibilities.

One ’90s look that is flying off the Find racks is the classic plaid flannel shirt. “Plaid is perfect for Portland,” Ker said. “It works for men and women, and it’s super cozy for fall.”

The difference this time around is that the plaid shirts fit better and are worn buttoned, rather than unbuttoned over a T-shirt.

The staff at Material Objects in Portland, which sells consignment and new clothing items, is witnessing a similar plaid obsession.

“Plaid flannel is the staple of any hipster guy’s wardrobe,” said Joan Kazilionis, a clerk at Material Objects. “We get these in all the time, but they sell really fast.”

Kazilionis said plaid skirts from the ’90s represent another throwback style that’s finding fans once again. “This is from the ’90s,” she said of a black-and-white plaid mini-skirt, “and someone will buy this and mix it with current clothes.”

Both stores say shoppers are snatching up ’90s-era velvet dresses and floral-printed rayon dresses. This time around, the prairie-style dresses with collars and sleeves (think Elaine on “Seinfeld”) are not as trendy, but the tank-style dresses appeal to modern shoppers.

When it comes to footwear, Doc Martens have returned to favor, as have big, chunky boots.

“The fun thing about these trends coming back is, it’s the good part of the trends,” Ker said. “The kids are picking up on what was cool about the ’90s.”

And, thankfully, leaving the baggy jeans and scrunchies in the fashion grave.

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