The Another View editorial by Laurent Senechal (“Romney’s shift on abortion shows his strength as a leader,” Dec. 12) requires a bit of logical analysis.

Causation in complex systems (human societies are extremely complex) is virtually impossible to assert with confidence. The prediction of future outcomes in such systems is even more speculative, as there are myriad variables and unknowable “wild cards.” Recall the old saw: The only things certain are death and taxes.

Senechal says: “It is Mitt Romney’s habit to call upon the best minds on the subject to be resolved, according to the Parade profile.”

Both Senechal and Romney are entitled to their opinions regarding “best minds.” They should express their views as such, and not make their value judgments into truth claims.

Lastly, there is this non sequitur: “That seems to be a far better approach to our problems than the current push toward socialism as advocated by the current occupier of the White House.”

What is the socialist position on right to life? There are Catholic socialistic communities that espouse “right to life” philosophies. There are merit system governmental systems that select the “best minds” by competitive examinations.

Our system has evolved to make most civil servants, many of whom successfully passed competitive exams, fearful of appointed figureheads who may be puppets of the 1 percent. We have the best government money can buy; and that is, in my opinion, a major driver of our problems.