AUGUSTA — The Maine State Employees Association filed a complaint today with the Maine Labor Relations Board alleging that state negotiators have violated the law as the two sides try to come to an agreement on a new contract.

The complaint, filed in Kennebec County, alleges that the state walked out on bargaining at a critical time, tried to bypass the bargaining process by pursuing legislation and proposed concessions for the MSEA that it did not ask of other unions.

The two sides agreed to go to mediation in August and talks are continuing, said Tim Belcher, general counsel for the union. He said it was unusual for the union to take the step of filing this type of complaint.

“I think it’s a reflection of just how poorly we think things have gone,” he said. “We absolutely need to get things back on track.”

Adrienne Bennett, spokeswoman for Gov. Paul LePage, said the complaint is a continuation of a pattern of that started last week with another allegation about the state having to do with hiring subcontractors.

“Clearly, this is a 21-page press release,” she said. “Last week, they had another aimless claim toward the administration based on a hypothetical. We anticipate more accusations from them next week.”