EAST MILLINOCKET — East Millinocket voters have overwhelmingly opposed a National Park Service feasibility study for a 70,000-acre park proposed by the founder of the Burt’s Bees personal care products company.

Town Clerk Erica Ingalls tells the Bangor Daily News the proposal was rejected Tuesday 513-132, according to unofficial ballot counts in the nonbinding referendum.

The Board of Selectmen wanted the question posed to get direction on how to proceed.

Roxanne Quimby has offered to give the park service 70,000 acres she owns adjoining Baxter State Park in 2016, and help establish a $40 million endowment to pay for park maintenance.

More than a dozen businesses, civic and environmental groups have expressed support for a feasibility study.

Opponents fear that park service regulations would threaten the area’s forest products industries.